tagIncest/TabooI'm a Usurper

I'm a Usurper


Alright, the woman in this story is downright evil! Read my bio before you read this story if you haven't already please! Enjoy!


My name is Meredith and I have always been a self-centered woman. I am in love with myself. Well, actually I am in love with my body. How can I help it? Any mother who has a full set of DD tits and a 22 inch waist even at the age of 42 would feel the same. And yes, I am a mother. But at the end of this story anyone reading this will know that I am the furthest from that.

Since my body developed in high school I have used it to get me everything and anyone I wanted. I have never even had a job. I just got my boyfriends to pay for everything. I married a much older rich man right out of high school. How? I told him I was on the pill when I seduced him. I lied. He thought he knocked me up and it forced him to 'do the right thing' and marry me.

I already described some of my body, but here's the rest. It took me a few years in the gym after I had my daughter to get myself back into a perfect hourglass figure. I decided then that she would be my last. I didn't want to mess with my figure again. I have long brown hair all the way down to my butt. My ass is the kind of thing that causes auto accidents, literally. My long smooth legs are made for wrapping around the men that I seduce as we fuck. And my big tits, that I recently had lifted, are the kind of things that drive men insane with desire.

So, I never stopped fucking other men after I got married. As if I'd be satisfied with an old man like him as the only cock my hot pussy would get? Hell, my daughter wasn't even his! Another lie.

One of my many affairs had come back to haunt me. He loved me so much that he killed my husband so that he could be with me. I couldn't help but feel guilt on that one. I had to confess in court of my infidelity with the murderer so that justice could be served. He was put away for life. I was forced to realize the kind of transformation that my body did to a man who had me. I was ashamed but it got me hot.

Now half of my husband's riches and his estates were left to me, the other half to my daughter.

It was a year later and my daughter, Jenny, had gotten married. She had wed a lovely young man, Joey. I couldn't have been happier for her. Jenny was still a little upset with me for cheating on who she still thought was her father, but she still loved me. I'm her only family.

Jenny and I looked alike, sort of. She had inherited my long legs, but I was taller. My daughter had gotten my nice ass, but mine looked riper. She had my brunette hair and looks, but my hair was shinier, longer and curlier. And my daughter, Jenny, had used my good genes to inherit a nice pair of breasts, but mine were bigger.

As time went on, I spent more and more time with my daughter and son-in-law. We became the kind of loving family that I had craved for too long.

One night, a revelation hit me. After I had finished fucking my most recent lover I realized that it just wasn't the same. I couldn't cum anymore, no matter how good they were or how big their dick was. I missed the excitement of adultery, of cheating on my husband. Now I was a widow, this wasn't working for me and my body needed satisfaction.

I thought about what I could do about this. At first I thought that seducing more married men would work, but I had already done that when I was married. Then I thought that maybe getting married and cheating on my new spouse might work, but knew it wouldn't. I needed something new.

I stopped having sex altogether to try and collect myself. I began to wonder if my sexual peak had passed me and that there was no point in trying anymore. But with a sexy body like this, that was impossible.

I got lonely, so I spent nights at my daughter's home. Her inheritance money had paid for it. One night I was awakened by moaning. My son-in-law was giving it to my daughter as I slept. It was to be expected since I was there so often. I tried to sleep through it but it became impossible. Jenny's moans were only increasing; she was really having a good time.

My curiosity got the best of me so I slid out of the bed, put on my robe and traipsed through the hall towards their room. The door was slightly ajar which better explained why I could hear them so clearly.

"Oh God! Fuck me Joey! Fuck my hot pussy! You're so fucking good! Ughhhh!" Jenny moaned. I could hear Joey grunt as he pounded into my daughter. The loud sounds of their flesh slapping together filled the hallway as I peered into the crack and saw why my daughter was so happy. Joey's cock had to be nine inches in length and it was incredibly thick. I couldn't help but lick my lips as he fucked her. His cock was one of the biggest I had ever seen. I couldn't help myself as my hand traveled down my legs then up my robe to my soaking pussy. I fingered myself while watching my daughter ride her husband! She bounced on top of him, her back to me. Throwing her head back, I could see that her eyes were closed. Joey's weren't.

His eyes were locked on me. I didn't hesitate for one second. I opened my robe so that he could gaze upon my magnificent body whilst fucking his wife. Instead of playing with my pussy, my hands roamed all over my body. I caressed my big tits while staring lustily into Joey's eyes. My daughter was completely oblivious to me seducing her husband from the doorway while he fucked her.

"Oh Baby! Tell me what I want to hear! Tell me that you love me!" she told him. Jenny had the same mouth that I had. But Joey didn't seem to hear her. He was too busy looking at me, at my sexy body! I was distracting him! Oh it made me so hot! I came right there! Finally! "Joey? Tell me already."

"I love you." He said. But his eyes never left my breasts. I turned around and bent over, giving him a perfect view of my perfect ass.

"Tell me I'm the best lover you will ever have." My daughter said. But once again he looked me up and down. I turned around again and licked my lips for him. Now he had some real trouble telling my daughter what she wanted to hear.

"Baby? Are you even listening to me? Tell me now!" she still kept her eyes closed. What a fool! She got that from her father, my old illicit lover. He kept his eyes closed during sex, but I keep mine wide open.

"You are the best, Jenny." He said. Looking over at me, I knew he had his doubts. Our relationship had changed. So this was how I found out what it was I needed to get satisfaction. I needed my son-in-law's giant cock! And I needed to fuck him behind my daughter's back!

Jenny came on her husband's prick after he told her what she wanted. Then he came too, while looking into my eyes, full of desire, full of lust and all for me, not my daughter! Ha! I felt evil as I walked back to my room, but it felt absolutely delicious and made me even hornier. I was going to seduce my daughter's husband like some wicked slut! I masturbated myself to sleep, coming countless times, all of them from visions of me fucking my son-in-law.

When I woke up in the morning, I felt no guilt. In fact, I wanted to walk right into my daughter's room, push her off the mattress, and fuck her husband on her marital bed until he swore his undying love to me, and betrayed my daughter! I came right on the thought! But I knew that I couldn't do that. If I rushed things like that I could get rejected and Joey could turn away from me forever. I needed to seduce him slowly to drive him mad with lust to make sure that when I made my move saying 'no' would be the last thing on his mind.

I started my seduction immediately by walking down the stairs and into the kitchen without closing my robe. My big bare tits and trimmed pussy were on full display when my son-in-law looked up from drinking his coffee. "Oops! Silly me!" I said as if it were an accident and tied my robe back up. I knew there would be no mention of what happened last night, he was too shy and good-hearted. As I got myself breakfast I could see out of the corner of my eye Joey adjusting his hard-on in his pants. And he was staring at my sexy behind! I felt like I could have taken him right there! But my daughter walked into the kitchen and ruined my fun. Jenny kissed her husband on the lips and got breakfast.

With her back to me, I looked at my daughter with anger and jealousy. I wanted what she had. I wanted her husband's cock! I calmed myself down knowing that it would only be a matter of time before he was mine and mine alone!

With both of them at work that day I thought about what was going to happen once I claimed Joey as my own. I realized that my daughter had made a big mistake when she married him. Joey was a reasonably wealthy young man, coming from a rich family and recently taking over his father's business when he became ill. Their marriage took place before the murder of my husband; because of this my daughter signed a prenuptial agreement. She was a fool in love.

Jenny did not hire a lawyer for the contract and signed without reading through the whole thing. Joey's lawyer had pulled a fast one over both of them in a case for his own greed as a lawyer. In the contract, in the event of a divorce all earnings during the marriage and all properties would go to Joey. Jenny would get squat! This included her inheritance money since she got it during their marriage. The money was theirs, for now. But pre-nup was so iron-clad that Joey could commit adultery and still walk out of their marriage with everything. How did I know? Well I slept with one of the lawyers in the same firm as Joey's lawyer, that's how. Joey found out later about his lawyer but kept it secret to avoid the whole process again. He figured that if they did get divorced then through his own charity he would give Jenny her fair share.

So I laid out my plans to usurp my daughter's husband. As the next few weeks went by I made sure to accidentally give my son-in-law plenty of glances at my body's best assets. I would change with my door wide open. I walked in on him in the bathroom, the shower and when he was changing as I was naked, claiming that I needed to use the shower. Of course, I still did use it to keep up the preambles. I wore the skimpiest clothing I had. I swam in their pool everyday and wore my smallest and tightest bikinis. Every time I looked over my shoulder, he was watching. He was becoming obsessed with my hot body. And my daughter was none the wiser to my seduction.

Then came the day, it was Sunday. All we were all going to church! I made sure to wear my tightest black dress that looked like anything but a Sunday dress. I couldn't wait any longer. I was going to take what was rightfully mine right there at the church. Joey eyed my big breasts and my faultless ass as we walked into the house of worship. I shook my behind for him as I walked up the steps ahead of him.

My poor daughter, Jenny, she was stuck up there as a member of the church choir. Joey and I sat in the very back of the not-so-crowded church. As the sermon went on, I allowed my dress to inch up my thighs, closer and closer to my heavenly place. It wasn't long till my son-in-law could see my bare cunt. He finally looked up into my eyes as everyone was singing.

I grabbed his cock through his pants and started to rub him. And I whispered in his ear. "I know you want me, Joey. It's okay. I'm too hot to resist."

He looked down at my cleavage, seeming lost in their valley. "Meredith... Jesus, this is wrong..." he breathed.

"Oh I don't think Jesus is having anything to do with this. And I bet if I had my hand down the savior's pants he would fuck me too. They didn't have women as desirable as me back then." I grinned sinfully. I grabbed his hand and put it on my gushing mound. "Feel how wet you get me. I love the idea of fucking my daughter's husband... And you love it too..."

I lowered the zipper to his pants and fished out his huge dong in less than a second and started stroking him right there in church! He was very excited. "Meredith... No... I can't... your... your... daughter... Jenny... my wife..." he begged me to stop. But he was putty in my hands.

"Call me Mommy, Baby. You cannot refuse me, Son. My sexy body is a force of nature." I told him and he groaned at my words obviously liking what I said. I looked around the church. Everyone was turned away from us, singing like zombies. The choir and my daughter were too busy singing and looking at the conductor. What a stupid girl! "Does Baby want Mommy to sit on him?" I moved in front of him and hovered my dripping snatch over his prick-head. Looking over my shoulder I saw my son-in-law staring at my delicious cunt and glorious ass. There was no time to wait. I sat on him and immediately impaled my forbidden pussy on his fuck-stick.

"Oh my God! This can't be happening..." he said as I began to lightly bounce. I had never been so full. It was meant to be.

"It was meant to be, Darling. You have a big cock and I have a perfect body. We were going to mate. Now... fuck your wife's mother!" I whispered to him. He looked into my eyes with hate, but longing and lust! He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me back. We didn't have much time. I leaned back as he pummeled me and said into his ear. "Aren't I better than my daughter? Hmmmm? Wouldn't you rather have me instead of Jenny?"

He looked into my eyes and I directed his gaze down to our private parts, conjoined and fucking illicitly and in church! "Yes! I want you instead!" he said giving me what I wanted. I came with his words and so did he, filling me full of my daughter's husband's hot sperm. My cunt accepted it all as it shot up into me. And not a moment to soon, since the church-goers stopped singing. I dismounted him with a light plopping sound and sat back down next to him. He put his still hard cock back into his pants. My son-in-law's seed started gushing out of my well-fucked pussy and onto the church bench. And my daughter was none the wiser that I had just fucked her husband! Ha!

As we walked out of the chapel Joey's cum ran down my inner thighs. There was a light squishing sound that could be heard from people right around me as I took each step. I smiled a truly devious smile at that. Good thing my daughter still wasn't around. Joey avoided my gaze the rest of the morning. It seemed that he felt a little guilty. But I knew that I would have to overcome this. I had to condition him in order to break him completely.

It was later that same Sunday and Jenny was down in the kitchen making lunch for all of us. But her husband, my lover, wasn't there. "Where's Joey?" I asked my unsuspecting daughter. I could still feel his cum in my pussy and dried cum on my legs. I didn't want to clean up the traces of our immoral act. It made me wet to know that I had my son-in-law's baby-juice on me and in me around my brainless daughter.

"He's upstairs, making some important phone calls." Jenny said. Hmmmm. I think I'll have to go get some more of that giant cock! I giggled to myself as I walked up the stairs to my daughter's bedroom. I opened the door to see my son-in-law laying on the bed and talking on the phone. I walked in and closed the door as he noticed me. It sounded like he was talking to one of his business associates.

Joey ended the conversation and hung up the phone. He looked guilty. "Meredith... What happened today was wrong. It can never happen again." He said.

I completely ignored what he said about it never happening again. "I told you to call me Mommy." I told him. He watched me as I strode over to the bed and hiked up my church dress once more. "I still have your cum inside me, Son... And I want another deposit." I said and crawled onto the bed with him. I grabbed his pants and yanked them down to his ankles, releasing his big cock!

"No! Meredith! Jenny is right downstairs..." he pleaded. Joey wasn't objecting to sex with me, he just had a problem with Jenny finding out. But I would put a stop to that once and for all!

"Making lunch for us like the dumb little bitch she is. My daughter should never leave your cock unattended. But I know how to take care of you like a good mother should. I know you love my body. And I know you love it more than your wife." I said massaging my big breasts through my dress.

"You mean I love your body more than Jenny's body?" he inquired at my wording.

"No... I mean that you love my body more than my daughter all together! And I'll prove it." I claimed as I pulled down the neck-line of my garb and my big tits popped out. His eyes looked at them with nothing to say. They took the words right out of him. After a few seconds I covered them back up. He looked at my concealed melons with longing. Now he was mine! "You see, Baby, I control this body. And if you want to have this body then you will do as I say when say it! Understood?"

My daughter's husband nodded like the good little boy he was.

"Good boy. Now lay back, Son. I'm going to fuck you now." I said and moved over him, quickly positioning his dick up at the entrance to my gushing cunt. He looked over towards the door, probably thinking of my daughter. "Worried about your wife? Good. I want you to think of her when I'm with you. I want you to remember how inferior she and her body are to my sexy body." And I sat on him for the second time that Sunday. I was fucking my daughter's husband on the Sabbath day again and in her marriage bed. I came at the thought and from his huge cock penetrating me once more.

"Oh my God..." he said and his head rolled back while I began to bounce. The squishing sounds of our fucking filled the bedroom and it was louder since I still had his morning seed from the church inside my womb. He tried to grab my breasts but I gripped his hands and pinned them to the mattress. I was in control. I was making him submit to me, his mother-in-law. Once I was through with him he would depend on me and my sexy body to survive. Now I needed him cum inside me again. Even with his hands pinned he still drove up at me like the good lover he was.

"Fuck me deep, Son... Let me feel your cum shoot in my pussy again, Baby... Fill Mommy's sloppy hole with your cum... Oh honey, your big cock feels so good inside me... This is so wrong... This is very bad... This is so sinful... So immoral... So evil... But so good, isn't it? So good... Fuck me, Honey... Fuck your wife's mother!... Fuck your mother-in-law... Fuck my cunt... Yes Baby... That's it, Darling... Fuck Mommy harder... Give Mommy your cock baby... Give me your cock... Come on stud, fuck me harder... This is what you've been thinking about isn't it?... To fuck your wife's mother... To feel your mother-in-law's tight pussy wrapped around your pumping cock... Well let me feel your cum shoot in my slick pussy... Fill my burning pussy with your cum... Oh God yes... That's it baby... Fuck me... Fuck your wife's mother... You love my body more than Jenny! Don't you! Fuck me harder... Shove it deep... This what you wanted to do... It is, isn't it, Baby?... To cum in your mother-in-law... You are a nasty boy... A very nasty boy... Wanting to do such filthy things to your wife's mother... Aaahhh... Deeper son... Deeper... Yes... That's it, Baby... Ram that cock into your mother-in-law... Oooh... Yes... Fuck it... Fuck it... Fuck me... Fuck me harder... Fuck Mommy harder... Fuck your mother harder you dirty son of a bitch..." I came three times during my monologue. As I was fucking him, I came to a revelation. I hadn't been taking birth control pills anymore and he wasn't using any protection. As soon as I thought it I wanted it. I wanted my son-in-law to impregnate me. I wanted to take everything from my daughter: her house, her money, her husband and now the children that would have been hers. I looked down at my prey as he hammered up into me, by far the best lover of my life.

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