tagNovels and NovellasIntimacy With Friends Ch. 01

Intimacy With Friends Ch. 01


Eric was mowing his neighbor's yard on a hot August day. He had recently graduated from high school and was doing odd jobs while waiting until September to leave for college. He noticed Clara sitting on the deck sunning herself as he continued to mow. Clara and John had lived next door for several years. Clara was about age thirty and a very pretty lady. She worked part time and seemed to have plenty of time at home.

When Eric started mowing, she came out on the deck with a book to relax in a chair. Eric noticed she was wearing a skimpy sun dress. She pulled her dress up to expose her shapely legs to the sun. During his circular rounds of mowing when Eric came close to the deck, he took a long look in her direction. He noticed she had her dress up to her hips which allowed him to get a glimpse of her panties. She kept reading her book as if she didn't see him.

Eric finished mowing and put the mower in the garage. Clara said, "Come on in while I get some money for you." Eric was hot and sweaty and stood in the hall way. Clara told him to go in the living room and sit down for a few minutes in the air conditioned room to cool off.

As she gave him the money, she nonchalantly commented, "I was talking to your mother the other day. She said she had caught you looking at the adult sites on the internet."

This surprised Eric and he blushed a bright red as he fumbled for words.

Clara continued, "You're eighteen now and should have an interest in sex. Do pictures of naked girls turn you on?"

Eric was very flustered by now and mumbled, "I guess so. I look at them."

She continued, "Do you get a hard on when you look at them and then masturbate?" That was just too much for Eric, he didn't know what to say to this pretty lady. He was very embarrassed.

Clara smiled, "I'm sure you do. Instead of looking at the naked girls on the internet, wouldn't it be better to see a live naked girl?"

Eric responded to this question, "But I don't know where I can see a live naked girl."

She then queried him, "When you date, haven't you ever seen a girl naked?"

He had a quick answer for that, "No, when I'm with my girl friend in the back seat of the car, it's dark and she has on most of her clothes."

Clara looked at Eric and smiled, "Soooooo, you have never seen a naked girl before. Would you like to see one?"

He didn't quite understand what she meant, but responded, "Sure."

Clara had a tendency to be an exhibitionist. She was hoping she could pose nude for this handsome stud and watch him masturbate. Now she was going to get a thrill to watch him look at her. Clara was standing a few feet in front of him. She gave him a big smile, "I saw you outside looking at me while you were mowing. You knew I had my dress up high and you were looking at my legs. I did that on purpose to see if you would look. Right now, keep sitting where you are and you're going to see a live naked girl for the first time."

She reach down for the hem of her dress and lifted it up over her head. Eric was astounded to see her standing in front of him in just her bra and panties. She said, "Does this give you a hard on?" Eric just nodded yes as he stared at her shapely body. His cock was instantly hard. She turned all the way around to show all her body. When she was facing him again, she reached behind to unsnap her bra. As she tossed it aside, Eric saw her beautiful firm breasts. She reached up to cup each of them and pointed the nipples straight at him. Eric was sitting with his mouth gapping and stared. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Clara then put her thumbs in the elastic band of her panties, pulled them down and stepped out of them.

She threw her panties to him and said, "You're too sweaty to touch me, so just stay where you are."

She turned around again to give him a good view.

She said, "I'm going to give you the opportunity to masturbate while looking at me. You might like that better than masturbating at a picture of a naked girl on the internet. Just a minute, I'll go get a towel for you to cum on."

Eric watched her walk away from him. He looked at her trim naked butt as she walked to the hallway. His cock was very hard pushing against his jeans. All this had happened so quick, he didn't know if he should take his cock out or what to do. Eric watched as Clara entered the living room again carrying the towel. Her ample breasts were jiggling some as she walked. He was mesmerized by watching her and continued to sit.

She calmly said, "Why don't you stand up so you can take your cock out. I would like to see it."

Eric stood up and dropped his jeans to the floor, then lowered his shorts. His very hard cock jumped out.

She handed the towel to him, then commented, "You have a nice big one. I'll bet your girl friend likes it."

Eric didn't say anything, but put his hand around his cock. He felt very embarrassed to masturbate in front of Clara, but she was so sexy looking and it did feel good with his hand on his cock.

She encouraged him, "Go ahead and do it while you look at me. You should like it better than doing it in front of the computer. I want to watch you cum on the towel."

Eric was so turned on that he quickly shot his load. When his knees became weak, Clara wondered if he was going to fall down. Clara put her dress back on and suggested Eric get dressed and leave. He thanked her for the afternoon. She said she liked it too and maybe there would be another time. As the next few days went by, Eric could hardly believe his good fortune to have had the opportunity to see Clara naked. He wondered what she meant by saying maybe there would be another time. The next time he knew she had a day off from work and was home, he walked in her back yard hoping she would see him.

She did see him and came outside. She asked, "Did you enjoy visiting me other day?"

Of course he responded, "I sure did. That was really wonderful. I was hoping to see you again."

She invited him in, then said, "You're not hot and sweaty today, that is much better" Eric noticed she was wearing jeans and a blouse. She sat on the couch and said, "If you're going to see a naked girl again today, you will need to help me get these tight jeans off."

Clara undid her belt, pulled her jeans down a little, then sat on the couch. She stuck her feet out for Eric to pull them off. As he tugged at her trouser legs, her panties were in view and her long legs were being exposed. Eric's hard cock was getting even harder. She lifted her butt up for him to pull her panties down and off with the jeans. A they came off, her legs parted some. He gazed at her pussy and kept looking at it.

She said, "Plenty of time to see more of that, but right now undo my blouse and take it off." Then she let him removed her bra to release her beautiful breasts. He was standing in front of her as she was still sitting on the couch.

She told him, "You need to undress if you are going to masturbate again." With a little help from her, Eric quickly shed his clothes in front of her. His very hard cock was pointing straight at her face. She took it in her hand and started squeezing it. He had cum so quick the previous time, she knew she had to be careful. She slowly moved her hand back and forth and then stopped because he acted as if he was about to cum.

It was too late for her to stop because he started shooting. He was groaning and moaning. His body was jerking and his cock was throbbing. Most of the spurts landed on her face and on her breasts and body. Once he started cumming, she decided to vigorously jacked him. After he had settled down, he apologized for cumming so quick and shooting cum all over her. She told him not to worry about it, but come with her to the bathroom so they both could clean up.

Clara looked at herself in the mirror and laughed. She had cum all up and down her body. She said, "Let's both get in the shower and clean up."

Eric had never had a shower with a girl before. He was thrilled to be soaping Clara and rubbing up against her body. After they had dried off, she gave him her husband's robe while she put on a pretty pink robe to go back to the living room. Clara avoided the bedroom because she decided not to have sex with him. She thought she should say something about that to Eric.

"Eric, I am a married woman and I feel that I cannot let you fuck me. It's alright for us to play around. I would just love for you to sink your beautiful big cock in me, but I feel that it isn't right for me to do that. I hope you understand."

"Oh, I forgot, you want to see my naked body and now I've covered it up. I'll take off my robe. Come and sit beside me on the couch and you can feel my body if you would like."

With that invitation, Eric sat beside Clara on the couch and put his arm around her. He let his hands roam over her breasts. One hand then moved on down below to her crotch. Clara scooted forward on the couch and spread her legs to give him space to feel her pussy. She was wet enough for him to enter a finger.

She decided to take his cock in her hand and slowly jack him. He had already cum once and didn't think he would cum very quick the second time. She didn't know if he had enough sexual experience to know about rubbing her clit.

She moved her other hand down to his to guide his finger onto her clit and then said, "Lightly rub this spot." He gently massaged her and soon she felt she was nearing an orgasm. But she decided to do it different.

"Eric, I know you like to see between my legs. Please get down on your knees and put your face at my crotch."

Eric quickly moved in that position while Clara spread her pussy lips for him to see.

She prompted him, "See the spot you were rubbing, lick that with your tongue and suck on it too. Lick all up and down."

For Eric's first time to do this to a girl, she was very pleased. It didn't take too long for Clara to have a very good orgasm. She knew that Eric had another very hard erection. She told him to lie down on the floor and she would satisfy him instead of letting him masturbate. She took his cock in her mouth and started up and down movements. She could feel Eric's hands trying to find her pussy, but she was not in a good position for him. She knew he would like to look at her pussy some more or at least feel it. She then decided to lay on top of him in a six nine position so that his face would be at her pussy when he cum.

She could feel his tongue while she was playing with his balls and going up and down on his cock. She had just had an orgasm and doubted she would have another one so soon. Anyway, she liked the feeling of his tongue. His cock was jerking as he shot spurt after spurt in Clara's mouth. Clara didn't think she could have another orgasm, but this young cock jerking in her mouth and Eric sucking on her clit gave her another orgasm. It took a little while before they both relaxed and laid still in this position for a while longer. Eric enjoyed looking at her pussy because he knew he would soon have to leave her.

Clara looked at her watch and exclaimed, "It's much later than I thought, you have to leave right away. My husband will soon be home."

As Eric was going out the back door, she said for him to come back tomorrow to mow her lawn. Also, she would be home.

That night Eric was so excited he could hardly wait until he would see her again. This would probably be the last day to see her for awhile because he would be leaving for college in a couple of days.

The next day when Eric got the lawn mower out of Clara's garage and started mowing the lawn, Clara came out on the deck. She was wearing the sun dress she wore the first day he was invited into her house. This time, she said hello and stood at the deck rail to talk to Eric. When Eric started mowing, she relaxed in the chair and pulled her dress up to expose her legs for the sun. This time she was not wearing panties. As Eric mowed by the deck on each round of the yard, he stopped to say hello. She sat in a position for him to easily see her hairy crotch. Clara didn't read, but kept thinking about what they were going to do when they went in the house. She knew she had to have his beautiful cock buried in her pussy today.

Once the lawn mower was put back in the garage, Clara suggested they take a shower together because he was so hot and sweaty. Again, Eric enjoyed soaping and washing all over Clara's shapely body. Clara could feel the very stiff cock she so desired. There was no question in her mind what she wanted, so they went directly to the bedroom. They had never really sexily kissed, but now Clara wanted to go all the way.

Before getting on the bed, they stood and kissed while their naked bodies rubbed together. Clara was a little surprised how well Eric kissed with open mouths. She assumed he had kissed many of the high schools girls to be a good kisser. They moved onto the bed in each others arms while holding a long kiss with tongues searching for sexual bliss. During this kiss, Clara reached for Eric's cock and found it very hard.

She said, "I know you like to see my body and my pussy, so I've left the light on. Now to give you a good view, let me get on top of you in a six nine position. Eric was thrilled to see her pussy just a few inches from his eyes. He took one hand to open her lips so that he could see her hole. He inserted a finger, then withdrew it. Also, he could see her pee hole and her ass was staring at him. While having this close up view, he could feel her tongue swirling around the head of his cock, then she would deep throat him.

He couldn't hold back any longer and exploded in her mouth. She vigorously worked up and down on him to suck him dry. He had cum too soon for her to have an orgasm, but she knew she would have a good one later. They were in no rush to move from the six nine position. A little later, Clara rolled off him and laid by his side.

He said, "I've had the best time of my life during these last few days with you. I wish I was married to you. I'm falling in love with you."

She slowly responded, "No that can't be, I'm already married and expect to remain that way. Our relationship must remain the same. You wanted to see a naked girl and I enjoyed being that naked girl for you. You and I both wanted sex and that is all we have for each other. You must go on to college, get a job and get married someday. But I hope you will remember me as the first girl you ever saw naked. I enjoyed posing for you and sex with you is exceptionally good."

Eric sadly said, "I guess that is the way it has to be. I'll be going off to college before you get another day off from work. I won't be able to see you again until Christmas. Maybe we can have some privacy sometime over the Christmas Holidays."

Clara was feeling for Eric's member. It was now hard again. She knew she wanted him to bury his cock in her this time. She told Eric to lie on his back so she could ride him. She held his very ridged member as she eased her pussy all the way down on it. It stretched her and felt so good for both of them. Clara started pulsating her pussy muscles on his cock. Eric responded, "That feels so good, I'll always remember you this way."

She started slowly riding him, then leaned forward for a long sexy kiss. He had already cum once, so they decided to not rush but enjoy the feeling for a long time. They would speed up their movements, then slow down, then occasionally stop. When stopped, she would pulsate her pussy muscles on his cock. When she did that, she could feel his cock jerk in response. They did this for a long time until she decided they had better finish so he could leave.

She gyrated on his cock causing them to become very vocal. She felt the climax starting and her orgasm consumed her completely. She knew he was cumming in her and that sent her to a higher level. Their sexual spasms slowly simmered down. Eric was exhausted and felt he didn't have the energy to move.

Earlier today, she had decided she wanted him to fuck her this way and fill her with cum. She was happy now that it had happened. This morning, Eric didn't think she would ever let him fuck her, but now he was so thrilled that she let him. They finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. She told Eric that he better leave. They shouldn't push their luck by getting caught in bed together.

Before going out the back door, Eric and Clara shared a long lingering kiss with a promise they might have some private time during the Christmas vacation. Clara was wearing a sexy looking robe.

Eric said, "Open your robe and let me look one last time at a beautiful naked girl." She smiled and opened her robe for his last view. He then left.

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