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I Love Men

byChris Seagate©

I'm one of those women who just love men. I've always liked men better than women. It's not just that they are open about what they like and want; men have been so nice to me!

It started when I was young. Daddy and I were best friends. Mother used to complain that he was spoiling me and tried to get him to be more stern like she was, but he never stopped being kind. When I started to mature, boys my age discovered me and treated me like I was special. I've always loved men.

My mother, on the other hand, never seemed to like men and always tried to keep boys away from me.

"You have to be careful," she warned. "Boys will take advantage of you."

"I'm not stupid, mother," I said.

"You're very pretty Kelly – with a better figure than most grown women, but you think like a little girl," she said. She always worried about boys but I didn't.

When boys came to the house to pick me up for dates Mother was horrible to them. Nobody ever asked for a second date - until I met Scott. Of all the wonderful boys I knew, he was the most wonderful. We fell deeply in love and even my overprotective mother couldn't scare him off.

When I turned eighteen we told my parents we were going to get married. I expected mom to object but she didn't.

"Good," mom said. "Now Scott can try to keep the boys away."

"Mom!" I said.

"It's true baby," mom said. "You like boys because they're nice to you. But they're only nice because they want to use you. And you're too dim to get it."

We got married right after graduation from high school and everything was perfect for about a year. Then disaster struck.

"I got laid off today," Scott said collapsing into his recliner.

"Don't worry honey-bunny," I said tussling his hair. "You'll get another one."

"No I won't," he said dejectedly. "Nobody is building anything and there are thousands of carpenters out of work. Most of them have more seniority than me."

Unfortunately he was right. Months went by without a single offer. My happy husband stopped smiling.

We had been planning to start a family and I had quit my waitress job at Denny's Restaurant to get the house ready.

I was off the pill. Each morning I measured my basal body temperature and I could tell the day I ovulated and was most fertile. By then, however it didn't matter. Depression had captured Scott and our sex life evaporated. Eventually I got depressed too.

Our savings ran out (we never had much) and we 'maxed-out' our credit cards. But it wasn't until we actually ran out of food, that I put my foot down and told Scott I was going to start working again.

I went straight to The Beach and filled out an application. Some women criticize that restaurant because of the skimpy bikinis the waitresses wear and they say the men are rude to the staff. But I wasn't worried. Men were always nice to me and I heard the girls got great tips.

I was interviewed by the owner- a nice old man named Vito Dionora. He reminded me so much of Daddy. I liked him the moment I saw him.

"You're 20 all right," he said handing me back my drivers' license. "If you get the job you'll have to buy your own bikini," he added.

I suddenly felt sick. I didn't have any money to buy a suit. But I guess the dear man could read my mind.

"Well..." he said. "We do have a few bikinis in the back that we could give you. But not in every size."

"That would be wonderful!" I exclaimed. "It wouldn't have to be a perfect fit."

"Ok," he said taking a tape measure out of his desk.

He walked behind me.

"Lift your arms, my dear," he said.

Mr. Dionora wrapped the tape around my chest just under my boobs. Then he moved it up over the fullest part of my bust, at the level of the nipples. The kindly old man must have a touch of arthritis because he spent a lot of time feeling around and trying to get the tape properly placed. It tickled and I almost choked trying to keep from laughing.

"Let's see. Twenty-nine inches, plus five gives you a thirty-four bust. With a C cup?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm a C," I said a little embarrassed.

"Twenty two inches," he said with the tape around my waist.

Then he knelt and wrapped the tape around my hips and bottom. It took him a couple of tries until he had a good reading.

"And thirty-four inch hips. You're just a little thing, aren't you?" he said cheerfully.

"I'm big enough to do this job, Mr. Dionora," I said confidently.

"Yes," he said with a friendly smile. "I think you are."

He went in a back room and came back with a few scraps of blue material on a hanger.

"Try this on in the bathroom," he said.

The bottoms covered my butt all right but the top seemed too small. The sides of my boobs showed more than I liked.

"Don't be shy," he said when I came out. "Come over here and let me see you."

He put his big warm hands on my shoulders and turned me around to check out my little turquoise floral print bikini.

"It's a good fit," he said with a big smile that calmed me a bit. "Here take this tray and walk around the office so we can see if you've got enough balance to be a good waitress."

"Yes sir," I said. I took the tray and walked around as Mr. Dionora carefully examined my balance.

"Incredible," he sighed as I circled his desk. "You've got the job. When can you start?"

"Tonight?" I offered.

"Why not," he said laughing.

I jumped into his arms and hugged him before I remembered the tiny bikini. Luckily he didn't notice my nearly naked boobs smashed against his chest. He held me for a long time just to make me feel welcome. I love men.

In that first week I made enough to pay half the mortgage and fill the refrigerator with food! The best tips came from playful groups of drunken guys. They liked to touch me a lot and horse around but I liked it. Women didn't tip me so well.

On the Monday of my second week, Mr. Dionora pulled me aside.

"I have a wonderful opportunity for you," he said with his arm around my bare waist. "My brother comes in for dinner every Monday night with a bunch of wealthy associates. You know – 'good fellas'. They always tip real good and their regular waitress just went on maternity leave. He asked for my friendliest waitress, so naturally I told him about you."

I was so delighted that I tried to kiss his cheek but he turned towards me at the last second and I smacked him right on lips! I was so embarrassed.

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Dionora!" I gushed. "I'll do a great job."

"I know you will Kelly," he said. "I'll tell the hostess to give your tables to one of the other girls. You'll devote all your time to taking care of Carmine and his associates back in the Vine Room. Have one of the bartenders help you set up the little bar back there and show you how to mix some of the basic drinks. One of the busboys will be with you to run to the kitchen for you. You'll stay in the room and serve drinks and food and wait for them to call for something. And you'll give Carmine whatever he wants."

"Ok," I said feeling a bit nervous about what I was getting into.

"A warning Kelly," he said seriously. "Carmine is a very powerful man. He is dangerous when he gets angry."

Butterflies flew wildly in my stomach. I considered telling Mr. Dionora that I'd changed my mind about the job.

"But when you please him, he can be very generous," he added with a sly smile.

About fifteen men appeared that night. They were different sizes and ages but they all wore expensive suits. My heart pounded like a drum and I had to keep taking deep breaths to calm down.

Finally, an older man with thinning gray hair entered. He was small and paunchy but had a magnificent air – like a king! The other men flocked to him and made a point of greeting him and shaking his hand but a big bouncer-type guy kept some of them back. Here was a truly great man, I thought.

Carmine Dionora had arrived.

Vito's warning played in my head and I grew more nervous. Striding confidently past me, Carmine turned and smiled. I've never been attracted to old men and there was certainly nothing appealing about Mr. Dionora but I felt blood flush to my face neck and between my legs! Tightness gripped my chest but I gathered myself as best as I could and started getting drink orders from the men.

As the night went on I began to relax. Most of the men spoke to me politely as I worked. However, one young guy with pock marked skin and a nose like a hawk started pestering me.

"Hey babe I'm Tony, what's your name?" he asked, suddenly stepping in front of me.

"Kelly," I said trying to slip away.

"So, what are you doing with that pretty ass after you get off tonight?" he said reaching for my bottom.

"I'm going home. To my husband," I said evading his hand. He was frightening me.

He reached forward and grabbed one of the straps of my bikini top!

"I think you should show us your tits," he said with anger growing in his voice.

"I don't think so," I said more calmly than I felt.

"Come on!" he said pulling gently on my top. "Would it kill you let us have a look at those jugs?"

"I'm sure Mr. Dionora wouldn't approve," I said pulling my top out of his grip and moving away from him.

"He likes jugs. The other girl used to take off her top for him and lots more. Come on Kelly, show us your tits!" he called after me.

I just smiled and slipped away, hoping Tony would leave me alone. My heart was pounding so hard I felt faint. I went to the ladies room to gather myself. I almost went home but I remembered what Mr. Dionora had said about his dangerous brother Carmine. I had to go back.

As the night went on Tony gradually got drunker and pushier. I tried to stay away from him but finally he trapped me next to the table with a tray full of drinks in my hands.

"You don't like me," Tony slurred, blocking my path.

"I like you just fine," I said dodging around him.

"If you liked me, you'd take this off," he said hooking his strong fingers around the thin shoulder strap of my bikini top.

"Please let go of me," I whispered feeling my hands begin to tremble.

"It's time for this to come off!" Tony grunted as he jerked hard on the strap.

"Aaaaa...," I screamed and the tray of drinks crashed to the floor.

The room became ghostly quiet and I became aware that everyone was looking at Carmine Dionora. He gestured with his finger to the big guy standing by the door and he started to walk towards Tony.

"No, Carmine," Tony said. "Please! We was just havin' fun."

He looked franticly from Carmine to the big guy who was getting closer. I knew that something bad was about to happen to Tony. They might have been planning to kill him.

Tony backed up into a chair and knocked it over as the enormous bouncer closed in.

"Tell him Kelly!" he pleaded. "Tell him we was just foolin'. Tell him it was ok!"

I didn't like Tony but I certainly didn't want to witness a murder!

"It's ok Mr. Dionora. I was going to take my top off, anyway," I said.

My mouth dropped open. I had not meant to say that!

"I mean..." I started but was cut off by a loud cheer from the men at the table.

Mr. Dionora looked at the big man and nodded. The big man stopped and turned back towards the door. Tony dropped into a chair in a state of shock.

I was trapped. My stupid mouth had gotten me into an incredible mess. I reached behind my back for the clasp and noticed the young busboy smiling at me with wide eyes. Carmine noticed too and nodded at the big bouncer, who grabbed him by the collar and shoved him roughly out of the room. I undid the clasp and let the shoulder straps slip down my arms. Holding the tiny top to my breasts, I looked around the room one last time and tried to think of some way to avoid showing fifteen strangers my breasts. But it was no use. I pulled the top away and they cheered again. I stood there blushing, my boobs swaying slightly and my nipples stiffening, though I wasn't cold.

And then it was over. Just like that all the men went back to their food and drinks and talking. Only Carmine was still watching me. His gaze made me embarrassed and nervous. I looked away but not before I felt butterflies in my tummy... and lower again.

I went back to serving drinks and emptying ashtrays and tried to keep my eyes away from Mr. Dionora. Luckily, no one seemed to care that I was half-naked. I guess they see a lot of naked women. After a while I didn't really care either.

When the dinner was over the men filed out one by one after saying good-bye to Carmine. They knelt by his chair and kissed his hand as if he were the Pope. They listened intently as he whispered something to each one. He is such a great man!

When all the other men were gone, he waved me over to where he sat. He sat me his lap. My naked breasts bobbled just inches from his face! He wrapped one hand around my waist and rested the other gently on my thigh. I felt like a little girl sitting on her father's lap. His hands were large and warm and felt nice. I glanced at his fingers on my thigh. They were thick like sausages, with wide blunt fingertips. I looked into his black eyes as nervous excitement filled me. He is such a great man!

"Have you seen Michelangelo's David, my Dear?" he asked with a smile.

"Y-yes," I stammered - my heart aflutter.

"Beautiful, si?" he said, his gaze piercing through to my heart.

"Yes sir, very."

"It would be a sin to cover him with drapes," he said.

"Yes sir," I said looking down at my hands between my legs.

I began to shiver. My skin tingled and I couldn't breathe right. I worried about the wetness growing between my legs. Could Carmine Dionora feel it on his leg?

"God has made you beautiful. And I don't want you to ever be afraid to show men the glory of Gods work. It would be a mortal sin. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Dionora," I whispered with my heart pounding. "I understand."

"Good," he said patting my thigh.

He looked into my eyes as his hand reached out and began to gently stroke my breast! I didn't move. I felt powerless. His large hands explored me softly with reverence as if I was a precious work of art and the feeling was amazing. He raked his nails over my nipples and rolled them between his thick fingers. The room began to spin.

"Oh my God," slipped from my lips.

At last he released my tingling nipples. I was glad he stopped because I was flooding my little bikini bottoms.

"Very beautiful," he said. "Your name is Kelly, si?"

"Kelly Clark," I said feeling suddenly incredibly happy.

"Well, Kelly Clark I am Carmine Dionora and we are going to get to know each other very well."

He reached into his coat, took out his wallet and counted out ten, one hundred dollar bills and tucked them into my bikini bottom!

We stood up and he buttoned his jacket. He kissed me paternally on the forehead, patted my cheek and left the room.

A thousand dollar tip! I felt giddy as I put my top back on. This would allow us to pay the mortgage and much more. I just love men, I thought.

On the way home, I picked up some beer for Scott. I thought he would be glad when I told him about my big tip. But when I got home Scott seemed even more depressed. He wouldn't even look at the money and said he didn't want any beer.

The next day at home was worse and it didn't get better as the week went on.

My only joy came at work. The men I waited on cheered up, told me I was pretty and gave me friendly pats on my bottom. I found myself looking forward to Monday and seeing Mr. Dionora. I guess I needed the attention and praise.

When Mr. Dionora came into the Vine Room I was ready. I took my top off as soon as he sat down. Carmine nodded approvingly. I was thrilled.

The evening went perfectly. At one point Tony cornered me. I was frightened but he didn't seem drunk.

"Kelly," he said hesitatingly. "I was a total fuck last week."

"It's ok Tony," I said.

"No. It ain't! I'm sorry what I done. And you stood up for me with Carmine. I don't forget someone done that," he said earnestly.

"Well, I accept your apology," I said cheerfully.

"You do have a nice rack," he said looking down at my boobs.

That was just his clumsy way of saying he wanted to be friends.

"Thank you," I said feeling proud.

"Now maybe I can get you to take these off," he joked grabbing the string tie of my bikini bottoms.

"Not a chance, buster," I said playfully slapping at his hand.

We both laughed.

After the dinner, the other men left and Mr. Dionora sat me on his lap.

"Now young lady you will tell me what has taken the stars from your eyes. You will hold nothing back from me," he said with a firmness I couldn't resist.

"Oh, you don't want to hear about my silly problems, Mr. Dionora," I said.

He just lowered his eyebrows.

"Ok. Ok," I said feeling my control slip away.

I told him everything. I told him about Scott loosing his job and trying to get pregnant and how it was all starting to hurt our marriage. As I talked, Mr. Dionora began to stroke my breasts and I had to stop to gather my thoughts a few times. By the time I had finished my story I was so worked up I was sure I'd made a wet spot on his expensive slacks.

"I don't want you to worry, Kelly Clark," he said.

His big warm hand left my breasts and slid down over my belly.

"I will help with your problems. First we are going to find your husband a job. I have friends at the carpenters' union."

His hand slid under the waist of my bikini bottoms! It was like he had a spell on me. I looked nervously around the room but everyone had left and the door was closed. I opened my legs.

"Oh," I gasped as one of his sausage-like fingers slipped between my moist pussy lips.

"I will give you a phone number for your husband to call."

His finger slid gentle circles over my swollen clit gathering moisture. I was going absolutely wild.

"We will have work for him tomorrow."

My legs opened wider and his thick finger slipped lower and parted my lips. It pressed inside me!

He began to fuck me with his thick finger and it felt wonderful. I closed my eyes and held onto his neck as he pumped in and out me – rubbing my clit with each in stroke. I felt myself getting close to orgasm.

He curled his finger inside my vagina and rubbed his blunt fingertip against the front of my womb. He pressed down and pulled forward using a "come hither" motion. My toes curled as he began to massage a spot inside my vagina that felt like nothing I had ever experienced.

"Oh, Mr. Dionora," was all I could say.

There was something commanding in his manor – like absolute authority mixed with complete trust that made me want to please him.

I normally orgasm easily but Carmine had me cumming faster than I thought possible as my pussy muscles clenched his fat finger.

"Oh, yes!" I groaned as quietly as I could as my orgasm hit.

His hand moved faster between my legs, massaging that magic spot he had discovered deep in my womb. I writhed on his lap in the throes of a volcanic ecstasy and held tightly to his neck. It struck me more powerfully and lasted much longer than any orgasm Scott had ever given me.

He waited a few moments with his finger inside me as the feelings subsided and then pulled his hand out of my bikini.

"Very beautiful, Kelly Clark," he said wiping his finger with his handkerchief.

"Si, Mr. Dionora," I gasped.

He counted out fifteen bills and tucked them into my bikini. Then he took a pen from his pocket and looked around for something to write on. There was nothing close.

I laughed as he wrote his phone number on the side of my right breast. I laughed so hard that my breast slipped out of his hand. We stood and he patted my cheek.

"I'll take care of everything," he said confidently.

"Yes sir," I said.

He left and I put my top back on - careful not to smudge the numbers on my boob.

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