IdeaCity Ch. 06


Author's note: This is another part in the continuing adventures of Jack Hart. While attending the IdeaCity conference in Toronto during June 2002, he was invited by Moses Znaimer, one of the organizers, to attend a of series special parties for conference guests and the employees of his television station, CITY-TV.

Jack's first encounter was with the diminutive fellatrice, Ann Rohmer, who gave him three mind-blowing blowjobs. After watching a sexy skit involving David Onley and Jee-Yun Lee, Jack had a productive session with ever-scrumptious Jennifer Valentyne. The next day he returned for what was billed as 'Alumni Night' and became a recipient of the famous Erica Ehm Hat Trick. Following that he was a spectator to the infamous IdeaCity wankoff, with Ziggy Lorenc competing against Sook-Yin Lee with Monika Deol as the judge.

Unfortunately, the details of this masturbation masterpiece were too perverse even for the Internet, so we now proceed to Chapter 6.


As Jack Hart followed his guide Steve away from the auditorium, he could still hear the sounds of Monika Deol coming to climax again and again.

"Steve, where are we going now?" Jack asked.

"You're going to love the next one. Angela Dohrman. She had quite a successful career after she left MuchMusic. You may have seen her in 'Seinfeld', 'Drew Carey', 'Nash Bridges' or even 'Voyager'. She doesn't make it to many of these events, so it is real treat for us when does."

Jack didn't recognize the name but he was willing to believe what Steve was telling him. There certainly were a number of talented ladies in what he had come to consider as Znaimer's little harem.

Steve continued, "You got remember that Angela is a talented actress. She likes to pretend that she doesn't like what's happening, but she does. So don't believe her when seems to struggle. She really loves it. Oh, yeah, afterwards she likes to clean your dick with her mouth. Don't disappoint her."

They approached the room. Entering, Jack found the usual silent attendant, who gestured for him to undo his robe. She then washed his cock and balls, sliding his penis into a black rubber sheath. The device had a series of nubs and fingers on the outside and had a strap that fastened behind his balls. It looked like Darth Vader's French tickler, Jack thought.


Angela awoke to find herself fastened down. Standing on her feet, she was bent, at the waist, parallel to the floor. Her arms were fastened behind her back, her head was stuck through the padded aperture of a stock and an O-ring forced her lips into a tight circle. Between them a rubber ball silenced her moans. Two large prongs filled her anus and vagina.

"That damn Moses!" she thought. She hadn't honored her personal services contract in a few years. This morning, Moses and his goons had shown up at her place in Columbus and brought her back to Toronto.

She was trapped in this padded butt-fucking machine. Again! If she ever got her hands on that pencil-necked geek, she'd rip out the rest his hair.

Just then the door opened...


Jack entered the room and saw the slim blonde, her neck imprisoned in the bondage device and a bright red ball between her likewise coloured lips. Her eyes seem to please with him as walked up to her. Circling the bound woman, he could see the split globe of her firm ass with the two plugs protruding from the orifices. With her head securely fastened and her arms bound behind back, the modest cones of her breasts hung below her; tipped with soft, pink nipples.

Reaching down, he fondled the breasts, stroking and rubbing them until the nipples hardened and darkened.

Angela started to squirm under his tender ministrations and gentle groan escaped past the scarlet ball.

Moving behind her, Jack started to stroke the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Her attempt to clench her legs together, which only succeeded in capturing his questing fingers for a short time. Cupping the curves of her buttocks, he kneaded and squeezed the smooth, pale flesh.

With his rubber-clad penis waving about like an obscene codpiece, Jack grasped the ring at the end of the butt plug and pulled.

Slowly, the greased shaft exited her anal canal. The grooves and indentations stimulated the actress' sphincter, which stretched and contracted over each ridge and valley.

Angela quivered as the stimulation of her butt hole created an erotic sensation. Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment as she realized that, even after all these years, she still found anal sex exciting.

The size of the plug amazed Jack. A full foot long and three inches across, it seemed that it should have split the slender blonde in two.

Jack positioned himself behind the struggling woman.

Directing the tip of his penis sheath into the greased, puckered roseate, he thrust forward. Angela bucked as the black sheath entered her rectum. The little fingers and nubs excited the sensitive nerve endings in her anus. Jack continued to force his way into her, stopping from time to time until the squirming stopped. As he reached the halfway point, he could feel a vibration. The dildo in her pussy had come to life.

Between the pulsation from the dildo and stimulus from Jack's cock, Angela was building up to a climax. Jack pushed forward again so that the base of his penis was pressed up against the flesh on either side of her cleft. The vibrations had intensified to the point where he could feel them even through the thick material of the sheath. He began to pump in and out, just fraction of an inch at a time. The rubbery fingers and nubs massaged Angela's distended sphincter.

Coupled with the powerful action of the vibration, this was enough to drive Angela over the edge. She came. This caused the muscles in her anal canal to squeeze the intruding shaft, increasing the stimulation ten-fold. She came again, hard.

These convulsions combined with her obvious signs of ecstasy caused Jack to start pumping in and out, slowly at first but then harder and faster. The friction on Jack's cock quickly caused him to ejaculate, filling the sheath with sticky cum.

Angela came for a third time, her body tensing like a bowstring and then going limp as she fainted from pleasure.

Jack slumped against her, his penis still impaling the blonde actress. After resting a few minutes, he pulled out from her asshole, the black rubber still glistening with lubrication.

Reaching behind his testicles, he undid the strap that held the sheath in place. Sliding his penis out of the slimy tube, he tossed the used condom into a nearby waste receptacle. Remembering Steve's request, he moved over to the head of the unconscious blonde. Prying the red rubber ball from between her crimson lips, he slipped his semi-erect cock into her warm mouth.

Even out cold, Angela's natural instinct was to suckle the fleshy member. Soon, she started to swallow the mixture of sperm and saliva. After a few minutes her reflexive actions with her tongue and mouth had completely cleaned his penis.

Popping the ball back into her mouth, Jack retied his robe and left the room. Outside there was a queue of men, waiting for their turns.

Next: IdeaCity part 7: Crowns and Anchors, Anne Mroczkowski

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