In Seat 10B


Jonathan Langtry
The Langtry Agency
14 Farthering Oaks
Londonderry, Maryland

Re: Recent odd occurrence on my flight back from San Antonio, Texas.


I am rushing out to a business meeting, but felt I needed to send you this account of one of those strange occurrences we run into in life. In this case you might call it a one in a million shot, so I hope you forgive me for skipping over the usual opening pleasantries. I assume your family is fine, but let me proceed with my story.

I was on the final leg of my journey that took me from Houston to Los Angeles, then on to San Antonio before returning to Houston. Up to that final leg, the trip was successful, but nothing really momentous. After arriving at the airport and checking my luggage I had a short wait at the gate before boarding the plane. I did not get an upgrade to first class, something that was actually turned out to be fortunate for me.

The plane was a 757, which surprised me because I was so used to the smaller planes for the short flight between San Antonio and Houston. It was nice to have a little more room even though the flight was so short. I grabbed my book out of my computer bag, tossed it on the seat and placed my bag in the overhead compartment. I then sat in seat 10D, which nearly was a disaster. After about five minutes I realized that I should have been across the aisle in 10C, so to avoid any confusion, I grabbed my book and slipped into the correct seat.

Someone had already taken the window seat, so I spent the next twenty minutes watching the people board the plane, hoping that the person assigned to seat 10B would not be a 250 pound ex-lineman. As each person stepped onto the plane and headed down the aisle my spirits would rise and fall as I tried to guess which one would look at me and say, "Excuse me, but that's my seat."

As I sat there I watched the 250 pound ex-lineman move into seat 10E and was congratulating myself for switching seats when an attractive lady looked me in the eyes and said, "Sorry, but I'm sitting there, in seat 10B." She pointed to the seat next to me so I quickly stood up and slipped into the aisle.

She sat down and I then took my seat, wrestling with the seatbelt trying not to get too clumsy in my nervousness. Trying to calm myself, I grabbed my book and began to read, noticing she had some folded papers where she was working some puzzles. The flight attendants were busy reciting the takeoff instructions as I carefully turned the page in my book, letting my eyes wander at bit. There, right next to me were a pair of the softest looking legs I think I have ever seen.

Shuffling in and out of my seat I really hadn't noticed that the woman sitting next to me was wearing a very short pair of shorts. I tried to concentrate on my reading but soon found myself staring at her legs, wondering…

Now Jonathan, the series of events that let me to staring at these beautiful legs continued on its, I guess, inevitable path. You see, there was a tropical disturbance out in the gulf, so the pilot expected a lot of turbulence so they canceled the in flight drink service. No one really minded because it was a short flight, but as the woman whispered to me, "I'm sorry to do this to you again but…" and she nodded toward the restroom. I stood up and let her slide past me.

I sat down and watched as she walked up several rows of seats, her legs flexing with each step, turning gracefully as she slipped behind the door. The thought "Mile High" came to mind, wishing I was slipping into that tiny space behind her. I didn't bother to fasten my seatbelt since she'd be coming right back. This was another of the many little things that just seemed to come together because when she returned to her seat, she grabbed her seatbelt, which apparently pulled mine over to her seat.

As I went to sit down I noticed she was sitting on my seatbelt. I grabbed the end that was on my seat and pulled lightly, whispering, "Sorry, the seatbelts must have tangled."

Now, instead of pulling the seatbelt out herself, or getting well out of the way, she simply moved her leg over just enough so I could retrieve the seatbelt. Mind you Jonathan, I could retrieve the seatbelt, but not without brushing my hand against her outer thigh. I reached down and as daintily as possible I moved my hand along the seatbelt, pulling it from underneath her while the back of my hand ran along her soft skin.

Trying to maintain my composure, I sat down and fastened my seatbelt, noticing that her leg was pressed tight against mine. Trying not to notice, I was about to reach for my book when her hand intercepted mine and gently guided it to her leg. More precisely, she placed my hand on her inner thigh just above her knee.

I remained motionless for a moment, but then decided that I should not interrupt the course of events that led to that incredible moment. I turned slightly in my seat and switched hands, reaching over with my right hand and placing it higher up on her thigh. Once again I paused, half expecting a slap or some indignant rebuff, but instead she leaned back a bit and opened her legs.

Letting my fingertips savor the soft skin of her thigh, I slowly, very slowly moved my hand upward. Since the seatbelt sign was on and all beverage service was cancelled I didn't need to worry about people in the aisle peeking in and the man in the window seat was snoring lightly so I let my fingers continue moving closer and closer to her shorts.

When I looked up at her face and saw her eyes were closed I wasn't sure how to proceed, but when she grasped my left hand and squeezed, I let my fingers slip into the narrow passageway between the fabric of her shorts and her skin. Her panties had some intricate lace along the leg and I let myself linger there, teasing her while slowly working under the elastic.

She slid her hips forward in the seat giving me better access in through the leg of her shorts and I felt my fingertips move in the soft curls of pubic hair. Wondering if she was a natural blonde I twirled my fingers some before moving onward, searching her. When my fingers found the delicate folds of her lips I immediately felt how wet she was and easily slipped a finger inside, noticing her take a quick breath as I did. I pushed deeper first with one finger and then with two, working them in and out of her as she responded by lifting her hips with each penetration.

Once my fingers were moist enough, I withdrew from her pussy and moved upward, following her slit up to her swollen clit. I gently began circling it with my wet fingers, letting the movement of her hips dictate my pace. I could feel her grip on my left hand tightening as I moved faster and faster. She moved her head down onto my shoulder and whispered, "I want to feel you inside me."

I quickly moved my fingers downward and pushed them into her. She was so very wet that my fingers were soon soaking and I was able to easily work three fingers into her. I pushed deep, as deep as I could and then moved back and forth as her hips lifted up to me. After a few moments, she pulled her hips back and leaned so my fingers slipped out of her. Knowing what she wanted I immediately returned to her clit.

She gasped, as I touched it and then rubbing her face on my shoulder quietly moaned, "Oh yes, yes, I'm coming." I circled her clit with my fingers a couple more times and then moved back to her pussy, plunging deep into her. I then stopped moving, letting her pussy pulse on my fingers tightening and the letting go, then tightening again.

I could have stayed like that for hours, my fingers inside her, feeling the softness, the wet warmth of her, but suddenly I felt the plane lurch and realized we had just landed. I gently withdrew my fingers and watched as she straightened up in her seat and then looked over to me. She leaned and kissed me on the cheek whisper, "That was nice, thank you."

We pulled up to the gate but I realized I couldn't immediately stand up, not without poking my fellow passengers with my raging erection. The lady next to me stood up and noticing my predicament, simply smiled and slipped past me. She handed me a business card with the name Robin written on the back and then she headed toward the exit. I quickly adjusted by erection and stood up, but by the time I grabbed my computer back and then waited for several people in front of me to do the same she had left the plane and headed up the walkway.

Once inside the terminal I saw several women with shorts, but none with the incredibly beautiful legs I had caressed on the plane. I simply had to settled on getting my luggage and heading home, which I did without complaint. I mean, yeah I wanted more, but wow just to have experienced what I had.

Considering the strange progression of events I probably won't surprise you that when, after heading into work the next day, I looked at the card she gave me first reading her name on the back several times, I turned it over and looked at the front. I had to laugh when I found myself looking at one of your business cards. Sure enough, there it was:

Jonathan Langtry
The Langtry Agency
14 Farthering Oaks
Londonderry, Maryland

Well Jonathan, given the course of events I really can't believe all this was pure coincidence, I mean there must be some design or destiny involved here. Do you by any chance know a blonde haired woman, maybe thirty-five, forty, attractive named Robin? I mean I can't help but wonder if anything more might have happened if only… if only there'd been more time.

I'm not really sure what I want now, whether to meet her again, maybe write her, or what I really wonder is what she thought of what happened. If you do know her and don't mind if somehow find out about her flight, what she thought. Yeah, yeah, I know this is a long shot, she probably just picked up your card from the office or perhaps from a friend. Please forgive me if I rambled and for believing that what happened was anything more.

Your friend,

Michael Andrews

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