tagLesbian SexI Try Another Woman

I Try Another Woman


If you have read our previous stories you will know that we are swingers, using a sauna type swingers club as well as more recently swinging at home, determined to push the boundaries of our sexuality. I love being the submissive slut wife and Gary knows my tastes so well, with him in control I had no guilty conscience and over several years on the scene we have done most things.

Also along the way made some great new friends, couples and singles. We had met Kim and Stuart a couple of times at the club, they were very much into the femdom scene with Stuart enjoying being cuckolded by his sexually dominant wife. I knew that Kim and Stuart were also teachers like me so I was pleased when she rang inviting me over for an afternoon coffee during the school term break. It was a lovely sunny day so I dressed in a long flowery blue summer dress over a matching thong and bra and slipped on some high heels.

I said I would be there at 3pm and exactly on time I parked my car in the driveway of their modern bungalow with both of them coming out to greet me. I noticed how tall and strong Kim looked as she walked towards me, she must have been nearly 6' tall in her heels and she towered over my petite 5'2" frame as we kissed hello gently.

"Hi Jayne, come into the conservatory. Stuart will get us some drinks."

As I followed Kim round to the rear of the house I stared at her shapely legs and curvy figure. She was wearing a short blue dress and heels, I was fascinated by how amazingly sexy she looked with her red hair almost exactly the same shade as mine.

Kim ushered me to sit next to her on the settee while Stuart poured chilled white wine for us. The conversation was light as we discussed work and their lovely home, Stuart making sure mine and Kim's glasses were regularly filled over the next hour or so. As we drunk more the conversation turned to sex and Kim and I told stories about our adventures at the club. I was really enjoying flirting with her as the conversation become overtly sexual.

"We have done most things, threesomes, fun with other couples and single guys, and I have really enjoyed being with dominant black men a few times."

Kim explained her husband's passive and obedient role in their swinging life.

"Stuart really gets off on being cuckolded and dominated by me. He loves to watch me with men and women at the club." She said as her hand touched mine. "I get genuine sexual pleasure from domination Jayne."

Inching her skirt up over her stocking tops she moved closer to me and stroked the side of my face seductively licking her lips. The thought of it being with a woman used to scare me but I have been getting curious. I've always liked to look at women and admire their beauty, but that's always as far as it got. Though I had never had a lesbian experience, I could feel myself getting moist, as I knew what Kim wanted from me. I sipped my drink as she put her hand on my thigh.

"Do you want to play Jayne?" Kim said her voice confidant and commanding.

"I have never been with a woman. I love sex but never had the urge to be with a woman, until now." I said quietly.

I murmured as I looked over to Stuart and saw the lust in his eyes as he watched his wife put her arms around me. I felt so nervous as Kim pulled me close, our lips met in a long lingering kiss. We continued to kiss like a couple of teenagers, her tongue pressed deep into my mouth, my body responded to her aggressive touch. Kim was in total control at this point, her hand went between under my dress and she began rubbing my pussy. I moaned at her touch, she knew what she was doing. I moaned as we kissed and moved to kiss along her jaw then down to her neck where I sucked hard.

"You are feeling wet Jayne? You will let me do what I want won't you?"

"Please," I gasped.

I looked over to Stuart as he rubbed his cock through trousers. I wanted more and put my hands round the back of her head forcing my tongue into her mouth.

"Let's go and get more comfortable." Kim said as she suddenly pulled away. She stood and took me by the hand.

"What about Stuart, is he coming with us?" I asked.

"He can watch because I want you all to myself. Let's go in the bedroom," she said leading me into the house holding my hand firmly. As I walked behind her I saw Stuart dutifully following as we walked down the hall and into the bedroom.

"I guess you'd like to watch?" She said to him.

"Yes I would." He replied.

Kim walked into the bedroom keeping her back to me, "Unzip me Jayne," she said.

I unzipped her dress with trembling hands. The dress dropped to the floor and she quickly pulled off her knickers and bra leaving her in high heels and hold ups.

She looked at me lustfully, "You know I've got to have you. Take your clothes off babe."

Very self consciously, I pulled off my dress and underwear and stood naked, two pairs of eyes staring at me. I looked at Kim and admired her figure, a big strong, firm body, curvy arse and magnificent boobs. Then I turned and looked at Stuart as he stared from the doorway.

"Get your cock out. Then take your clothes off. All of them and sit down in the corner," she said to him, a subtle hint of command in her voice.

He unfastened his belt and unzipped himself. Then pulled his erect dick from his briefs, stripped naked, as I looked at his nice cock and fit body, and sat in the chair beside the bed.

Kim went and lay on the bed and motioned me to sit beside her.

Pulling me against her, kissing my neck, Kim felt between my legs, her fingers sliding along the outside of my wet pussy.

"You're so wet," she looked at me grinning. "You want it baby, don't you?"

"I want it." I gasped.

Kim smiled at Stuart then looked back to me and began kissing me passionately. We rolled together with her on top of me, her hands were all over me and she thrust her leg between my thighs and against my pussy. I felt small and totally submissive as her tongue pressed deep into my mouth and she pinned me to the bed humping me with her thigh.

She broke off the kiss and whispered to her husband, "wank yourself off."

Without hesitation he immediately started masturbating. I have always got a huge kick out of men wanking and I rubbed myself against Kim's thigh watching him intently. I was in heaven as I bucked my hips and pushed myself into her needing to cum.

"Are you gonna cum Jayne? Do it babe cum!" Kim whispered in my ear.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" I moaned. I shuddered and clutched Kim's neck, my body spasmed as I came moaning softly. She muffled my moans kissing me deeply as I fought to catch my breath.

Kim was not done with me though, not even close. "So did you enjoy that?"

I held her close and whispered, "That was lovely!"

The bed creaked as Kim changed position, straddling me until her pussy was over my face. She spread her legs wider and lowered her pussy over my mouth, sitting on my face. I slipped my tongue inside her, sucking her clit and licking as hard as I could. She was wet and tasted sweet, I was so pleased she tasted so good and I attacked her pussy with my tongue. I wanted this woman to cum on my face. In just a few minutes Kim started to moan and her body tensed, her pussy juice ran over my face.

"I'm cumming, don't stop, suck my pussy" Kim yelled grinding on my face.

Kim's legs were weak after she came and she got off my face and lay beside me breathing heavily. She grabbed a tissue and wiped my face dry and then we lay together gently kissing and fondling.

"I never this would be this good. I should have done it before." I whispered.

"You are lovely Jayne, I have to taste you," she said.

Kim kissed down my body sucking my nipples, then her tongue slid down my tummy before down between my legs. I spread my legs wide and shuddered as she sucked my clit into her mouth. Her fingers touched my pussy, pulling it gently apart. I groaned softly and pushed against her mouth as her tongue explored me. Her hands reached around and grabbed my thighs, making me spread wider, pushing myself onto her tongue.

I heard Stuart fumbling around beside us, and then the sound of him climbing onto the bed behind his wife. Stuart grinned down at me as Kim got on her knees and exposed her sex to him. Kneeling between her thighs I watched as he pointed his cock at her wet pussy.

"Fuck me," she murmured from between my legs. He eased between her thighs and I saw his cock against her wet slit as he penetrated her slowly. Then as he gripped her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her pushing her face hard against my pussy. Seeing Kim in between us being fucked doggy style by her husband while she sucked on my clit was so horny.

"You like this Jayne?" Stuart whispered.

"I love it, fuck her harder." I hissed back.

Keeping one hand under her, gripping her arse for control, the other hand groped her magnificent tits. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he fucked his wife furiously. It was too much for me and almost instantly pushed me over the edge.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming."

I couldn't hold back, I came hard on Kim's tongue as she sucked and massaged my clit, my thighs gripping her head. I clutched at the material on the bed.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah take it. Oh fuck!" Stuart said as he pulled his cock out and began unloading a huge stream of cum over Kim's bum. He carried on cumming until spunk covered her arse.

All three of us stayed in position breathing heavily, then slowly untangled as Kim reached for the tissues to mop up the cum running over her bum and back.

"That was amazing." I sighed as Kim cuddled me.

"What a shame you waited so long." She said gently kissing my face down to my neck.

Well, it had turned out to be a wonderful afternoon and I felt so satisfied so I dressed and the kissed Kim and Stuart before I left to drive home. I am sure a repeat was on the cards. All that was left was to tell my lovely husband what a good little slutwife I had been.

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