tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersInsurance Slave Ch. 03

Insurance Slave Ch. 03


The foursome didn't require much time to consume their pizza and drinks, since they were quite famished from the group sex which had taken place during Chelsea's visit. Ned was also ready to remind his dear Roxanne that she was still his favorite lady. He intended to pound her ass, and then enjoy the others while they cleaned her out. The Brit gave him the impression that she would love to participate in a thousand different combinations, including some with his dick up her arse as well.

He grinned as he watched them eat, making a point of winking at his transgender lover. She blushed, as she realized that he had plans for her in particular. Even though she was a woman of the world, and quite accustomed to his kinkiness, the transwoman still responded with pleasure and surprise at times to the extent of her beau's desire for her.

"Alright, girls, it's Roxanne's turn. Chelsea, use Helen as you wish, while I take my girlfriend. After that, you gals can lick up my cum and bend over for my cock. How does that grab y'all?" Ned demanded, in his deep drawl.

"Thank you, Master. I always gladly take your dick up my ass," Roxanne reacted with lust, as she grabbed her ankles and offered Ned a chance to butt-fuck her.

He didn't wait to ramrod her with his cock, only stopping to lube her up. The tranny felt her usual, visceral need for his dick, which could only be sated by its insertion into her backdoor. Her prostate welcomed its old friend, Ned's hard phallus, as it reamed her butt without relaxing much at all.

"Oh, fuck, Master!" Roxanne repeated, grunting as Ned slammed her ass with his cock.

Chelsea, of course, had her own pleasure taking with Helen. She tongued her former associate below the waist in every possible spot. Her kisses made Mrs. Bryant as wet as she could imagine anything making her. The lawyer turned slave was happy to reciprocate, licking the Brit's sweet cunny and arsehole. The Englishwoman knew without question that her intuition was right about Helen: the girl was an absolute bi slut.

"So, Helen, it seems that you're into the ladies as well as the blokes," Ms. Worthington teased the younger woman.

"Yes, I like pussy, so please just let me eat yours!" Helen urged her to be quiet and focus on their 69.

"I shall, but watch your tone, slave," Chelsea warned her lover, though she laughed in her head. The girl was very scrumptious.

Helen wished for a moment that her late husband was still around to participate, but she wouldn't have met Ned if Larry had survived. Well, maybe she would have met him at the fetish club that Chelsea frequented, but not in the same way. In any case, it was too late to worry about the tragic end of her marriage. She had a new start with her Master and Mistress.

"Penny for your thoughts, darling," Chelsea intruded as they ate each other out.

"I just wondered if you would have enjoyed doing this with Larry and me. That's the past, however," Helen answered.

"Yes, and your present owners are even more delectable. Still, it would have been nice, especially if we could still have met Ned and Roxanne here. Want to hear a secret, love?" Ms. Worthington replied between sighs of delight.

"Sure, but please don't quit licking me!" Helen begged her former colleague.

"I almost got the chance to shag Larry. I wanted him for a while, and then I saw the opportunity when I caught him after his boss fired him. You knew about that, right? You didn't? Oh, well. Anyway, I found him at a video store, renting a film. I approached him, though I could tell that he didn't want to speak to me.

"He was embarrassed, but I got him to agree to tea, where I found out that he had gotten into dealing pot as a new career to pay the bills. He was new to it, of course. I offered to be his solicitor, which he accepted, especially since my desired form of payment was his body. I think that he was stunned, however. Evidently, I seemed cold and scornful to him. The truth was that I craved both of you, and sought an opening to fuck both of you. If Larry hadn't been killed in that car wreck, it would have happened, I believe," the Englishwoman told her new companion.

Helen almost replied to that statement, but she was too enamored of Ms. Worthington's cunt and ass, which she licked with total abandon. She loved the attorney's cool, smooth buttocks, her sweaty pucker, and her juicy quim. She wouldn't say it, but the only derriere that could rival it was Roxanne's. It was that delicious.

As for the master of the house and his transsexual lover, they continued their buggery for a long time, as Ned always enjoyed Roxanne's bum. Her enthusiasm was one factor for him, as was the extreme friction of her anal sphincter. She had a truly sensuous rump, and her warm backdoor felt soft and tight to him. The fact that she loved him, and vice versa, added to their mutual satisfaction from sodomy.

After a while, nevertheless, Ned spilled his jism inside Roxanne's bowels. He slipped out and indicated that the girls should all clean him off. The trio raced with each other for the honor of ass-to-mouth fellatio. They soon passed it back and forth, pleased that the tranny so often cleansed her butt-hole. She evidently adored anal sex, as well as oral, and she clearly took care to encourage Ned to use both openings on a daily basis.

Once Ned was clean and needed a moment's respite, the ladies all formed a daisy chain. Roxanne licked Chelsea's butt-crack, while Helen tossed her salad with pleasure. At Ned's urging, the chain soon became a Sapphic circle, with Ms. Worthington savoring her American friend as well. This was a view that guaranteed the revival of their host's flaccid dick.

They all anticipated that resurgence of male prowess by Ned, even as the threesome sampled each other with joy. Roxanne particularly considered the idea of a train, with Ned doing Chelsea, while the Englishwoman was inside the T-girl, and the transwoman rammed Helen. She just hoped that they would have the opportunity for this act. If not, there were always other occasions, she realized, as the women (and she was herself in virtually every way that she cared about) all tasted both pussies and butts.

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