tagIncest/TabooIn A Whole New Light

In A Whole New Light


Once a year Linda and her husband took their children to the local rodeo just to dabble in the atmosphere and enjoy a night of “cowboying it up”. Their two boys adored this special night of their summer vacation and tonight promised to be even more special because their grandparents and cousins were meeting them there. Linda’s mom and dad were driving in for a fun night out, something they rarely did, as well as one of her brothers and his family. Linda had grown up in the city but her own grandfather had been a cowboy so she had some influences that drew her to the rodeo more than those that were coming with her tonight. She had looked forward to it for weeks and encouraged everyone to “dress the part”.

The last thing she expected was for her father to participate but when she walked in through the gates of the rodeo and spied him down the way with her mother, her jaw nearly hit the floor. Now her father had always been drop-dead gorgeous. She remembered friends all through middle school and high school wanting to come over and spend the night just to oogle at her father. Linda’s father had been the athletic director and head football coach at her high school, the only one in the semi-suburban town that she grew up in. He stood tall at 6’2”, solid around 225 pounds with thinning dark hair speckled with gray at the temples. His dark brown eyes had a twinkle that drew women to him even though his eyes were for Linda’s mother alone. There were no words in which to describe the athleticism he kept up in his hard body, even at the age of 61. In fact, the older he got, the sexier he seemed to be.

Tonight was no different. In fact, dressed in tight wranglers, a button down shirt and black boots, topped with a brand new straw Resistol he had just purchased, Linda couldn’t believe that this sexy cowboy was her father. She could see his whole face light up as his blue eyes fell upon his only daughter’s form and without any words spoken, they met halfway across the distance between them to be captured in each other’s arms. As his strong arms enfolded Linda’s small form to his hard body, she couldn’t help but smile as her eyes fluttered close, breathing in the delicious aroma of his cologne. He was so sexy and strong and everything that she had always wanted in a man but yet no one came close to her father.

The top of Linda’s head came just beneath her father’s chin as she nuzzled lightly in her father’s neck and felt his lips crush to the top of her head as he gave her a gentle squeeze. She heard her mother’s voice faintly as she greeted everyone and the boys screams of delight as she presented them with small gifts. She spoiled them rotten but at this particular moment, all Linda could think about was her father and having this moment with him. Inwardly, as she reluctantly pulled away from his strong arms, she wished her own husband could be like her father. She remembered even when they first got married how he accused her of always comparing him to her father and even though she had denied it, she knew it to be true.

“You look beautiful, Lyn,” he said, his smile beaming down at his beautiful daughter as he held her at arms length.

Her smile was radiant as she pulled away, teasing him gently as she moved to hug her mother. “Look who’s talking,” she laughed, kissing her mother on the cheek. “Just look at you.”

At her words, her father showed off a bit, strutting around in those tight Wrangler’s as her mother just laughed and paid attention to Linda’s small boys. But Linda couldn’t help but notice how her father’s jeans didn’t leave much to the imagination. They showed off perfectly his tight ass and the more than average bulge in the front of his jeans and Linda felt a blush kiss her cheeks as she imagined momentarily what it might be like to be caught up in a passionate embrace against his body. She laughed as her father took her arm and then began to walk down the concrete aisle towards the ramp leading up to their seats, trying to still the wild beating of her heart as she teased him good-naturedly.

“You better watch out mom,” she called to her mother ahead as she linked her arm in her father’s, walking beside him so closely that their bodies brushed up against one another. “With dad looking like this, he might get more attention tonight than you might like.”

Her mother just laughed and joked back, “Good. Maybe he’ll find someone that can put up with him for a while. I’ve had my fill of it tonight.”

Linda glanced up to her father, catching his hurt look momentarily before he looked down at her and grinned. “The women love me,” he said, squeezing her hand. “Who can blame them?”

Linda laughed softly and pressed a kiss to his shoulder as she leaned close and whispered, “Too bad you’re my father.”

Linda’s father glanced to her with a hearty laugh and just pulled his daughter close. But what Linda didn’t know is that her words had affected her father more than she could have imagined.

Garrett looked down at his daughter, her words taking him by surprise. He was stunned momentarily as her words hit him like a splash of cold water and he felt a surge through his body as her lush body was pressed against his but then erupted into more of a nervous laughter as he realized she was teasing, as usual. As he walked her up to their seats, he couldn’t stop his mind from wandering, something it had done a lot the past couple of years as his wife had pulled away from him sexually. Garrett’s sex drive had always been above average, even for a man and while his wife whom he loved dearly had satisfied him for the past 35 years, she had grown almost frigid the past few ones and life was becoming almost unbearable for Garrett. Here he was, used to taking her whenever the urge hit him, especially since the days that their youngest son had moved out and was used to his sexual appetite sated whenever the craving hit him.

But the past few years, he had a new best friend and even the wide expanse of his hand could only satisfy so much. He couldn’t help but sigh softly as his fingers curled around his daughter’s small hand resting beneath his as her arm linked through his. Linda had always been his special girl, the one thing that he had been blessed with as his very own. She had been adopted just shortly before his 25th birthday when it had been thought that Sherry couldn’t have any children and Garrett had picked out Linda himself. Blonde hair and blue eyes, like a perfect living baby doll and he had fawned on her ever since. At times, even Sherry had been jealous of the close relationship he had shared with their daughter but she had been his own special gift and one that he hadn’t let stray far, ever.

When she had wanted to marry, Garrett had almost fallen into a fit of rage or perhaps it had even been jealousy as Linda had been his for 21 years. He had successfully run off any suitors and kept many potential boyfriends at bay with his authority in the school system but once she had gone to college, there was only so much that he could control and despite his reservations, she had married a man that he knew was not strong enough to hold his strong-willed daughter at bay.

As they walked arm in arm, his own wife ahead of them with Linda’s husband and two boys, he glanced appreciatively at his daughter and how she had grown. In her mid-thirties now, she was more beautiful than ever. Her blonde hair had darkened over the years and she had golden highlights added in from the local salon but her blue eyes still sparkled whenever they fell upon him and her lips were so lush, a perfect pout and the color of crushed berries. He had found himself longing more than once to sip from the nectar of her sweet mouth. His dark eyes swept down her curvaceous form momentarily, taking in her large breasts that shadowed the taper of her flat belly and then flared out to rounded hips. She had what they would consider a perfect hourglass figured and Garrett felt a surge in his loins as he was reminded again of how sexy his daughter was and how hungry he was for some sexual relief.

Linda happened to glance up as they climbed the bleachers to her handsome father and saw his eyes on her. Her eyebrows furrowed momentarily as she captured his look and recognized the passion that lingered in his dark eyes before he caught himself and smiled at her, pressing a kiss to her forehead and then looking away. Had she just imagined it or had her father been thinking what she had read in his eyes?

Garrett quickly chastised himself as he saw the recognition in Linda’s eyes and she caught his eyes on her. He swore silently under his breath at his thoughts, blaming his lack of sex for the lustful thoughts he was having towards his daughter and escorted her to their seats, all of them taking a seat beside one of her brothers and his family that was already there. He could hardly focus on what all was being said by those around him as his attention kept riveting back to Linda and just how delicious she looked in her jeans and button down top. He couldn’t help but appreciate her curves and her young body that he suddenly longed to feel beneath his. He could faintly hear the laughter and the greetings that were going on around him … the antics of his grandchildren as they all found each other again, reveling in their time together before the rodeo started. His gaze kept riveting back to his lush daughter and the stolen glances she kept giving him as the family around them swirled with both love and laughter.

Linda almost felt giddy in the body language that she was picking up from her father and her mind was swirling with what all it implied. Her own marriage had stagnated years ago and she had lost her lustful nature with her husband. She was shocked to feel it suddenly ignited in the presence of her father dressed the way he was, acting the way he was and she kept telling herself that the only reason that she was having these taboo thoughts was because it had been too long since she had really had an earth-shaking orgasm. She would probably be thinking like this around any sexy cowboy that looked half as good as her father did right now. But there was something strangely erotic about the fact that this was her father that was like a bolt of electricity that seems to ignite her body afire every time he looked at her. She could feel the beginnings of a small throb in her clit captured fiercely against the unyielding crotch of her jeans. She knew that her nipples were starting to harden beneath the cotton fabric of her button-down blouse that was giving him just a hint of her bountiful cleavage and as he gazed at her one last time, she knew that her nipples were rock hard beneath her shirt and were poking out in obvious arousal and she blushed as her father’s eyes glanced down at them. She was suddenly thankful as the grand entrance began and attention was drawn elsewhere.

Garrett tried to swallow past the sudden lump that was in his throat as he noted his daughter’s apparent arousal. He could see the definite outline of her nipples protruding through her blouse and noted the flush in her cheeks as she quickly turned her gaze away. Just knowing that she was turned on sitting beside him made his cock jump and twitch in the confines of his jeans and he shifted as it began to get uncomfortable. Damn these tight jeans! As the grand entrance began, he tried to shake out the image that was starting to appear in his mind of his daughter spread out before him naked in all her glory on his bed, open to his lustful imagination and desires. He shook his head a bit and adjusted the cowboy hat down on his head in hopes that no one noticed just how uncomfortable he was getting. But with a shift of his eyes, his dark gaze was suddenly caught with his daughter’s blue one and he was sure of her mirroring discomfort as her blue eyes were shimmering with unbridled lust, darkened to almost a midnight blue and he noted the rise and fall of her bountiful breasts tipped with tight peaks that seemed to beg for his touch.

Garrett was both shocked and aroused at the sudden situation the both of them were in. He could see his daughter shift her attention even as her hips moved a bit beneath her jeans causing him to do the same and he had to bite back a groan as her tiny hand suddenly slid onto his thigh, slowly inching upwards to his crotch until her fingers almost grazed his rock hard bulge. His eyes widened a bit as he dared a glance over to her, the laughter of his grandchildren fading into the background, the music of the rodeo lost beneath the wild thumping of his heart. He could see her velveteen tongue dart out to moisten her lips and then the knowing glance that she gave him as her fingers slid to cover his bulge while everyone else’s attention was on the rodeo and began to rub him even with her mother sitting just a few feet away.

Linda was shocked at her brazen act but it was as if suddenly nothing else mattered except to see if what she was reading from her father could be true. The years of lustful dreams and imagination were culminated in this one moment and she knew that if she didn’t push to see if what she thought to be true could really happen, then this moment would be lost forever and she just had to know. She could feel her father’s cock jump beneath her fingers and harden more and almost gasped in surprise as his hand slowly slid down to cover hers, pressing her fingers almost painfully against his raging hard on. She almost moaned as she felt the heat radiate and pulse from it even from his jeans and knew she had to have him now or she would die with longing.

Garrett felt like he was an onlooker at the sudden situation that was upon him. He couldn’t believe that he was actually guiding her hand in her exploration between his legs but he felt a surge of youthful lust take over as he leaned close to whisper in her ear, “Meet me by the bathrooms,” and stood up, leaving her breathless as he announced that he would be back. Everyone was used to him having to stand up at events like these as he was not one to sit still for long. His wife simply waved her hand and went back to playing with her grandchildren and buying them everything that came up along the aisle. He glanced down to his daughter, seeing her shocked look and then her lustful nod as she tried to find her voice and failing. He felt giddy with arousal and also shock at his behavior as he pushed past her and made his way quickly down the bleachers and back beneath. He could feel the stares of many young women and heard their whispers behind his back but suddenly all he could think of was fucking his beautiful daughter and that was exactly what he planned to do.

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