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Impregnating Jenny


This one of my very first stories, and it is about non-consent, reluctance and pregnancy. I hope you like it. Many thanks to FernieLyn and SnooperCharmBrights for the help with editing. Any mistakes are mine!

Jenny Palmer was eighteen, and was thinking about her aunt as she walked home from sixth-form college. She was a pretty auburn-headed girl, slightly plump, with shoulder-length hair and green eyes. She had a slight frown and was distracted: she was trying to work out what was going on with her aunt.

She was living with her Auntie Louise, because her family had moved away and she wanted to stay on and finish her A-levels. Louise wasn't really her aunt, just a friend of the family; but Jenny had always called her that and Louise had never treated her any differently than an aunt. But living with Auntie Louise was beginning to show Lucy a different side to her aunt that she had never seen before.

First of all, Louise seemed to have at least three regular boyfriends who would come over at all times of day and night. And while she always had dressed quite boringly at family events, she seemed to have an incredible collection of slutty clothes for going out on Friday nights. She would dress up in dark red lipstick, incredibly high heels, and very revealing tops and skirts. Since Louise was tall and dark haired and still only 37 she looked incredibly sexy dressed up like this.

The thing that was most disturbing was how much she talked to Jenny about sex. For one thing Auntie Louise seemed interested in was her time of the month. And then a couple of nights after Lucy moved in, Louise had given Lucy a glass of white wine with dinner. She topped it up twice until Lucy was quite tipsy, and then had sat her down on the sofa and started asking about boys.

Did Jenny have a boyfriend? No. Was she seeing anyone? No. Was she a virgin? Yes, Jenny answered with a blush. As Jenny talked Louise was stroking Jenny's hair. Did Jenny have any fantasies? Jenny blushed and wouldn't say anything at this point, so Louise started talking about fantasies.

She said how pretty shy girls like Jenny often had fantasies about being dominated or tied up. This wasn't wrong or bad, but natural. If, for example, a man tied you up and forced you to have him, then you couldn't be blamed for what he did. So many young girls unsure about themselves would enjoy these fantasies without having to worry about right and wrong.

Louise went on to describe a favourite fantasy that she had as a young girl, where she had been tied up and then forced to suck a man's cock and then be fucked by him. Jenny listened, a little shocked, but felt like her whole body was tingling as Louise stroked her hair and described the fantasy in detail.

Jenny had never had any fantasies like this, but that night her dreams were full of images of herself tied and bound, unable to resist as various men took her and used her. She woke up in the middle of the night, her hands between her legs, dripping with wetness and she quickly rubbed herself to a climax.

The real trouble for Jenny came when Louise brought home her latest boyfriend, John. Something about John completely got to Jenny and she found she couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was about 35 but very lean and fit, dark haired, with a muscular frame and piercing blue eyes. When he first met Jenny he seemed to see straight through her and as he kept eye contact, it seemed to melt her. And try as she could, she always felt her eyes moving to look at him when he was in the room.

She knew Louise had noticed. The older woman looked at Jenny with a smile and said, "Gorgeous, isn't he? I know you think so because I saw you staring at him."

Seeing Jenny blush, Louise carried on. "Oh, don't worry, I don't mind. I'm not surprised, he's devilishly attractive... and you should see him in bed! He only has to touch me and I have an orgasm."

Poor Jenny was bright red by now.

"Anyway dear, don't worry. You'll see him again next Wednesday. I've invited him round for dinner." said Louise.

That Saturday Jenny was sitting down to a late breakfast when Auntie Louise said, "Dear, I've been meaning to talk to you about something. I know you aren't a child anymore so I'm sure you won't mind discussing this. It's just ever since you said you were a virgin I've been thinking about it. You don't want your first experience of sex to be ruined by pain and blood, so you really ought to do something about your hymen."

Jenny couldn't believe what Auntie Louise was saying. "Auntie," she stammered, "what do you mean?"

Louise paused, looking directly at her with her beautiful brown eyes and said, "Well you could always see the doctor, but if you like, I could take care of it for you. I would make it very painless and easy, and then when you do meet the right man you wouldn't have to worry about it. Anyway, I don't want you to make any decisions now, just think about it." And before Jenny could reply, Louise moved matter-of-factly out of the room.

But if Jenny thought that was the end of it, she was quite wrong. That night, Louise brought out a chilled sweet wine. Along with a delicious meal and a DVD they sat on the sofa, and Jenny got tipsy once again.

After the plates were cleared away, Louise pulled Jenny over next to her. She then placed her arm around Jenny while they watched the end of the DVD and finished the bottle of wine.

When the movie finished, Louise said, "Have you thought about what I said this morning? I think you should take my advice."

Jenny stammered that she wasn't sure, and suddenly Louise displayed a new side to her character.

Her voice became like iron as she said, "Young lady, you are a guest in my house and I think you should learn that while you are under my roof you need to give full weight to my advice. Now go and get changed into just your nightgown while I go and get my things together."

Jenny didn't know what to say; her own parents had never talked to her like that.

In the end she got up and went to her bedroom. She only had one nightgown and she didn't really wear it, but she got it down. It was quite short, just above her knees; she also didn't like the way her large breasts wobbled without a bra, but in her tipsy state she thought it best not to cross Louise.

She came back and found that Louise had put an array of things out on the coffee table - another bottle of wine was open, there was a towel covering the sofa, another towel on the coffee table, along with a small tube and the cord from a dressing gown.

"Now," began her aunt, "this is the perfect time. You had your period last weekend, and you will be fine. The main thing is to be relaxed. When you first sleep with a man there will be a lot of nerves, and you will tense up. That will make it more painful. With your Auntie you can just relax. I want you to have another glass of wine while I rub your feet. Sit down on the towel, dear."

So Jenny sat down, a little nervous. She kept holding her hands in her lap to stop her nightgown from riding up, and to hide her soft breasts and the nipples which seemed to unaccountably be poking through the cotton. Louise started to rub her feet and it felt wonderful, but she still couldn't relax not knowing what was going to happen.

After five minutes, Auntie Louise spoke, very sternly, "Now darling, I can't do this if you're going to sit there protecting yourself like that. I want you to trust me. Do you trust me?"

"Er... I guess so Auntie."

"Yes or no?"

"Yes Auntie, I trust you," said Jenny.

"Ok then, I'm going to tie your hands behind your back. I know it sounds odd, but it will stop you from struggling and worrying. I'll be very careful. Now stand up and turn around, and put your hands behind you."

All these were said very calmly while she took Jenny's hand, and slowly pulled her to her feet, and she gently took one hand behind her back, and waited patiently until Jenny finally brought the other one around. Louise carefully tied her hands - not too tight, but tight enough so Jenny couldn't do anything.

Then she carefully sat the younger girl back and helped her so that she was comfortably sitting. The position of Jenny's hands forced her bottom forwards towards the front of the sofa so that her breasts pushed out, and her chubby thighs caused the gown to ride up a little. Then Louise brought the glass of chilled wine to Jenny's lips and carefully gave her a sip and then another, and then kept giving it to her till she had drunk the whole glass.

Feeling a little woozy, Jenny really didn't know what was happening. She felt Louise's hands stroking all over her body - her thighs and shoulders, her face and lips and then down her breasts. She closed her eyes and felt the tingling grow all over her body as her aunt's hands carefully, gently, softly worked over her, turning her on, making her pussy start to throb and tingle. She could feel herself moisten.

Then Louise's hands started to stroke her legs, pulling them apart. All the while Louise was talking, almost to herself, "What a good girl, what a sweet, lovely girl. Yes, that's right, let Auntie look after you. What beautiful soft breasts, what lovely nipples, some lucky man is going to love them. Mmmmm, how soft your thighs are dearest, how lovely."

Jenny suddenly moaned as her aunt's hand moved up to her pussy and gently slid between her lips and over her clitoris. Tied up and helpless, Jenny submitted to the treatment and found that Louise seemed to know exactly how to drive her mad. One hand was rubbing her nipple, gently at first and then harder and harder, and meanwhile the other hand was teasing and stroking, driving her clit wild.

Then Louise stopped for a second.

Jenny opened her eyes to see Louise pulling a dildo out from under the towel, and then she unscrewed the lid of the tube of lubricating jelly and squeezed a dollop onto her fingers. She rubbed this onto Jenny's pussy lips and slowly pushed a little into her pussy, and then she got the dildo and started to work it gently between Jenny's lips.

Jenny moaned as the head of the dildo pushed in a tiny bit, as her aunt gently explored, trying to find the hymen without opening it yet. Then Jenny felt her aunt's fingers working on her clit again. She opened her legs wider as the fingers stroked and rubbed her swollen clit, and she felt her breathing deepen as the tingling built up inside her. Jenny could feel the dildo up against her hymen, pushing but not hard, and although she was scared, she desperately wanted it inside her, filling her.

She started to buck her hips as she moaned louder and louder as Louise brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Then suddenly as she came, Louise pushed the dildo in hard; the pain mingling but buried by the intensity of her most amazing orgasm ever. The dildo seemed to push right inside her and she screamed with pain and pleasure as she came.

"Oh yes, what a good girl you are. See? You must always trust Auntie, I know exactly what's best. You must promise me you will always do what I ask you. Will you promise me?"

Jenny didn't really know what was going on, but in her dazed state she said "Yes, Auntie", the words hardly coming out as she tried to catch her breath, the dildo still tight inside her newly opened pussy.

"You stay there and recover baby, I have a present for you," said Louise, pulling the dildo from her pussy, untying her arms and then getting up and walking to the next room.

Jenny lay there on the sofa, catching her breath. Louise had left a set of tissues next to her on the sofa, and she carefully wiped the blood from her pussy. She felt sore, but wonderful too, not only from the orgasm, but from how comforting it felt to think her Auntie was looking out for her and looking after her.

Louise came back with a smart bag from a designer label, and handed it over. Jenny stood up and looked inside. Inside, wrapped in tissue paper was the most beautiful set of clothes - a gorgeous simple dark green dress, about knee length with a v-neck, silk shoulder straps that tied in beautiful bows, together with a pair of gorgeous 1 inch heeled sandals, and a beautiful bronze satin bra and knicker set. What's more, everything looked to be exactly her size.

"But, Auntie, is this really for me? How did you know my size?"

"Try it on darling; see if it fits. Here, let me help you." Suddenly Louise pulled Jenny's gown off. Coming round behind her, she helped Jenny put on the bra and adjusted her heavy breasts into the cups with a gentle hand. Then she knelt down and helped pull up the knickers, finally helping her with the sandals.

"Mmmmm, you look beautiful darling," she said as she walked round, looking at Jenny's plump teenage body in the underwear. "I do your washing dear, so it's not hard to know your sizes, but I bought you a slightly larger size of bra. I think this one fits much better than ones you've been wearing."

It was true, the bra fitted perfectly, with none of the bulges that Jenny normally had, and it felt heavenly on her skin. Then she pulled on the dress and did a little swirl; the skirt was soft and silky and flared and it felt delicious on her skin.

"Here, darling, one more thing," said Louise, handing over a neat box. Inside was the most lovely necklace, and it went beautifully with the dress and the cleavage that the new bra and v-neck were presenting.

"Auntie, you can't buy me all this," said Jenny, blushing, not really wanting to give it back.

"Darling," said Louise, looking Jenny clearly in the eye. "You've been a very good girl tonight, and as long as you remember your promise to do as I ask, you shall everything you want and need. Now take off those things, and let me pack them away. I'll look after them for now."

That night as Jenny lay in bed, trying to make sense of what was happening to her, Louise came in and gave her a little kiss, soft but closed-mouthed on her lips, and said, "Sleep well, baby."

Nothing exciting happened for a couple of days, but Jenny seemed unable to think of anything except that amazing orgasm, her aunt, and sex for the next few days. Every night she ended up lying in bed, her wet fingers exploring her newly opened pussy and her mind remembering every moment of Saturday night. Every time she thought of Auntie Louise's fingers and that slim dildo taking her maidenhead she came again, reliving the ecstasy.

Then when she got home from college on Wednesday, Louise had laid out her new outfit on her bed, with a note saying, "Take a shower and then wear these tonight. Aunt Louise." Nothing more.

It was while she was in the shower that she remembered that this was the night John was coming round. She blushed at the thought of wearing the revealing clothes, heels and necklace in front of him. She was nervous and excited as she changed; just putting on the clothes reminded her of Saturday night and started to make her tingle and wet.

When the doorbell rang she was still sat in her room. Louise let John in and then a few minutes later called her. Jenny came into the living room very nervous and blushing, and it wasn't helped when John gave her his most devastating smile and then clearly eyed her up and down.

"Hello! Jenny, isn't it? Louise has been telling me how well you are settling down to live here."

Jenny couldn't be sure, but it seemed like John gave a knowing smile at this point. What had her aunt been telling him?

Over dinner Jenny didn't really say much. John was wearing a short sleeved shirt that seemed to show off his shoulders and made his tanned forearms look delicious. She tried not to drink all her wine, but there was no water at the table, and the meal was a spicy Mexican dish.

Louise and John made most of the conversation and they both kept looking at her. She was very embarrassed when Louise asked John if he thought Jenny was pretty, but secretly pleased when he replied that she was simply gorgeous. But she didn't know what to think when a moment later John kissed Louise across the table. It wasn't a discreet kiss but a fully passionate one, and it seemed to stir up all her emotions watching these two, thinking Louise was going to sleep with this gorgeous man that night.

After dinner, Aunt Louise asked Jenny to help clear away. Standing in the kitchen, Louise moved closer to Jenny and whispered in her ear, "You look ravishing, baby, John couldn't keep his eyes off of you. Now, are you wearing what I asked? Let's see."

With that she lifted up the front of the dress to reveal the Jenny's pussy tightly pressed against the bronze satin knickers. Suddenly Louise pushed her hand down the front of them and her finger slid right into Jenny's pussy. Jenny hadn't realised but she was wet and Louise's finger slid in easily. Louise pulled it out and before Jenny could say or do anything, had slid the wet finger into Jenny's mouth. Jenny couldn't believe what was happening - the thought of tasting herself half disgusted her, but the taste of her own pussy was intoxicating on her aunt's finger and she realised she was sucking it clean.

"Now turn around and close your eyes dear."

Jenny wasn't sure but she did as she was told. She felt her aunt's hands gently stroking her, and then ever so subtly she felt her arms pulled behind her back. The next thing she knew they were handcuffed behind her.

"Auntie, don't!" said Jenny, suddenly waking up from the daze that she had been in.

"Now darling baby, you mustn't worry. You know your Aunt has your best wishes in mind. Now I want you to look me in the eye," Louise said, as she gently turned Jenny around.

"John wants to fuck you, and I know you want him too. Now, I'm only going to offer you this chance once. If you really want, I'll undo the handcuffs, you can go to your room, and I'll have John."

"But if you want to have the most amazing night of your life, you just have to say 'Yes Auntie'. If you do, then you will stay handcuffed until I undo you, and anything that John or I want we can have. You have to submit to our every wish. And whatever happens, you know I love you and will look after you."

Jenny stood there, not knowing what to say or do, but her Auntie's eyes seemed to be melting her as she looked straight into Jenny's young face and smiled.

Jenny seemed in a different world as she heard her own voice say, "Yes, Auntie."

"Good girl. Now, aren't you pleased I got you ready for John last weekend? He loved the idea of taking your virginity, but he didn't want to deal with the mess and pain of your hymen."

Jenny looked shocked as she realized that the whole thing - the experience, the dress, the underwear - had all been arranged by her aunt for the benefit of John.

Her aunt led her back into the living room where John was waiting. He had undressed and apart from a pair of black boxers, his beautiful tanned and muscled body was naked.

He seemed completely at ease, and it was as if he had never expected anything else than to see Jenny led in handcuffed. He walked over to her and kissed her hard, his hands exploring her breasts and thighs, all the while Louise was holding her in front of him by the shoulders.

Then Jenny felt her Louise's mouth on her neck and earlobes. The younger girl had to close her eyes as the two of them stroked and touched and kissed her, and the pleasure became almost too much to bear. There was nothing she could do except accept it - her hands were handcuffed, and she was held between the two of them.

Louise undid the bows on Jenny's dress, and pulled it down over her generous breasts. She felt her aunt pulling the bra straps down over her shoulders but leaving it done up at the back and then gently pulling each breast out of the cup, so they sat on the bra, exposed, held up, almost offered to John. His mouth moved down to her nipples and she moaned as he bit them - not hard enough to hurt, but enough to make her feel like he would if he wanted to.

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