tagNovels and NovellasImagine There's Still Love Ch. 05

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 05


Jon was still in a frantic and embarrassing sense of desperation when the door bell rang. Was this what Lucy really wanted him to do? Was this what he wanted? He had told her he wanted to be her slave in any way she wanted, but had he intended this?

The doorbell rang again Oh hell...already?

He was in his terry cloth bathrobe, sitting on one of the kitchen stools, the telephone cradled between his shoulder and his ear, as he scanned Lucy's list in front of him. There was no help for him on the piece of paper, however. He was on his own trying to convince Carol to join them for the week-end. What else was he supposed to say to convince her?

"Lucy was very insistent that you be here Carol," he said, hoping he did not sound quite as pathetic to her as he sounded to himself.

"I understand," she replied, "but I've thought about it...and what you're suggesting... what Lucy is suggesting, actually... I'm not sure it's a good idea."

"Can you be more specific?" Jon asked. "She's going to be very angry with me if you don't come."

"I have been considering how to become more dominant...how to take the next steps in that part of my life. Lucy knows that, and I think that's what she is counting on. There are a lot of men out there, like yourself, who want someone like me to take control of them, if you will...but I'm not sure I could ever do anything like that to the husband of one of my good friends. I like you Jon, and I'm afraid what this might do to our friendship."

The doorbell ran again, and he sighed deeply. "Could you hold the line for just a moment Carol? There's someone at the door."

"I suppose," she replied.

Jon pulled the door open to find Jackie and Rose standing there looking very expectant. They were each carrying a small overnight bag. He was more than a little surprised at how quickly they had showed up. It could not have been more than forty-five minutes since he got off the phone with Rose.

"Please come in," he said, stepping aside and gesturing them in. "I'm on the phone."

They were both large women. Jackie was top heavy with large breasts and an imposing barrel of a torso; her bottom and legs so small in comparison that they did not seem to match. She had pretty eyes and a sinuous smile. Her long dark chestnut hair swept around her face, and Jon wondered if she might not be lovely if she lost one hundred pounds. Rose was almost the exact opposite body type, with a small upper body and tiny chest above hips and thighs that looked like they belonged on a very large pot bellied pig. Her hair was short and bleached blond, and the eager angular smile on her face looked like she might eat him alive.

They both put their bags down by the door and practically assaulted him as they stormed into the living room. It was all he could do to fend them off as he backed up and Rose slammed the door behind them. He held the phone to his ear as the women each latched onto an arm.

"Who are you talking to lover?" Jackie demanded.

"It's Carol...I'm trying to get her to join us...Lucy was most insistent. "

"Give me that," Rose said as she peeled the phone from his hand.

He could not believe how powerful these two large women were. Jackie was kissing him on the cheek and stroking his chest inside his robe, while Rose put the phone to her ear.

"Carol? Is that you honey?" Rose chirped into the receiver as she stroked Jon's face her free hand and stared into his eyes "It's Rose...Jackie and I are here. Yes...he's gorgeous Carol. He's better than you and Lucy said. Yes I know you've seen him up close before, but he's all shaved smooth and perfect. I think I'm in love."

She twisted the phone away from her mouth and planted her lips firmly on Jon's for a moment as she listened. She pulled away and nodded as she twisted the receiver back to her bright red lips.

"Yes...I know you know him better than the rest of us. Yes...I know it will be a real challenge for you. Oh Carol, you've got to get over here...you're the only one of us who really knows what she's doing. Carrie and Judith will be here in an hour or so, but you need to get your stuff and get over here."

Rose nodded and listened, puckering her lips at Jon again and giggling as Jackie continued to flick his nipples with her thumb.

"Yes you can honey," she said into the receiver, "we really need you. I don't think we can do this without you. Okay honey... great...you're the best...love you...see you in a while."

She turned the phone off and set it on the credenza by the front door, then turned on him with a gleam in her eyes.

"Now let's get these clothes off of you. Oh...your nails are lovely...I can't wait for you to do mine. "

Jon was abruptly aware of his nails, just as he was acutely aware of his straining penis in its plastic sleeve. He was almost dizzy with a confused euphoria, while at the same time almost terrified at what was happening to him. He remembered the feelings of numinous belonging to Lucy while he was painting his nails, but after he started on her list to get ready for the other women he felt more like some kind of male whore. Begging them to come and have their way with him, promising them whatever they wanted of him, left him feeling small and pathetic mentally. And it was really just beginning.

Jackie was dragging the robe down his shoulders on one side while Rose worked on the other.

"I love those panties, "Jackie breathed in his ear, "but let's get them off and see what you have for us."

Rose reached for the front of his panties and quickly pulled them down to expose his encased penis. He wanted to resist, but the truth was that this was sort of what he had to promise them to get them to come.

"What's this?" she cried as the device sprung free from the silk fabric.

"My Birdlock," Jon replied feebly. "Lucy put it on me this morning."

Rose chuckled and shook her head and pulled the panties to the floor. She slapped his leg twice and Jon dutifully stepped out of them and Rose growled at him as she put them in her mouth. He was naked now, feeling vulnerable but also the rush of excited adrenaline as they groped and handled him. If this was just the beginning, then what was it going to become? What did Lucy have in mind?

"Well I do love the color coordination," squealed Jackie, "but I was hoping to see the object of my desire. Where's the key to this thing?"

"You'll have to ask Lucy," Jon replied timidly.

"Where is she?"

"Taking a nap. She didn't get very much sleep last night."

"Did she say when she was going to wake up?"

Should he just come right out and tell them about Lucy's date with Bill? It was very embarrassing, mortifying in fact, but it was not as though he was going to be able to keep it a secret. Probably it was best to just explain it all right away.

"I'm supposed to wake her at five o'clock...then I have to spend an hour or so getting her ready for her date tonight. She told me that I was supposed to make it very clear to all of you ladies...that I would need to be available to only her while she gets ready for her date."

"That's very interesting," Jackie said. "Does she do that often...date, I mean?"

"This is her first time. I'm feeling a little anxious about it."

"I'm sure it will be fine. If I know Lucy, she is just trying to help this Bill out with some problem. Seems like she is always busy helping somebody with something. Sort of like she is doing sharing you with us."

Jon had wondered if that was what Lucy had in mind. He had told her about his desires, and shared his fantasies in his journal, so she knew that some of this was what he wanted. She also knew what her friends needed and wanted. Was this her way of trying to make a win win situation for all concerned?

"I suppose you're right," Jon responded.

"What I want to know is how we get this pink plastic thing off of the prize," Rose complained.

"She's probably just making sure we all get an equal chance," Jackie chuckled as she reached down and cupped Jon's balls. "She knows how eager you and I are, but I'm sure she wants all of us together when she..."

"When she what?" asked Rose.

"When she explains the rules, I imagine. You know Lucy...always fair to everyone."

Suddenly Jon gathered his wits and remembered his instructions and the list. He carefully pulled away from Rose and Jackie and marched toward the kitchen.

"Can I get you ladies anything? If you have any special requests, then I...er...we may need to go shopping."

"Light beer for me," said Rose.

"White wine," said Jackie.

He poured the beer into a tall frozen glass, the wine into a goblet, and then carried them into the living room to serve them.

"Why don't you come and sit on the sofa with us," Rose said as she took his arm and practically dragged him along.

Jon found himself in the middle of the sofa with Rose on one side and Jackie on the other. Rose had her tongue down his throat as she smothered him with kisses, while Jackie fondled and squeezed his balls. His head was spinning and shivers of arousal coursed through him. He was a toy to these two women, and their rapt attention had his mind in a vacant whirl of passion. He never intended anything like this. He had really only wanted a passionate relationship with his wife, to give himself completely to her, but now he found himself a plaything for her friends. They took turns at him, kissing and licking and sucking on him. The submissive emotions seemed to overwhelm him as Rose and Jackie showered him with attention. He was not sure how long he had been in their clutches when the doorbell rang, but he finally was able to breath.

"Oh damn," Rose exclaimed as she released her grip on Jon. "That's probably Carrie and Judith."

Jon managed to escape from the two large women and bolted for the door. He was completely oblivious by now to the fact that he was completely naked as he pulled the front door open.

"Well hello Jonathon," Carrie said with a guarded excitement. She stepped up to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Hello Carrie," he replied timidly. "Thank you for coming."

Carrie was really the only one of the group of women Jon knew well. She was one of Lucy's oldest friends and had been to dinner with them a number of times. She was almost the same height as Jonathon, with a firm and somewhat manly build. She was a pretty woman, in a masculine sort of way.

"I'm not exactly sure about all of this Jonathon," she whispered in his ear, "but I really like your outfit."

"Thanks," he said again.

Judith came slowly up the front steps, stumbling and giggling as she reached the front door. He was not sure she was even going to come in, she looked so afraid. She was tall and ungainly; heavy around the middle, and Jon remembered that she was extremely uncoordinated and painfully shy. He felt sympathy for her in some deep part of his brain.

"Please come in Judith," he said, holding out a hand.

"Oh Geez your beautiful," she gushed as she took his hand and stepped inside.

"Isn't he though," Jackie exclaimed from the sofa.

"So where's Lucy?" Carrie asked, glancing around as if to find her.

"Taking a nap," he replied.

"He's supposed to wake her at five and help her get ready for her date tonight," Jackie cackled.

"So she's really going to do it huh?" Carrie said with more than a touch of admiration. "She's been talking about this guy who lost his wife...how he has been teaching her about being more dominant...how he hasn't been dancing for more than ten years and needs her to help him experience the joys of living again."

Obviously Lucy had been talking to her friends about Bill. He cringed in embarrassment that she had talked so openly with them about dating another man. Was she actually thinking about cuckolding him, while at the same serving him up to all of her friends? He had read stories about this happening to slut wives, but he had never thought of himself as a slut husband. Was that what was happening?

Somehow he managed to clear his head and remember the list.

"Can I get you girls something to drink?"

They all followed him into the kitchen, a gaggle of hens cackling around him as he poured more wine. He served cheese and crackers, yogurt covered raisins and nuts, and a tray of celery, baby carrots, baby tomatoes, and sweet peas with Ranch dressing. He shivered each time a hand would drift across his butt, or his back, or his chest. They were watching him, touching him, teasing him, as they talked and drank. The kitchen had become a tiny cocktail party, with him as the centerpiece.

"How about some music," Carrie finally said.

"Okay," Jon said, "Jazz okay with everyone? "

"Smooth and light," Rose replied. "Something we can dance to."

Dance? Jon had not thought of that. He was not much of a dancer. He scurried out to the front room and punched a random cycle of Bob James, Kenny G, and Chuck Mangione.

It took him several trips to bring the wine and food into the front room and place them on the coffee table, but eventually all of the ladies had found a comfortable seat. Rose and Jackie had made room for him on the Sofa. Carrie found a perch in Lucy's stuffed oak glider. Judith sprawled into his leather recliner. They each had a drink. They each seemed comfortable and content. He felt good that he had accomplished most of the first part of Lucy's list.

He was feeling a bit vulnerable and foolish to be walking around naked with just a device on his cock, however. The Birdlock did keep his erection from growing beyond a small stiffness, and he did feel better about his belly and love handles since they started to shrink from his diet, but still he wanted to cover up.

"Would it be okay with you ladies if I put my robe back on?"

"We want you just the way you are," Jackie answered firmly.

The other women all nodded agreement. So much for that idea. Was he up for this? What in the hell choice did he have? His mind swayed from arousal to embarrassment and back again, seemingly changing in a heartbeat. What was he supposed to do next?

"Can I get anything else for you ladies?" he asked.

"I'd like for you to come over here and sit between Rose and I again," Jackie demanded.

He struggled with an option. He really did not want the other women to watch him get mauled by them again. Judith saved him, sort of.

"I want to watch him dance for us," she exclaimed.

Dance? That was insane; he could not dance to save his life.

"I...um...I'm not really much of a dancer."

"I don't care," Judith said. "I just want to watch your naked body move."

"You really want to watch a fat old man try to dance?" he asked.

"You're hot for an old man...and I don't think you're fat at all." Judith giggled. "Now move your ass old man."

He felt foolish, but the passion Judith showed in coming out of her shell caused Jon no end of admiration. He almost forgot that he was naked as he began to gyrate and move to the sounds of the music. As he danced, he moved over to where Judith was sitting and he teased her with his body. He put his hands on the back of the chair and brought his chest near her face, and then he lowered his face to her cheek and brushed his lips across her lips. He had experienced a stripper doing that to him one time on a trip to Seattle and he wondered if it affected her the same as it had affected him. She shivered and tried to follow him with her lips as he pulled away, and he thought he heard her whimper slightly. That was kind of fun to be able to do that to her.

"Bring some of that over here," barked Jackie.

Jon smiled at her but quickly turned to Carrie instead, watching the expression that began to creep onto her face. She looked like she was trying to remain very casual, but there was a sparkle in her eye. He danced his way over to her, and straddled her legs as he put his hands on the armrests of the glider. Their eyes met and locked on to each other. She looked almost defiant as he stretched to rub his left nipple across her lips. He could not be sure, but he thought she kissed him as he did. The experience emboldened him, and the surge that passed through him then was like a warm cycle of electric current. He was on fire inside and the music spurred him on as he dance away.

He worked his way over to the couch and entertained Rose and Jackie, and of course neither of them was at all shy. The song ended and saved him from being swallowed by them.

"That was very fucking hot! " Judith bellowed. "I've never experienced anything like that before in my whole fucking life."

Jon and the other women laughed out loud as the next song began. Before he had a chance to begin dancing again, Judith was on her feet and clutching onto him. He sensed that she needed this more than the rest of them, and a quick glance at Carrie confirmed his suspicion. They swayed back and forth as Judith ran her hands up and down his back and down his butt.

"Oh God, I love this," she declared over and over again to each of the other women as she and Jon danced together.

He saw that each of the women was truly happy for Judith. And the mental sensation was calming. He felt so good about what he was doing for her that he wondered if this was the sense of satisfaction that Lucy so enjoyed from helping others. He just kept moving to the beat of the music as her hands caressed and fondled him. When the song finally ended she kept her firm grip on him.

"It's a long week-end," he whispered. "You can have lots more of me before it is over."

"Oh God," she giggled as she let him go, "I could just eat you up."

The doorbell saved him; sort of. There was little doubt who it was, of course, and he sauntered to the front door and pulled it open, somehow only vaguely cognoscente of the fact that he was naked except for the plastic device that was trapping his aching manhood. The ladies behind him gave Carol a loud chorus of welcome, and she smiled and waved as she looked him up and down quickly.

"I would think purple is more your color," she said as she stepped inside pulling a large roller suitcase behind her. "But I'm glad to see that you are well shaved already...it will save us time."

"Lucy picked out the color," he said, intentionally inspecting his nails out in front of him as he had seen women do.

"Pink? Really?" Carrie smiled and shook her head. "Well I guess it does match your little clit there doesn't it?"

Jon nearly fainted as the warmth of embarrassment swelled through him. He was stunned to silence by her humiliating response, but he was also so enthralled by her that his mind was in a tether. She gazed deep into his eyes, and they vexed him instantly. He did not know what to say, but there was the sense that he was completely at her bidding. Was it almost like looking into Lucinda's eyes? Different, but also the same somehow.

"Where should I put my suitcase?" she asked.

He had not thought about that. Where were the women going to sleep? There was nothing in Lucy's list about that, and he was not sure what her plan was.

"Let's put it in the extra bedroom," he said.

Carrie followed him down the hall, then followed him into the room as he turned the light on. What he found was more than a little unsettling. The bed had been moved into the corner, and there were wrist and ankle straps on each post. The dresser had been moved over next to the closet, and two queen size mattresses had been placed on the floor side by side with a large comforter spread across them. What had Lucy done?

"This looks promising," Carrie said as she pulled the suitcase inside and closed the door behind her.

Jon turned to meet her intense gaze again, and they were like a whirlpool which pulled him in.

"Are you really ready for this?" she asked.

"I don't know," Jon answered without thinking.

"Then why are you doing it?" she demanded.

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