tagInterracial LoveI Love You, Honey

I Love You, Honey


It had been a hectic 24 hours. After not having seen her in eleven, long years of hoping I'd meet her again, I bumped into my ex-Stepmom, Carol, on Christmas Eve. She invited me home and once I started talking about how I used to voyeur her, apologizing to her, she admitted that she had been purposely flashing me her panties and bra. I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. Then, she even told me that she had allowed me to catch her naked that fateful day that I opened her bedroom door. I had always wanted to see her naked and had masturbated numerous times with the imagined thoughts of seeing her naked, one day, and there she was.

All that time, always looking to see what I could see, I thought I was the pervert. Because I was always spying on her and trying to see her naked and when I did, finally, I thought I was the reason why she left me and my Dad. All that time, I was consumed with guilt and sadness for abusing our Stepmom and Stepson relationship by making it a sexual one. Now, with our honest and open dialogue clearing the air, while heating our libidos, we had hot sex right there in her living room and I no longer feel guilty. I couldn't believe it. A long time coming, it was the best sex I ever had.

Yeah, sure, Carol was 18-years older than me, but what did that matter? I was in love with her or, at least I thought I was in love with her. I had always been attracted to my Stepmom when she lived with me and my Dad from the time I was 12-years-old to 18-years-old. Now, I realize that it wasn't love, but just wanting to be loved by a woman, especially by my mother, who died when I was too young to know her and to miss her, but I miss her now. I get it, finally, I do, why I was so drawn physically, emotionally, and sexually, even, to my Stepmom, Carol. She was my surrogate everything and the only mother I knew.

Back then, we never did anything, acted on our mutual attraction to one another, other than a little bit of sexual teasing by flashing. Whenever we played Scrabble, she sat on the couch and I sat on the floor across from her. She'd flash me her panties and I'd flash her my cock. We both made it look accidental, but it was more than enough to keep the lust alive, at least, until we finally met again, which was, eleven years later, when I was 29-years-old and my ex-Stepmom was 47-years-old.

Then, when I returned to my Stepmom's house to give her flowers, there was another car parked in her driveway. Figuring she had a boyfriend, how could I blame her, really, I hadn't seen her in eleven years. I went around the side of the house to see who was with her.

She was with a woman and not a man and they were on the bed naked. Shocked and heartbroken, I couldn't believe it. Only, I couldn't stop myself from watching. I witnessed her having lesbian sex with her lover. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw who her lesbian lover was. It was Debbie. My Dad's ex-girlfriend, the woman he kicked Carol out for. Talk about a small world.

I saw how she looked at Debbie, a look she never gave me. I saw how they held one another, as if they were being separated and this was their last night together. I saw how they made love. It was more than sex and more than passion, it was true love, something that I'll never have with Carol and that I hope to have with someone, sometime. It was real. It was beautiful.

After seeing Carol with Debbie, I left my car by her house and walked to town. I needed to clear my head. I needed to think. I never thought Carol and Debbie were lesbians or bi-sexual. I never figured they'd be in love. When I had sex with Carol that night and again that morning, I thought I was the one she wanted. Only, she was just giving me her motherly love and what she knew I needed and maybe she needed, too, at the time. Now, it was obvious that Debbie was the one she wanted and not me.

During my walk, I bumped into an old high school friend, Michael. We had a couple of beers at a bar he knew was open on Christmas Day and I told him the story. He advised me to return to my ex-Stepmom's house.

"Dude, sex with two bi-sexual women, you could have a threesome. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You have to go back there. Go for it."

Wanting to see and be with Carol again, even if it was only meaningless sex, I returned to my Stepmom's house again on Christmas Day. Debbie was there and after warmly being greeted by her, she invited me to Christmas dinner. At first it was a cordially polite dinner, that is, until the tension of the moment overcame us and we all got the sillies. Once we started laughing, none of us could stop. As if it was scripted, the three of us reenacted the dinner scene from the Tom Jones movie making every piece of food we put in our mouths a sexual object.

Again, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was having a threesome with my ex-Stepmom and her lover. At that point, after having sex with Carol the night before, and again that morning, and then having sex with Carol and Debbie in a threesome Christmas Day, I had ejaculated multiple times in less than an 18-hour period. I was exhausted. After dinner, when Carol and Debbie went out to visit their neighbors, I took a nap on the couch.

Only, I was awakened by Carol's mother, Estelle. Before Carol had inherited it, this had been Estelle's house. Unbeknownst to me, Estelle had died five years prior and reappeared as a ghostly spirit to give me, of all things, a gum job. I know, what are the odds? It sounds ridiculous and I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I wouldn't believe any of this was it not all a true story. I received a gum job from Carol's ghostly mother.

Unfortunately, after giving me the first gum job I ever had in my life, it was incredible, by the way, Estelle left her dentures behind. Of course, I never noticed the dentures, but Carol found the dentures on the table by the sofa, which is how she found out that her mother was haunting her house and had given me a gum job. I would have been embarrassed, had I not been so spooked. After having received a gum job from a ghost, I was ready to come clean and spill the beans.

Suffice to write, after that experience happened with Estelle giving me a gum job and obviously haunting the house, the three of us were more than a bit unnerved that Carol's mom may make another appearance. Carol believes she is gone. She no longer feels her presence. She believes that her mother had only returned to experience a man who had a big cock, which I have and which is why she was murdered in the first place by her husband, who had a small cock. Her husband murdered her when she told him that he had a small cock and she wanted a big cock. It's a long story, but not the real story. The real story and what this story is about is the first time I met Honey.

After having returned from upstairs to see if Carol's dead mother was still in the house, the three of us were sitting around the Christmas tree in the living room, just having a drink and trying to relax. We found it soothing to bask in the soft glow of the Christmas lights, but the tension was still very heavy in the room. Jumping at every sound and looking every which way, Debbie was frightened out of her mind. Carol was just upset that her mom hadn't rested in peace. I was just hoping to have sex again with Carol and Debbie and maybe receive another gum job from Estelle, while I was sleeping later that night.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"Ding dong!"

"Jesus! That scared the shit right out of me," said Debbie.

"Oh, for gosh sakes, Deb, it's just the doorbell. Get a grip. Have another drink."

"I'll get it," I said, since I was closest one to the front door.

As soon as I opened the door, I was struck with an overwhelming feeling of a physical attraction, an emotional connection, and a strong sexual desire. It was love at first sight for me. Never have I felt such an immediate attraction for anyone before. Never have I seen anyone so exquisitely beautiful.

There standing on the other side of the door with suitcase in hand was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, bar none. Jaw dropping and knee weakening, she was a beauty that would make any man wage war to win her heart. I was enlisted to do battle for her.

I've seen some beauties on television, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams, and Beyonce, but this beauty had them all beat hands down. She was stunning. She was drop dead gorgeous. She was like no woman I had ever seen before and I was in love. She looked a bit like Naomi Campbell, but with smaller features. Believe me or not, this beauty was better looking than even Naomi Campbell. She wasn't as tall and as thin as Naomi, but she was more curvaceous than the supermodel.

She was tall, maybe 5'7" with blue black straight hair and big brown eyes colored as deep as glimmering maple syrup when held up to the sunlight. Her complexion had the skin tone of warm honey and she looked as sweet, sweet enough to eat. She was smiling and she was smiling at me. She had a beautiful smile and she paralyzed me with it.

"Hi," I managed to stop myself from staring long enough to say something.

"Hi," she said giving me an even warmer and bigger smile. She gave me a look that melted my heart. "Is my Mom here?"

"Your Mom?"

I didn't want to disappoint her. I'd do anything not to disappoint this woman. I'd help her find her mother, wherever she was not to disappoint her. I didn't want to say that her mom wasn't here and that she had the wrong house for fear that she'd leave, forever and I'd never see her again. I wished to God that her mother was here and that she had the right house, so that I could invite her inside and get to know who this beauty was. I wished I were a black man, so that she'd be interested in me.

"Yes, I'm looking for my mother. This is 12 Cherry Lane, isn't it?"

"Yes, but I think you may have the wrong house," I said finally with a heavy heart and ready to call after her, as soon as she turned to leave.

"Wait, don't go," I imagined saying. "I need to ask you a question?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Will you stay with me for the rest of my life, as my lawfully wedded wife?"

All of this went through my mind in a nanosecond. Not wanting her to think that I was putting the moves on her, which is something someone like her gets all the time, no doubt, I could invite her in for a drink and something to eat. It was Christmas after all, the season of being kind to your fellow man and beautiful black woman, while she called her mother.

Only, what if she's married with kids. Surely, someone who is this beautiful could never be unattached and available. Definitely, she must have a boyfriend or a husband or a husband and a boyfriend. Someone who looked like her would never be without a man. Then, I thought with heavy heart, what if she's a lesbian?

"Who's at the door, Johnny," asked Carol bursting my bubble.

The most beautiful woman who has ever walked the earth, I wanted to say. If Cleopatra looked anything like this woman, then I'd understand why Caesar and Marc Antony were crazy about her.

"Someone looking for her mother," I said giving this beautiful stranger my best manly smile but, alas, my puppy dog eyes betrayed me. "I think she may have the wrong--"

"Honey! What a surprise! I can't believe you're really here! Merry Christmas," said Carol rushing by me and nearly knocking me over to give the woman a big hug and a kiss. "Let me look at you. You're beautiful. You are absolutely beautiful. I can see your father in you. You look just like Tyrone. You have his nose and his lips, but you have my eyes. Oh, baby," she said, "what a wonderful Christmas surprise you are. It's so good to see you after all these years. Merry Christmas, baby. Merry Christmas."

"It's so good to see you," she said returning Carol's hug. "Merry Christmas."

Finally, she let go of her and ushered her inside the house. I closed the door behind them.

"Let me introduce you. Debbie, Johnny, this is my daughter, Honey."

If I wasn't Caucasian before, I was the palest white man on the planet then. I was floored. I could not believe that this creature was Carol's daughter. Not only was she beautiful, and except for the lighter tone of her skin, but she looked nothing like Carol. It was obvious that her Dad was African-American.

I never figured Carol to have been with a black man, not that she was prejudiced or that I was prejudiced. I was just surprised, is all. Carol never mentioned she had a daughter. Besides, I never thought of her with anyone else but my Dad. I never really wondered what she did before my Dad. Obviously, by her relationship with Tyrone, she had a life before my Dad.

I spent the evening drooling over Honey, as if I was a hungry bear, hovering over her, as if I was a bee staying close to the hive. She made me wish I had never had sex with her mother. Suddenly, I felt like Benjamin in the Graduate when Mrs. Robinson doesn't want him to have anything to do with her daughter, Elaine.

"Elaine!" Or in my case, "Honey," I imagined myself screaming as Carol married her daughter off to someone else.

I waited until Carol went in the kitchen to make herself a drink. I needed to talk to her alone. I needed to see if I had a chance with Honey.

"Carol, your daughter is unbelievable."

"I know. I can't believe she's here, Johnny. I haven't seen her in, well, since before I was with your Dad. It must be close to twenty years, eighteen years ago, actually."

"I had no idea you were separated from your daughter for so long. I had no idea you had a daughter. What happened? Why were you apart for so long."

"Well, we always stayed in touch. We secretly wrote mostly. She lives on the other side of the country. Her father was a lawyer, a very successful divorce attorney, actually. I had an affair and he hired his friend, another divorce attorney to represent him. He was given custody of Honey and I got nothing, but the boot. I wasn't even given visitation rights. I'd be a negative influence on her, is what the judge said in open court. Can you imagine the hurt I felt? I was crushed."

"Why? Typically children always go with their mother and just because you had an affair shouldn't have--"

"I had an affair with a woman."


"Things were much different then, than they are now. Lesbian and bi-sexual relationships were frowned upon. It would be another twenty years before the sexual revolution of the sixties washed over and embraced those who were gay and lesbian. Even now, we aren't totally accepted, otherwise we'd be allowed to legally marry."

"It must have been impossibly difficult for you not to see your daughter. So, why now? How come your daughter didn't come to see you before, when she was old enough to do whatever she wanted."

"Her father forbade her to see me while he was still alive. If she broke that one rule, he'd disinherit her."

"I see. He's dead?"

"He died several months ago. Her father could be quite the bastard."

"I really like her, Carol. I really do."

"I'm so glad you do. She's such a wonderful woman, so smart and so pretty. She could be the sister you never had."

"Sister? You don't understand. I really like her. Never have I felt like this about a--"

"You stay away from her. Do you understand?" Suddenly, Carol shot me a look that I had never seen before. She was hopping mad. "How dare you? I don't want you dating my daughter."

"Carol, I--"

"Don't. Just don't. Keep your cock to yourself."

"Why? I don't understand."

"Don't understand? We had sex? You had sex with me, my daughter's mother. You even had sex with my dead mother, you sick, depraved fuck. And now you want my daughter? Why would I want you even near my daughter?"


"Honey, I--," said Carol.

"Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine, Honey, I was, uhm, just talking to Johnny."

"Your mother doesn't want me to ask you out?"

"Why would you ask my mother and not me," she said looking at me with those incredible eyes, while putting a hand to her hip and sticking out her black bubble ass. "I'm twenty-seven-years-old, old enough to speak for myself."

"I just don't think it would be a good idea, Honey, for you to--"

"I heard what you said, Mother. I heard you had sex with Johnny and Debbie told me about Grandma Estelle." Honey looked from her mother to me and back to her mother. "Even though I haven't seen you in nearly twenty years, Mom, I know you're in love with Debbie and she's in love with you."

"Honey, I can explain," said Carol.

"Let me finish, Mama. I don't care if you prefer women to men. This is your life, just as this is my life. I just met Johnny, but I know the intimacy you shared with him was just a bond created between a Stepmother and Stepson. Out of love, you gave him what he needed at the time. I can understand that."

"Yes, that's all it was. Nothing more," said Carol looking at me with apologetic eyes.

"Now, if you don't mind," continued Honey, "I'd like to make up my own mind about dating Johnny." Honey looked at me. "Go ahead Johnny, you may ask me out," she said with a smile that made me think of her naked and in my arms.

"Honey, would you like to go out with me?"

"Absolutely not," she said jabbing her stiff, black index finger in my chest and giving me a look that shriveled my penis. "You slept with my Mother. My dead grandmother gave you a gum job. What kind of girl do you think I am to want to date the likes of a pervert like you?"

Let me tell you, you haven't been put in your place until you reap the wrath of a black woman. She told me off and with attitude. I was floored. I was devastated. I was speechless. I was so embarrassed. I just stood there with my mouth open.

"I don't understand," I said finally. "I thought--"

"Just kidding," she said. "I'd love to go out with you, sometime, but not now. For now, I'd like to visit with my mother. Give me a pen and paper and I'll give you my number."

Carol opened the kitchen drawer and reluctantly handed Honey a paper and pen.

"I hope you're staying, at least, the night, Honey," said Carol.

"I'd like to stay the weekend, if you don't mind, Mama. Better here than a lonely hotel. I hate sleeping alone."

"Sure," said Carol. I have a room for you upstairs." Then, she turned to me. "You'll have to go home, Johnny. I don't have room for you to stay the night, too."

"He can stay with me," said Honey. "Like I said, I don't like sleeping alone."

"But Honey," protested Carol.

"I'm a big girl Mama," she said looking at me. "You can sleep on the floor beside my bed and while wearing all your clothes," she said walking up to me and giving me a big, wet kiss, while reaching down to cup my package.

Oh, my god. Instantly I had an erection. I'd sleep with my coat, gloves, hat, and boots, so long as I was able to sleep in the same room with Honey. Maybe, she slept in the nude. Maybe, during the night, she'd kick the covers off and show me her exposed pussy. Wow. This woman was just full of surprises.

Honey and Carol spent the whole of Christmas night telling one another about themselves and catching up on everything that a mother and daughter should know about one another. Then, Carol dragged out the pictures and it was surreally eerie to see photos of Estelle, when she was alive. Debbie refused to look at any photos of Estelle for fear that she'd attract her ghostly spirit to her room.

"Hey, you never know. Estelle may be bi-sexual and maybe she's unable to rest in peace until she licks a blonde pussy and I'm not volunteering for that duty," she said making everyone laugh. Debbie was funny.

Just before the clock struck midnight, Honey pulled out a gift wrapped box from her suitcase.

"This is for you, Mama. I want you to have it. Merry Christmas," she said leaning into Carol, giving her a kiss on the lips, and giving her a big hug. "I love you."

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