tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIndian Captive: The Quirt

Indian Captive: The Quirt


Indian Captive – The Quirt

She knew she shouldn’t be so happy in her present situation, but she was. She was at the complete mercy of a savage and loving every minute. The work was hard, but she had been doing her share every day. The squaw who had been with her on the first day was now her teacher. Her name she had learned was Grey Dove and the her warrior’s name was Black Wolf.

“It is time to gather wood for the evening fire,” commanded the squaw in the late afternoon.

“I am too tired,” she told her.

“It would not be wise to anger Black Wolf,” the squaw replied.

“I’m not afraid,” she replied. “He cares for me.”

“Do not confuse his caring with the way a warrior will care for any of his prize possessions,” the squaw countered. “I am going to gather wood as you should be doing.”

Several hours later the warrior returned from the hunt with several of his fellow warriors. They had been successful and carried four deer for the camp. He immediately noticed the lack of smoke coming from his lodge and sought out Grey Dove.

“Why is there no fire in my lodge?” he asked.

“Your slave refused to gather wood with the other woman today,” she replied. “She claimed she was too tired, and you cared too much for her to over burden herself with to many chores.”

“I see,” he replied. “Has she learned how to braid yet?”

“No, I have been trying to teach her the simpler skills she will need to know.”

“Teach her to braid tomorrow,” he replied. “I will give her the quills to use to make the handle stiff. She should learn how to work with five pieces of leather as is customary. Keep the unbraided part at least four of her hands long.”

“I will gladly show her how to do it,” she said with a smile. “Should I tell her what it is for, if she asks?”

“No. I will show her when I return tomorrow afternoon,” he answered with his own smile. “She will learn I do care enough to ensure she does not forget her place.”

“Are you hungry?” she asked. “I will cook meat for you now if you wish.”

“No. I ate with the other warriors when the kill was fresh to show my respect to the deer.”

“That is good, and how it should be,” Grey Dove replied. “But, the meat still needs to be taken care of so it will not go to waste.”

“You will see to it?” he asked.

“It will be taken care of,” she answered.

The warrior pushed open the doorway flap to his lodge and allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness of its interior. There should have been a fire lighting the interior and warming it for his arrival. Instead, he found his new slave sleeping in his bed of furs. He sat down next to her and began to stroke the smooth white skin of her arm.

“You are back,” she said with a start.

“Yes, I have returned from the deer hunt,” he replied. “Now it is time for me to hunt you.”

“I like to be hunted by you,” she answered with a blush she hoped he couldn’t see.

“That is how it should be between a warrior and his woman,” as he pulled the furs from her. She was naked under the furs and arched her full breasts upwards towards him. Her pale form contrasted with the darkness of the furs.

Grasping a breast in each hand, he rolled her nipples between his fingers until they became hard. He could tell she was becoming aroused from her small moans of pleasure and the smell of her arousal. As his one hand drifted downward over her belly, she eagerly spread her legs to accommodate his hand. Already, she was ready for him.

He lowered his mouth to the nipple he had let go of and drew it into his mouth as he suckled on it. Her breathing began to quicken as his fingers found the small nub nestled between wet lips. He alternated between her breasts as he stroked her with his fingers.

Moving from her side, he positioned himself between her split thighs. Grasping her thighs with his strong hands, he pulled her upward until he could reach her with his tongue. She gasped with pleasure as he ran his tongue up and down her wet opening. Her legs instinctively came to rest on his shoulders as she arched her back to find his tongue.

Placing one hand under her bottom to steady her, he used his other hand to stroke in and out of her while he pleasured her with his tongue. Every time he stroked her nub with his tongue, she would let a small cry of pleasure. Her juices were flowing freely, and he easily slipped a finger into her other opening as he stroked her with his fingers. It was too much for her. She lost control.

Lowering her spasming body to the ground, he swiftly entered her in one stroke. Still engulfed in her pleasure, he worked to drive her to even higher levels of pleasure. She didn’t stand a chance as the second and even stronger waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Feeling his own body responding to her responsiveness, he pulled out just in time to spray her abdomen with his seed.

“I didn’t know it could be so strong,” she told him when she finally caught her breathe. “That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt.”

“I am pleased you enjoyed it,” he replied. “Now you will attend to me.”

She grabbed a piece of clothe to wipe off her belly so that she would not soil the furs before she positioned herself between his thighs. Lowering her head, she began to lick him clean as he had taught her to do on the very first day. Her tongue stroked up and down his hard shaft as she sought every drop of her own juices along with his.

When he was thoroughly cleaned, she took him into her mouth. Her head began to bob up and down as she applied herself to his pleasure. Each time she worked to take more and more of him into her mouth. She did not have to struggle with his length for very long as he quickly took control.

Grasping her head firmly in hands, he forced his member deep into her throat. She would have gagged, but she was given no opportunity to. His powerful thrusts brought her nose into his groin on every thrust and she struggled to breathe as he pulled back out. His virility saved her as he was soon ready again. His seed flooded her mouth as she worked to swallow it all. She suckled all of the remaining seed from him and licked his member clean again before moving up to lie next to him. He allowed her to snuggle next to him as he pulled the furs and blankets up over both of them. He smiled a grim smile as he considered what tomorrow held in store for her.

He awoke with the rising of the sun, feeling well rested from his sleep. Today would be a very important day for both him and his slave. He nudged her to wake up. He would give her the instructions for what he wanted her to do during the day.

“Is it morning all ready?” she asked.

“Yes, it is,” he answered. “I have a very important chore for you to do today. You will seek out Gray Dove and ask her to show you how to braid. You will take ten of the quills from the quiver in the corner to use in your braiding.”

“Am I going to braid anything important?” she asked.

“Yes. It will aid me in the keeping of one of my animals,” he replied. “I expect you to listen to Gray Dove very closely, or I will be very displeased with you.”

“I will not disappoint you,” she replied.

He left to get some of the meat Grey Dove had cooked the night before, before he joined with the other hunters.

“She knows she is to braid something for me to use with one of my animals,” he told her. “She has been warned I will not accept anything but excellent work.”

“I will do my best to teach her for you,” she answered laughingly.

Later in the morning, the captive finally showed up for her braiding lesson. She had went back to sleep after Black Wolf left. She had slept for almost two more hours. She was not concerned about him punishing her for sleeping late. After all, he had not been concerned about the lack of a fire last night as Grey Dove had said he would be.

“Grey Dove,” she called out to the squaw. “I am here for my braiding lessons. I have brought the quills to use.”

“You are late,” Grey Dove replied.

“I was so tired from last night and working so hard yesterday, I fell back asleep,” she answered. “Besides, I have been braiding things since I was a little girl and I should be able to learn how to do this very quickly.”

“Good,” said Grey Dove. “Here are the five pieces of leather you are to use with the quills. I will start the bottom and you can hopefully finish it by yourself.”

Grey Dove knotted the leather strips together and showed her how to weave the strips around the ten quills she had brought with her. The weave was very simple to look at, but proved to be difficult to actually do. However, she did not give up and by noon had managed to weave the quills and leather together correctly.

“What about the rest of the leather strips?” she asked Grey Dove.

“Black Wolf said to leave four of your hand lengths,” Grey Dove replied. “The rest we will save for use in the future. Now, I am going to gather wood. Do you wish to come with me?

“No, not today, I am going to go rest and wait for Gray Wolf to return,” she replied. “I will take some of the cooked meat, though, so there will be something for him to eat if he is hungry when he returns.”

Grey Dove watched her walk away with the meat in one hand and her braiding in the other. She knew the girl would eat most of the meat herself, and did not pity her for what was going to happen to her when Black Wolf returned. How quickly she had forgotten what her place was, just because Black Wolf didn’t believe in treating his animals with cruelty.

Black Wolf immediately sought out Grey Dove when he returned from the hunt. For the second day in a row, the hunters had been very successful and had also caught a trapper trespassing upon their lands. There would be plenty of meat for all. The camp would feast well tonight and for several more days to come.

“Did she do well,” he asked.

“She was able to learn the braid,” she replied.

“Where is she now?”

“She is resting, while she waits for your return.”

“Gather the camp for me,” he commanded. “It is time for her to be reminded of her place among us. The trapper will be useful in her training.”

He found her dozing in his lodge as Grey Dove had said he would. She was fully clothed as she should not have been in the lodge. The quirt she had braided for him had fallen from her hand as she slept. It lay on the ground next to her. It was good work and he was glad she had done a good job on it. He would not have to punish her for bad braiding at least.

“Wake up little one,” he said to her while nudging her sleeping form with his foot.

“You have returned all ready. Is it night fall?”

“No, it is only early evening. You need to hurry up. There is a big event planned for this evening in the center of the camp. Everyone is already gathering. We don’t want to be late.”

She hurried to straighten her clothing, but asked to attend to some basic needs as soon as they were outside of his lodge.

“That would be a good idea,” he answered. “The event may last well into the evening and once you are there, you will find it hard to leave.”

As they walked to the meeting area, she noticed he had found her braid work. He was swinging it back and forth in his hand as they walked. The loose leather pieces made a swishing sound as they moved.

“Do you like my braid work?” she asked.

“Yes. You did a fine job on it. I am sure the people at the gathering will appreciate the effort you put into, also.”

She noticed that the meeting area was filled with the entire camp by the time they got there. There must have been at least a hundred people there. Even the old men and women had come for whatever the special event was to be.

“It appears we are the last to arrive,” he told her as he guided her to an empty skin stretcher frame. Quickly, and much to her surprise, he bound her wrists to the overhead bar using the lengths of cord already attached to the bar.

“What are you doing?” she almost yelled at him. “Why are you tying me up like this?”

She would have said more, but the look on his face brought her to immediate silence. The eyes which were laughing earlier were no longer laughing. His face had turned into a stone mask of coldness.

“What are you?” he asked.

“I am your woman,” she answered.


“I am your captive?”


“I am your slave,” she answered in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Correct. What is your name?’


“Wrong. You have no name.”

“I am nameless.”

“Correct. What is your responsibility?”

“I am to be pleasing to you at all times.”

“Have you been pleasing to me at all times?”

The entire camp had been silent throughout their whole conversation up to this point. Now it sounded as if the wind itself was being quiet as everyone waited to here how she would answer.


Everyone seemed to let out a collective sigh as she answered the question honestly. It would not have been in her best interest to have lied to him in front of the whole camp.

“When you gave up your status as a captive and I agreed to accept you as my slave, what did I tell you would happen if you were not pleasing?”

“I would be punished.”

“The time of your punishment is at hand. That is why I had you braid this quirt for me. You will be punished by the very whip you have created. It is a fitting punishment as you have brought this punishment upon yourself by being lazy and arrogant.”

He removed his hunting knife from its holder and moved towards her. She pulled back in the restraints as far as she could as she begged him not to hurt her. She almost fainted with relief as he only cut her dress from her. Her feelings of relief from not being cut were so great; she forgot all about being naked in front of the entire camp.

“You will not be permitted any clothes until I allow them again.”

“Yes, my master.”

“Now we will begin your whipping. How many times do you think you should be whipped?”

“I do not know, my master. I did not mean to displease you. It was an accident. You were so kind to me; I forgot what I was.”

“You will receive ten blows for each day you failed to help gather wood with the other women. Then you will receive ten blows for failing to show proper respect to Grey Dove. I will tell you the rest of your punishment when this part is completed. How many blows are you to receive?”

“Thirty. Please be kind master.”

“You will count them as you receive them. If you lose count, I will start over.”

The first blow was delivered to the small of her back and brought a loud gasp of pain from her, but she remembered to count. He had given her the blow which he thought would be the most painful first to help her better cope with the pain to come. He was not interested in hurting his slave, just in reminding her of her proper place. After all, what good was a slave who was injured and couldn’t work?

“Thirty,” she gasped as the last blow fell upon her striped back. She had long since given up on trying to stand and was just hanging in the frame. Her whole back and upper thighs were covered with red streaks. However, the whip had not broken the skin anywhere and there was no bleeding to be found.

He cut her down and watched as she collapsed to the ground. She had fainted shortly after she called out her last number. A bucket of water was handed to him. He dumped the icy water on her back to revive her. It worked very well.

“Bring the trespasser forward,” he called out.

The trapper was brought forward and thrust to his knees in front of Black Wolf.

“You were caught trapping upon our lands with out our permission.”

“I did not realize I had wandered into your lands. I am new to the area and would have asked permission if I had known these lands were claimed.”

“Even so, we can not allow such a thing to go unpunished. If I did, others would come and take form us.”

“While I would ask for you to pardon my crime this time, I respect your reasoning. I only ask that the punishment fit the actual severity of the crime.”

“Your punishment will be two fold. First, you will receive one blow with the whip for trapping without permission. The second part will be to help around the camp for one week. This time will repay the camp for the furs you have taken on our lands.”

Black Wolf then lightly struck the trapper across the back with whip he had just finished beating his slave with. The blow was purely symbolic and the camp elders nodded their approval. He had upheld the laws of the camp while maintaining the dignity of the people for a crime committed in error.

“There is one privilege which will be yours for tonight. I have a slave who is being punished for failing to act as a proper slave; her use will be yours for the night. You may use her as you like as long as you do not take her in a manner which might cause her to become with child.”

“She is to be used as the lowest of slaves?” asked the trapper.

“Yes, her comfort is not your concern. However, she is not to be disfigured or injured so that she can not perform her normal duties.”

“I thank you and your people for this gift, and their fairness in dealing with my mistake.”

Black Wolf walked over to where the slave lay sobbing in the dirt. He pulled her head up by her hair and looked deeply into her eyes.

“You will go with this man. You will please him with every ounce of skill you possess. If he is not satisfied with you in the morning, you will be severely beaten. Do not disappoint me again.”

“Yes, my master.”

The trapper grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. He was not gentle in his handling of her. Once she was standing, he kept her bent over at the waist as he walked to the lodge indicated for his use. He could see the welts on her back and knew they must be painful, but her comfort was not to be his concern.

“Remove my pants, bitch,” he said to her as soon as they were in the lodge and he had let go of her hair.

“Yes, sir,” she replied as she applied herself to the task.

His member was already hard since he had not had a woman in several months. The thought of having a woman as his slave for an entire night was causing drops of his seed to leak from him already.

“Lick the seed from the end of my member.”

Dutifully, she lapped the leaking seed from him. It had a strong bitter taste to it. She much preferred the taste of her warrior’s seed to the trapper’s.

Over come with his desire to find his release, he grabbed her by the head and rammed his member deep into her mouth. He was long enough to cause her to gag, but he didn’t care at this point. He was only concerned with his own need at this point.

While not prepared for the sudden thrust into her mouth, she quickly adjusted to his frantic thrusting. Luckily, he was not as long as her warrior. She was able to breathe once he found a rhythm of sorts. She even attempted to use her tongue on him to help him spill his seed sooner.

“Damn, your mouth feels good,” groaned the trapper. “There’s no doubt you were born to suck a man’s member.”

The sound of his own voice, voicing out loud the pleasure he was receiving, put him over the edge. Jet after jet of hot, thick, bitter seed coated the inside of her mouth. It was a struggle for her to swallow it all as he shot it into her mouth. Prevail she did though, not wishing to risk not pleasing him in any way.

The trapper had never had a woman like this before who was so dedicated to giving him pleasure. He wondered if all of the Indian women treated their warriors this well, or if this particular slave was an exception. Either way, he intended to use this one as much as possible while she was his to use.

”Get on your back next to the fire,” he commanded her. “I want to get a good look at the goods you have to offer.”

Kneeling next to her, he grabbed her closest breast to feel the weight of it in his hand. Her breast had a nice heavy feel to it and easily filled his hand. Her nipple was erect enough for him to grab it between his finger and thumb, so he did. Twisting and pulling on it, he brought it to a hard nub between his fingers.

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