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Imagine this


I'm securely tied to a GYN type table, blind folded, arms stretched overhead, legs in stirrups and fastened in place. There are several additional tie straps (like airplane seatbelts) in place to ensure complete immobility. There is a strap across my chest, my abdomen and my hips making my torso remain completely still. My feet are fastened in to the stirrups and my thighs have two additional straps keeping them from ANY movement whatsoever. My head is secured between two thick cushions to allow only minimal movement............. OK, so I basically can't move ............

My tits are bound tightly with electrical tape, each breast piled high into a purple mound. There is a specially designed "nipple tower" with clamps attached to it. The clamps are on the nipples from the side, leaving the tips exposed. The tower is held by the clamps and a wooden block on my chest. The clamps can be adjusted in tightness and also up or down, making the nipples pull away further and further.

My pussy has the medical scissors clamps applied in two places, top of outer lips and bottom of lower lips, keeping everything very open. There is a small, adjustable chain between the upper clamp and the lower clamp, fastened in away to pull everything clean open. This is done on both sides.

Several different sized "sounds" are inserted into my urethra, stretching it out and then a ribbed one is used to "irritate" it somewhat, making the sensations within irregular. A bumpy one is pushed in after the ribbed one is removed, adding some very strange and odd feelings to an area where things should only come from, not go into. Lastly, a rubber catheter is been inserted and clamped off, then taped to my leg out of the way. Every few minutes it is drained into a bucket below and disposed of properly, then clamped shut again.

An anal speculum is used to spread my tight hole as open as it can be made.....lube is injected in using a long turkey basting syringe (without the needle), it is spread around with a gloved finger or two until lubed to satisfaction. The speculum is again widened more and a "gerbil" is inserted over 12 inches deep. I can feel the buzzing all through me. It is removed after a few moments of torturous pleasure. Replacing it is a very large vibrating butt plug, freshly lubed to avoid causing any pain........

Then a vaginal speculum is inserted into a full pussy. I'm again injected with tons of lubrication. It is as wide open as it can go without tearing any sensitive fleshy areas. The anal plug outline can be easily seen within. After the lube job is completed, the speculum is removed and replaced by a very large vibrating, inflatable dildo. Air is pumped into it filling me to over capacity and lube runs out of my butt and pussy.

Then a Magic Wand is capped with a top that has a straight blue 3" probe coming off of it and pressed at the bottom of my erect clit. It is held in place and my clit is stroked from the top. As I'm nearing the peak the rubbing on the topside of my clit is replaced by electrical shocks from a violet wand, stopping and starting again without notice. The nipple clamps are tightened and raised up in height, pulling them further away from the swollen purple mounds. The magic wand is turned on high and placed directly upon the clit. As I explode the violet wand is moved back and forth between nipples and clit.............the inflatable dildo is further inflated in way that it feels unimaginably full......The anal plug is pushed and pulled ever so slightly, but it feels like incredibly long strokes because of the fullness.

I can't move anything at all and must endure all, no matter how much I want out, I can't make it happen. A timer is set somewhere off in the back ground I hear, put it on 10 minutes..............and for 10 minutes I lie there, totally unable to move, but orgasming in the most intense way possibly imaginable. When the 10 minute timer goes off, I feel a warm wet tongue lapping all the expelled juices. The inflatable dildo is uninflated and removed and tons of wet slop comes gushing forth, all for an eager tongue........keeping my ever so stiff clit hard, swollen and far too sensitive to truly enjoy.

I need to pee, but no one will let the fluid from my bladder, forcing the uncomfortable pressure on my inside gspot.

I then feel a gloved hand inserted where the dildo just left. Feeling around, pushing the inner depths. It pushes the butt plug out, from the inside of my pussy. My ass remains wide open and I feel something being pushed in there, none other than the inflatable dildo. Now that is blown up extremely full, more so than the butt plug. I'm being fisted from and fucked with an enormous dildo at the back.

Now comes the violet wand again, shocking my nipples and clit painfully. And then moments later the magic wand is placed with more determination on my already warn clit, demanding yet another orgasm. The fist pushes in and out, the inflatable fills my rectum to an overwhelming capacity and the strong vibrator knows it will eventually bring me off again and it has the will power to make it happen again and again if it wants.

As time passes and I feel the explosion brewing, the nipple clamps are removed, causing huges sparks of searing pain to pass behind my blindfolded eyes as the blood begins to flow forth once again. The inflatable is filled more and the explosion bursts forth with unexpected vigor. My pussy clamps, contracts and grinds on the hand and wrist ever so deep within me......... I need to pee now more than ever, but no release is given and none is insight. Somehow, I know this isn't the end.

The dildo is uninflated and removed and my ass relubed. This time a gloved fist begins to enter my ass, as the other one remains deeply embedded in my overly saturated pussy. Now two fists work against and within harmony of each other from different sides of my exhausted body. I knew I'd be forced to come again.........there was no denying it, I knew what lay in store for me.

The application of the huge vibe (Hitachi Magic Wand) to my abused clit reminded me there was no where I could run or hide. I just had to be........... Again the violet want begins to shock my clit, this time with more eagerness. It seemed to take forever for me to build up to the point of where I was expected to go. Two fists remained plowing in and out, stretching an already weakened ass and cunt. It felt like a bowling pin could be stuck in each as I was expanded well beyond anything ever experienced before..........The nipple tower was once again applied to my painfully red nipples. The purple tits must have looked striking against those cherry red swollen tips. A wertenberg wheel is rolled across each nipple and simultaneously causing sheer panic. The little needles work their way in between each tiny bead on the nipple bud and with them clamped hard and forced upwardly they get no mercy. Fireworks explode and crash behind my blind folds as an emerging orgasm finally begins to overcome the painful needles and shocks and expansion of my ass and pussy. I feel an ice cube applied to my red hot clit as the powerhouse vibe rocks on it, causing it to swell into a new shape. The ice is supposed to slow down the cum that is about to spew forth...........but all it did was bring it on that much faster. Both hands push hard, long and deep into me as the vibrator is pushed harder against my chilled hot bud. The pins on the wheels still work their way in between each little seed of my nipples...... And suddenly my nipples are once again released from their entrapment and the sheer agony of blood flow causes my orgasm to crash into me like a ton of bricks..there is no holding back. My eyes well with fresh tears and my cunt and asshole spasm in an absurd delightful pleasure and I'm forced to endure this overfilling and intense pressure on my clit for 5 minutes on the timer........

And it is over........My body couldn't begin to relax if it wanted to. The hands are removed from my body, leaving gaping holes to look deep into. The scissor clamps are removed and the lips allowed to return to their normal resting place. At last, my bladder is allowed to be emptied before the removal of the catheter......Once that is done it is slowly, deliberately withdrawn some, pushed back in, withdrawn, pushed in, fucking my urethra with antagonizingly wonderful strokes of intense pleasurable delight. But before being release, It is decided to fuck my urethra again with the different textured probes of bumps and then ribs, causing it to become delightfully irritated and left wanting....

I'm unbound completely and allowed to try and relax.........as if that could be possible anytime soon.

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by Anonymous12/01/17

I came just reading this

Fabulous erotic scary, liberating..what exciting fantasy. I loved it wish there was more!

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