tagLoving WivesIn Her Rear View Mirror

In Her Rear View Mirror


Tears began to swell in her eyes as she saw her small hometown of 48 years in her rear view mirror. She knew this day would be coming but not sure when. She would be moving in with her long time friends, Pam and Rick until she found substantial work and a home of her own.

She knew it was time for a change in her life. For her, this was a fresh start after several miserable years of hurt and loneliness.

Susan Knowlton had been recently divorced from Greg, her husband of 26 years. Their twin sons, now 24, had both graduated from college, got married, and moved to a much larger cities with bigger career opportunities.

She was proud of her boys and happy with their choice of spouses. Other than that snake of an ex-husband of hers, she was quite content with her lot in life.

She was educated, yet naïve to the ways of the world. Greg had been her one and only lover throughout her life. She had been told by many that she was attractive with a nice figure yet she was so inhibited and insecure about her appearance as well as her intelligence. Especially her husband, who always seemed to take pride in making her feel inferior.

Greg was a man that had never grown up. He had known Susan since they were in high school together then attended the same junior college before he continued his education and received his Masters Degree and became a professor at the local Junior College.

However, as time moved on and the boys were born, he became more and more of an absentee father. Every weekend was his to do what he wanted, whether it be golf, fishing, or just hanging out at the sports bar with his buddies. Even his evenings when he was home he mostly stayed in his office and watched TV or graded schoolwork.

Susan had stayed at home to raise the boys while working part-time from her home doing medical transcriptions for different doctor's offices in town. In fact, she had as clients all but two of the medical facilities in her home town of 30,000 people.

As the boys grew older, her Saturdays became nearly a non-stop taxi service for sports practices, karate lessons, and school activities. Sundays was her day of "rest" which meant catching up on Greg's laundry, keeping his shirts ironed as well as making sure the boys had clean clothes for school.

For many years this lop-sided arrangement gnawed at Susan , but for the sake of the boys she thought it prudent to not stir up any problems. Underneath it all, she was seething, but on the surface she put on her happy wife face.

After their boys moved away and began college, her empty nest was a very lonely nest for her. She had hoped in vain that possibly Greg would take a renewed interest in her with the kids gone. In fact, it actually produced the opposite results. He became even more distant to her and was gone more than ever. When she confronted him about his absences he would just tell her she was being paranoid.

Greg's demeanor became more distant and his verbal remarks to Susan more hurtful. He insulted her appearance. Susan was 5 foot 2 inches and about 130 pounds. She had put a few pounds on at the waist over the years as well as adding on to her hips. She had a very cute, round face that was topped by her straight honey blonde hair that nearly fell to her shoulders.

One Sunday evening after Greg had returned home from a local sports bar with his buddies watching NFL football all day, Susan told him that if he didn't love her anymore, just tell her. Was he having an affair? He certainly wasn't getting or asking for sex at home.

"You fucking women are all the same. Us guys get you into nice homes, give you good cars to drive, and yet you aren't happy. If that isn't love, then I don't know what the fuck you are looking for!"

Those words stabbed her in her heart. He couldn't have punched her in the face and hurt her worse than this. This creep somehow thought that a nice home and car was all she needed. He either was clueless or didn't give a shit about what she really was wanting.

Years of pent up frustration and bitterness finally hit its boiling point. Susan let loose with every ounce of energy and emotion that had built up inside of her.

"Listen, all I know is that you haven't wanted anything to do with me for several years. It's been months since you've even wanted sex. Either you're impotent or you're getting some action somewhere else. Right now I don't care if you are because I am going to make an appointment tomorrow morning with a divorce lawyer and get away from your sorry ass!"

Susan surprised herself by the way she spoke to Greg. Never before had she let loose like this. Although she was now in tears, she suddenly felt relieved. She had made a decision. She took a firm stand. For her to show any indication to Greg that she was sorry for what she said would be a sign of weakness and a definite invitation for even more neglect and abuse. And , there was no way in hell she was going to back down.

Even if Greg suddenly were to be contrite, it would have been too late. She was living like a single person already, so why not make it legally single? That thought had occurred to her many times over the past several years and now it was her only viable option.

"Get you a fucking lawyer, you fat bitch!" Greg's words were more biting than ever. "See if some other guy wants your fat ass and sagging tits."

That was enough. The only time she ever wanted to see his nasty ass was again was when she met him in divorce court and hurt him in the best possible way...his wallet.

Susan went to the bedroom, packed a few days of clothes, and rented a motel in a town about 10 minutes away.

How dare Greg insult her the way he did. Yes, her tits had begun to sag some. Shit, she was 48 years old, had C cups and had nursed two babies at one time. Nature had caught up with her but judging by the looks some men gave her, she knew that she still turned heads when she wore a tight blouse and blue jeans. Also, men and women often complimented her on having such a young face and beautiful blue eyes.

Yes, she had some added pounds in her ass and hips, but that didn't stop men from turning their heads and watch her as she walked away from them. She had a sensual swagger in her walk and many men would stare at the lovely sight.

Greg never realized how strong her sex drive was nor did he have a clue about how sexy she appeared to other men. Susan had been so deprived of sensual pleasures for so long she finally knew that she needed a new start.

After getting a referral to a good divorce attorney, she called her two boys and told them what she was doing. The boys were supportive of her but didn't want to be dragged into the scuffle. Susan understood that and promised that she would refrain from saying a lot of nasty things about their father when they were around.

The boys understood and deep down agreed with their mother's decision. It was their mother that had practically raised them by herself. However, it was Dad that was footing most of the bill for their college education and they knew it would not be a wise thing to piss him off. Knowing their Dad's temperament, he would probably cut off their tuition if they told him how they felt about his treatment of Mom.


Months later, as Susan looked out in the rear view mirror at her beloved hometown , all the good memories from her time here brought out the emotions. Not so many good memories of Greg, but her sons, their schools, their friends, and the pride she took in their raising. Although necessary, it is never easy to move on to a new chapter in your life, especially when that chapter takes you 65 miles away from the only town you've ever called home.

Susan pulled off at the next exit and parked in the Denny's parking lot while she had another cry. One kind elderly couple saw her and knocked on her window just to make sure she was going to be fine. She forced a smile through her tear-soaked face and convinced them that she would be fine. Once she felt like she was composed enough, she got back on the northbound on-ramp and headed to Pam and Rick Bowen's house.

Pam was an old friend of Susan's since high school and college. In fact, it was Susan that had introduced Rick to Pam in junior college. Susan was in the same medical terminology class as Rick and found him to be a very nice guy. Since she was so steady with Greg, she figured her good friend Pam would like to meet a truly good man and gentleman.

A year later, Pam and Rick were married. They started a family soon afterwards and had two sons as well. Their sons were now both married and living in town and in fact, the oldest son and his wife were going to welcome their first child in less than 3 months. Both were excited about being grandparents and had already bought a crib, bassinet, and car seat to help get them started.

When Susan called Pam to tell her the news about the divorce, it was really no surprise. She knew that Susan hadn't been happy in a long time. Also, Rick, who is about as easy as anyone to get along with, despised Greg. Once, when Greg had enjoyed a few too many beers, his tongue got careless and admitted to Rick that he had "boned" a red-headed waitress from the sports bar.

That was more information than Rick wanted to know. "Hey, Greg, I don't think you mean that. It's just the booze talking."

"Shit no!" Greg fired back. "It's true, and not only that but that cute little Mexican honey that works in the front office of the college is one of the best lays I've ever had. God, she's got such fine tits. I bet she'd do you if I asked her to."

Rick didn't like confrontations so he just quit talking. Eventually Greg dozed off on the couch and Rick took Pam to their room and repeated the conversation to her. Him and Greg had never been close and he knew that a sober Greg would have never been so open and honest to him. The booze essentially became a truth serum.

"Doesn't surprise me at all," said Pam nonchalantly. " Susan has suspected it for at least 3 years but would never come out and ask him about it. She has confided in me that sex for them is maybe only 2 or 3 times a year."

"Should we tell her about Greg's drunken admission?" asked Rick with a trace of doubt in his voice, "or let her find out on her own and in her own time."

"No need to tell her. She already suspects it. Rick, I know women and they already know if their guy is cheating. Trust me, if she's only getting it twice a year or so, then he's getting it somewhere else and she knows it. When she gets tired of it, we'll know."

Rick and Pam invited Susan to move in with them after the divorce was final. Susan had come up to visit a few times on weekends when she needed companionship.

They lived an hour north and in a much larger city. The divorce judge had ordered Greg to pay 600 dollars a month in alimony , ordered to sell the house and split the equity equally, and finish paying the boy's tuition until they turned 24. The Bowens told her that with all the new medical practices starting up around town that she would have no problem getting new clients. Rick knew many of the doctors and would be happy to give her an excellent reference.

At first Susan was hesitant. Every time Pam would give her a good reason to move, Susan would come back with a weak reason not to. In fact some of her reasons really made no sense. Her kids were gone, the house was to be sold, and she had never developed much of a social life while married to Greg.

"Susan, every time I give you a reason to stay for a few months, you seem to stumble over yourself to come up with a lame excuse. What's the REAL reason you don't wish to take us up on our offer."

Susan knew now was the time for honesty. She didn't want to come out and say it, but she knew that her friendship with Pam depended on it. She loved Pam like a sister. In fact, her two boys affectionately referred to Rick as Uncle Ricky. In many ways, Rick was more of a father figure to them than Greg was. Truth be know, the boys probably loved Rick more than their own father.

"Pam, I really don't how to say this except to just be blunt and brutally honest. For many years I have harbored feelings for Rick. I've always been just a bit jealous that you got such a good man and I kept the piece of shit for myself."

"I would never, ever do anything to hurt you or Rick. I'm a middle-aged, sex-starved woman and I will admit that it would be tough being around Rick all the time with these kind of feelings."

"When I come to visit a day or two, it's different. But living under the same roof for a few months is pushing all of our collective luck."

Pam had always suspected that Susan had lustful feelings for Rick, and in fact, Rick had admitted that he found Susan to be a real cutie. Rick never understood how Greg would only want sex with her only twice a year or so. She was so hot that he figured that even an asshole like Greg would want plenty of her action.

Now Pam wasn't so bad looking herself. She had a thin, 5 foot 5 inch frame with wavy dark brown hair that fell about 4 inches past her shoulder blades. Her thin face, her large soulful brown eyes, as well as a radiant smile still made her quite desirable in her late 40s.

Her breasts were considerably small, barely filling out a B cup bra, but she still had firm tits with nipples that jetted out from her dark areolas about a half an inch. She had a slight widening at the hips but that just further accentuated her small waist and thin shapely legs. Yes, at 48 years old, she was still some fine eye candy.

There was some silence on the phone as Pam tried to figure out what she should say next.

"I'm sorry, Pam, I didn't mean to upset you. You wanted to know why I was hesitant to take you up on your offer and there wasn't really a good reason except the honest answer I gave you."

"Oh no, sweetie. I'm not upset," said Pam with an assured toned in her voice. You've always been such an honest person but your confession about Rick just kind of left me at a temporary loss of words. You are and always will be my best friend. I love you so much.'

"I love you too, Pam. And Rick also. You've both treated me so well. I would never forgive myself if I did something to break your trust. Also, if we were all drinking just a little bit, my inhibitions might lighten up and I might do something I'd be real sorry for later."

Pam knew that Susan would never try to steal her husband away from her or even sneak around with him. However, she did know that Susan was hungry for attention, companionship, and sex. It wouldn't be fair to Rick either to tempt him with the forbidden fruit shaped in the form of Susan.

"Can I call you back, Susan." When Rick comes home later I need to talk to him."

"Please don't tell Rick about my feelings for him...please don't. I don't think I'd be able to face him again if he knew."

"Susan, sweetie, Rick has lusted after you for years. I've known about it yet I've always trusted him. Rick is such a good and honorable man. Let me talk to him. He needs to know so we can make a solid decision together. I always want you and Rick to be friends. Trust me, I think things will be ok but I need to discuss this with him, ok? Please trust me Susan."

Again, some silence on the phone as Susan sorted out Pam's words. "I'm not sure what you're doing but I will trust you. I have no reason not to. "

"I will call you back later tonight. Promise. Please trust me. We won't keep you waiting too long."

Pam knew what she wanted but how would she convince Rick that her idea would work. She had a plan, one that she hoped would work, but very apprehensive about its chances of succeeding.


Rick worked as an RN at a nearby hospital. He worked 12 hour shifts 3 to 4 days a week. He usually worked seven 12 hour shifts each pay period which was two weeks. Of course this also gave him more days off than most men, often having 3 or 4 days in a row off.

Rick got off work at 7:30 and was home by 8pm. Pam usually would greet him with hug and kiss when he got home but tonight the hug and kiss seemed a little more affectionate than usual. Immediately Greg wanted to know what was up with her.

"Why? Can't a wife welcome her hubby home with a nice bear hug and wet kiss?" Pam said trying to act innocent of any other motive.

Although Rick enjoyed his wife's playfulness, he wasn't buying her innocent act.

"I've known you too long sweetie, I know you're up to something so you better tell me or I may have to spank you."

Rick always playfully threatened to spank Pam when she was acting naughty. Sometimes during sex, Pam enjoyed a light spanking...nothing rough and nothing that would leave bruises or marks, just a playful swat on her ass.

"A spanking?" Pam said with a naughty look on her face. "Are you threatening me with a good time?"

With that, they retreated to their bedroom. Rick had brought home some chicken and biscuits for dinner, but Pam had him in the mood for something more fun to eat. The chicken could wait.

No sooner had they entered their large master bedroom, Pam again put her arms around her sweet husbands neck and began to feverishly kiss him. Her wet tongue forced open his mouth and his tongue eagerly met hers. Frenching always got Rick horny and this was no exception. Although he was tired from a long day at work, he still had the energy to satisfy his wife's sexual hunger.

Pam pulled off his loose fitting t-shirt and lightly bit on his left nipple while twisting the right nipple with her left hand. That was one of Rick erogenous spots and Pam knew it. Even with loose fitting sweat pants on, he had already produced a formidable tent in his sweats.

After working in a hospital environment all these years, the first think Rick always did after arriving home from work was to shower. He wore hospital issued scrubs and changed back into street clothes before leaving work. With all the sick patients, viruses, and air borne pathogens, he knew he needed to shower very well before going further with his wife.

Rick pulled off his shoes, socks, sweats, and boxers and stood stark naked in front of Pam. He was still a fine physical specimen. At 5 foot 9 inches tall, he was lean yet muscular. He took pride in the fact that he and Pam worked out at the gym at least 3 times a week. His hard, thick,6 inch cock stood proudly at attention as Pam surveyed the work she had created so far.

"Want to come and clean every "inch" of my body, doll?" teased Rick as he moved his hips from side to side causing his rigid dick to move from side to side as well.

"With my clothes on?" teased Pam. "I don't like showers with clothes on. What are you going to do about it, stud?"

Rick pulled Pam towards her and pulled up her blouse. She had prepared for this because she was not wearing a bra. Her beautiful small B cup tits were there for the taking and her ½" long nipples begging to be sucked.

Just as quickly, he pulled down her short pants and sure enough, she hadn't bothered wearing any panties either. He soaked in the vision of her gorgeous naked body. He admired her thick, dark, "V" shaped pussy hair that pointed directly down at her now swollen and glistening pussy lips. She knew Rick liked the pussy hair but he also liked the area where her glorious opening began to be shaved smooth.

Quickly, the hot shower water was running and Pam soaped Rick down from head to toe. Of course when she got to his cock, she spent an inordinate amount of time moving her hands on his hard, soapy cock until he was about ready to come.

When she sensed that he wouldn't last much longer, she withdrew her stroking and grabbed the shower massage nozzle and rinsed him down completely.

Rick got on his knees and burrowed his head between her legs and before she knew it, he had found her tender clit. His gentle flickering of his tongue on this sensitive spot sent her into orgasm in less than 1 minute. Even with the shower water hitting directly on them, he felt the wetness and it's sweet nectar across his formerly soapy face. A face that just a couple of minutes ago smelled like fresh soap, now smelled of the sweet nectar of his wife's pussy.

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