tagText With AudioIn the Mood 2.0

In the Mood 2.0


This story was a collaborative effort; as I recall, I may have called in a favor in order to make it happen. The basic choreography and most of the text is mine. For the title and the very compelling audio portion, we have the redoubtable Cinner to thank.

* * * * *

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Hello, darling! May I come in? I was hoping you would be home. May I come in? It's very hot outside. Of course, I like the hot weather. And you see I'm wearing the black dress that you said you liked, which makes it that much hotter. I took a long walk downtown, and you know that sometimes when I go walking, I like to fantasize. I was fantasizing about what you and I could do if I came to visit you. And I became very aroused, darling. And did you know that sometimes when I am very aroused, I do wild things? I actually went and asked to use the ladies' room in an office building. And I went in there and stripped completely naked, and then I began to play with my pussy. It felt so good, darling, and it was so exciting because I knew that someone might come in while I was doing it. And after I got myself all worked up, I put my clothes back on and walked some more. And darling, my cunt was so wet! It was squelching as I walked. I was walking through crowds of people, and I was almost afraid they could hear it. Or, darling... maybe they could smell it!

Here, darling, I'll sit a little closer to you. Can you smell my wet cunt? Yes, I think you can, because I see your cock is hard against your pants. You wouldn't believe how wet may panties are. Maybe you would like me to show you. I might do that, but there is something you must do for me first.

I'd like you to strip for me. You don't mind, do you? Please go slowly, I want to savor it. I'm so excited right now. Start by taking off your sandals. Yes... now the other. That's nice. Now your shirt. I like it. Now take down your trousers - tease me with it. Oh, that's lovely. Look how your cock is struggling against your underwear. Do I make your cock hard, darling? Maybe you should let me see how hard. Let the underwear down just a little. Oh, my goodness! You have a beautiful cock. Stroke your cock for me. Oh, that looks so good. I need to taste it, I need to suck it, darling, but not yet. I'm going to deny myself just a little longer. Well, look at us! You are completely naked, and I am fully dressed! And I know, I promised to show you my panties. I will keep my promise. Lie down here on the couch.

Darling, look how your cock is standing up straight. It looks so delicious! But I won't put it in my mouth until I've shown you my panties like I promised. I'm going to straddle your chest and lift up my dress so you can see. See, darling? They're my favorites, the ones you bought for me. And can you see how wet they are? Let me bring them closer. Here, I'll bring them right up by your face. My goodness, darling, they are completely, soaking wet! And do you like the way my wet cunt smells? I'm so glad you like it. I like it, too. Would you like to taste my panties? I'll rub them on your mouth. There, isn't that good? Lick my thighs, too. My juices are all over them. darling, I'm beginning to think that you would like to see my cunt. Would you like that? I'll give you a peek. I'll pull the crotch of my panties aside. There, you see how swollen and wet my cunt is? When I went to the ladies' room and took off all my clothes, I put my finger inside and brought it out all creamy, just like this. Do you like it? And then I rubbed it on my clit like this. Oooh. It's making me even wetter.

Just a moment, darling, I think I should take these panties off now. I'll take off the dress, too. Just give me a second... here I am, darling. Oh, darling, just look at my cunt! The lips are so dark and hairy, and my creamy juices are just everywhere - on my thighs, in my pubic hair, on my cunt lips, on my clit - do you like the way my cunt looks? Would you like to taste it? Oh yes, I bet I taste good. I'm going to rub it right on your face. Oh, that feels so nice! Fuck me with your tongue. Yes, tease my clit! I love it.

But wait, now. It's my turn. I've been so patient. You can eat my pussy some more in just a little while. Let me take off my brassiere. There, darling -- do you like my tits? I like to pinch my nipples like this. Now I'm going to go down here and rub my tits on your cock. I like the way that feels, and your cock smells so exciting, I've been waiting so long -- I've just got to suck it! MMmmmm! Do you like the way I suck your cock, darling? The taste makes my clit ache. Now I'm going to straddle you again and I'm going to put your cock inside my pussy -- oh -- oh -- there! I love how it feels! Can you feel me squeezing your cock with my cunt as I fuck you? Watch - I'm lifting up my tits so I can suck my own nipples! It's so exciting to do that while I fuck your cock. Oh, yes, push it in deep. It's going so deep inside me. It's stretching my cunt, and I feel so wet - would you like to eat my cunt some more? Yes, I'd like that, too. I'm going to turn around this way so we can 69 -- I want to give a good close-up view of my cunt, right up against your face. It's so hot and wet now. Please, darling, just bury your face in it. Do my juices taste good? Yes, suck my clit. Oh yes, suck it good! I'll rub my big wet cunt on your mouth. And you know what I need? I need you to cum in my mouth. Please, darling. I promise to spurt pussy juice all over your face. I'm going to do that soon...very soon... please, I need you to cum, and I want to swallow your cum, and I hope that there's a lot... oh, my... it tastes so good....

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