tagIncest/TabooIncest Island Ch. 02

Incest Island Ch. 02


Will and Bristol were getting good grades in their college programs. Their parents were very happy. Little did their parents know that Will and Bristol had been having nude for the entire Christmas holidays home alone, fucking like bunnies. They fucked on the sofa, on the kitchen table, on every bed in the house, in the showers and bathtubs, in the garage once, and even outside on one oddly warm December night when nobody was watching. They hid their home nudism and incest relationship from their parents, stealing any moment they could to be nude and fuck each other for all of spring semester. Their parents were happy to have kids so serious about their studies that they didn't do out partying...

Summer break began. Will and Bristol were to drive the family motor home out to the family campsite a few hundred kilometres away. Their parents were already there on a business trip and would meet them when they arrived.

"Will, are you excited?" Bristol asked him, smiling at him. She wore a pink t-shirt that fit her compact firm body nicely with matching tight pink shorts that showed her ass off very well. She was barefoot, as she liked to be around the house and whenever she could be.

"I am. A couple days of driving with you, all by ourselves... We might have a lot of fun. By the way, I think those clothes look nice on you. Not that I'm suggesting that you shouldn't be naked all the time..." Will answered her happily, looking her over slowly. Bristol smiled and gave him a kiss.

"If it was up to you, I would be naked and we would be having sex all day every day." she remarked playfully, grabbing his crotch through his shorts.

"Guilty as charged, sis. Are you ready to go soon? It's almost noon. Mom and dad want us there in two days. I don't want to waste any time here, when we could be out on the road in the motor home with it just you and me." Will said, grabbing their bags and taking them outside.

Bristol and Will were soon on their way. Will drove, trying to focus on the road. Bristol had taken her tight pink shorts off, her pretty little feet on the dashboard. Will noticed that her toenails and fingernails were matching silver. He also noticed that she was letting her somewhat long t-shirt slide up higher and higher, giving him a peak of her pretty little pussy as he tried to concentrate on driving.

Will drove as Bristol flashed him, rubbing her lightly furred brunette pussy every now and again. They enjoyed the company of each other, talking and joking around.

"Will, I'm going to go back for a few minutes..." Bristol informed him, then scampered into the back of the motor home. Will just kept on driving, not aware of what was about to happen.

A few minutes later, Bristol came back, her skin flushed pink, her little nipples hard and poking at her thin pink t-shirt. She sat back down on the passenger seat just as she had before, her t-shirt slowly drifting upwards. This time, she couldn't seem to keep her hands off her pussy, rubbing herself under the t-shirt. Will glanced over and saw her climax a few times, wondering what had gotten into her.

"Are you alright?" he asked her curiously. She was breathing a little bit hard, humping her fingers eagerly.

"Hmm, yeah! Why don't you pull over and I can show you why I'm so worked-up." she responded, writhing on the passenger seat.

Will pulled the motor home over at the next parking area. Bristol scampered back into the bedroom waiting for him. He joined her shortly after stopping. She was grinning that naughty grin that usually happened before she wanted to be fucked all day long.

"Do you like it?" Bristol sweetly inquired, innocently lifting her t-shirt off to reveal her perky little breasts with hard small pink nipples. Will's eyes travelled down between her spread legs, for the first time seeing her pussy without the short brown fuzz that she used to keep there. Now it was hairless and ever so cute.

"Very nice! I'm glad you decided to do it." Will answered, giving her a passionate kiss, his hands rubbing her newly bald pussy, feeling as though there was never any hair on it. She shivered and gasped, pushing him down towards her twat.

Will knelt down between his sister's slender legs, kissing her newly bald pussy, licking between the sensitive folds. His tongue slide over smooth skin down there for the first time, her tasty juices already making it damp. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and licked between them, finding her small hard clit. His tongue tickled it as Bristol gasped and held his face against her hot pussy, the smoothness making it feel so much better for her too. She moaned happily, shivering with pleasure. Will poked his tongue between the hairless delicate folds, wiggling it around against her electrified pussy, making Bristol climax with a squirt, squirting Will in the mouth. Will lapped it all up and ate her to another climax.

Standing-up, Will quickly undressed and slide a condom onto his rock-hard 8 inches, pressing it all into Bristol's delicate bald flower, both of them able to see in much more detail how much her tiny hole stretched around him, taking him willingly, enjoying it when he pounded her firmly, making the motor home rock a little bit. Bristol lay there on the double bed on her back, being ravished by her twin brother, taking him deep and fast, her pussy getting even more pink and puffy.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me!" she cried out happily, wriggling around on the bed, trying to stuff more of her big twin brother inside her newly hairless muffin, her slender hips bucking against him.

"Now do you know why I like to keep myself that way too?" Will asked her, feeling her pussy shudder around his dick like she was being shocked.

"I love it, brother. I love it. I'm never letting hair grow there ever again." Bristol mewled like a child, climaxing hard with her brother's dick deep inside her hairless pussy, stretching it out well, as usual. She gasped and breathed hard, some tears streaming from her sexy green eyes as Bristol was overwhelmed with pleasure. Will's cum poured into the condom soon after, as they kept fucking like newly weds.

Bristol felt her pussy feel empty as her brother pulled out from her. She eagerly drank the contents of the condom, gobbling his seamen down. Her delicate little hands with pretty silver fingernails touched his smooth crotch and the month old scar from a hernia repair that had led to her shaving him down there before the operation. Will smiled.

"Sis, next time, let me do it for you, just like you do for me. I would like to make your muffin stay that pretty forever." Will suggested, as Bristol looked up into his eyes with her heart-breaking pretty green eyes.

"I love you, brother." she whimpered submissively.

"I know you do. I love you too. Since we're going to be around mom and dad a lot for the next couple weeks, I suppose we're going to have to be even more careful. They would freak out if they caught us..." Will replied, as they put their clothes back on and returned to the cab of the motor home.

For the rest of the drive, Will and Bristol enjoyed each other at every possible moment. Driving along, Will would receive a wet, deep blow job from his pretty twin sister. Every time they stopped, their hairless genitals would be coming together, rutting like wild animals on the bed and dinette of the motor home. Bristol and Will slept together on the double bed after fucking several times before sleep, waking up together to fuck again, fucking in the kitchen while Bristol made breakfast on the propane stove. Will fucked her from behind, working her pussy from a different angle than usual while she tried to keep their scrambled eggs from burning in the frying pan. They were reduced to carnal pleasure, Bristol and Will loving every moment of it. Condoms were being used like napkins at a large dinner party. The jumbo Costco pack that Bristol had bought before the trip was almost half used when they arrived at the campsite where their parents were expecting them.

"Hi kids, how was your trip? You two didn't fight much, did you?" their dad greeted as they parked the motor home.

"It was a nice trip, dad. We got along just fine." Bristol answered, trying to hold back a smile. Will and Bristol were now both appropriately dressed and pretended like nothing was happening between them.

"Are you sure? You two have been surprisingly civil towards each other for the last couple months. Is that something going on?" their mom inquired. Will smiled.

"No mom, everything is alright. I think that me and Bristol have just matured past all our petty arguments and now we're best friends. We've just grown-up." he said sincerely.

That evening, their parents settled into the motor home. Will and Bristol had to move their stuff into the bunk above the cab because the dinette was now covered with computers and papers of their parents.

"You kids don't mind having to share a bed like you did when you were little, do you? We have to keep our work papers where we can get them." their dad informed them. Will and Bristol looked at each other and shrugged indifferently.

"Sure. She's just my bratty little sister. I'm sure we can deal with sharing a bed..." Will answered, poking Bristol in the ribs playfully. She giggled.

"Alright you two. Try to keep it civil." their mother told them as their parents went back to their paper work that was all over the dinette.

Bristol climbed into the overhead bed and lay down. Will joined her shortly. They didn't kiss, touch, or make love as they normally would have. They kept their clothes on. Both held each other under their blanket all night, getting a good sleep. In the morning, Bristol woke-up early. She poked Will and woke him up too. They instinctively and silently make-out, their underwear soon off as they made love in the bed above the cab in the damp early morning darkness, being slow and gentle about it, trying not to make any noise.

Bristol took Will's condom protected dick deep inside her hairless pussy, kissing him passionately to muffle their mutual gasps of pleasure. She lay under him, their perfectly matched sex organs pleasuring each other. They slowly humped back and forth, back and forth, long deep strokes. Her tight little bald pussy clung to his big hairless dick, their shaven crotches pressed together at times just grinding their smooth spots together. They soon found themselves climaxing with each other, clinging together like cold animals. Bristol drank Will's seamen from their used condom as usual and they disposed of it so that their parents wouldn't find it. Will opened the little window in their double bed bunk, letting the smell of sex leave their little enclosed pleasure palace. With the curtain of their bunk still closed, they re-arranged themselves to be appropriate for their parents when they woke-up, they then both went back to sleep.

That day, the family went for a canoe trip, Will and Bristol acting just like brother and sister should. Bristol was back to her normal self, baggy clothes, shy, innocent. Little did their mom and dad know, Bristol's tiny sensitive breasts were braless and her tight little pussy was hairless as the day she was born in her little boyshirt panties.

"So kids, here is what we came out here for." their dad informed them, as they beached their canoes and walked onto a nicely sized heavily treed island in the lake.

"How do you mean?" Bristol asked curiously.

"Your dad and I have figured that we can live here and you guys can do your college courses using distance learning, if you want to. We bought this island and want to live here. It's your choice, kids." their mother explained. Will and Bristol looked surprised.

"Live on an island, just the four of us? What would we do?" Will pondered.

"You two could live away from distractions that might keep you from studying. TV, girls and boys, parties, and so on... We want you two to keep up your good marks. Whatever you two are doing in school, we want you to keep it up." their dad commented. Will and Bristol smiled at each other innocently.

"So we can live on this island and take our courses through distance education? You think that isolating us will help us do better in school?" Bristol said curiously.

"We think that you two have been doing really well and that it might be nice to live somewhere like here. There is lots of space and I know how both of you like doing stuff outside. You can study and play outside. That's what you do now, any ways. This place is much nicer than where you guys go hiking. We were hoping that you would like it." their dad told them.

"We do like it... Camping and hiking all the time does have an appeal... What do you think, sis?" Will remarked, Bristol looking at the island from the shore.

"Sounds like fun. We need to get stuff from town sometimes too." she replied, smiling happily.

"We will still be going to town once a week or so. Don't worry about that, darling." their mother assured them.

That day, they transported their belongings to the island in canoes. A few days later, movers brought them the rest of the stuff from their old house in a large boat, along with lots of supplies. Will and Bristol each had a little house with a full bathroom, kitchen, table, and bed, like a little apartment, near each other. Their parents lived in a similar but larger house with three bedrooms closer to the shore. They had running water, flushing toilets, hot water, electricity, internet, and satellite TV.

Will helped Bristol arrange her stuff around her little house, then she returned the favour. They ended-up in Bristol's cabin for dinner. Clothes were quickly shed. Bristol bent over the kitchen counter as Will slid his hard condom-covered dick into her tight bald pussy, hearing her gasp and moan with every deep stroke into her. They gently fucked, slow and deep, allowing both to build to a huge orgasm over half an hour, Bristol being driven mad by Will's skilled hands playing with her perky A-cups. Her nipples ached every time he touched them, her pussy feeling stuffed, making her weak in the knees. Will supported her with one arm, using his other hand to fondle his pretty sister's lovely little breasts, his dick keeping the slow and gentle pace. Her pussy muscles rhythmically contracted, trying to pull him in farther into her tiny expanse, milking the cum out of him. They climaxed, sweating a bit, still standing, Will's dick stuck deep inside Bristol's inviting bald pussy. Bristol regained her ability to stand on her own, moving herself off her brother's probe, taking the condom off and gulping down the contents eagerly. She ended-up with some of his cum on her lips and around her mouth, looking very naughty.

"You missed some." Will teased, causing Bristol to lick her lips seductively. She gave him a look of lust, grinning.

"I think I have a special housewarming present for you, brother..." she remarked, bending over again, this time a little farther over, exposing her tightly close pinkish asshole. Will looked at her wet pussy lips and her asshole, smiling. She handed him some lubricant.

"Go slow. I managed to get your toy cock up there after a few tries, but it hurt a little. Make sure you get lots and lots of lube on it first." she added, spreading her firm little ass cheeks for him to have a clearer view of the target she wanted hit. Will donned another condom and applied lots of the lubricant to it.

"Sis, are you sure?" he asked curiously, just as he touched the tip of his stiff dick against her tiny closed asshole. She shivered at the contact and held herself perfectly still.

"Please! I want you to take my anal virginity. Be the first man in my ass, dear brother. Pop my anal cherry! Go gently though. This might hurt if we don't do it really slow and gentle. I'm so small and your dick is so big and hard! Do you think you can fit it inside my tiny little asshole, big brother?" Bristol said seductively. Wiggling her ass against his rock hard shaft, teasing him.

"Hmm... I'll see what I can do, sis. Do promises, but I think I might be able to pop your anal cherry wide open and stuff your pretty little ass full of my dick. Hold on." Will replied, poking into her asshole firmly, applying more and more pressure until her stubborn anal sphincter gave way, Bristol letting out a sudden cry of discomfort as Will's tip was pushed into her virginal anal cavity.

"Keep going, but go slow, big brother. Do me up the ass nice and deep, big brother." she gasped lustfully, holding perfectly still for him. She moaned out loudly as little by little, more and more of his shaft impaled her extremely tight ass, stretching it open for the first time with a real dick. Bristol's breathing became deep and fast, her hands grabbing onto the nearby counter tightly, her knees getting wobbly as more and more of her brother's large stiff dick ploughed it's way into her tiny asshole, stretching her open in a way that she never imagined feeling good.

Will watching curiously as Bristol's anal passage opened enough to take inch after inch, her sphincter in a constant spasm. He slide little by little in, after a few minutes, he stopped. Bristol looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

"All in, sis. Do you like it?" Will informed her, wiggling it around a little so that his hanging balls slapped against her sopping wet pussy. Bristol let out a happy moan, clawing at the counter that she was hanging onto for support.

"Fuck me, big brother! Fuck my tight little asshole!" she whimpered, looking like a horny lost kitten begging for milk. Will smiled at her and started moving back and forth slowing deep within her ass, making her moan and scream out like he had never heard her do before. He slide almost all the way out, then moved it all back in, Bristol loving it, sobbing and moaning hysterically. Will noticed that his sister's normally pale skin was getting a nice pinkish tinge to it as she became more and more aroused, her ass humping back against his dick after a few strokes, his crotch and her ass cheeks slapping together firmly, Bristol taking her brother's dick up her firm little ass as though she was meant to. Will put one arm around her slender hips and fucked her ass with some energy, slapping his balls against her pussy lips every few seconds, his other hand playing with her clit. Bristol was moaning like an animal in heat, hardly able to stand and shaking. Her bald pussy sending shivers of pleasure through her compact sexy little body, her ass being stretched open and invaded deeply for the first time by her brother's big hard dick making her pussy soak and squirt in climax, a multiple orgasm following, her entire body giving out on her. She was held up by Will, who kept on fucking her tight little ass at a steady pace, reaming her once virgin rectum out deep. Bristol was just a pretty nude doll for Will to get pleasure from at that moment, as she flopped around like a sexy life-size toy. Her asshole's constant contractions soon had Will unloading into the condom that separated Bristol's delicate rectal cavity from his raging dick that had reamed her out deep. Will almost fell over while cumming, trying to keep fucking his naughty sister's ass, but stopping with his shaft plugging her tiny asshole tightly, thrusting up into her in a vain attempt to wedge more up into her...

After a few minutes, Bristol felt Will extract his softening member from her now sore ass. She tried to stand-up straight, but felt a strange new aching coming from her well used ass. Will smiled at her, throwing the used condom out.

"So, is the house warm yet? Do you want me to do that again?" Will remarked playfully, noticing that Bristol's asshole was now reddish and stretched open slightly, closing as he watched it for a moment.

"Oh shit, brother, that was awesome! Once was enough for me for tonight. My ass is sore now, sore in such a nice way!" Bristol replied, laying on the bed on her flat tummy. Will went over to her and rubbed her back and firm little bum cheeks.

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