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Welcome to the IRFWC or Interracial Female Wrestling Competition. This is our inaugural match, folks. America is a very diverse place. A melting pot made up of people of African, Asian, European, Native American and Middle-Eastern descent. A truly diverse country. The most powerful nation in the entire world. What makes us special is that our entertainment is always first-rate. Only in America could something like the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition come to life. We came up with the idea of young women of different races competing against each other on the mat. To prove who is simply the best. It's multicultural, it's gender inclusive and it's intensely sexual and political at the same time. We can't stand of anything much more American than that.

Tonight, we have a very hot match for you. We traveled all over America to find the toughest young women around. And we hastily brought them to you. The contestants are Rachel Brendan and Jessica White. Rachel Brendan is a six-foot-two, lean and muscular young woman of Irish descent with alabaster skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Weighing in at 250 pounds, Rachel Brendan is a self-described Tough Boston Irish Broad. She is a sophomore at Boston College in the town of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. This young Irishwoman is a Biology major and describes herself as a Proud WASP. Prior to attending Boston College, she graduated from Saint Marguerite Academy. At that school, she was the only female on the Men's Varsity Wrestling squad. Did we mention she was also the team Captain?

Rachel Brendan is definitely an innovator who defies the odds. This hot young Irishwoman doesn't follow the crowd. We dug into her background and found the reason for that. She was born under the sign of the Aquarius. Her hobbies include mixed martial arts, soccer, swimming, ice hockey and reading science fiction. Rachel Brendan is also a proud member of the Young Republicans Association. She still wears her John McCain T-shirt from the 2008 Presidential Election. How cool is that? A young woman who stands up for her beliefs even when she knows she's wrong.

Rachel Brendan's competition is Howard University freshman Jessica White. A six-foot-tall, stocky and big-bottomed, absolutely sexy young Black woman of Haitian descent. She majors in civil engineering at Howard University and is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She describes herself as the world's toughest sister. Her hobbies include football, wrestling, basketball, swimming and jujitsu. Football fans around America might know Jessica White because she's a linebacker on the Howard University Football team. An NCAA legend in the making and a trailblazer all rolled into one. Millions of young women around the U.S. consider her a role model. Jessica White is a proud member of the Black Women of America Inc. And she enjoys kicking uppity White ass more than anything. Weighing in at 241 pounds, she is a stern Black Amazon. Prior to attending the world-famous Howard University, Rachel Brendan attended Zulu Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. A private and decidedly Afro-centric school named after Chaka the Zulu, the old South African King who successfully warred against European invaders until his untimely death at the hands of his own siblings. Oh, silly us. We forgot to mention that Jessica White was the first female to join the Men's Varsity Football team at Zulu Academy. She played at the linebacker position for four years. Let the games begin, ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be one for the ages.

Rachel Brendan and Jessica White step into the ring. The two ladies are circling each other. And they start grappling. Jessica is proudly wearing a black and red uniform with a Black Panther emblazoned on it. And her opponent Rachel Brendan proudly displays the crest of the Young Republicans Association. None of that matters now as they grapple with each other. This is a first match for each of them. The match is broadcast around the world and legions of Washington D.C. residents and Boston Irish folks are cheering on their respective champions. It's more than a tough wrestling match between a sexy Black woman and a hot Irish chick. The very honour of two towns is at stake.

Jessica White is slightly shorter than Rachel Brendan but we at the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition Ruling Board know better than to prejudge anyone or anything. Wrestling matches are won through amazing skill, strength, tactics and true grit. Size can be an advantage but it's not everything. Jessica White dives for Rachel Brendan's legs and takes the young Irishwoman down. The two young women fiercely grapple on the wrestling match. The referees watch the match closely to make sure nobody is making an illegal move. We've got to watch out for these sort of things a lot. Women fight harder than men in the wrestling mat. They're far more dangerous and more vicious than men, something even veteran collegiate wrestling coaches agree on. That's why we take great precautions in these matches here at the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition.

As the two young women grapple, neither seems ready or willing to quit. Jessica White grabs Rachel Brendan's legs and Rachel tries to pry her hands open. The young Black woman grunts in effort but doesn't give. The blonde-haired young Irishwoman groans in frustration, then tries something else. She grabs hold of Jessica's long hair and pulls it. The young Black woman screams in pain. But she doesn't let go of Rachel's legs. The referee stops the match, and both wrestlers are given twenty seconds to recover. The crowd goes wild. In Boston, the Irish folks are cheering. In Washington D.C. the mostly African-American metropolis is crying foul. There should be no hair pulling in wrestling, even when it involves two sexy young women facing each other on the wrestling mat. The break ends and the two young women are back to wrestling.

Rachel Brendan seems to be gaining momentum and she roughly knocks Jessica White off her feet. The young Black woman looks momentarily stunned but she doesn't quit. Rachel Brendan is now on top of Jessica White and the Boston Irishwoman appears to be ready to pin the Atlanta-born Black American Princess. In Boston, scores of Irishmen and Irishwomen rejoice, albeit possibly prematurely. In Washington D.C. legions of African-American men and women hold their breath. The referee watches the match intensely. Could this be the end of Jessica White? Amazing, ladies and gentlemen! In a stunningly reversal, Jessica White locked her arms and legs around Rachel Brendan and rolled the Irishwoman on her back before pinning her. The crowd goes simply wild!

The referee holds Jessica White's hand in the air and declares her the victor. The young Black woman nods gracefully in victory and looks at the Irishwoman she just vanquished. Disbelief fills Rachel Brendan's face. Jessica White smiles wickedly. As her tournament rules, the Victor can do whatever she wants to the Defeated. Jessica White orders Rachel Brendan to strip. Humiliated, the young Irishwoman nevertheless complies. She takes off her wrestling uniform, revealing a naked, pale yet sexy body. Jessica admires Rachel's lean and muscular form, perky breasts and pert little ass. The young Black woman likes what she sees.

Jessica White takes off her wrestling uniform and reveals her voluptuous, super sexy body. Her large breasts, curvy body, wide hips and big butt. She orders Rachel to kneel before her and the Boston Irishwoman obeys. A White chick kneeling before a strong Black woman. What a sight! Jessica spreads her legs and orders Rachel to lick her pussy. The White chick obeys, licking the Black woman's cunt even though she is completely heterosexual. Jessica lies on the map while Rachel licks and fingers her pussy. For a supposedly heterosexual White woman, Rachel is certainly licking a Black woman's pussy with gusto. Wow.

After Rachel licked her pussy nice and good, Jessica took the strap-on dildo which the referee handed her. As the crowd watched, she made Rachel suck on it. With tears in her eyes, Rachel sucked the Black woman's strap-on dildo. Grinning, Jessica proceeded to fuck Rachel with it. Putting the Irishwoman on all fours, the Black American Princess fucked her with the strap-on dildo. Gripping Rachel's hips tightly, Jessica began fucking her hard with the strap-on dildo. This time, the crowd went truly nuts. All of the men of Boston and Washington D.C. cheered on as the interracial lesbian action kicked off to an awesome start.

Rachel Brendan squealed as Jessica White slammed the dildo into her pussy. The proud Irishwoman couldn't believe what was happening to her. She was taller, bigger and stronger than the young Black woman she faced yet she still lost. Why? Because Jessica White used her superior technique to gain momentum. And now she was getting fucked by the arrogant Black bitch from D.C. Wow. A Black American Princess fucking a WASP woman with a strap-on dildo. In spite of herself, Rachel Brendan was turned on. She was turned on when Jessica asked her to undress and even more turned on when Jessica got naked. Her body was enjoying what her mind railed against. This wasn't right!

Jessica White spanked Rachel Brendan's ass while fucking her. She could tell the Irish slut liked it. She kept moaning softly as the dildo filled her cunt. Soon she was squealing and crying out in pleasure as she got fucked by a strong Black woman. Jessica White switched things up a bit and spread Rachel Brendan's ass cheeks wide open. She slid one finger into Rachel's asshole and noted that the White slut was no anal virgin. Grinning, Jessica pulled the dildo out of Rachel's cunt and put it in her ass. Rachel screamed as Jessica penetrated her asshole with the dildo. Laughing, Jessica began fucking her in the ass, swiftly thrusting the dildo where the sun didn't shine.

In a swift move, Jessica White flipped Rachel Brendan on her back. The young Black woman spat in the Irishwoman's face and plunged the strap-on dildo deep into her asshole. The move was so fast and executed so perfectly that it took Rachel's breath away. She looked into the eyes of Jessica White as the young Black woman slammed the dildo deep into her asshole. It felt oddly good. Rachel fingered her pussy while Jessica fucked her in the ass. Jessica grinned, and did the last thing Rachel expected her to do. She kissed her. In spite of herself, Rachel kissed Jessica back and wrapped her arms around her. The Boston Irishwoman now wanted to get fucked. So she completely surrendered herself to the Black American Princess. The crowd went absolutely wild as Jessica White got screams, orgasms and various fluids from Rachel Brendan before all was said and done.

That was our inaugural match, folks. What did you think? Oh, and no gorgeous young women, Black or White, were harmed during the making of his production. The response was overwhelmingly positive, from men and women, Blacks, Asians, Whites, Hispanics and Arabs. Gays and lesbians also chimed in positively. Yeah, the Interracial Female Wrestling Competition is off to a positive start. Look for us to grow and expand in the coming months. A bright future awaits us. Look for intense wrestling and steamy interracial lesbian action at all of our events. Holler!

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