tagIncest/TabooI Love My Son: Waiting

I Love My Son: Waiting


It was one of those rare nights when my husband, Bob was horny. As I stepped from the bathroom after my shower, I saw him lying there. He was laying on his back slowly stroking his cock and looking at me with lust in his eyes.

It had been a while since I had enjoyed my son’s wonderful cock and I was more than a little horny. I could use a good hard cock inside me, even the small one before my eyes. I removed my robe and sat on the side of the bed. Replacing his hand with mine I slowly stroked him. He began to moan as he reached for my breast. I leaned down to take his cock easily into my hot wet mouth. He groaned loudly as he pushed his hips up against my lips.

I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. I knew that once he came, it was over for him. My mind was on the last time that I had Jim’s large cock buried in me. I needed to feel him inside of me. I rolled over and begged Bob to please lick my pussy and get me hot.

He ignored my pleas in his rush to satisfy his urges. Crawling between my legs he easily rammed his cock into me, panting and plunging fast and hard. I began to get aroused when I felt his cock swelling.

“Oh No. Not yet.” My mind pleaded as he groaned loudly and spent his seed inside. His cock immediately withered and fell out of my wanting pussy. He collapsed on my breasts, out of breath.

“Oh, that was wonderful, honey,” I lied.

He slowly rolled off and went to clean himself before returning to bed. I rolled over taking his flaccid cock and tried to stroke it back to life. Then I heard the heavy breathing as he drifted off to sleep.

God, I was so horny and disappointed. Jim was out on a date and I knew that he would be late coming home. I decided to go downstairs and watch TV until Jim came home. I had always stayed awake until he was safely home although he was 19 now. He was still my baby. I put on my robe and quietly went down the stairs

I sat down on the sofa and took the remote control. Jay Leno was just finishing his monologue. I must have drifted off to sleep, resting my head on the pillow. In my sleep, I could feel my robe being opinioned slowly and the cool air on my breasts caused my nipples to harden. I felt hot breath blowing softly on my breasts. I began to moan softly in my sleep. As a tongue touched my nipple, I was startled and opened my eyes.

“Shhhhh,” said Jim as he leaned over me.

“I just got here, Mom, and saw you laying here with your sexy body have exposed. You know what a tease Karen is. I am going to have blue balls in the morning it I don’t have some relief.”

I looked down and saw that he had already taken his clothes of and that huge cock was hard and erect. “Baby, you don’t know how much I have missed you these last two weeks while Bob has been home. We have to be quiet.”

He kneeled beside me and continued to suckle my breasts. I arched my back wanting more. His tongue circled each nipple, one then the other. His hand slowly stroked my tummy as he moved it lower. I raised my hips urging him to touch me. He had learned so much about pleasing me in the last year.

He gently bit my nipple as his finger reached my aching clit. I moaned loudly before remembering that my husband was sleeping upstairs. Jim slowly massaged my wet pussy before spreading my labia and sliding two fingers inside of my waiting love tunnel. His fingers slid in and out as he pressed hard against my g spot. His thumb massaged my hard clit as he slowly fucked me with his fingers.

I could feel the warmth rising from deep inside my belly as my climax began. I bit on the sleeve of my robe as I arched against his hand and my body shook in total ecstasy. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through my body as I clenched his fingers deep inside of me.

I looked down and saw the precum glistening on the tip of my baby’s gorgeous cock. I sat up taking it into my hand and stroking the length of his shaft. I licked the precum off by circling my tongue on the large mushroom head. Raising his cock, I licked up the bottom of his shaft to the sensitive spot under the head. Opening my mouth wide, I wrapped my lips around his glans. My tongue continued the pressure on the underside. I couldn’t get all of him into my mouth so I stroked his shaft slowly as I sucked on his throbbing head. My other hand caressed his large balls gently.

I felt his balls tighten and his cock swelling in my hand and my mouth. I wasn’t ready for the volume of that first burst of cum. It filled my mouth and leaked out between my lips and his shaft. I swallowed as much as I could as load after load came from his balls. Removing my mouth from his cock, I licked the cum from the back of my hand. Before cleaning his beautiful shaft with my tongue.

The pleasure of pleasing him made my pussy ache for him again. I laid back rubbing my wet pussy. Jim saw the lust in my eyes and quickly knelt between my legs. As he lifted my right leg to the back of the sofa, my left leg dropped to the floor. He lifted my hips as he dove into my waiting wet pussy. He slowly licked from the bottom of my slit to my aching clit.

He sucked my clit into his mouth while his tongue made circles around it. My hips were gyrating wildly as I enjoyed the skill of his tongue.

His tongue moved down slipping inside then back up circling my hard clit. He repeated this action over and over until my orgasm started. He then cupped his mouth over my clit and began to hum sending vibrations through my body, intensifying my climax. He licked my juices clean before moving up to kiss my waiting lips.

I could feel his renewed hardness against my swollen pussy. He raised up with lust in his eyes. My baby needed me again. I reached down to align his large cock with my entrance and pushed up to take him into my heat.

In all of his lust, he was gentle, moving the head inside, then pulling out before moving a little deeper with each stroke. God it felt so good. My pussy slowly adjusted his girth as he slid deeper inside.

“Are you ok, honey?” I heard Bob call from the top of the stairs.

:”Oh shit.” Jim whispered, stopping in mid stroke.

“Yes, baby, go back to bed. I will be up as soon as this show is over.” I shouted, nervously.

I was relieved when he replied..”OK…just checking.” And went back to bed.

“We had better go up, Mom,” Jim whisper nervously.

“No, I am not through with you yet,” I said, pushing my hips to take him in deeper. Nothing could stop me now.

Jim resumed his slow in and out motion as we reached our rhythm. God, it felt good again, having his cock buried inside of me.

He picked up the pace as the feeling intensified. I could feel his cock hitting my cervix as he bottomed out on every stroke. Our muffled moans filled the room as he plunged deep inside.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, he lifter my legs to his shoulders and pistoned even harder and deeper. It was soooo tight but soooo good.

The heat began deep inside of me again as I felt his huge cock swelling.

“Oh My Gawd” I cried as his hot cum rushed deep inside and I came with an explosion that I didn’t I had left in me. I hoped that Bob hadn’t heard me.

I pulled Jim down on me and kissed him lovingly. “We had better clean this mess up and go clean ourselves before Bob gets curious.”

We went up and to our separate bedrooms, kissing goodnight. I quickly went to bed still wet with Jim’s cum and my juices. I want to enjoy them through the night. I drifted of in a blissful, exhausted sleep as I wondered if I could walk in the morning.

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