tagGroup SexI Have Always Wanted This

I Have Always Wanted This


I always wanted this.


Ever since I discovered myself sexually, this is what got me excited. I've since been through marriage, children and a messy divorce, and my sex drive disappeared.

That was until I met Patrick. We have nothing in common, expect that we work in the same office, but we were always sexually attracted to each other.

I always liked his dominance. He would command attention, demand respect, and control the conversation his way. It was a surprise when we first slept together. I never imagined that someone like him would be attracted to me. All I remember about that first night was his arms. So toned, smooth and strong.

Oh, so strong.

But we had nothing in common. We dated a few times, and apart from sex, we had nothing. We had no chemistry - expect when we were horizontal. Or vertical. Or wrapped around each other.

So I told him what I always wanted. He arranged it and here we are.

The hotel door closes for the first time. I assume it is Patrick.

I lie naked, face down and blindfolded. I leave my legs wide apart for easy access.

When he enters me, I know it's him. I know his hard cock, his hands on the small of my back. He groans as he pummels me, ramming and ramming. My wet pussy loves the aggression, the strength of his attack. His member is long and thin, it reaches in and touches me in the perfect places. He is so deep inside me. He knows I like it hard. And fast. He gets faster.

He groans as he continues. This is what I wanted.

It is not long before he cums. He pulls out and I hear him leave.

The door closes again.

These hands I do not know.

I point by bum in the air, exposing my wet pussy, letting him know I am ready.

This one is big. His hard cock forces its way in and pulls on the sides of my lips. He puts it very deep and holds it there. He runs his hands over my back, feeling my body. He drives shivers through my body. I like him inside me. I can tell he is going to be aggressive, his hands are rough.


When he starts, he is quick, like a jack-hammer. Striking and striking. Smashing his cock in and out.


His hands pull my arse cheeks apart and I point my bum further in the air.


He pulls out and I feel him cum on my arse cheeks. That was quick.

He kisses my butt and I hear him walk out the bedroom door. I wipe the cum off my butt, and spread it on the sheet.

The door opens again.

I'm not sure if I'm ready but he pushes my butt back down to the bed. He struggles to find the spot. Lucky I'm so wet.

He enters.

He is not as big as the others but I am already starting to feel sore. He is slower, more deliberate. He reaches across and feels my breasts. He plays with my nipples. I like that. He pushes one leg up further on the bed and opens my pussy up further. It feels good to have his cock inside me.

His finger comes closer to my butt. Feeling its way around. He pushes it in.


My butt is tight but I like having both holes filled. His penis keeps caressing my vagina, in and out with rhythm. The rush of orgasm comes over me. I feel hot and I start to shake.


He stops.

He leaves.

I hear two pairs of footsteps enter the room next. I feel one start to finger my pussy but I am not sure where the other is.

Wow, this is a thick blindfold.

I feel the second cock next to my face.

The first enters me. It's stout.

I grab the second with my hand. It is long and hard. Standing upright. I pump it while the other pumps me. I put the cock in my mouth. It tastes good.

I'm coming again.

I suck harder and harder, pumping it with my hand, slapping the head on my tongue. I squeal as I come again. I pump the cock harder.

He comes on my face. The other comes on my back.

I hear another enter the room. I am buzzing, high. I leave myself exposed to his will. I feel soft lips touch my sore pussy.


He licks my wet juices, swapping it with his saliva. I come again.

He sticks his penis in. He is not as big. Then pulls it out. He rubs his fingers over my butt, spreading my juice over my hole, then he feels his way with his member. I tense as he pushes it in. It stretches my butt. He starts to pound.


I quickly cum again, my mind in another place. He grabs my cheeks with his hands and pounds. He cums in my butt. Wow.

He leaves and I hear Patrick's footsteps. He kisses my lips and plays with my breasts.

"Sweet dreams."

The bedroom door closes behind him.

I lie in the continuing buzz of orgasm.


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