I Work For You

byTalking Bowl©

Nina Myers stared at Jack Bauer, a mixture of fear and vulnerability in her eyes. Just moments before, Ed, who had been sent along with Jack to help guard her on the truck ride to the airport, had slumped over unconscious into Jack's lap, the victim of a mickey the rogue CTU agent had slipped into his bottled water. It had taken her tired mind, already rattled by Jack's previous violent interrogations back at HQ, a few minutes to process the full implication of the look on his face. To see the faintest trace of a smirk that played across his lips, and realize that he had been in the process of outwitting her even as she had thought she was doing the same to him. Her previous taunts faded from her lips, and she stared at him in fear, dry-mouthed, her heart thumping in anticipation.

For what seemed like an eternity, they did not speak. The only noise came from the dull roar of the engine, the rattle of the truck as it jostled down the road, the almost imperceptible sound of their breathing, and Nina's heartbeat, which, although only she could hear it, was almost deafening to her ears. Finally, she licked her lips, swallowed hard, and screwing up her bravado, said:

"You got me, Jack." The words came out in a husky croak. He did not speak or move. Clearing her throat and holding her head a little higher, she tried again.

"What are you going to do to me now, Jack? Kill me?"

"I would never give you the satisfaction," he hissed. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he started to move towards her, bracing himself against the pitch and roll of the vehicle.

"What, then?" Bolder still. "Beat the shit out of me? Leave me unconscious for the guards to find, and then say I slipped and fell?

"Or is it a mind-fuck" – she caressed the word fuck, trying to make him savor it – "you want? Interrogate me a little more, try to make me piss myself, and hope I'll end up blubbering everything to you? Even you can't be that naïve," Nina sneered. "Don't forget, Jack, I'm as good at this as you are."

Jack smirked. "Not quite." He was halfway towards her now. "Don't forget who's in chains here."

"And why is that, Jack? Because I got away with something you never thought I could? Because I did it right under your nose and you never had a goddamn clue?" Fire glinted in her eyes. "Because you had the chance to kill me, but you just didn't have the BALLS to…"

Nina's words turned into a yelp as Jack's hand shot out from his arm, grabbing her by the throat. The momentum of his grasp was so great that it lifted Nina out of her seat, until she was standing tilted back against the honeycombed metal walls of the truck. He rammed his torso against hers, pinning her in place, and put his face so close to hers that she could practically taste his hot breath with her tongue. The musky scent of his skin filled her nostrils, bringing back lewd memories despite the pain at her throat. Voiceless, she croaked out…

"Jack… let go…"

"Beg me," he snarled.


"Beg me, Nina."


"Please what?"

She stared at him blankly.

"PLEASE WHAT?!" He tightened his grip, making her choke anew. "You may not work for me anymore, Nina, but you are still under my command! And as long as you are under my command! You will DO! AS I! FUCKING! SAY!" His face was flushed red, his breast heaving with exertion. "Now PLEASE! FUCKING! WHAT?!"

"Please… Sir…"

"What?" His voice suddenly dropped in volume to a husky purr, and he put his ear up to her mouth. "What was that? Speak up, I can't hear you."

Nina tried to speak, but could only make choking noises. Realizing he had made it impossible for her to carry out his orders, Jack loosened his grip on her throat, ever so slightly. Trying again, Nina gasped out:

"Please… sir… will you let go of my throat?"

Without a word, Jack let go of Nina's throat, but kept his body pinned against hers. Nina gasped as the air rushed back into her lungs. Her breathing was still slightly constricted from the pressure of Jack's weight against her ribs and diaphragm, but at least she no longer felt as if she were drowning for lack of air.

Silence again, more charged than before. Jack's mouth by her ear, hers by his. Breathing in tandem, as much out of force of habit as out of comfort in their close quarters. Nina became aware of the fact that Jack's pelvis was pressed up against hers. Was it intentional? You never could tell, with Jack.

"So you're not going to kill me, Jack."

He said nothing.

"And you're not going to beat me up, either."

No response. She thought she could read agreement on his face, but wasn't sure.

"Then what are you going to do to me?" A slight note of fear in her voice, more than she would have liked, which she tried immediately to push away.

He turned his face and looked her dead in the eye. His left hand crept around the back of her head, cupping it for support. He leaned in closer and, a trace of the arrogant smirk still on his lips, hissed at her:

"Anything. I. Want."

Nina knew it was true. He could do anything at all to her, and would most likely get away with it. Even if he were found out, who at CTU would defend her at this point? It took all her inner steel to avoid breaking down in tears at the thought.

Jack's face drew even closer to Nina's. His breath felt warm on her face, yet his eyes still glittered with hatred. For a second, she thought he might strike her. Bite her. Spit in her face.

Instead, to her surprise, she felt Jack's lips burning on hers. His tongue battered its way into her mouth as he kissed her violently. This time, there was lust mixed in with his anger, and the mixture sent a shiver through Nina in spite of herself. Almost instantaneously, she was furious both at him for taking advantage of her like this, and at herself for – she had to admit it – liking it.

There was no doubt Jack was enjoying it too, in his own perverse way – the steadily fattening bulge in his jeans, burning against Nina's thigh, was proof enough of that. Not much blood going to his head right now, thought Nina. Seeing a chance to regain her edge in the situation, she kissed him back with gusto, trying to turn him on as much as possible. Just give him a nice big hard-on, and pretty soon he'd be weak enough to ease up on her. Ask her if the shackles were hurting her. Reach for the key and undo her, and just when he thought she wouldn't try to get away –

All of a sudden, Nina felt Jack simultaneously disengage from her mouth and crotch. The hand that had been resting at the base of her skull only moments before yanked her head back by the roots of her hair, so far that she could barely breathe. Jack stood up, by now gasping for breath. His face was red; his erection strained the seams of the well-worn denim clinging to his lower body. Yet he seemed completely in control, both of himself and of her. Nina's mouth and pelvis burned at the withdrawal of his venomous lust, at the same time as her mind cried out in fury at being foiled by his ever-calculating mind.

"You thought you'd get off that easy, you piece of shit?" Jack shook his head in mock amazement. He leaned his face back in to hers and hissed:

"I fucking own you. Do you understand me, you little cunt?"


"Yes what, assrag?"

"SIR, YES SIR!" Nina shouted. Her humiliation fueled her arousal.

Jack let go of her hair, shoving her head forward so hard that Nina was sure her neck was broken. She saw him kneel on the floor and go through Ed's pockets, searching for the key to the cuffs that bound her wrists and ankles together. She willed her facial muscles to remain neutral, but permitted herself an inward smile of triumph. Santa Barbara all over again. She had him by the balls.

Jack found the keys, tried several of them before finding the right one, and undid the cuff attached to her broad leather belt and the one that connected her ankles to her wrists via a narrow metal chain. He disengaged those bonds completely and tossed them on the floor. She shifted slightly, anticipating the release of her hands and feet, but to her surprise, he left those cuffs on, throwing the keys over his shoulder, where they bounced off of Ed's inert body and skidded across the floor.

Gingerly bracing his body against the truck's motion, Jack walked back towards Nina, the small smirk back on his lips. His left hand grabbed the chains binding her wrists and shoved them behind her neck, so that her hands were practically behind her head. Quick as a flash, she saw his right hand reach for something, heard the well-oiled flick of a blade popping out of its sheath, and before she knew it, Jack had a knife at her throat. MicroTek Halo, she registered.

"Now," he said, all business despite his barely concealed rage. "If you try to pull any more shit on me, or disobey me in any way, I will hurt you in ways you could only imagine. You'll fucking pray for death before I'm through with you. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good," he said. He gently caressed her cheek with the butt of the knife, a twisted mockery of a tender lover's gesture. "Now lean back so that your head is touching the wall. Slowly."

Trembling, she complied. As she did so, she noticed that her lower body tilted out over the seating bank, pelvis forward, legs splayed, as though she were presenting herself to him. Jack had planned it that way, no doubt. How like him, she thought bitterly.

His left hand released her wrists, then traveled down to the front of her drab prison uniform. The hand holding the knife never left her throat. One by one, he undid the buttons, his thumb and forefinger working to pop each button gently yet firmly out of its hole. When he reached the buckle on her belt, he paused, as though contemplating his next move. Still acting one-handed, he loosened the tooth of the buckle from its leather hole so that the belt hung slack around her waist, then pulled it slowly down her thighs, almost to her knees.

"Put your knees together."

She did so, wordlessly. He cinched the belt tightly around her legs, so that her loins touched each other. He chuckled softly to himself.

"Just think. If you'd kept your knees together before, none of this would have happened."

"Jack…" she began to protest, forgetting herself.

"Shut up." He barely raised his voice, but she knew he meant it. She obeyed, but her eyes glittered with anger and frustration.

Jack continued his slow, methodical unbuttoning of her uniform top, until he had undone the very last button. Then, in one supple motion, he yanked down her uniform bottom around the belt, exposing her plain white cotton panties. He then stood back up, replaced the point of the blade where it had been before, and pushed the fabric of the top far enough off her shoulders to expose the straps of the cheap standard-issue bra they had permitted her in prison. He smirked again, reading her mind – he knew how much she liked nice underwear, and how much it humiliated her to have to wear cheap, unflattering crap. Before she could even gasp in shock, he had cut both the straps with the knife, so that the bra hung loosely around her tits. He pulled down the fabric on each cup, one at a time, so that each nipple was just barely exposed. Nina's nipples had been fully soft in the steamy heat of the truck, but as Jack knowingly circled his thumb around her right one, they both watched it harden at his touch.

"Is this what you're going to do to me, Jack?" Nina spat in a low voice. "Tear my clothes off and fuck me in the back of this truck?"

Jack said nothing. The hand with the knife slipped around behind her neck until his hand rested between her neck and shoulder, as though embracing her, but with the blade still pointed where it could hurt her if need be. His other thumb left her right nipple and started massaging her left one. He gazed directly at it, both pleased and fascinated by the effect he was having on her body in spite of itself. Nina's face flushed, but she continued:

"How do you think you're going to explain yourself when we get to the airport and the guards find me like this? Do you think they're going to just hand you your Get Out of Jail Free card and say, 'Okay, Jack, just don't let it happen again?' Even you can't be that crazy."

At this, Jack pinched her nipple – hard – between his thumb and forefinger. Nina yelped involuntarily, then held back another gasp as he continued to roll it around in his grasp, firmly yet – could it be? – gently. He continued to switch off, from left tit to right and back again, until he was sure both nipples were painfully hard, and then smiled again ever so slightly in satisfaction. Nina was almost wincing at the effects of her own arousal, but she somehow managed to hold herself in check.

He had another command for her:

"Hold still."

Nina's throat was too dry to respond. She could only gaze dumbly as she watched the arm holding the Halo slip back from around her neck, slip up under her bra with the blade facing outward, and position itself right at the junction of the bra's two soft cups. With a sudden burst of force, Jack grabbed the bra with his other hand, braced against her for support, and cut Nina's bra open. A small, animal sound escaped from the captive woman's throat as the bra's support lapsed and her breasts fell to their sides. Even before, when she and Jack had been lovers and she had shown herself naked in front of him for the first time, she had never felt this exposed. Or this turned on.

And then Jack's head was bent, he was kneeling, his firm hot mouth burning on her nipple, the knifeless palm grabbing her other tit and kneading it for all it was worth. Nina closed her eyes and felt her heart hammer against her ribcage. Rage in her mind, fear in her heart, heat in her pussy.

"Santa Barbara was business, Jack." She tried to sound cold and calculating, but her rising libido betrayed her. "I needed you to trust me. I needed you on my side. If you think you're reawakening an old flame or something, you're a bigger fool than I though. I saw my chance and I took it. End of story."

Jack pulled his face away from her nipple and nuzzled between her breasts. He worked his way down slowly, tortuously, towards her stomach, his lips and teeth moving in stinging, sucking bites that Nina was sure would leave readily visible marks. Marks the guards would see, that would make them ask questions, that would – oh, GOD, his tongue was in her navel, he was working it around, hot DAMN that man was good with his mouth… shit, oh, shit, oh, shiiiiiiiit, he was moving lower, lower still, but how the hell would he get her panties off with this fucking belt around her thighs, what was he, crazy?

Again, the knife made an appearance. Again, Jack was grasping some piece of clothing on her body, trying to rip it off of her. First one side, then the other, along both seams of those hideous fucking granny panties that made her look like a friggin' hippo –

"I'll just rid you of those," he said, knowingly. The bastard was actually grinning. Then, as though performing a parlor trick, he whipped out her shredded panties from under her uniform, and Nina again yelped as the fabric stung her swollen clit and aching lips. He was enjoying this. Cocksucker.

"I don't hate you, you know, Jack." Trying to retain at least a shred of composure. "I didn't love you, either. None of this was ever personal."

His mouth continued its searing path down her stomach, pausing as he lowered himself further still to give the tip of his turned-up nose a chance to nuzzle her dark pubic thatch.

"Oh, sure, I liked you all right. You were a decent guy. A good agent. An above-average fuck, when you got the chance. But no fuck is worth jeopardizing – AANNNNNHH!!"

Jack had nipped the sensitive skin just above her clitoral hood. He hadn't bit very hard, but the area was so engorged with the blood of Nina's hotly stoked lust that her eyes watered with pain. And then she could feel his hot breath on her, his mouth so close, but still not touching. Waiting. Teasing. Bastard. His tongue flicking, ever so lightly, over the painfully erect surface area of her sex, teasing her some more. Come on, motherfucker, get it over with.

And then he was done teasing her, his mouth, his glorious mouth was on her, encircling her, inside her, licking and sucking her lips, her hood, her clit, fucking her with his tongue, tasting her wet hot slippery salty arousal. The man gave dynamite head, and he knew it, and she remembered it now more than ever. And as he got more and more into it, he yanked the belt down around her ankles and grabbed her by the hips and slammed her ass down on the seat – Nina was moaning steadily by now, no longer able to control herself – and spread her legs as far apart as they would go and oh my GOD he just kept eating her and eating her and eating her and –

What? Why did he just -

Jack stopped. He pulled his face away from her and squatted back on his heels, his hands still braced against her inner thighs. He had a wicked glint in his eyes and Nina's slick, clear juices all over his mouth and chin. She could feel his fingertips tickling the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thighs, just barely touching, but enough to let her know he was doing it deliberately. His tongue darted out lasciviously and licked some of it off his face, savoring the taste when he put his tongue back in his mouth.

"Want some?" He grinned, arose slightly, and leaned in for another kiss.

Nina reared back reflexively, again banging her head on the wall, but Jack was too quick for her, and his tongue darted between her lips before she could muster the strength to force him out. It really didn't taste that bad, she thought. A slight marine tang, but nothing to gag over. It was more the way Jack was forcing it upon her, violating her mouth with his, that made her want to bite him, force him out, tell him to fuck himself.

Then, as suddenly as he had begun, he stopped. He reached behind her for her mangled bra, which had fallen on the seat behind her. Then he had a command:

"Stand up."

Nina obeyed as best she could, bracing herself against the humvee's momentum and willing strength into her quivering knees. Jack bound the bra around her eyes, whipping her around to tie it in the back so that it could serve as a makeshift blindfold. Then he turned her back around, this time more slowly but still firmly. Another command:

"On your knees."

Nina had a pretty good idea of what was coming next. Despite her fear, she allowed herself a mental roll of the eyes at Jack's stupidity. I'm supposed to give him a blowjob sight unseen with no hands? What is he, high?

Jack must have sensed her insubordination, because she felt the knife press against her throat again. "Nina, this morning I cut a man's head off with a hacksaw. My wife is dead, my daughter isn't talking to me, and the people I work for would like nothing better than for me to fuck off and die. I have absolutely nothing left to lose.

"Now you're going to open your mouth – wide – and pull your lips over your teeth, and you're going to take what I give you the way I tell you to, and if you so much as think of pulling any shit with me, I swear to Christ I will cut you from ear to ear. Are we clear?"

"Y… yessir…"

"Good," said Jack, "Good." He was breathing heavily again. She heard a zipper, the rustle of fabric, the motion of skin against skin. She felt a hand, the one holding the knife, slip behind her head. The other hand, she knew, was where Jack intended her mouth to be shortly; he was busily making himself as hard as possible. Then he moved closer, and she felt the burning blunt head of his massive cock brush against her face. She had to restrain herself from gasping at the incredible heat he was giving off, as though his lust were being stoked by some huge internal furnace.

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