tagIncest/TabooInside My Sister's Bedroom

Inside My Sister's Bedroom


I had always been sexually attracted to my sister for as long as I could remember. How could I not be? She is a petite woman, about 5'3", 110 lb., dark brown hair a bit past her shoulders, hazel eyes, rather thin but extremely sexy lips, and a tight little body that stays firm from regular workouts. Her breasts are small but perfectly round and firm, and her ass is gaspingly tight. There is no question she is gorgeous, and I've been listening to my friends talk about wanting to bang my sister for many years now. What they don't know, and what no one knows, is that I've always wanted to also. Yes indeed, my older sister Jill has been the subject of my sexual fantasies ever since I first learned about the wonderful world of masturbation.

Jill is my only sister and about 4 years older than me. Being the only siblings and living in an area with no other kids around, her and I were always very close. We've always gotten along well and been the best of friends. At one point, her and I were going to school and working at the same places, and so we'd end up being with one another pretty much every minute from morning to night. Growing up in a small house, we even shared a bedroom with bunkbeds, and nightly I'd lie in the bunk below her dreaming about how badly I'd love to be sharing bunks with her instead.

I had always felt some guilt regarding these feelings I had for Jill. As a young teenager I felt like it was wrong for me to peek at my own sister sunbathing in the backyard while I stroked myself with fury. It had always thought it an underlying immoral thing, when I'd itch so badly to catch a moment of her naked and wet body when she got out of the shower. Originally I had thought it was a pubescent phase that I'd soon grow out of, but this desire for my sister continued and grew stronger as both her and I reached our mature, adult lives. Every day I'd put my guilt on hold for the few minutes it'd take me to think of Jill and explode with incestual orgasm. I would constantly set small mental goals for myself in hopes of ridding my mind of these 'wrong' incestual thoughts, but such were never met. I'd promise myself to stop thinking of her once she got married, or once she had a kid. But here I am now at 28 years old and my sister at 32, and I still yearn for her as bad as when I was 13.

So I learned to accept it, and even sometimes try on occasion to include it somehow in my more physical sex life. I would call phone-sex operators and get off on the thrill of finally telling someone about my feelings for my sister. Even the act of hearing myself say it out loud to someone that I wanted to fuck my sister, would supply me with a body trembling thrill. At one time, I even dispelled this fantasy of mine to an extremely open minded girlfriend, who would ask me questions about my sister as we fucked. I'd search out erotic stories and pictures on the Internet that somehow reminded me of myself and Jill. And many many times, I'd contemplate just telling Jill one day how I felt, with the small hope of her also wanting me. I dared not though out of the fear of how it might potential ruin our brother/sister relationship forever.

About 6 years ago I moved to another state, but only a 4 hour drive from Jill and her husband's place. With it being such a short drive, I'd visit her often, even if just for a weekend or a few days. I loved these trips more than I can convey, since usually I stayed in a guest room located directly next to my sister and her husband's bedroom. I'd masturbate vigorously hoping even to just hear some sounds of sex, as my sister was made love to by her husband. Such things never happened though, and at best I might catch a brief glimpse or two of her toweled body coming from the shower.

About a month ago I decided to pay my sister a visit, since I had a few days off from work. I figured I would come there on Thursday and make a long weekend out of enjoying the hot summer sun with her and her family. When discussing my plans with Jill, she told me that both her and her husband would be working the day I planned on arriving, but that it was OK for me to let myself into her house using the hidden spare key. I suggested that I come later on in the day, but she insisted that it'd be better if I traveled in the daylight and without having to deal with the rush hour traffic. I agreed and thanked her for being cool and letting me hang out at her place alone.

On the drive there, I began to think about the potential I might have to see Jill in some sort of sexual way or state of nakedness. Knowing that I'd be alone in her house for many hours, I dared to think that I might scavenge her underwear drawer or masturbate onto her pillow where she laid head at night. All the while, fighting these urges and telling myself how wrong it is for a man to think of his own sister in those kinds of ways.

After a few hours of driving, resisting my incestual thoughts, and attempting to ignore my raging erection, I reached my sister's house and pulled into the driveway. I found the hidden spare key where Jill had told me it was, and let myself in. Eager to masturbate, I set my bags down and plopped myself onto her living room couch.

Immediately I was feeling the rush of the situation. Although I knew that my sister and her husband wouldn't return home from work for many hours, there was still a thought in the back of my mind that knew there was at least some potential of getting caught. After all, I was masturbating right there out in the open, in my sister's house, and on my sister's couch. The blood filled my sex in full force, as I yearned for my sister to walk in and catch me with my cock in hand. I wondered what I'd say. I wondered what kind of look she'd have on her face when she caught her little brother, fully erect and stroking himself. If it happened, I wondered if I'd tell Jill that I was thinking of her while doing it.

As my momentum started to build, I thought I had heard a soft pant. Quickly I stopped stroking to see if I had really heard it or if my fantasies had just gotten the best of me. For a few seconds there was silence, and just when I had dismissed the sound as coming from inside my head, I heard it again. Immediately I zipped myself up, and investigated further.

My heart was racing at the thought that I hadn't been alone. My cock was throbbing thinking that it might actually have been my sister there, maybe even watching me. Here I was completely absorbed in the fantasy of getting caught, and now it seemed as if it might have been a reality. My heart skipped a beat hoping that it was.

I began to tiptoe my way around a bit, hoping to decipher exactly where the sounds were coming from. As I did, I heard another which was different than a breathe. It was more of a 'wet' breathe, if such an adjective will suffice, and it seemed to be coming from the end of the hall where both the guest-room and my sister's bedroom were located. I slowly and quietly made my way down toward the bedrooms, and heard the sound louder as I approached. Indeed it was a combination of breathing and slurping, and was definitely coming from my sister's bedroom.

I was ecstatic. The thrill of potentially being caught was nothing compared to what my imagination was dreaming up now. I positioned myself closer to the bedroom door, hoping that the sounds would weave me an amazingly detailed mental picture. My mind filled with thousands of thoughts a second of just exactly what might be happening behind that door. Had my sister forgotten I was going to visit her that day? Did her and her hubby stay home for some hot daytime sex while the kids were at summer school? Was Jill giving her husband a blowjob, or was she getting her pussy eaten? Would I be daring enough to stand there and masturbate to the sexual sounds of my sister fucking her husband?

Just then a moan filled my ear-space. There was no questioning it now, there was something definitely happening behind that door. Something involving breaths, slurps, and moans. The image filled my head of my sister mounted atop her husband, bucking and grinding away at his cock, as she made love. I was overwhelmed and unable at that point to even care about ramifications. I took out my penis, and began stroking it hard and hasty, while my ears and mind were filled with what I had always hoped for when making these visits.

Just then it hit me. How could I have been so stupid? Panting. Slurping. Groans. I mean c'mon, would my sister actually forget that her brother was coming to visit her, take off work, have her husband take off work, and then fuck him with reckless abandon? Hell no. My own fantasies had completely distorted my perception of reality, and right then I knew it. These sounds were not the wondrous vibrations of sex being made, but rather my sister's dog.

I had completely forgotten about the dog. I smirked to myself as I remembered how my sister's dog very often spends the daytime sleeping on my sister's bed. He was a big old oaf of an animal, and was probably in there licking himself, panting from the heat, and making noise. God I felt so foolish. There I was, throbbing erect cock in hand, dreaming of actually hearing my own sister fucking her husband, and in reality it was a frigging dog licking his own balls. I grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and burst into the bedroom.

Frozen. Speechless. Shocked beyond comprehension. It is even difficult for me to express now after the fact, in writing. I was wrong. Wrong in every sense of the imagination. Wrong about my fantasy. Wrong about what I had thought was reality. Wrong and standing dead smack in the middle of it with an erection.

It was not the dog in my sisters bedroom, and it was not my sister humping her husband in my sister's bedroom. It was not anything that I had dreamed about, in my sister's bedroom.

When I had barged into the room expecting to see the dog, my eyes were first filled with my sister's naked body. She was kneeling. She was sucking. She was...

I'll set aside fluidity here and just say it flat out: My sister Jill was on her knees giving head to a black man. Yup. My first initial thoughts were semi-true; I was indeed hearing sexual noises coming from the bedroom. But these sexual sounds stemmed not from my sister and her husband, but rather, my sister sucking hard on an immense black prick.

It all happened in a matter of seconds, but before my sudden bursting entrance was even calculated by Jill and her friend, my sister knelt there bobbing her mouth up, down, and around a dark black cock, maybe 10 inches long. She was REALLY into it, as was the man. Her white hands, wrapped tightly around his shaft and stroking him, looked tiny in comparison to his overwhelming size. My sister's mouth was filled with throbbing, slick, black cock.

I let out an uncontrollable "Oh my God", and the black man said much the same as he pulled himself out of my sister's mouth and instinctually crouched to cover himself. Time seemed to stand still, even though it was really only a few seconds. It was as if no sounds were made, but rather three pairs of eyes stared deep into one another. Three people, caught, in every sense of the word. Three people, naked, and near bursting in sexual lust.

As my hand subliminally found its way to covering my erection, "Jill, what are you doing?" escaped from my dumbfounded lips. Her face flushed with redness, her eyes stared into mine with embarrassment, and she slouched herself back a bit thus sitting on her knees. She made an attempt to speak, but the overwhelmingness of the situation made it not much more than an inaudible "I...I...ugh...uhmmmm".

My own words tried to shake the situation into coherency. "Jill?...What the hell are you doing?....Who is this guy?" My sister covered her face in her hands and let out a gasping sigh of frustration. She had been caught cheating by her own brother, and although I don't considered either her or I prejudice in any way, she was caught with a black man. For as long as I've known her, Jill never even dated anyone outside of her race, and so the oddity of it alone made it somewhat taboo.

Perhaps the shear frustration and embarrassment of the situation forced Jill to quickly get her thoughts together and become extremely forthright. The moment only had but a few seconds to be awkward, before my sister just took a breath, swallowed and blurted it all out with a stern calmness.

"I don't know what to say...Uhmmmm...This is Keith...He and I work together, and recently we became involved with one another...mmmmmmmm...God...I don't know what...I didn't think you were coming here until later on today?"

Still feeling the effects of being stunned, I answered her with silence. Keith and I made eye contact and half-nodded at one another in recognition, although such a situation is hardly the place for introduction or acquaintance making. One might think that first instincts would cause us all to cover up, but strangely it didn't. Everything happened so fast and suddenly, that we all just seemed to accept the nakedness; or at least for now within the first parts of the moment. As the seconds progress however, Keith slowly slide himself to sitting on the edge of the bed.

I blurted, "Jill, I can't believe you're doing this. You're married! What the hell is wrong with you?".

Jill's head slowly bowed a bit as she thought of my words. The situation was raw, and hearts were beating almost as fast as the breathes fueling them. As I looked at my sister, naked and sitting on her knees, she raised her head in an apparent revelation.

"But what about you?..Why are you bursting into my bedroom with your dick out?"

Blushing waves swelled over me as she took this defensive. Without any sort of malice, my sister had managed to turn the tables completely around on me. My mind raced, as I stumbled for words.

"Where you listening to us?...Did that turn you on to hear me with Keith?...Just what exactly were you planning to find when you burst in here?"

I wiped my brow out of nervousness, as a small smirk slide its way onto my face. She was right, and she was slowly discovering it. Sure she might have just been caught cheating on her husband, but it was her own brother that caught her by bursting into her bedroom with an erection hanging out of his pants. An explanation was needed, but unfortunately I couldn't contrive one. A few sounds barely resembling words escaped from my nervous frame, before my sister continued:

"Were you playing with yourself as you listened to us? Answer me!"

Before I could answer, Keith finally spoke for the first time. Perhaps it was because he felt somehow more distant from the situation, or maybe he just felt someone might as well have the courage to say it out loud. He stated with stern:

"Wait a minute. I was enjoying what was going on. Jill? I think you were enjoying what was going on. And your brother here, well it seems that he was enjoying what was going on too. So rather than sit here feeling awkward and trying to explain the unexplainable, why don't we just get back to what we all were doing?"

'Dear God', I thought to myself. Was this guy serious? Did he actually think that given what just happened, we all could just go back in time two minutes? Did he think that my sister would just get back to blowing him, knowing that her little brother was there getting off on it? But as with most things, my mind has an ebb and flow, and the other side of his suggestion took light. Keith was right, I had been enjoying listening, and wanted something like that to happen since as long as I could remember. All those times when my mind ached from feeling the need to tell my sister that I wanted her, could now be soothed. I had caught her and she had caught me, and so that seemed to cancel out any sort of embarrassment or wrong doing.

I shifted my eyes toward Jill so as to gage her reaction to Keith's words. She was silent before turning to look at me. Perhaps she too was trying to interpret how I felt. I knew deep down in my heart and loins that I wanted it, but I just couldn't muster the chutzpah to let it be known. As if Jill felt my dilemma, she responded to me:

"Do you wanna try it?"

"What?" I asked, as if I really needed an explanation. I didn't, but I needed to hear Jill say it out loud, just to believe it and to determine exactly how serious she was about it.

"Do you wanna stay here and watch me and Keith?"

It sounds cliché, but I couldn't believe it was happening. For my entire life I've dreamed of something like this and yearned for it to become a reality. And finally it was. My own sister was on her knees in front of me, naked, asking if I wanted to watch her give a black man a blowjob.

My body's functions were all working at once. Endorphins and adrenaline kicked it and consumed me. My mind was flush with the summit of sexual excitement and nervousness. I could physically feel myself tremble, and my cock answered the question with a throbbing yes. I probably should have let these unconscious actions take control, but the realist in me responded:

"Are you serious Jill? You wouldn't mind? You wouldn't feel funny?..."

Something must have clicked in Jill's head at that point, and made her feel confident and excited about what was going to happen. She looked me in the eyes and smiled brightly as she said,

"You're my brother. I would never feel funny around you. I don't mind at all. Actually I'm thinking it’s a really good idea."

When she said that, I knew that she had accepted it all and even loved it. What was only a few seconds ago a chaotic and extremely awkward situation, now was one of complete revelating release. Jill had now known that her little brother was sexually turned on by her, and I had now known Jill's adulterous secret. Both of us were probably consumed by the guilt of these secrets, and once revealed, they were openly accepted.

Everyone there knew what the other wanted, and so I didn't even have to answer my sister's question. Jill held out her hand as if to invite me closer to her, and at the same time, Keith stood up and made his way in front of her again. Jill pulled me close, so that I was standing and facing her from the side. Keith was slowly stroking himself, getting his cock harder, while my sister just stared deep into my eyes. Without ever breaking our gaze, she opened her mouth, and slowly slide Keith's black cock deep inside her. She kept her eyes fixed on me the entire time, as she wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft, twirling and dancing her tongue around the now slick black skin. Her cheeks would occasionally concave inward, as she sucked harder and harder on the massive cock in front of her. My sister was giving a blowjob while she watched her brother watching it.

I was consumed. I was stunned. I was ready to burst. All that I had dreamed and wished for was now happening before me only inches away. I was close enough so that I could even feel the sexual heat escaping from Jill and Keith's bodies. Perhaps I was overloaded by the sights and experience before me, but my mind didn't even tell my body to masturbate yet. The non-reality of watching my own sister on her knees giving head, had satisfied me into frozenness. True my cock was bulging and bursting, and mere inches from my sister's face, but my overwhelmed mind just wasn't telling my body to do anything about it.

Jill continued to suck the black cock before her with more vigor, and I think the moment had managed to completely overtake her with sexual excitement. She was getting extremely turned on by maybe what she considered being dirty. She was sucking a cock. Milking it for all it could give her, while her own brother stood next to her and watched with his own massive erection. I don't know if Jill had simply noticed that I wasn't masturbating and knew my cock was needing attention, or if the sexual turn-on of it all had possessed her, but without word or warning, I felt my sister's fingers wrapping tightly around me. I didn't even realize it at first, but Jill had grabbed my cock just below the head, and was gently stroking my skin.

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