tagExhibitionist & VoyeurI Spy 2: Dinner Time

I Spy 2: Dinner Time


What a display, I thought, as I rang the doorbell of my neighbor. Who on earth was that guy? I was hoping to find out.

"Hi. Glad you could make it." Tina was STUNNING! Her long blonde hair was curled. The beauty was wearing a silky black dress. "Please, come in." I just stood their, shocked at her beauty. "Come in," she repeated, grabbing my wrist and shoving me in. "Boyfriend, remember."

"I'm sorry. Your just SO LOVELY!"

"Whatever." she snorted.

Just as I was sitting down on the couch, a man walked in. "Oh. I didn't know you had company."

"Bob, this is Steve.

"Pleasure," Steve extended his hand. "I'm the squirts brother."

BINGO! So my neighbor is into incest. Interesting. I'll have to remember that. "Nice to meet you."

"Well, I gotta go." he exclaimed, as he grabbed his coat and walked out the door.

Turning to the gorgeous blonde, I said, "So, what's the eats?" Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Well...to be honest, I can't cook." She opened the door. "How much?"


Tina paid him and shot the door with her foot. "Pizza."

"Fine with me." I shrugged.

Bending over the table, the lovely women put the box down.

I just stood their, glancing at her beautiful round ass. HOT DAMN! I wanted her SO much. Instead of fucking Tina, I sat down.

"What's your fancy?"

You, I thought. "Pepperoni."

My neighbor cut a slice and put it on my paper plate. She cut a piece for her, too.

At least we like the same baseball team and topping, I noted. As she seated herself, the women's large breast giggled in the silky material. I hope she doesn't see my hard-on. We ate in peace and chatted about the weather, sports, movies and movies. As we finished, I realized Tina and I had a lot in common. "That was delicious. Thanks."

"Don't mention it." she muttered.

Was that her foot on my leg? "I..uh, I mean, I thought you had a boyfriend."

"Oh, I do. However, that doesn't mean I can't fool around." She massaged my leg and slid her foot to my crotch. "Hum, seems like we have a stiff woody." She got up and seductively came over to me. "Fuck me." Before I was able to respond, she passionately kissed me. Her lips her soft like her silk dress.

My hands slowly fondled her stomach and halted on her melons. I could tell this sexy young women didn't have a bra on. Her tits were large against the fabric. I squeezed both of them

"UM," she moaned.

My hands clawed her shoulder straps, and I flung her dress to the floor. The rest of her body was AMAZING! She had a shaved pussy and WONDERFULLY curved ass. Standing up, I unbuttoned my fly and pulled off my Jeans.

Tina helped with my satin boxers. "WOW! Is that hard cock for me?"

Without answering, I shoved her flat on the table.

"Ready bitch? Her it comes." I guided my dick to her lips and shoved the entire thing up her wet box.

"Oh, fuck. Yeah. Cum inside my pussy. Make me scream."

As I was thrusting my hardness into Tina, I noticed a figure at the door. Was that Steve? I grinned at him. He was jerking off like a wild man.

"FUCK ME!! I LOOVEE IT!!!" With each word, she thrust her hips harder on my cock.

"You like that, nasty whore.

"OH YEAH." the beauty howled. "I'M A SLUTTY FUCKING WHORE!!! YESS!! CUM IN MY DIRTY CUNT. She whaled. "I WANT IT. Tina commanded.


Steve was playing madly with his cock and balls. I gave him a nasty smile and winked. I think he knew what I was intending to do.

"OH, SHIT. I'M CUUMMINNGGG." my neighbor screamed. The blonde humped my cock one last time before exploding around my cock. "AHHHHHH!"

I, also, erupted in the women's tunnel. "AHHHHHH." Pulling my limp dick out of her, I said, "Damn, that was AWESOME. One of the greatest fucks I've ever had."

"Well, I'm glad." She turned around so her jugs were facing her brother. "Come in, Steve."

She knew. The short-haired blond walked into her kitchen and gave us both a wide grin.

This was the greatest invitation to dinner yet, I thought, as her "boyfriend" kissed his sister.

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