tagNon-Erotic PoetryInstinct Awakened

Instinct Awakened


Turn the scope inward and look deep into the dim halls beneath the skull
Here among the festering prejudices and forgotten hates
Washed in ancient spider webs and layered in dust is the sleeping ideal
Waiting for the right poke or prod of circumstance to snap open its myopic eye

The eye may be glazed in cataract but it tends to roll in the socket belying the blind stare
This eye encompasses iniquity revels in harsh juxtaposition and glares bright lances of envy
This monolithic stirring quakes the very halls ancient bricks of opinion shaken in mortar of belief
Gabled ceilings of predetermined expectations sifting dust down

Rumblings vibrate the foundations of barely remembered first lessons into the quicksand mind below
This mighty and pathetic horror shifts slowly but each slight movement sends tremors
Throughout the catacombs of the mind bouncing and echoing from the thick boundaries of the skull Here then is the seat of power; the heart, will, neither can compare
To the cold abortion of logic which is the mountain of rage buried far beneath
Without heavy chains of social conditioning this behemoth will quickly consume patience and roam free

Only with restraint upon collar upon chain upon leash heaps of control layered over each other
Can this nearly blind demon be held down It will not always be so dormant
Occasionally it will muster energy necessary to rip free of its moorings and thrash about freely awhile Though if not contained quickly it will quickly spiral out of control

The heat baking off its hide cooking the ideations that stray to close singeing any logic not kept at bay Searing the foundation it lies on it radiates its instinctive suspicions like a lodestone of uranium
Its poison warmth a cancerous caress

The sulfurous acidity it exudes in palpable waves coppery like blood splashed throughout the centuries Claiming the rotting meat of its countless victims splayed out in the sun
To bloat and flavor with decay and corrosion

The sickening sweet ooze of putrefaction that seeps into every available surface
Tainting everything near it with the aroma of despair the acrid reek of hatred
Spewing out in rank tendrils of disgust and stomach churning decomposition

Your senses assaulted thus its full abominable repulsiveness is revealed
That one rot slicked eye focuses on your presence as just another obstacle in its way to freedom
The most horrifying aspect of this nightmare is that this wretched demon has a place
Securely entrenched at the bottom of every mind this ancient terror is not unique but ubiquitous
To every mind every person every thinking creature
This is the reptile mind the undermind the drive of maddening instinct in all life
The curse of sentience

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