tagIllustratedInto the Wilderness Ch. 03

Into the Wilderness Ch. 03


Serena was the first to wake up. Everything was still and peaceful. She looked over and saw Eric laying flat on his back. He was snoring quietly and she couldn't help but smile. She blinked and looked at the view. It was such a marvelous sight. The campsite was surrounded by water on three sides. One side showed a rock face with trees along the top. One side was the open lake. If you looked carefully, you could see the campsites on the other side of the lake. She was facing the third side. It was a forest across the lake and the water was so still that there was a mirror image of the trees reflecting in the water.

Serena leaned over and softly kissed Eric on the lips. He didn't move and so she knew she could continue. The air was chilly so she pulled the blankets up over her head and crawled down.

It was their last night and they had decided to sleep outside. The weather had finally cleared and there was no chance of rain. They had cuddled up near the fire and then wrapped themselves in layers of blankets and sleeping bags.

Serena moved under the blankets and gently wrapped her lips around his cock. He was already hard and she could taste her juices from the night before. She opened wider and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. Eric stirred a little but continued breathing deeply and snoring softly.

Serena loved Eric so much. Even after all these years, they were so compatible both in and out of the bedroom. Their camping trip had turned into a love making session, with them making love in the tent, near the campfire, the showers, the beach, and now out in the open.

"Good morning." Eric opened his eyes and smiled at his wife. She was kneeling beside him sucking on his throbbing member. This was definitely a good way to wake up. He ran his hands through her hair and watched. She knew exactly what to do to arouse him and wondered how long she had been doing this before he woke up. He didn't care really. All he knew was that waking up to his wife's hot wet mouth wrapped tight around his cock was complete ecstasy.

"The view is beautiful sweetie. So calm and serene."

"I know. Now shut up and let me suck you off." Serena stuck her tongue out at him and then began to deep throat. Sometimes he talked too much during sex. Eric closed his mouth and grinned. He felt her sucking motion pull on his cock and her hands were massaging under his balls, putting just the right amount of pressure against his prostrate. He grunted. She didn't stop.

Serena continued sucking on Eric's cock, but moved so that she was straddling his head. She knew he wanted to suck on her pussy and since they hadn't worn clothing to bed, he had easy access to it.

Eric watched and was so happy when she spun around and straddled his face. He leaned up and ran his tongue up and down her swollen lips. He tasted her juices along with his cum from the night before. It was a heavenly combination, but soon she was so wet he only tasted her nectar. He pushed his tongue into her folds and found her clit. He licked up and down, humming while probing her pussy with his fingers.

"Oh God!" Serena had stopped sucking on his cock, but was still jerking him off. She couldn't concentrate. What he was doing felt so good that all she could do was whimper. Eric knew she was about to be pushed over the edge and he grabbed her hips and pressed his face against her pussy. His goatee rubbed her clit roughly and his tongue barely touched her g-spot.

Eric first felt Serena cumming. She gushed a bit on his tongue and thrashed around violently. He held on for dear life as she yanked his cock so hard. She was cursing under her breath, desperate to spin around so he could be inside her.

"Inside me. Now. Fuck." Serena was desperate. Eric held on longer, wanting to extend her orgasm. She continued to thrash and finally was able to spin around. Her eyes were wide and she sank down on his cock in one thrust.

"You drive me crazy."

Eric watched as his wife bounced hard and fast on his cock. Her large breasts were swaying back and forth and her round belly was pushed against him. She rested her hands on his chest and bounced so hard that the air mattress shifted a bit on the ground. She didn't stop. She was horny. She got like this sometimes and all Eric could do was lie back and let her use his cock. He wasn't going to complain.

Finally she thrusted one last time and screamed out. Her pussy gripped his cock and he gasped. He was cumming at the exact same time. It had never happened and the emotion he was feeling now was overwhelming. He felt his cum rush from his balls and explode inside her. At the same time, her pussy was gripping his cock as she moaned and whimpered. He wanted to concentrated on her, but couldn't.

She collapsed on top of him and reached for the blankets. Eric was gasping for breath. Neither one of them said a word. They knew that they would have to get up eventually and pack up their campsite. They would drive the eight hours back home and after unpacking their things, they would go back to their normal lives. At least for a few days, they were able to enjoy each other in the wilderness.

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