tagCelebrities & Fan FictionInterview with Faith Hill Ch. 02

Interview with Faith Hill Ch. 02


"I want you two to understand that I have in my hand a videotape of what happened before last night's concert. I don't think that either of you would want that tape to fall into the wrong hands now would you?" Mr. Byron Willet the Civic Center manager said as we all stood in Faith Hill's dressing room the night of her second concert in town.

"No, we wouldn't," Faith answered her face turning a bright crimson color as she looked at Mr. Willet.

"Of course not," I said as I stood there looking down at the little fat man who was holding a videotape in his hand.

"I have a bargin that I would like to make to both of you," Mr. Willet said as I noticed that before he even told us he was getting an erection as his pants started to tent up. "If you will let him fuck you in the ass while I watch and jerk myself off I will let you two have the pleasure of owning the tape, if not I will post it on the Internet and your CDs will be in the bargin bin with the Dixie Chicks in about a week, and you Mr. Jackson, you won't be a reporter anymore," Mr. Willet told both myself and Faith.

"Not much of a choice," I said to Faith as I thought about the two options.

"I guess I'll get ass-fucked for the first time tonight. Please be gentle I have never done this before," Faith said looking at me with a beautiful smile that showed her total beauty. With that I started to strip and Faith waited until I was done to strip herself. The closer she got to being naked the harder my cock became. By the time she was down to her red silk g-string I was on the verge of having an orgasm without even touching my cock.

Faith leaned over the arm of the sofa in her dressing room and presented her ass for my enjoyment. I quickly spit in my hand and used it to lube up my cock before I entered Faith's pussy first to lube myself up for her virgin ass. I glanced over at Willet and he had his pants and underwear down around his ankles and was yanking his cock for all he was worth. After several deep strokes in Faith's pussy she told me that she was ready for me to fuck her in the ass.

I pulled my well-lubed cock out of the wet juicy pussy and started to work the cock-head into her ass very slowly. She moaned in pain at first as she got used to the sensation of having a hard cock in her ass for the first time. I took my time working the entire length into her and once I was all the way in I worked on building up speed. By this time Faith was moaning and groaning and panting in pleasure as I fucked her ass with reckless abandon, feeling the juices from her pussy build up on my balls and run down toward my ass as they slapped against her. Faith then cried out, "I love having a big hard cock shoved up my worthless ass. Fill my ass up with cum you big dicked stud."

I was shocked by how much Faith was enjoying this little adventure of ours.I glanced over to see Willet start to shoot his load and knew that I was going to fulfill Faith's wish in just a moment myself. With two more strokes I let loose with a torrent of semen that filled her ass full and pulled out and watched as it ran down the inside of her thighs. Faith scooped some up with her fingers and licked it off before she smiled at me and said, "Still finger licking good." At which we both enjoyed a good laugh. I glanced over at Willet who was pulling his pants up and panting.

"Damn, you two put on a good show," Willet said to us as he laid the tape on the table and left the room.

"What should we do with it," Faith asked me.

"Burn the damn thing, I suppose," I told Faith.

"Tell you what, after the show, meet me back here and we can discuss it over dinner. That is if you think that you will be up for it. Because I want some more of that cock of yours," Faith suggested.

"Oh hell, yeah," I responded.

"Good," Faith said with a wink. "Now go get cleaned up."

Next time the conclusion.

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