tagNon-EroticInternational Incident Ch. 01

International Incident Ch. 01


The Honorable Brian Smith was furious, as his wife's body lay on the bathroom floor, the victim of a suicide brought on by constant flashbacks of her rape by Ambassador Geoffrey Maxwell, the Canadian envoy to the UN. The worse thing was that Maxwell had diplomatic immunity, so nothing could be legally done to him.

Here he was, a federal judge, and he could do nothing about the crime. The law he loved so much had failed him here.

What more could Judge Smith do, if he could not punish a rapist who had forced and brutalized his own wife? Brian loved his sweet, now deceased, Karen, with her dark, long tresses of hair- the marks of her Shawnee ancestry. She was the least jealous woman he ever had known, the least possessive wife, and, also, the most considerate and understanding person he had ever seen in the world. She had never given him any trouble, preferring to submit to his dominance, and she considered his right to fuck around to be a necessary part of his mastery over her.

Karen even had the most charming fetish. She loved to suck a cock, such as his, straight from another woman's pussy. She had discovered this quirk with her college boyfriend Nicholas, when she had caught him cheating on her, and Brian had since become the beneficiary of her unusual taste for a "marinated sausage". Their sex life for the past 6 years had been incredible, counting both the 5 year marriage, the 4 month engagement, and the 8 month relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. It did not hurt that she was bisexual, which meant plenty of threesomes during their marriage.

Karen was not perfect, but perfection was too high a standard. Karen was close enough to the ideal in Brian's book. Now, however, she was gone, and Brian could never find a girl that would replace her, because she was too rare. If Brian regretted anything about their marriage, it was that Karen was infertile, due to her experience of ovarian cancer at the age of 24, forcing the doctors to remove her ovaries. He wanted to have a child with his lovely wife, and he never would get that blessing from his otherwise splendid marriage.

The weight of the grief was now beginning to combine with his rising rage, causing him at last to snap. What else could he do, when the law he had served now protected the man who had cruelly destroyed his wife? She was never the sweet Karen he loved after that crime, because she was too traumatized by the rape. "Post-traumatic stress disorder", they called it. That was a disturbingly clinical and understated name for what had happened to his dear Karen.

She had been crushed, violated, and destroyed by that despicable man, who was still scot-free. No complaints to the Canadian authorities would work, since the rape happened in New York, outside of their jurisdiction, and the Canadian national who perpetrated it was a diplomat, protected by international law. Local police could not help him either.

Maxwell had met her at a local cafe, flirted with her, but found that she was not interested in him, because, as she told her husband "He is a sociopath, plain and simple." Karen was a psychiatrist, so she would have had the expertise necessary to make that assessment on a scientific basis. She was a swinger, yes, but she did not advertise that fact, which turned out to be her mistake. The thought of raping a faithful wife appealed to Maxwell so much as a challenge, that he committed himself to act on his desire.

Ambassador Geoffrey Maxwell was one of those men who wanted everything to be done the hard way. He loved a chase, and nothing pleased him more than raping virgins, steady girlfriends, and faithful wives. Making them fuck him was the pleasure in it for him. It gave him a sense of power, and he had been raping women since he was just 19. Now, he was 51, and nothing had changed in his warped mind in the past 32 years. He had raped so many women that he had lost count, and in the process, he had wrecked people's lives everywhere he had gone. Most importantly, he had never been caught.

Maxwell's last wife had left him when she found his rape fantasies on file on the home computer, and she considered him to be a real danger to her daugher, Jessica, so she sued for full custody, without visitation rights. She had lost, pretty badly too, as Maxwell's lawyers had managed to bring out her own peccadilloes, such as her one-time affair with a 21 year old man. Maxwell had "forgiven" her for that, but she, of course, never had any knowledge of his own secret sex life.

Maxwell got joint-custody of Jessica, and he made sure to use it primarily to try to poison the girl's mind against her Mom. He labelled his ex every bad thing in the book, mostly untrue, as well as some things that were true, but not exactly wrong. The Ambassador, seemingly a kind, intelligent man to his friends, was really a scumbag. Jessica secretly hated her father for what he had said about her mother, as well as the fact that he otherwise largely ignored her, trying to "buy" her sympathy with toys. Jessica only mattered to her dad, when he was using her against someone.

The rape had happened the week after Karen met Ambassador Maxwell, when she found herself getting "Vulcan pinched" just outside her favorite salon. She lost consciousness for several hours, before she awakened in handcuffs, in Maxwell's rather nice hotel suite. She was naked, and Maxwell was forcing himself inside her, as she screamed for him to stop. He covered her mouth with his left hand, and finished inside her. He pinched her again, and she came to in her own car, with the doors locked and her clothes back on. That did not change the fact that she knew that she had been raped, and she also knew who did it.

Brian, of course, had believed everything she told him, and supported her as well as possible, but she could never let him touch her again, and she hated that fact. Every time that he touched her, she just remembered Maxwell raping her, and she screamed out his name.

"No, Geoffrey, no! Don't rape me! Please, let me go! Please, Ambassador Maxwell, don't do this to me!"

Judge Smith recalled all of this in his mind, as he looked down on his poor, dead wife. He would have to punish this criminal somehow, even if it meant turning vigilante. He remembered reading that Maxwell had a daughter. How the hell could a father be a rapist? What man could rape a woman, and not saw his daughter's face, thereby making him stop? Wouldn't the Ambassador be as enraged as Brian, if his own Jessica were mistreated?

That was it, the judge resolved. He would severely punish Maxwell, by kidnapping his daughter. He could not bring himself to inflict the same horror on her, as her father had on his wife, but he could make him feel the same hatred, seething anger, and humiliation at what he had failed to prevent. He could make the man think that his daughter was being violated, and that was close enough.

He knew that Jessica was attending a major university in the city, so he would abduct her from the campus, take her to Maine, where he had a place, and keep her as his captive, pretending to be a fiend like Maxwell. Sure enough, a few days after he made his decision, he saw the young lady leaving the dining hall, and trailed her to the recreational center there. He had a solution with a sedative, and he seized her suddenly, sticking her with the needle.

Jessica was out, just like his wife, for a few hours, and then she woke up. By now, they had taken his private plane to Maine. She was far from where her dad and classmates could find her. She sensed that this place was different, as it was snowy outside, and she was in a cabin of some sort. Her arms and legs were both bound. In front of her stood a man she had never met in her life, but whom she recognized anyway.

"Your Honor, what are you doing with me? You're a federal judge, for God's sake!"

"Ms. Maxwell, I'm sorry to have done this, but justice has been denied me, and most importantly, my late wife."

"She's dead?"

"Yes. She killed herself, because of the flashbacks of the rape."

"What rape?"

"Your father raped my wife!"

"No, Dad's a bad man, but not that bad!"

"You know he's evil, but you don't think that he is capable of rape?"

"He's my Dad! How can I imagine my father raping a woman?"

"Well, he raped a woman, alright! He raped my wife, my sweet Karen, who never hurt anyone!"

"No, don't say that! I can't believe that!"

"Let me show you the evidence."

"No, I'm sure your wife was raped, or you would not have evidence, but not by my Dad!"

"Tell me about your Dad, then? If he's 'not that bad', just how bad is he?"

"He is a deadbeat, not a rapist. He told me lies about my Mom. He tried to make me hate her. I hate him instead. He never cared for me. I was just a weapon against Mom. He's still my Dad, though, so I can't believe that he'd commit that kind of crime."

"Well, like it or not, I have evidence, and I will show it to you. There will be no doubt that your father was the rapist, when I finish showing it to you."

He laid the documents, including the identification of the blood type, DNA, semen, etc., on the bed. He shoved each document right into her face, for her to see. As each paper's findings processed in her brain, her heart sank further. Her Dad, whom she wanted to love in spite of all of his cruelty, was even worse than she thought. He was a rapist, and now she knew why her Mom had left him. Her Mom had never told her the reason, but it was now clear to her. Somehow, her mother discovered the truth about her father's nature, and tried to get away from him, also fighting so hard for full custody to save her life.

"Okay, okay, you're right! He's guilty, my Dad is guilty! He's a rapist! I am the daughter of a rapist!" she sobbed.

Looking at the weeping teenage girl on the bed, tied to the posts, Smith for once felt some regret about having planned this kind of revenge. How could he have hurt an innocent in his quest for justice? He had ruined her last, albeit false hopes about her father being somewhat decent, in his own single-minded rage and malice. He had to comfort this poor girl before he did anything else.

"I'm sorry, Jessica. I hope you don't mind my using your first name, but I think that I forgot that you're a separate person from your father, and so I treated you as a Maxwell, not as Jessica, a person with real thoughts and emotions. I never considered how much pain I would be causing you this way, when I set out to hurt your father. Let me take away this papers, and hold you. You've just experienced a real-life nightmare."

He grabbed the documents, stuffed them back in their container, and held her head for a few minutes. She stopped sobbing, and then she cleared her throat.

"Call me Jessy, please. My friends call me Jessy."

"I'm hardly a friend. I just deeply hurt you."

"You showed me the truth, and I needed it to let go of my Dad. He can't hurt me anymore, because I no longer trust him."

"That still doesn't make your kidnapper your friend."

"You don't need to kidnap me, anymore. Just pretend to kidnap me. I will cooperate, because I think that my Dad needs to be punished. I want revenge on him too."

"My God, he really hurt you as well!"

"Yes, he treated me as a pawn, an instrument to inflict pain on Mom."

"You have been used twice for revenge, first by your Dad, and now by me. Oh, my God, that's awful!"

"Well, you, I understand. You have suffered a lot, and you punished me to get to my Dad. He's the villain, and I will help you get your revenge on him."

"Well, that will help me feel a little better. I just hope that you will be as understanding at my trial."

"I'm not pressing charges."


"I'm not pressing charges. Here's the deal. You marry me, and I will not testify against you. You'll get a wife to replace your old one. Well, I guess that's stupid! She's probably irreplacable to you."

"Why do you want to marry me?"

"To really piss off my Dad. If I marry the man whose last wife he raped, I will be openly siding against him."

"Will this be a real marriage, or a just a show, to get in your Dad's face?"

"That will be up to you. I think that we might get to like each other rather well, and maybe love each other. This marriage will be the ideal revenge. Plus, I will get a green card."

"I will have to resign from the bench after this, you know. It's too big a scandal. You won't be a judge's wife."

"That doesn't matter. Look, I already respect you, for acting to punish a criminal when the law wouldn't. You also showed remorse about how you carried out your revenge, in hurting an innocent third party. I will need to live under the same roof, preferably in the same bedroom, as you, to convince the INS."

"That will really anger your Dad, to think of the possibility that I might be fucking his daughter."

"Yes, that's also what I'm hoping. I'm the one girl he could never have. He doesn't have the guts to make me sleep with him. It's just too dangerous, even if he could prove consent. Fucking your daughter means kissing your diplomatic career goodbye."

"Yet, that's not true of raping a woman! How sick is that?"

Brian then untied Jessy. She gave him a rather strange look, and then suddenly kissed him.

"Practice for the wedding, fiancé."

"Well, I'm not one to swear off other chicks, but it beats going to prison, I suppose. My late wife didn't mind sharing me."

"She must have been a great woman, I'm sure. I want to try to be as a good wife as her, if I can. If that means sharing you, because she did, then so be it."

"You're really serious about this marriage stuff! You want to make it real, if you can."

"Yes, because I would prefer that my marriage in the end became about more than revenge, even if it started as a slap at my Dad."


"I think that we should try to get laid soon, before the wedding. That way, we can get a head start on falling for each other. I sure hope we do."

"Well, I haven't made love to anyone since my wife died, because I'm been too busy grieving. I have't even been able to work."

"Then it's settled."

"Agreed. That would be a perfect revenge against your Dad, if his daughter fell for me."

"My sentiments exactly, so why don't you go ahead and fuck me, fiance?"

Hearing an 18 year old girl call him "fiance" got Judge Smith more turned on than ever. Suddenly, he did want to fuck Jessica Maxwell. She was gorgeous anyway, and he wondered how the hell she had such a nice, dark complexion. That wasn't common in Canada, except among Inuit, the metis, and indigenous Canadians. He would have fucked her anyway, as a casual partner, but now, he was fucking her as a fiancee, which he had tacitly agreed to make her.

This was definitely a twist, compared to what he expected to result from the kidnapping. The only sex he expected was prison rape. Now, however, he would get to copulate with this lovely woman, whom he had just abducted. He had heard of Stockholm Syndrome, but this was a damned extreme case of it!

His mouth joined hers again, and Brian found his tongue tangling with the young lady's. Jessy was a wonderful kisser, and he was now thinking of how great it would be to make love to her, and still get to fuck around.

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