Copyright Oggbashan February 2003

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

File: Tent4 Version 004 7 February 2003


This story is set about three months after the story "Hypnotic". There may be another story or stories in between that one and this.


One evening after dinner Neil and I were discussing our experience of unbirthing and the problems that it had caused with our relationship several months ago.

"Pearl," he said "what we need is a way of unbirthing that doesn't require someone else, or the surrender of our personalities. Something external that we can control within limits. A disorientation tank or something like it. Something that cuts off the outside world and gives us the feeling of being confined in a womb."

"Maybe," I said "but how? Are you going to build a womb for us to crawl into?"

"Why not?" he said "It should be possible."

That was it. End of topic. We went on to talk about other more mundane things.

A few days later Neil started again.

"I think I have a practical idea how to do it." he said out of the blue.

"Do what? What are you talking about?"

"How to make a womb for us to crawl into."

It took me a few moments to realise what he was talking about. I can make him believe that I "unbirth" him from time to time when he can't resist the urge to have a cigarette. We both like it because it gives us a sexual "high" almost instantly. The disadvantage is that I have to be around and both of us have to be willing. That doesn't always happen at convenient times, so he had been thinking of ways that he could be "unbirthed" without me being there.

"OK, Neil, we've got a few minutes to spare. How would you do it?"

"I remembered seeing a mountain tent in the window of the sports shop. To enter it you crawl through a sleeve which is then closed with a drawstring. The tent itself is a dome shape. That night I was half asleep when I thought that the tent could be like a womb. It protects you from the outside elements and is a round shape."

"So are many things. Cars for example." I retorted.

"Yes. Men's fascination with cars is fairly obviously sexual. But I was thinking of the possibilities of making an actual womb substitute. The tent gave me the basic idea. So I started doodling designs. Stay there and I show you."

Neil left the room and came back with a cloth swathed object in his hands. He sat beside me and lifted the cloth off. He had made a small model of his idea.

"This is what I thought of," he said "It is a modification of the tent."

I looked at the model closely. It looked like a pregnant woman's body from the neck to halfway down the thighs. Between the "thighs" was the labia, totally out of scale, far too large. I poked my finger between the lips. My finger found some resistance but then most of it was through the "vagina" and inside the "womb" which felt soft and silky.

"Keep your finger there," Neil said "and I'll show you how it might work."

He produced a bicycle pump. I laughed.

"Blow-up women? Whatever will you think of next?"

He attached the pump to a valve at the "neck" of the model and started pumping. The "vagina" contracted tightly around the lowest joint of my finger and I felt the "womb" pressing inwards. The constriction on my finger became painful.

"Stop!" I yelled. "That's hurting."

"Sorry, Pearl." He unscrewed the pump and released the valve. There was a hiss as the pressure was released. I withdrew my finger and massaged it.

"I couldn't get any real pressure when I was pumping single-handed. I hadn't realised how much the vagina would constrict. If someone is inside being "unbirthed" the vagina is meant to close behind them, not with them in it."

"I felt the vagina constrict," I said "but you can buy artificial vaginas. What I couldn't work out was what was happening inside the womb."

"What I thought was that if I could crawl through the vagina into the womb, and then contract the vagina behind me, I would be "sealed" inside the womb and therefore "unbirthed". But the womb would be too large once I was inside. So I provided for the womb to contract as well, to mold itself tightly around my body, just as I feel when you have "unbirthed" me. Inside the vagina and womb I would make the walls soft and yielding yet with a firm pressure behind."

"That sounds potentially dangerous to me, Neil. How would you breathe, for example?"

"I've thought of that. The "neck" is covered just with netting, like a bridal veil. I'd put several layers on to preserve the internal illusion but I could breathe through there and the "neck" doesn't contract at all."

"You seem to have thought it through. How would the full size one work. Are you going to lie inside frantically working the bicycle pump?"

"No. Apart from destroying the illusion, it would take far too long. I thought of using an electric air pump, the sort that is sold for pumping up car tyres and plugs into the cigar socket. I'd prefer a mains operated pump if I can find one."

"I see another problem. How do you get out?"

"There would be a release valve inside. Just push that and the device would deflate to its original shape so that I could crawl out."

"You really want to do this, don't you Neil?"

"Yes, Pearl, I do. Apart from being an "unbirthing" machine, I like the challenge of transforming this basic model into a full scale device. It isn't going to be easy to scale this up."

"OK, Neil. If that's what you want to do, go for it. I'd like to see the final result. Just don't neglect our business while you are doing it. We need the income."

We work from home as architectural modellers. We make miniature buildings for architects to show to clients or to Councils when seeking planning permission. We are a good team. Neil does the "hard" detail of the buildings, I do the "soft" - the trees, gardens, people, curtains. I also do room layout models for shopfitters and interior designers. We are usually busy but work can be erratic. At this time we were waiting for the go-ahead to build a model of a new industrial estate but the architects were still in discussions with the local planning department. Until the basics were agreed such as road access points, we couldn't start. So Neil could play with his idea until we had to start work on that industrial estate. As usual, the model will be needed "yesterday". Until that order arrived, Neil was underemployed, so he could play with his idea. It would keep him out of my hair while I worked on some internal models.


Two weeks later I had nearly forgotten what Neil was doing because I'd been so busy. I was aware from time to time that he was using the industrial sewing machine with masses of material running through but I was too intent on my own work. When I'd finished my project and delivered it to the customer, Neil knew that I had some time for other things. That evening, after dinner, he mentioned the "tent/womb" for the first time since I'd seen the model.


"Yes, Neil."

I was feeling relaxed and happy. Not only had I finished the project but Neil had been really supportive for the last two weeks. He had kept out of my way, kept the household running, cooked all the meals, supplied me with unending cups of coffee, and tonight he'd produced a celebration candlelit meal with wine and all the trimmings. I was only just beginning to realise how much he had done for me over the past two weeks so I was very pleased with him.

"I have finished the "unbirthing" device. I'd like to try it out."


"I need your help. I don't want to get inside without someone around just in case it goes wrong. It shouldn't, but I want to be careful."

"So what do you want me to do, Neil?"

"I want to show you how it works, then I'll climb in. You can help if I get into trouble."

"How long will that take?"

"Probably no more than quarter of an hour. If anything doesn't work or breaks it should happen early on. Can you spare me that much time?"

"Of course I can, Neil." I hugged him. "Thank you for looking after me these last two weeks. I appreciated it even if I didn't show you then. I've been able to work uninterrupted because of everything you were doing for me. So where is this dangerous device?"

"I've built it in the box room. It nearly fills the room with just enough space to get around the outside."

"Let me see it, then."

I didn't think that Neil would really build it. Now that he had, I was curious. We went upstairs to the box room. He flung the door open. I couldn't avoid giggling. Facing us was the massive labia and the stumpy legs. Rising behind was the dome of the womb and the projecting breasts. The whole thing was in pink, with a darker pink inside the lower lips.

"I know, Pearl, it looks ridiculous. But does it work? That is what I need to know."

"What do I do?"

"This is the main switch for the pump. It is mains powered and is plugged into a timer in that socket. The pump can be turned off or the timer unplugged. Either will cause a slow deflation. There is a valve inside which can be opened to release the pressure fast. What I want you to do is listen to me. If I'm in trouble, either switch off the pump or pull the plug."

"I can manage that."

"Then I'll set the timer and switch the pump on. It won't start working until I'm partly in because there is a switch inside. I haven't been able to test that one yet. It should start, run for about ten minutes and then the pump should stop. It will take another five minutes to deflate enough for me to crawl out. OK?"

"OK. I look like having a boring quarter of an hour, but if that's what you want, go for it."

"Thank you Pearl. When I've tested it, you can try it, if you want to."

"I'll see what it does to you first, Neil. I don't want to be squeezed in your machine until I know that it is safe."

Neil stripped to his boxer shorts and fed his legs in past the large lips. It was an effort for him to climb in. Just before the lips closed behind him he reached up with his head. I heard the pump start beside me. Nothing seemed to happen for a minute then the opening between the lips puckered and slowly shut. The lips "grew" and pressed together hiding the darker pink lining. They closed tighter and tighter until all that was visible of where the opening had been was a faint crease between the "legs". I tried to push my hand in that crease. There was no way I could even get a fingertip in. Neil was well and truly sealed in his "womb".

I shouted to him.

"Neil! The outside is completely shut. How are you?"

"I'm OK, Pearl." His voice was very muffled "The inside of the opening has closed as well."

I could barely hear him. It wasn't the noise of the pump. That was barely audible. He was muffled by layers of soft padding.

"You'll have to shout, Neil. It is difficult to hear you." I yelled loudly.

"I am shouting, Pearl." His voice was still very far away.

I moved gingerly around the "body" to the veiled "neck" opening.

"Can you hear me better from here?" I shouted.

"Yes, Pearl." His voice was slightly louder but still faint.

"What's happening?"

"The walls of the womb are contracting around me. I'm gradually curling myself up. Everything seems to be working well."

I looked at my watch. He had been inside for about three minutes. I was getting worried. I didn't like the way the labia had shut so impenetrably.

"Neil! You've been inside for three minutes. Can you take seven more minutes of increasing pressure?"

"It won't increase for that long, Pearl. It is the lowest setting. The pressure should stop increasing in a couple of minutes and then hold at that level until the pump switches off."

"OK," I yelled back.

He was right. A couple of minutes more and the sound of the pump changed.

"The pump sounds as if it is idling. Is that right?"

"Yes, Pearl."

"How are you?"

"It isn't the same as being "unbirthed" by you. I still have room to move around. At present there would be room for both of us in here without being squashed. However it is a very good substitute for the real thing. Next time I'd try a higher setting."

I waited. The pump stopped. I was aware of a faint hissing. Several minutes passed before the labia began to unfold. Almost exactly fifteen minutes after he crawled in I saw his hands emerge followed by the rest of him.

"You had me worried, Neil. The outside shut so tight that I couldn't even get a finger in."

"It is meant to do that, Pearl. The idea is that I'm helplessly contained in your womb with no means of escape. Do you want to see inside? As it is, without the pump running."

"Yes. I'd like to compare it with my experience with Ruby."

"Then in you go. Take your shoes off, at least."

"I'll do better than that. I'll strip to bra and panties. You can follow me in and show me your new "womb"."

As I thought, that got Neil excited. I wriggled in head first. His head was so close behind that he touched my rump a couple of times.

Getting through the "vagina" was a wriggle. The walls grabbed at me and I had to resist their clutches. I entered the "womb". It was like being between two bowls, one inverted over the other, both softly lined with pink satin over layers of quilted padding. Everything was a pink haze from the overhead tube in the box room filtering through the layers above.

In the whole way in I hadn't felt a single hard edge or surface. I sat back against the far wall. I could see the veiling of the neck opening beside me.

Neil crawled in and sat opposite me. There was a least a metre of space between us. He grinned.

"What do you think, Pearl?"

"It is a nice love-tent. I could do things in here. It is so soft and giving."

"I hoped you might feel like that."

He crawled across and cuddled up to me. We sat looking towards the puckered inside opening of the "vagina" passage.

"How tight did that close?" I asked.

"So tightly that I couldn't even see where it was. It vanished into the lining."

"What about this neck opening?"

"That reduced in size but was still obvious. I had my back to it much of the time because it detracted from the effect. I had to face it to hear you."

"I was shouting as hard as I could, Neil. The neighbours would have heard me but they are on holiday."

"As loud as that? I was shouting too."

"It wouldn't do for both of us to get stuck in here, would it? No one would hear us calling for help. I could barely hear you even when I had my head right by the neck."

"If ever we both use it together, we had better have some way of calling for help. Perhaps we could bring a mobile phone in with us."

"Who would we call? We would be in a very embarrassing position."

"Isn't it obvious, Pearl? The only person we could call is your sister Ruby."

"But she'd take at least two hours to get here! We would be stuck for that long even if she could come at once."

"I can't think of anyone else. Can you? It needs to be someone who has a key to the house, and our neighbours are away."

"No. I wouldn't want anyone else to know. Even Ruby would never let us forget it."

"It is unlikely anyway. There is a release valve just beside you in the neck opening. Even if the pump didn't switch off, the valve would deflate everything."

"OK. I'd like to try. While were in here, why not try the other possibilities?"

I reached behind me and unclipped my bra. I didn't need to say anything. Soon we were both stark naked and he was held where he should be. The sensation was not unlike a water bed, but even in our most passionate writhing we were caressed by the inside of Neil's home made "womb".

Afterwards I wanted to try his device for myself.

"Neil. I want to try it. Crawl out, get your phone and set the timer."

"Are you sure, Pearl?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Do it before I change my mind."

He crawled out. I crawled to the outside edge of the vagina and waited. He passed me the phone.

"Pearl, we have to operate the inside switch. It is above your head."

I turned. There in the folds was a model of a clitoris. I reached up and touched it.

"How does it work?"

"You suck it. That turns it on."

I reached up and sucked. I felt a slight change in pressure.

"Do you want the bathroom before we start?"

Neil is practical at times. I did. I went and returned. Neil was waiting with just his head protruding.

"Can you set the timer, Ruby? No more than fifteen minutes."


I twirled the timer. Neil's head was retreating inside.

"Suck that switch as you come in."

I sucked. I didn't feel the pressure change so I sucked again. Nothing. I sucked a third time. That I felt. Head first I crawled hurriedly in as I heard the pump start. Even as I emerged into the womb the vagina had begun to close around me. Perhaps that was why Neil entered feet first. That way he had less to get through when the pump started.

I fell into Neil's arms. He was looking intently at the opening I'd just come through. It was shrinking as he watched. I followed his gaze and saw the opening close to a puckered line which quickly disappeared under the lining of the womb. The walls were visibly moving in towards us.

"How did you suck the switch?" he asked.

"I sucked hard. It didn't seem to work so I sucked again."

"How many times did you suck in total?"

"I don't know. Three I think."

"Oh ****! It is a stepping switch. Each suck takes it one step further."

"Does that matter?" I asked idly as I snuggled against him.

"I hope not. We always have the release valve."

I kissed him. He responded. We were distracted for the next few minutes. The womb continued to contract around us. Movement was becoming difficult and we were pressed closer and closer together. I was curled around Neil, my breasts against his back. Then I had a thought.

"Where did you put the phone?"

"In the neck opening."

"Where is it?"


"The phone."

Neil reached to pull the phone out from behind us. Then he swore, pushed me aside and his hand scrabbled in the neck opening.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You'd better call Ruby NOW. We may be too late." He was very worried.

"Why should I call Ruby?"

"The safety valve is hidden by the contracting walls. I can't reach it. If you hadn't mentioned the phone when you did, even that would be out of reach. Look!"

I looked. The "neck" opening was about a third of its original size and visibly shrinking. Neil strained to push his hand back in it and felt around inside. He grabbed the veiling and tore it away.

"Didn't that happen when you were in here on your own?" I asked.

"No. It didn't. The edges were slightly rounder. That was all. You must have set the switch to the higher level. If it shuts completely we might run out of air."

"No way we can stop it?"

"Not unless I can reach the valve. I can't even feel where it should be. I've managed to remove the veiling on the inside. I can't reach the outside. There isn't room for my arm to get through."

I had turned the phone on and pressed the shortcut to dial Ruby.


"Hello, Ruby, it's Pearl."

"Hi, Pearl. Why are you ringing me at this time of night? Are you in trouble?"

"I think we are. We may need you to come here in a hurry."

"What? Now? It's nearly midnight."

"I know."

I explained what our situation was. Ruby started laughing but soon stopped when she realised just how serious things might be. She was willing to come but would she be in time?

"Pearl, are you sure you set the timer for fifteen minutes?"

"Yes, I turned it fifteen divisions before pressing go."

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