tagFirst TimeI Saw Malati & Had Saroj

I Saw Malati & Had Saroj


This happened when I was a little over 18 years of age. I had just finished school a few months back and had joined the University of Delhi for my baccalaureate in Physics. It was late October time and the weather was at its best in the New Delhi suburb we lived in. It was so pleasant, with a little chill and lots of freshness in the air. I had my autumn break in the college and was studying hard for classes that were to follow on reopening of the university. I was a good student and it had been a habit since my early school days to use each vacation for doing advance study of the syllabus for the following term. I used to love studying on my own, without assistance of the teachers and the subsequent admiration that used to come my way during the term for knowing so much even before the teachers went through their rituals in the class was always so heady and inspiring.

We lived in a closely knit neighbourhood, where each elderly lady was a mausi, each elderly gentleman a chacha, each older boy a bhaiya and each older girl a didi. There was one daughter-in-law in the neighbourhood, who was a bhabhi to all of us. The houses were built close to each other, either with a common wall or with narrow streets separating them. Away from the disturbance inside our little household, this autumn break, I had shifted my day-time study venue to the terrace of our house. I would climb up the wooden ladder, books and some light refreshment in tow, and spend long hours there. I would sit glued to my appointed place almost the whole day, enjoying in the opening of my mind to new facts, new concepts and new knowledge. My mom had to call me repeatedly from down below to make me descend for my meals, and each time, I would keep deferring the downward journey till she shrieked an extreme ultimatum or two.

The day was no different from other days. Only that sitting atop the house for over four hours at a stretch had caused some cramps in my legs. This had not happened before. I just got up and started walking on the terrace, from one end to the other, book in hand, reading some nice and interesting passages on History of Science, a qualifying subject at college. The thickish foliage emanating from guava trees in our backyard surrounded the terrace. As I began my up-and-down movement, I looked around, and found our neighbour Malati washing clothes under the tap in the compound of her house. The tap was in a place near the corner of her house, surrounded by a 6 feet high boundary wall on two sides and five feet high walls on the other two sides, making a small cubicle, which went by the name of bathroom in her house. The bathroom had no formal door and only a three foot breach in one of the walls constituted entrance to the place.

Malati was a most beautiful young woman of about 24. She was married and lived in that house with her husband and his old parents. Even though I was 18 then, my existence thus far had been mostly books and academics. There were not many females my age amongst my acquaintances. I was perhaps not developed enough, physically and sexually. It is not that I was constitutionally weak or stunted. I was a good 5 feet 9 inches and weighed a healthy 70 kg. But despite my limited sexual awareness and exposure, the very sight of Malati used to set my heart aflutter in some peculiar way. Malati had had a baby only a few months back and I had seen physical changes in her appearance during her pregnancy. Although I had little idea about the human reproductive system, never having studied biology, I used to fancy Malati with a big tummy, every time I met her on the street. We used to call her Bhabhi, the wife of elder brother.

Malati bhabhi was quite shy but was a very warm person. Every time we met, she would smile disarmingly at me and enquire about my studies. My mom once told me that Malati bhabhi was a very good student herself before she was married off into the neighbour's house four years back at a young age of 20.

I did not pay much attention at first to Malati bhabhi at work that day. But after a while, I found she had completed the washing and stood in the bathroom. Even as I strolled on the terrace, I saw from the corner of my eyes that she began to take her shirt off. The next moment, I saw Malati bhabhi standing there in a white bra. The foliage above her did not perhaps permit her to realise that I was moving on the terrace of my house. She was obviously oblivious of the prying young eyes watching her glorious secrets. I had never seen a woman in that state of undress and I had some queer and hitherto unexperienced sensations in my body. Without deliberately deciding to do so, I had stopped my stroll and began looking at Malati bhabhi through the thick growth of guava leaves. I could see her clearly. The skin that now revealed was a lot fairer that the very fair face of Malati bhabhi. She had a long neck and slim arms.

Even as I watched her surreptitiously, I saw her hands fiddle with her bra at the back and it came unstuck. A most beautiful pair of breasts broke loose. The breasts were even more white than the body revealed just a minute back and hung like ripe big mangoes on her chest. There were large pink protrusions in the middle of each of the lovely breasts. The nipples were surrounded by areolar rings, the size of a large coin, dark pink in colour. My breathing became instantly heavy. I could sense my little penis spring into action and become big. I had earlier been used to engorgement of my penis only at night sometimes, when the urge for urination became too stiff. But this was different. There were weird sensations and it felt good as never before.

Even as I stood there, panting hard, I found Malati bhabhi take her salwar off. She wore nothing else underneath. Malati bhabhi was now standing stark naked, in front of my eyes. She had beautiful legs, long and slender. The legs were a bit hairy. But what took my fancy was a bushy growth where her legs began and her tummy ended. I had never known that woman had hair there, in the middle. Because I did not have any either, I was ignorant about male pubic growth as well. While I was exposed to a scene I had never heard of, nor seen before, the very sight of a nude woman caused some parts of my body to act in a manner not experienced earlier. I did feel that it was wrong on my part to snoop on Malati bhabhi like that, when she was not aware of my presence on the terrace. But the thrill that this exotic sight gave me was too much to give up the offering. Something that felt so good could not be wrong, I argued with myself.

Malati bhabhi began her bath. She took a jug of water and poured it over her neck. I could see Malati bhabhi feel the chill of the cold water. The next moment, she was applying soap over her body. As she massaged around her own breasts, giving particular attention to her nipples, it became too much for me. I let out an involuntary gasp. I was petrified at the thought of Malati bhabhi hearing my presence. I shuddered to imagine what she would think of me if she did and I spontaneously sat down.

I tried to compose myself as best as I could but the sight of the forbidden fruit had ignited passions I was a total stranger to. In no time, I popped up my head again and resumed my sightseeing. Malati bhabhi was now sitting on a low stool and applying soap to her legs and thighs. As her nimble hands moved towards her hairy mound, I waited with baited breath. Lo and behold, she was at her pubic hair and gave them a good wash. It was all happening before my very eyes and happening too fast for me to handle. The next thing I saw was Malati bhabhi putting her soapy finger in what seemed to be a hole inside her bushy growth. As she did that, Malati bhabhi appeared to slow down. She raised her head and her eyes pointed skywards, directly in my line of sight. I was scared she had seen me. But the unfolding erotic scenario and my constant gaze had emboldened me beyond what I ever believed could happen, more so when it came to Malati bhabhi, whom I respected a lot.

I discovered, to my utter relief, that her eyes were closed and I decided to continue looking. I also realised that Malati bhabhi was in the midst of a special experience herself, and that what she was doing at the moment was giving her immense pleasure. I never before had this happen to me. I noticed that I was huge and I felt embarrassed as I stood on the terrace with a huge erection bulging out of my shorts. And even as I crouched there watching Malati bhabhi in the throes of her mysterious bliss, the genesis and reason of which I did not understand one bit, I felt a chain of tremors hit my penis. It was as if an electric current was passing through it, bringing in its wake immense thrill and ecstasy. Least did I realise then that I had just had the first orgasm of my life.

The mid-body raptures lasted what seemed like an eternity but was actually not more than a couple of minutes. I could feel the hardness subside soon. Malati bhabhi had also rinsed her body by now with liberal dose of water from the bucket under the tap. The washing of soap on her breasts, the pubic hair and the hole within appeared to give her special pleasure. She had now begun to dress up. I realised it was no longer safe to continue the voyeurism. I quickly resumed my seat on the terrace and tried to drown myself in the book once again.

Concentrating on a text book was impossible after what I had just gone through. I was intrigued by what I had seen, and I was fascinated by what I had experienced. And I was happy that Malati bhabhi had not seen me all this while. My thoughts were fleeting at Einsteinian speeds. The sight of a fully nude woman had kindled in me reactions I had never dreamed of earlier. The way my own body had reacted to the spectacle of a naked Malati bhabhi had mesmerised me beyond my comprehension. I had an urge to take it forward. I had an urge to touch Malati bhabhi the way she was touching herself. I had an urge to massage her breasts, to feel her pubic hair, and to dip my fingers in the mysterious hole that seemed to lie beneath. But how could I? Malati bhabhi was known to be a very reserved person. She was widely respected even amongst the otherwise vile mother-in-law kind of old ladies in our neighbourhood. She was admittedly a much respected daughter-in-law in the locality.

It was impossible to concentrate my thoughts on any thing in particular. I kept reading the book but nothing registered. My thoughts went back repeatedly to the beautiful nude body of Malati bhabhi, the ecstasy she seemed to experience when she touched herself at various places and the mysterious thrill that I got when hitherto unknown and unexperienced sensations drowned my own penis and rest of my body into an indefinable trance. I yearned to have more of that. But how was I to do that?

I looked around, afraid if some one had caught me in the sly act I had just gone through. To my horror, on the terrace on the other side of our house was Saroj, also studying. Saroj was a year junior to me, and still in school but was almost my age, give and take a few months. We were good friends and she often used to come to me for assistance in some subjects, more particularly mathematics. I kept looking at Saroj and in a while, our eyes met. She gave me a sweet smile and my heart missed a heartbeat. I wondered if she had seen me espying Malati bhabhi. I argued with myself that she might have but hoped that, most probably, she hadn't. I was worried all the while about what would happen if she had and what would I do if she were to spill the beans. I decided that it would be most prudent to talk to Saroj for a while.

I called out to Saroj, asking her how her studies were going. She mumbled something saying it was ok, but added that she was stuck in integration by parts in her mathematics. Making my job easier, she asked me if I could help her in this topic. I nodded assent and told her to come right away. In two minutes flat, Saroj was with me on the terrace. Saroj was a nice looking girl, quite pretty and had a most pleasant disposition. She had a wonderful sense of humour and time spent with her could never be without boisterous laughter bursting from either side. We sat down and she opened her book at the relevant page.

I started from the very beginning. I first explained to her that integration was the reverse of differentiation, and gradually went on to explain to her the finer points of doing integration by parts. Step by step, I took her through the first five questions in the chapter. I was happy that by the third question, it was basically she who was solving them. I thought to myself that asking Saroj to come was a good move as I had spent more than 45 minutes, concentrating on her mathematics rather than fantasising about Malati bhabhi and her beautiful body. But perhaps I was a bit too early in the thought, for, the reveries of Malati bhabhi returned with a vengeance. Seeing me lost in thoughts, Saroj enquired if I was feeling ok. I mumbled something to dispel her fears about my health but my reverie continued.

This went on for a few minutes. Saroj had always been a good and close friend, about the only one of my friends who was a girl. Despite my relative proximity to her, our discussion has rarely gone beyond the usual pleasantries or academics. Therefore, I never expected myself to say to her what I said, all of a sudden. I found myself telling her that I had just done something horrible, that I had seen Malati bhabhi taking a bath in her bathroom. For a moment, Saroj also did not know how to react. After a while, she plainly said, "So, what? If you have seen her bathe, you have seen her. What is the big deal?" I felt a bit reassured. If Saroj says so, then surely what I had done was not a sin. And then, Saroj surprised me by asking, "Did you like what you saw?"

I took a long time in responding. Saroj was a good friend. I could perhaps confide in her. But she was a girl. Would it be alright if I were to ventilate what was going on inside my mind and body? After a while, Saroj caught me by my arm and said, "Malati bhabhi appears to have cast a spell on you. I do not blame you. She is so beautiful". I now felt emboldened. I admitted coyly that I indeed liked what I saw and that I saw her doing funny things and that I experienced funny things myself in my own body. I confided in Saroj that Malati bhabhi's body is so different from mine and that I did not understand a few things in her body. This was the first time my discussion with Saroj was taking such a direction. We both became aware of the developing tension in the air, and almost involuntarily decided to move to a corner where the parapet walls were higher.

I began my queries with the breasts and the nipples. Saroj said that Malati's breasts had to be big because she had just given birth to a child and had been lactating the baby. I asked her if all girls had breasts and she confirmed that, more than a bit surprised at the naivety of the question. She ventured to add that hers had just begun to grow and were smaller. She also mentioned that her own nipples were large. As I looked askance at her, Saroj enquired if I wanted to feel them. I could not resist the offer and felt her nipples from above her shirt. As soon as I held her nipples in my fingers, my penis sprang to life. Saroj was smiling softly all this while. Encouraged, I palmed her whole breast and she let out a soft moan. Her breasts were really soft, not covered by a bra, though they did appear smaller as compared to Malati bhabhi's treasures. Saroj then chided me and said, "That's all? You were so worked up only on this?"

I mustered up courage to say that there was more to my unease than that. With great difficulty, I told her that Malati bhabhi had hair in her middle. Saroj's depth of knowledge in these matters surprised me once again. She said that grown up women had those hair, and that she had seen them on her mom's body too. I asked her if she had them and she told me that it had just about begun to come and there were a few thin strands. I looked askance at her again, hoping that she would offer me a peek preview of her body. But she did not and I was disappointed. Our discussion and actions so far had made me bold as never before. Not getting the voluntary offer from Saroj, I asked her if she would let me see her hair, no matter they were much fewer in number and density.

Saroj was reluctant. "It won't be right, Raju", she said. I did not press any further, but fell silent. No matter how much Saroj tried to get me talking again, I could not break my silence. My thoughts were constantly focussed on Malati bhabhi's pubic mound and the hole that lay underneath. I was constantly visualising the ecstasy that overtook Malati bhabhi when she put her own finger inside her hole. I was ceaselessly thinking about the volcanic eruptions in my own penis even as I saw Malati bhabhi experience her raptures. I had not realised till then how good a friend Saroj was. Seeing me thus, she lay down right there in front of me, closed her eyes and unknotted the string of her salwar.

It took me ages to bring my fingers to the top of her salwar and gradually push it down, revealing her virgin girlhood. As the salwar began its descent in slow motion, I could see the few thin black hair below her abdomen, just before her thighs began. Her skin was so smooth, so radiant. And then I saw that hole. It was the shape of a very large wheat grain or the seed of a date palm. I knew for sure that girls did not have the penis that boys had and that they had a hole. It was that hole that lay in front of me. But still, it was beyond my comprehension as to how putting her finger in a hole meant for exit of urine could give such thrills to Malati bhabhi. I looked at Saroj's hole more closely and found a few moist drops trickling down her thighs. I began wondering if this was remnant of urine from her last visit to the washroom. I asked Saroj if she had gone to the washroom before she came up but she denied that she had such a trip. I, however, left it at that.

Saroj had now opened her eyes. She appeared no longer uncomfortable at lying naked before me. Instead, she asked me, "Any further doubts or questions, Raju?" I then told her about the mysterious sensations I had experienced myself. "Ah! That's a new subject, Raju. I do not know much about that. But now that you have a question in your mind, we must find the answer. What better way to do that than to see the affected area!"

She gestured me to unhook my shorts and pull them down. I hesitated for a moment and heard her saying, "If I being a girl was bold enough to show you mine, you as a boy can't be more shy." I unbuttoned my shorts and Saroj pulled them down, just as I sat in front of her. She again motioned me to raise my butt from the floor and she dragged my shorts down all the way. Here I was, naked for the first time before a girl.

"I always thought your birdie would be a small one. This is so big, Raju!" said Saroj.

"No, Saroj, it is not always that big. Something has happened to it today", I replied.

"Now tell me, what happened when you had that little cameo with Malati bhabhi", Saroj continued.

And I told her slowly, in as cogent a manner as I could bring myself to, details of what happened. She looked minutely at my erect penis but did not seem to find an answer to what had happened. "Do you feel like urinating, Raju?" she enquired. When I answered in the negative, she wondered how the tip of my birdie was so wet. We were now both more confused than we started off as.

"Raju, can I touch your pretty birdie?" Saroj pleaded, and I could barely nod my acquiescence. At that very moment, my erect penis, birdie to Saroj, was held by a girl for the first time ever. It felt soooooo good, absolutely different to how it felt always when I held it in my own hands. Saroj began to fondle it lovingly and it felt even better. I told her that those same very sensations were returning. Saroj was loving each moment of it too. She kissed the birdie and licked the underside with her tongue. As her movements became more and more aggressive, she found her salwar, down up to her knee level, impeding her. She momentarily released my birdie and in one swift movement, took off and threw her salwar away. Her lower body was now naked, just as mine. She continued to play with my birdie and then she suddenly put one finger of her left hand inside her own hole. She was on cloud nine. She was surely experiencing what I espied Malati bhabhi doing some hours back.

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