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In Need of Counselling


I knew my wife, Becky was unhappy just before Christmas. We had been married for five years and she seemed dissatisfied with everything. We had been incredibly unlucky. I'd been made redundant, we seemed incapable of having children and I had lost interest in sex. I refused to accept that there was anything wrong with our relationship yet she insisted we saw a marriage guidance councillor.

Becky made us an appointment with Dr Sophia who was recommended by a girlfriend of hers. The guidance centre was off the high street in a modern office block I hadn't noticed before. Sophia was tall and slim, about fifty, probably half Chinese and half European, with long black hair. She was also bewilderingly pretty, in a traffic-stopping sort of way.

She smiled at me then introduced herself.

'My, my,' she said looking me up and down as if a puppy in a shop. 'You're pretty.' I was somewhat taken back having never been referred to as pretty before. I blushed but on doing so a weird buzz coursed through me. I fidgeted awkwardly in my seat as she cut to the chase and asked Becky what the problem was. As they talked I gazed at Sophia. Her eyes were as bright as the headlights of an oncoming truck that made me feel like a startled hedgehog. I started off badly. I didn't see the point. I thought we where fine. Feeling the exercise was pointless. I sat back in my chair and let Becky do the talking. She explained that the sparkle had gone from our relationship and we rarely made love. She told Sophia how I managed without but she had needs and found it frustrating. She saw our relationship more as friends not lovers and what hurt the most... She thought I was losing my masculinity and becoming inadequate. Sophia smiled warmly and wrote copious notes and asked frequent, personnel, prying questions.

After ten minutes she pursed her lips at me and suggested I take a walk while she asks Becky some private questions... alone. Then she raised her hands and lifted her hair back over her shoulders. It was a gesture straight off a fashion shoot that made my heart melt. 'Run along and buy yourself a soft drink,' she said and handed me a couple of pounds in a "disappear and play manner", 'Becky and I have business to discuss.'

I didn't question her firm manner and meekly stood up to exit. Apparently my turn was next. I thought I heard her snigger as I left the two together but couldn't be sure. As instructed I went for a coffee at a small coffee shop just down the street.

On my return I was surprised to see Becky tucking her top into her trousers, looking hot, flushed and guilty.

In contrast, Sophia looked remarkably cool and collected. As predicted she asked Becky to leave and tapped the chair next to her in a provocative manner. The shiny leather squeaked like a distressed mouse as I sat down. I shivered. There was something about Sophia's presence that chilled me to the bone.

'You've got memorable smoky eyes, chiselled cheekbones and peach-perfect lips,' she says studying my face so intently I felt her probing my mind. She tenderly touches my cheek. I blush and wonder what she will ask. I didn't have to wait long. Sophia asked me a series of personal questions about Becky, my role in our relationship and my childhood. With every answer she would scribble a note on her pad. To me the questions seemed random and disjointed but irrespective of this she seemed delighted with my replies.

'What's your favourite girls name?' She asked out of the blue.

I stared blankly unsure of an answer. 'Becky I guess.'

Sophia crossed her long willowy legs and frowned impatiently. 'Besides your wife's name.'

I continue to stare at her blankly. I couldn't think.

'Let me help you,' she says, 'If you where a girl what would you like to be called?'

My mind cleared like the early morning fog. 'Tamsin,' I reply.

'Well done,' Sophia says making another note. 'That wasn't too painful was it?'

I nod. Her interview technique puzzled me.

In between the sort of standard counselling type question I expected, she would slip in a curve ball such as 'did I ever dream of being a girl? Or did I dress in women's clothes? It was all rather weird but I answered as truefully as I could and as we progressed through what I assumed was a standard if somewhat bizarre set of questions she seemed delighted with my response. After ten minutes she coolly told me to strip down to my pants for a medical. I thought I'd miss heard.

She scowled. 'You heard. Don't waste my time hurry up and strip. I've another client shortly.'

Did this explain Becky's state of dress I thought and though unorthodox I did what she asked. She was after all a Doctor and we trust Doctors don't we? Soon I stood in just my underwear as Sophia walked around me examining my puny frame. I shuddered in her cold office as my flesh went goosy. She writes notes and prods me with her expensive fountain pen as if a cow at a farmers market. She comments on the softness of my skin, my long slender legs, my tiny waist and my relative lack of body hair. I blush and to compound my embarrassment she produced a tape measure and began measuring parts of me. Waist, chest, hips and inside leg. Nothing escaped Sophia's scrutiny. With minimal muscle I knew wasn't very manly and I began to feel very inadequate.

'Slip out of your underwear,' she asks in a matronly tone. I wanted to refuse but her manner was forceful and full of purpose.

I silently did as she directed. Moments later with a lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach I stood in front of her as she walked around me eye fully.

'You're rather small,' she said slipping on a pair of latex gloves. I nod fearfully as she slips the tape measure around my cock's girth. She smirks, makes a note then measures its length.

'I'm cold,' I say in a way of justifying my diminutive stature.

'Yes, of course.' She nods pointing to my chair. 'Now bend over this and do as I ask.'

Of course, what I should have done was throw my clothes back on, call her a weirdo and storm out of her office. But I didn't do that. Instead, I wobbled, flopped over the chair like a patterned throw and grabbed the arms to keep myself from falling over. More mouse squeaks but this time I stare ahead and focus on a scrap of paper on the floor.

She shuffles up to me and draws a stainless steel, trolley to my side like a dentist and its hard contents rattle alarmingly as its wheels trundle across the floor.

'This may feel uncomfortable but I need to examine you thoroughly.' She taps my inner thighs with the stiff end of the tape measure. 'Spread your legs.'

'Sorry?' I say helplessly but as my bottom lip trembles I do as she asks.

I gulp and shuffle my feet apart as I press down on to the back of the chair raising my exposed arse even higher.

Silently I feel her slim fingers now coated in a lubricating jelly, slip gently between my smooth cheeks and finger my hole teasingly. I can't resist a tiny moan.

I glance over my shoulder nervously to see her smiling obviously enjoying her work. 'Is this really necessary?' I ask.

'For Gods sake, most definitely,' she replies.

'And did you do this to Becky?' I ask.

She pauses before replying. 'That's for you to wonder and me to know. Patient confidentiality and all that. But since you asked I do what is required. Both of you are different and require separate treatment. Now do shut up and let me concentrate.'

'But what are you looking for, ' I demand.

She ignores my question and thrusts another two fingers inside and my eyes widen. 'You surprise me, you're surprisingly tight.'

I wasn't sure what she meant - I didn't care at this point. I want to scream, demand she stops and pull from her grasp but I feel restrained and powerless like an infant.

I'm now speechless as her fingers prise me apart as deeper and deeper she plunges into me. Then something unexpected happens - my tiny cock throbs and begins to twitch. I blush with humiliation and hope my arousal goes unnoticed but nothing seems to escape the professional Dr Sophia. She indeed notes its change and pushes even deeper, seemingly fascinated by my reaction. Was this what she was testing for or was I being overtly sensitive?

She spreads her fingers wider stretching my muscle to breaking point as if the exercise was to determine how much abuse I could take. I lost count but think she manages to squeeze four fingers inside me before I scream and my cock stiffens like a rod of iron and I can't resist pushing back onto her probing fingers.

'Very good,' she cries but rather than push deeper she withdrew her inquisitive fingers as if I'd passed the test. She then prises my hole apart with a thumb and forefinger. 'This looks perfect...' She pauses as her eyes examine my spread buttocks and her free hand rummages in the trolley by her side. 'I want you to wear this until you get home... then as and when Becky feels necessary.'

I was going to ask what but that's when I feel the firm plastic press against my muscle but this time my hole is nicely stretched and lubricated and the plug slides comfortably into position. Sophia gives it a press and my cock that had been bursting at the seams spurts a dribble of cum onto the floor. I blush and struggle to stand.

'I don't see how this helps our relationship.' I sob.

Sophia laughs. 'It won't alone but in conjunction with my other recommendations it will do wonders for a sissy girl like you.'

'I'm not a sissy girl.' I say.

'Ah,' said Sophia. In a tone of voice that I didn't like one bit. 'We're going to fix that right now.'

I felt as though my heart had been replaced with a bag of frozen peas. 'What's that supposed to mean,' I said.

'Oh. For crying out loud,' Sophia sounded annoyed. 'You really are pathetic. Aren't you? All right then. I'll explain, shall I?' she said. 'And then we can get on with it, whether you like it or not.'

I tried to rise, but she reached out and gripped me round the back of the neck so firmly I could scarcely breathe.

'What the bloody hell are you cribbing about?' Sophia said, and she sounded almost hurt. 'You should be down on your fucking knees thanking me. You do want to stay together, don't you?'

'Yes,' I said. 'But.'

Sophia twisted and pushed the plug until I felt my muscle would stretch no more. I froze with terror as all of a sudden after one final push it slipped over a thick plastic ridge and slipped yet deeper inside me. The girth had reduced slightly and my muscle relaxed but now my bowel was completely full and my abused muscle clung to the butt end like a limpet. I felt stoppered like a hot water bottle, as Sophia went on. 'Trouble with you is, you don't really know what you want. So its just as well Becky asked me to sort things out. Otherwise you'd be in a hell of a mess. Call it a talent. I just love bringing you young folks together. Whether they like it,' Sophia added, with a wicked grin, 'or not.'

'Please,' I whispered. 'Don't.'

But Sophia shook her head. 'Sorry,' she said, 'but the plain fact is, I know what's best for the pair of you, and that's that. You'll thank me in years to come; if you do manage to conceive you'll probably want to name her after me. Now before you go there are a few more things to do.' She presses a button on her desk intercom and speaks to the receptionist, Rosie. Moments later she walks in carrying a small plastic tray her tight white cotton uniform stretched over her firm young frame. The receptionist looks at me and smiles knowingly. I blush and struggle to stand up but Sophia holds me down so Rosie can see right up my passage.

'I want you to wear these,' she said fishing in the tray with her fingers.'

I hold out my hand and to my surprise she drops a tiny pair of white lace panties in my palm. They feel so light I could hardly feel them and as I feel them between my fingers she releases me. Free at last I struggle to stand as the plug settles in my arse.

Sophia frowns. 'Please don't question my decision. I studied at Oxford and Dam well know what I'm doing.'

I'm so taken back I nervously step into the panties and slide them up my legs. Besides wearing something was better than nothing at all and though I looked ridiculous in the women's panties I strangely didn't feel so embarrassed as I did when naked. She then turns her back to me and rummages in the tray yet again. I smell a strong surgical spirit but before I can ask what's what she's upon me. Twirling round her hands in front she presses two strange jelly moulds on my bare chest as if putting up a large poster. I feel the adhesive stick firm and she presses forward sending me off balance.

'What are these,' I say, though well aware what they represented.

'They are your first breasts,' she chuckles and don't they suit you? I stare down at my chest and see a pair of flesh coloured breasts with raised, natural looking nipples and clearly defined aola. She gives them both a squeeze and I'm convinced I can feel them as if my own. I blush and wonder how easy they are to remove.

She must have read my mind. They are stuck firm,' she chuckles, 'but they should shake lose in five days.'

'Five days,' I say gazing at my weighty silicone breasts, 'what am I supposed to do with these?'

She grins and hands me a pretty bra that matches my panties. 'Like it or not. They're yours and you'll need this.'

I take it from her and stare at the lacy cups in bewilderment.

'You're behaving like a big girl. Don't grumble I've been uncharacteristically kind you're only a 38c. They're barely noticeable. Personally I'd prefer you as a 38 Double D but the clients right'

I wrap the bra around my chest like I've seen Becky do a thousand times, clasp it in front, twist it round my back and slip each arm in a strap. The support is appreciated and I actually enjoy the sensation of the tiny straps on my shoulders and the lace cups on my breasts.

'And these,' she said handing me what I thought where shorts but as I slipped them up my legs I realised they where padded panties that increased my hips by over three inches.

'And finally tights.'

'I've no idea what good these will do.' I bleat but don't quibble as I take them from her.

'Now don't tell Becky. Let her work this out for herself. Just go with the flow. Relax and enjoy the experience.

I put back my shirt relieved that it comfortably covered my bra and false breasts. My jeans where more of a struggle. Though I managed to fit them up my thighs I was unable to pull them over my hips.

Sophia laughed. 'Do you want me to lend you something?'

'No', I said choosing instead to lay on the floor and pull them with all my might until I had them on. I stood up and caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window. I could hardly believe it was me. Even though I was wearing the clothes I had arrived in my figure had changed completely. Now instead of being straight like a ruler I was curvy like an hourglass.

Just then Becky came back in. I quickly put my coat on. She didn't seem to notice but as I sat back down the plug pressed into my arse and I whimpered slightly.

Sophia grinned. 'Now I want you both to remember what I said. Becky I want you to be strong and firm. This may not be easy but from what I can see its the road you must tread to improve your relationship. And I want you to make sure you give him this medication. Two pills morning and night.' She hands her a large pot and I frown disapprovingly.

'I've given him some things to wear. He's to wear them until at least tonight then as and when you think necessary. Be adventurous do what your heart says and just go with it. You won't shock me. You know what I expect. We will get there its just a matter of time. In the meantime do what you can, apply pressure where necessary and look forward to when the change occurs.'

I stare at her bemused unsure of her meaning. 'W, W, What,' I stutter.

She turned to me. 'You must make the biggest sacrifice. You may want to rebel, to refuse but if you do I will be deeply disappointed. Listen to Becky do what she asks and come back and see me same time next week.'

She hadn't really told me anything. 'But what do you want me to do?' I ask

'Don't worry your pretty little head about it,' she says, 'All will become clear in due course.' She turns back to Becky and smiled affectionately. I want to see you beforehand shall we say lunchtime Wednesday. I will want to know how you're getting on.

'Will you want to see me before next week?' I ask.

'No that won't be necessary 'she says. 'Becky can inform me of your progress.'

I find myself thanking her and getting up to leave.

'That was pretty painless,' Becky says as we walk down the road.

I grimace. 'Easy for you to say,' I whisper aware I'm not to tell her about the things I'm wearing.

'Lets grab lunch in the department stores restaurant.' she says merrily.

I wanted to go home but I remembered what Sophia had said and meekly agreed.

The restaurant was on the third floor and as we rode the elevator Becky suggested we pop into the ladies clothing department. I normally didn't clothes shop with her but something strange had happened since our first consultation and I wasn't entirely sure what. I felt meek and submissive as if under some form of spell and I was very aware of my new shape. My wide child bearing hips and my weighty breasts. I followed her round the floor like a lamb. First we went into the shoe department where she tried on some boots and high heels. She unusually asked my opinion and hung on my every word as if I knew what I was talking about. She didn't buy anything. Next we looked at a range of fashionable dresses. From day dresses to evening dresses and sexy party dresses. I assumed she was shopping for Christmas. Again she asked my advice. She behaved out of character. It wasn't like her to ask my opinion and the cloths we looked at where far to girly and just not here style. I can't remember the last time I'd seen her in anything remotely feminine. She recently preferred business suits when working or jeans when at relaxing at home. Finally we ended up in the lingerie department where she spent an age looking at sexy bras, panties and stockings. Again she bought nothing. By now I was getting incredibly hot. I still had my coat on and my legs where as warm as toast but I daren't take off my coat in case she saw the bra.

Empty-handed she eventually dragged me to the restaurant where she made me sit at a table while she ordered. She wasn't long and rather than cool down I was even hotter.

'Why don't you take off your coat dear,' Becky said returning with a tray of sandwiches.

I shake my head but she could tell I was sweating. 'Don't be daft take off your coat.'

She wouldn't take no for an answer so not wishing to cause a scene I carefully slipped my coat off and hung it behind my chair. She looked at me oddly as we ate and chatted about Sophia and the counselling session. I expressed my concerns thinking she was rather unorthodox. Becky wouldn't agree and as far as she was concerned Sophia couldn't do a thing wrong. I still kept numb and didn't tell her about the lingerie I wore and regretted wearing the stuff. But the restaurant was air-conditioned and despite the tights and the plastic covered seats I began to cool off. I wondered how Becky would react to my new breasts and was careful to cross my arms to conceal them. I felt the breasts tug on my chest and was grateful for the bras support. It was odd but with the bra hanging off my shoulders, my legs wrapped in tights with a plug in my arse I felt lady-like and feminine. I even enjoyed shopping and felt quite comfortable looking at all the beautiful dresses and skirts. I shuffled on the seat making the plug twist sending shock waves through my spine.

'Haven't you got something to tell me?' Becky eventually asks.

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