tagNovels and NovellasIn the Hands of Fate Pt. 01

In the Hands of Fate Pt. 01


This started as a short story on here, but I have tweaked it and improved the plot and it has the makings of a great series! Hope everyone enjoys! TC

Ardress wasn't afraid anymore. The prince had spent much time wooing her. His favor upon her had been unprecedented. Not in the history of his people had a common woman been so pursued by royalty...not for marriage anyway. Fear had been her first concern when her guardians had informed her of his interests in her a year ago.

She was only a girl then at 19 and until then, meeting a prince had only been a fairy-tale to her. Her parents were dead and her guardians, Bubi and Tamah, couldn't even afford to send her abroad to further her studies. Since school had stopped for her when she turned 15 she had been helping her family farm and sell produce. It was in the market that Prince Kadari saw her.

Her locks were almost waist-length but she had them tied up off her neck. Her lips were full and her breasts filled the bodice of her threadbare dress. She was poor, there was no mistaking that, but she was beautiful.

Kadari wasn't a lewd man, but the way Ardress had been positioned in the sunlight had made her dress nearly invisible. His eyes lingered over the silhouette of her thick nipples and he imagined them in his mouth for a brief moment. He caught himself in mid-lust for her and chided himself inwardly for being so easily withdrawn from his character. But the woman was beautiful...which probably meant that she was ignorant, vulgar and loose. Such was his luck with the women so far and he wasn't having it.

But she had surprised him. Though she hadn't been schooled since 15, she had been at the top of her class when she finished. She was no fool as he found out during their first conversations together. She had suspected he was royalty when approached her...but she was shocked when the young man who had been coming to chat with her was actually a prince. There were other prince's in the area...many wealthy families claimed royal bloodlines, but Kadari's lineage was official and able to be traced.

He had hid his majesty from her at first and when she questioned him about it he was caught off guard and lied to her. It could have ruined his chances with her because Ardress hated liars, but he explained how he had been used by so many who had only wanted to be with him for his status and wealth. She had mercy on him because she had wanted so badly to believe that he was sincere.

After that they were inseparable and though his family was the cliché stuck-up characters that Ardress expected, Kadari proudly made it clear that she was his choice as a bride and that his wishes would be respected or he would estrange himself from them completely. She hadn't anticipated him declaring his stance so vehemently, but he had won her heart even more-so by doing it and by the time their wedding day arrived she was being treated like one of the family.

It wasn't hard for Kadari's family to fall in love with Ardress; she was polite, intelligent and innocently cute in her ignorance of refined culture. Everything about the wedding ceremony had to be practiced and practiced for her to get all the ethnic rituals of the service right. It had been exhausting all the way up until the reception.

Finally, it was just the two of them. All day people had pressed and jostled for their attention and they had graciously endured it for the sake of Kadari's political relations but in the back of both of their minds had been each other and the night to come. Kadari had already baited her mind with the things that he'd wanted to do to her and the moment they entered the back of the limo he rolled up the partition between them and the driver and then took her in his arms and kissed her like he never had before.

They'd kissed, even upon the lips, but not like they were kissing right then. His tongue softly parted her lips and tasted hers. The flavor of champagne was still in her mouth and it made him even hungrier. The kiss deepened and her tongue met his with a passion that spread between her legs with a rapid heat. She felt like she was melting and desire pulsed within her core.

She had never been with a man, but for some reason she couldn't explain, she needed to know what he felt like inside her. She would have given anything to discover that feeling and she had no idea her lust could be so powerful. She'd made out before, but guys were so anxious to have her she would be instantly turned off. But Kadari had pursued her with self-control. He hadn't hid his desire for her, but he respected her limits, and now that they were married she felt no inhibitions with him. She was his and she was glad to belong to him. She wanted to do everything she'd heard about from her friends who were more experienced.

She'd listened to their tales of being pleasured by a man's mouth and shook her head in ignorance, but when Kadari had pulled her to the side earlier that day and whispered that he wanted to lick her everywhere, the first place she imagined his tongue licking her was between her legs.

Without breaking their oral embrace, Kadari pulled Ardress on top of his lap like a bad Santa. He sat her atop of his hardness and pressed his hips up against her round bottom. Her dress material was satin and she could clearly feel his desire beneath her. His hands slid up her thigh, raising the hem as he did so. He gripped the side of her hip under the dress and pressed her even harder against his groin. He began slowly grinding against her as the limo drove them. She had no idea where they were going and she didn't care.

He finally tore his lips away from her and kissed her neck. The sensation of his mouth on her clavicle was exhilarating and she moaned softly. He smiled at her reaction, happy to be pleasing her in a way they hadn't experienced. As a prince, he'd had his share of women throwing themselves at him, and not that he was proud, but he'd taken advantage of some of them in his weakness. He knew how to please a woman and he planned to reward his bride for being purer than he could offer her of himself.

Her dress was strapless and she watched his head move as he kissed her bare shoulders and chest.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered as he skillfully unzipped the side of her dress and peeled it away from her naked breast. She gasped and shivered as she felt his mouth enclose her nipple and suck. Her eyes closed and her sex trembled as she savored the feel of his tongue licking over her tips within his mouth. First one breast, then the other as her head rolled back. She completely went limp in his arm as he lapped at her nipples and then sucked them, pinching them softly between his fingertips and grinding his hardness against the underside of her rump.

One arm supported her back while the other fondled her breast and then went back under her dress hem, sliding up her inner thigh. She parted her legs like her body told her to; surprised by her own actions...the fact that she had no shame.

When his fingertips reached the apex of her thighs he lightly caressed the imprint of her crease. Her panties were wet to his touch and he rewarded her desire by flicking the tip of his tongue against her nipple as he continued tease her through her panties.

"Sir, we are here," the voice of the driver crackled on the intercom.

Kadari haphazardly pressed the button and muttered, "Keep driving."

"Sir?" The driver's voice indicated that he was puzzled by the request.

"Keep driving," Kadari repeated before suckling Ardress's nipple again.

"But...where to?"

"Anywhere...just go and don't ask me anything else," Kadari ordered with frustration.

The driver got the hint and pulled away from the curb with a knowing smirk. He lit a cigarette. Kadari had specified no smoking but something told him that nobody would notice right now. He stared at the partition as if his x-ray vision would kick in at any moment. What he wouldn't give to be Superman right then.

Gravity pulled at the couple as the limo spun away from the curb again and Ardress was glad not to have to give up her seat of pleasure so soon. Kadari's touch between her legs was driving her insane. It was more pleasure than she had ever felt and yet not enough. Her legs widened upon his lap invoking his touch beyond the soaked panties that clung to her. She had no control over it. She had no idea how wide she had spread them until she felt his hot fingers against her naked desire.

He stroked her where the creaminess flowed and his manhood tightened at how wet she was. Her tiny opening was readying itself for him and when he thought of that truth, his hardness throbbed feeling like he would burst from out of his own skin.

He rubbed her with his hand as she panted and arched her hips to his touch. He lubricated his fingers in her cream and then slathered it all over her sex. She came with such magnitude that she cried out loudly. At first she had been wary of the driver catching onto what they were doing but as she climaxed she couldn't have cared less if the whole world knew.

He brought his fingers up to her mouth and nearly came when she licked her own flavor from them. Kadari lifted her from his lap, laid her back on the long limo seat and slid her panties off as her orgasm still echoed within her.

This is what it's like...oh my God, she thought, her desire still twitching with pleasure.

Kneeling before her he asked, "How do you taste?" She placed her own hand between her legs and stirred. She brought a finger to his lips and he slowly drew it into his mouth, tasting her salty sweetness.

"So damn good," he gruffed and cupped her underside, pulling her to his face. He beheld the beauty of her gift and inhaled the scent of her perfumed oils mingled with fresh desire. This time she was a little shy with his face so close to her most intimate place. He sensed her trepidation.

"Relax," he assured soothingly. "I want you to enjoy everything we do," he gazed into her eyes.

"I am," she admitted and he grinned like a school boy. This made her laugh and put her at ease again.

"Lie back." His tone was gentle but his look was firm. She laid back and admired the scene in the mirrored roof of the limo. What a sight she made: her dress was scrunched up between her breasts and waist. Her bosom and bottoms were exposed. She'd never seen herself as sexy as she saw herself right then.

"Now open your legs for me," he almost whispered and the words itself sent chills up her spine. She spread her legs, still watching herself in the mirror. She watched him kiss her inner thighs. She blinked slowly, her eyes threatening to close in pleasure, but she couldn't stop watching the scene before her.

He spread the flesh of her thighs with his palms and blew against her. The sensation of his breath made her bud tighten. He did it again and watched her pulse. Her breath was becoming shallow and he could tell that she was getting really turned on again; her hips arched to him...begging him to touch her there and stop teasing.

"What do you want," he whispered so close to her that his breath felt warm this time and her belly flipped with more butterflies than she had ever felt at once. Her breath became ragged.

"What do you want me to do," he whispered again and then licked the inside of her thigh slowly from the inside of her knee to the inner joint of her hip bone. He stopped just shy of her sex causing her to writhe...she needed him to touch her and he wouldn't.

"Please, Kadari" she pleaded.

"Please what," he asked before licking the opposite thigh in the same fashion.

"Oh my God," she called out. "Please taste me."

He wasted no time obeying her command. Her legs were open wide for him and with his fingertips he delicately spread her folds and licked the length of her pink flesh. Her mouth opened to cry out but no sound came. Instead she gasped for breath as her head spun out of control.

Kadari opened his mouth wide and filled his appetite, winding his head with each devouring move he made with his lips and tongue. He felt so good that Ardress had stopped moving her hips completely. She lay under the spell of his mouth and let him work his magic. She lifted her head up and watched his head swirl as he pleasured her. The sight of him sucking her hardened jewel was unbearable.

She sucked in her breath through gritted teeth when he flicked the tip of his tongue wildly against her firm desire. She almost climaxed but he stopped.

"You like that huh," he said.

"Yes," she sighed. "I like it...I like it, please." He did it again and she crooned. He gave her bud a long wet suck and flicked his tongue against it again.

"Sh-h-h-h," she began to curse but couldn't finish before a hoarse cry emerged instead. Kadari knew he was blowing her mind and it turned him on to see her in a way no man ever had. He repeated his slow sucking and gently pressed the tip of his forefinger against her opening. She was so wet.

He raised his head and gauged her reaction has he slowly worked the length of his finger inside her. When she had taken all of his finger, he swirled it around. She moaned and wound her waist against his hand.

He deftly inserted his middle finger too. He worked her tight opening with his two fingers and squeezed his hard member with his other hand. He wanted her so badly, but he didn't want their first time to be in the back of a limo. He decided to finish her off again and let the driver finally drop them off at the penthouse he'd rented for the evening. They'd be off to the Cayman's in the morning.

He bent his face back down to her flicked his tongue against her desire while his fingers plied her. His hand was covered in her juices as he worked a third finger inside her and stroked her g-spot with practiced precision.

"Kadari..." she whispered forcefully. She wanted to say more but her brain couldn't think of anything else. "Kadari-i-I," she almost sung as his fingers and mouth drove her crazy. He let go of his erection and reached up to muffle her loudening cries.

With his soft lips against her stiff clit he shook his head vigorously from side to side and pressed his fingertips firmly against her swollen wall.

Her hips bucked wildly as her second orgasm ripped through her with even greater force than the last. She bit down into the flesh of the palm muffling her loud outcry. She tasted blood as her walls rippled around Kadari's deft fingers. To his credit, he didn't even acknowledge the injury. He was so hard that all he could think about was putting his desire where his fingers were.

He laid his head on her abdomen and slid his fingers from within her as she caught her breath.

"I'm so sorry, love," she said with concern as she admired the handiwork of her teeth on his hand. He smiled, her juices smeared around his mouth like a small child with a favorite treat.

"It's nothing. I'm glad I can make you cum like that."

"Is it always like that?" Ardress was serious and that made him laugh aloud.

"This is only the beginning. There's so much more I want to do with you...so many ways I want to please you."

Ardress' stomach flipped with anticipation. This was the best thing she had ever experienced and there was more! Pleasure beyond what she had just felt was unimaginable. What she had just experienced made her feel guilty for not pleasing him in the same way.

She sat up and leaned forward, placing her hand between his legs and squeezing the thick erection. He moaned deeply as her hand caressed his shaft. Instinctively he throbbed and she was amazed at how alive he felt against her touch. She unzipped his trousers and he was about to tell her to stop, but he felt hot skin close around his rock-hard desire and his voice caught in his throat.

"No not like this."


"No buts," he replied and removed her hand from his crotch. He pressed the intercom button and instructed the driver to return to the original destination. Ardress looked disappointed and he laughed aloud at her pouting face; she looked like a school girl.

"There'll be plenty of time for pleasure, my love, I promise. There's much more but this isn't the place. Trust me...I've got the perfect spot for us. You're going to love it."

His excitement was starting to get to her. Being a poor girl growing up, this life of luxury was new to her and she couldn't believe her luck in living a fairytale that most girls only read about before bedtime. Kadari was everything she could have wanted and she couldn't wait to explore the depths of passion with him.

Before the two of them could share another word, the limo screeched to a halt.

"What the..." Kadari started to say, when shots were fired around them. "Get down, Ardress!"

Kadari grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down to the floor of the vehicle.

"What's happening," she screamed as rounds dinged the limo and nicked the bullet-proof glass.

Kadari hit the intercom button, "get us outta here!" He lifted his head just enough to see over the edge of the headrest.

"Shit," he spat and ducked back down, looking around frantically. Ardress still lay upon the floor, half-naked and trembling in fear.

The door locks popped and Kadari rushed to manually click them back locked but he was too late. The door swung open on Ardress' side and she screamed as she was yanked from the limo by her locs.

"Take your hands off of her," she heard Kadari say before a shot fired. She was being stuffed into another vehicle by s strong pair of arms and she couldn't see the limo or Kadari. She couldn't see if he had been shot...but she couldn't hear him yelling anymore. Then she blacked out.

When Ardress awakened, she thought she had dreamed everything. She was in an exquisite room with fresh flowers beside the bed and huge French doors that let in copious amounts of bright sunshine. She sat up, expecting to see her groom come into the room and prove that everything had just been a nightmare.

Instead, a cold voice came in on an intercom and instructed her to get up and get dressed in the clothes that had been provided for her. She was ashamed to look down at herself and see that she was completely naked under the covers. She wondered where she was and how she had gotten there...most of all, where was her husband.

Mikahr watched Ardress on the monitor as she awakened. He watched her startled as his voice crackled over the intercom. She pulled the covers about her as she rose from the bed, searching the corners of the ceiling for cameras. He expected her to go to the bathroom to change. There were cameras there also. She must have suspected so and he smiled as she went back to the bed and dressed herself under the covers. Smart girl.

Not that he hadn't already seen her naked body when she arrived in her ruined wedding gown, breast spilling over and causing his manhood to twitch. She was beautiful. He hadn't expected to be so attracted to her. Kadari had done well for himself in picking a bride...but not so well for himself in the mistreatment of Mikhar's people. He doubted that Ardress even knew of the cruelties her groom had been responsible for.

"Tell her to exit the room and have Cassie take her to eat," Mikahr was ordered by prince Hirundi.

Once she was dressed, she stood, looking around the room. Mikahr ordered her to exit the room and a maid was waiting to escort her.

"Where am I? Where is my husband, Prince Kadari?" She pleaded, but the tall brown-skin woman kept her mouth shut as she led her down the corridor and then down a flight of stairs to a magnificently set table. She gestured for Ardress to sit and the woman refused. She nodded oddly and left Ardress standing there awkwardly, unsure of what to do, though something told her that trying to flee the immaculate home would be foolish at the present time since several guards silently stood against the corners of the room.

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