Irina had just turned nineteen and so was grateful for the wine her friend Annie served her at the barbecue. She was just finishing her third glass and was giggling happily in the corner while everyone around her socialized.

The hosts of the party, Annie and Bret, were much older than Irina and most of the other guests today. They all worked with Annie at the grocery store and, despite their age differences, many of the younger girls had become friends of hers. Bret teased Annie many times that they thought of her as their surrogate mother. Annie rolled her eyes at this and would punch him in the shoulder when he said it. Bret would only chuckle and walk away smiling.

Jennifer and Renee, two of the younger girls who worked with Annie, were watching Irina get drunk. Jennifer called Bret over from his place at the barbecue.

"How come we haven't been served any wine?" she asked petulantly.

Bret grinned and shook his head.

"We've been through this already," he said with a smile. "You're not old enough to drink."

"Oh come on!" Jennifer pouted. "I'll be eighteen next week. And Renee's already eighteen!"

"That's wonderful!" Bret said. "Congratulations. But the legal drinking age is nineteen, so I guess you're out of luck."

"Well what about Irina?" Renee whined. "She's only eighteen too!"

"Nope," Bret said. "She showed me her birth certificate. She turned nineteen three weeks ago."

"Well at least I don't get drunk after two glasses of wine," Jennifer said irritably.

Bret glanced over at Irina, watching her sink further and further into the couch and chuckled.

"I guess she's hit her limit," he said casually. "And how would you know if two glasses of wine won't get you drunk. You're not nineteen yet so you couldn't possibly know!"

Jennifer gave him an icy look and opened her mouth to speak but Bret cut her off.

"Ah ah!" he said while wagging his finger. "What I don't know can't get back to your parents!"

She opened her mouth wide in shock and gave him a scandalized look.

"You wouldn't!" she said.

Bret just grinned and handed her a hamburger.

"Best put that in your mouth instead of your foot," he said quietly.

"Oh my God!" Renee said with a guffaw.

Bret chuckled and went back to the barbecue where he resumed flipping burgers.

"What a bastard!" Jennifer said.

Renee laughed and Jennifer scowled at her.

"Maybe you'd better eat your burger," Renee said as Jennifer's mouth worked soundlessly. "You can't get into trouble if your mouth is full."

Jennifer bit into the burger without saying anything and then sighed in contentment as the flavor filled her mouth.

Bret returned to the kitchen to get more burgers where he found Annie filling glasses with various drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Annie was forty-seven, though she looked like she was in her thirties. She had dark brown hair cut short in a sort of bob and stood almost five six. Her body was slender and shapely, despite her age.

Bret was fifty-one. He was good looking with blondish-brown hair but his body had a little too much paunch to it. Annie loved him though and kept telling him he looked great, so he didn't worry too much about it.

"You're going to have to watch what you serve Irina," he said. "She looks like she's about to pass out right on the couch."

Annie frowned and peered around the corner to see Irina drifting off.

"Oh dear!" she said. "She asked me for glass after glass and I didn't think to limit her. I forgot that she's so young and not used to drinking."

"Oh well," Bret said. "What's done is done. Take her into the bedroom and let her sleep it off. We can move her to the couch before we go to bed."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Annie said. "Can you take her? I'm in the middle of serving a bunch of people."

"Yeah sure," Bret said.

He dropped the plate of raw burgers on the counter and washed his hands. Then he walked to the couch and smiled down at Irina.

He had to admit she looked pretty hot. She had light brown hair with highlights cut to above her shoulders and styled so that one eye was partially covered by her bangs. Both her eyes were closed now and she was breathing deeply and evenly with her mouth parted slightly. He knew she was dead to the world.

Her crop top was blue and her loose shorts were blue with white stripes. Bret thought they looked more like pajamas than something you'd wear out on the street.

He leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"Irina," he said.

She didn't show any sign that she'd heard him. He shook her shoulder slightly and still she didn't respond. He whispered to her again and came to the conclusion that nothing was going to wake her up.

With a final look around the room to ensure that no one was watching, he grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. He lifted her to her feet and she limply fell against him, whimpering softly at being disturbed from her sleep.

He walked her as best he could until they were around the corner leading to the bedroom. Once they were out of sight of the rest of the party-goers he hefted her over his shoulder and carried her slight form easily the rest of the way.

He laid her down on the bed and she sighed sleepily and curled into a fetal position. Bret looked down at her for a moment admiring how her clothes showed off her coltish body. She stood about five foot four and was very slender. Her legs were long and slim and her petite body was barely covered by her skimpy outfit.

Bret grinned quietly to himself and then left her there to sleep off the wine she'd drunk.


Hours later after the last of the guests departed and the last of the dishes were washed, Bret and Annie, a little tipsy and amorous from the wine they'd drunk, stepped back in surprise upon discovering Irina's sleeping form in their bed.

"Oh my God!" Annie exclaimed. "I completely forgot about her!"

Bret laughed and sat down on the bed beside the unconscious girl.

"Well if she stays here," he said with a laugh, "she's joining in."

Annie scowled at him and stuck out her tongue.

"You'd love that wouldn't you," she said tersely.

"Hey, fair is fair," he said while pulling Annie close to him with both hands on her bum. "You know what they say about girls who pass out at parties don't you."

"What do they say?" Annie asked warily.

"That they can't hold their liquor," he said teasingly.

Annie slapped him on the chest and stood back.

"Come on," she said impatiently. "Move her to the couch so I can take advantage of you."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said with a mock salute.

Again he grabbed the young girl by the arm and lifted her until she was balanced on his shoulder. He was holding her leg with one hand and had her firmly gripped in a fireman's carry.

"My God she's tiny!" Annie remarked.

"She's like a feather," Bret said as he walked to the couch with her.

He laid her gently on the couch and then hurried back to the bedroom where Annie had already stripped off her clothes. She stood naked in the doorway and Bret enveloped her in his arms. He carried her next to the bed and, while still standing, cupped her bum in both hands while nibbling lightly at her nipples with his teeth.

"Oh God," she moaned. "If you keep that up I'm going to cum all over your leg!"

She ground her mons against his bare leg in illustration. Bret gripped her bum tighter in his hands and held her pubis firmly in place.

"Go ahead," he growled into her neck. "You'll be cumming again in no time anyway."

He returned to nibbling at her nipples and pressed the fingers of both hands against her anus and pussy lips. Annie moaned in response and bit his shoulder as the shivers ran through her body.

"I want your cock!" she said breathlessly. "Get undressed and fuck me!"

Bret chuckled and dropped her on to the bed with a flourish. She cried out and then laughed after she landed on the soft mattress.

"You bastard!" she said, slapping his bare stomach as he pulled his shirt over his head. "You could have given me some warning!"

He dropped his shorts to his ankles without ceremony and gave her an innocent look.

"You told me to get undressed," he said. "To do that, I needed to drop you."

Annie waved his protestations aside and leaned forward. She took his semi erect cock into her hand and gobbled it into her mouth hungrily. She looked up at him and fondled his balls while she sucked him to the back of her throat.

"You're hard enough now," she said, holding his penis to her lips. "Now fuck me like you mean it!"

She turned around on the bed and started to crawl across to her own side. Bret gripped her from behind and dragged her to the edge of the bed. Without any preamble, he shoved his hips forward and sank his cock into her until he could push no more.

Annie groaned in satisfaction and put her head down to rest on her forearms. Bret drove into her from behind, grunting slightly with each thrust and Annie began to growl with pleasure as he hammered into her.

"Oh that's so good!" she gasped between thrusts.

"You like that Baby?" he said, gripping her bum and squeezing it roughly with his hands.

"Yeah," she said. "Give it to me Baby!"

With sweat dripping from his forehead, he continued thrusting into her. Her bum jiggled every time his hips rammed into her. Her tits, hanging loosely as she knelt into the bed, swayed back and forth as they fucked.

Annie gave a high pitched mewl and Bret knew she was close. He redoubled his efforts and shoved into her as hard and fast as he could. She was grunting with each thrust now, her face buried into the blankets, and he could feel her tense up.

Suddenly she raised her head and howled as her orgasm hit. Bret pumped into her again and again and then he felt his balls let loose. He grunted loudly and then he was shooting his semen deep inside her.

They fell forward together breathing heavily and she smiled weakly at him, her face half buried in the blankets bunched up around her cheeks.

"You just get better and better you know," she said.

"Glad I could help," he said with a grin.

Annie cooed softly and snuggled against his shoulder. Then both of them sat up in alarm as they heard a soft grunt from the bedroom door. They looked over and were shocked to see Irina crouched down on her knees and with one arm supporting her upper body. Her other hand was buried deep in her loose shorts as she fingered herself to an orgasm.

She looked up at them guiltily but with her face and chest area flushed with the climax she'd just experienced.


After Bret had dumped her onto the couch Irina had slept only fitfully. After a few moments she opened her eyes and blinked blearily trying to figure out where she was. She sat up and looked around her. She didn't recognize the room or any of the furniture and she felt a surge of panic rising in her.

She stood up from the couch and walked quickly to the balcony door. She opened it and stepped outside looking around wildly while trying to determine where she was.

She saw that she was on about the sixth or seventh floor of a building and there was a busy street below. Looking to her right she saw lights and recognized the store where she worked. Relief flooded through her when she realized that she was at Annie's place.

She knew that she had drunk too much wine but this was the first party she'd been to since she had turned nineteen, the legal drinking age. Annie and her boyfriend Bret had been far too preoccupied with their jobs as hosts to see that she was drinking way too much.

She realized with chagrin that she had probably passed out on the couch and had laid there, an object of pity and scorn, the whole time. She began to dread the next time she saw any of the other guests, which consisted of just about everyone she worked with.

The feelings of panic gone, she walked back inside and closed the balcony door behind her. It was then that she heard voices coming from the other room.

She crept forward as quietly as she could and peered around the corner into the bedroom just in time to see Annie bent on all fours on the bed and taking Bret's cock into her mouth.

Irina gasped in amazement as she watched Annie do what her last boyfriend had so badly wanted her to do. She had absolutely refused to put his cock anywhere near her mouth. She had let him fuck her, but the experience had left her unsatisfied. His shoving into her dry vagina had resulted only in pain and irritation. He had cum so quickly after forcing his way inside her that the whole episode had left her completely disillusioned about sex.

Now she watched as Annie sucked on Bret's cock and was amazed. Not only did she seem to be doing it willingly, she seemed also to be enjoying the act as much as Bret was.

"You're hard enough now," Annie said huskily. She turned away from Bret and raised her bum into the air as she began to crawl across the bed. "Now fuck me like you mean it!"

Surprising Annie and Irina, Bret grabbed Annie by the legs and dragged her toward him. Then in one smooth motion he impaled her on his hard cock. Irina felt her nipples pucker into hard little nubs as she watched this display of wanton fucking.

While she figured that Annie and Bret were sex partners, knowing that something was happening and seeing it happen before your eyes were two different things.

She felt her vagina moisten as she watched Bret pound into Annie from behind. Annie's gasps of satisfaction were almost as much of a turn-on as watching Bret's cock sink inside her vagina. From her viewpoint, she could see every motion and practically feel every ripple as they ground against each other.

"Oh that's so good!" Annie gasped into the blankets she was pulling into bunches with her clenched fists.

"You like that Baby?" Bret grunted.

"Yeah," she cried. "Give it to me Baby!"

Irina saw Bret bite his lower lip as he continued to fuck Annie. By this time, Irina's hand was inside her shorts and she was pushing two fingers inside her pussy as far as they would go. Her eyes were riveted to Bret's cock, its pink hardness slamming into Annie's dripping vagina again and again. She imagined it sliding in and out of her as her fingers stretched her channel open, though not far enough.

Annie was grunting in time with Bret's thrusts and Irina found herself grunting softly right along with her. She looked at Annie's breasts, admiring their shape and how they swayed backward and forward. She wondered suddenly what it would be like to feel them, to hold them in her hands and fondle them.

Annie's head suddenly went up and she wailed loudly. Irina's eyes went wide as she watched her friend cum. She had never seen a woman have an orgasm before, not even in videos or on the internet. She didn't like watching porn of any sort, something her friends teased her about endlessly.

Now she watched as Annie grimaced and bucked her way through a powerful climax, after which, she seemed to go limp. Bret now slammed into her more rapidly and then grunted; a sound she recognized from when her boyfriend had cum inside her. She watched with her eyes wide and her lips slightly parted.

When she saw a trail of semen seep out of Annie's pussy and drip down her leg she knew that she too was going to cum.

She closed her eyes and replayed that scene in her head as she rubbed furiously at her pussy, seeing again and again the white fluid oozing out of Annie to coat Bret's penis and then drip down the back of her thigh.

She grunted then as her orgasm hit her and pitched forward with one arm on the floor holding her up as she continued to flick at her clitoris with the other hand.

When she opened her eyes she was horrified to see both Annie and Bret looking at her in surprise. She turned bright red and realized only after several heartbeats had passed that she was still rubbing her fingers across her soaking wet slit.

Reluctantly, because it felt so good, she slowly removed her hand from her shorts and sat back on her haunches staring at the couple on the bed with wide eyes.


After several minutes of the three of them staring at each other and no one talking, Bret cleared his throat and looked at Annie with a meaningful expression. Annie returned his stare with an equally meaningful expression and kept her mouth shut.

He turned to Irina who had not moved since removing her hand from her shorts.

"Well," Bret said uncomfortably, "that was interesting."

The room went quiet again as they stared at each other and then Annie sat up, her breasts jiggling slightly as she did.

"Um," she said uncertainly, "how much, um, did you see just now?"

Irina bit her lip and blushed again.

"A lot," she said with a quiver in her voice.

"A lot?" Annie asked. "How much is a lot?"

"Since," Irina said weakly and then coughed. "Since you were, uh, since you had his... thing in your mouth."

"Oh God!" Annie said. "That's a lot."

Irina nodded guiltily and then looked down at the floor.

Bret cleared his throat and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Did you enjoy watching it at least?" he said after a few moments.

"Bret!" Annie said angrily and then slapped him across the chest.

"Well it's worth knowing isn't it?" he said in defense.

Annie blushed and rolled her eyes and looked over at Irina once more. She noted that the girl's chest was still flushed from excitement and her nipples were poking almost through the bra under her crop top.

Annie scowled and then realized that she too wanted to know the answer to Bret's question. Her own nipples hardened and she felt a flutter of excitement in her groin at the thought of them being watched while they fucked.

"Well?" she said softly, "Did you enjoy it?"

Irina looked up at her and nodded slowly. Her blush deepened and both Annie and Bret saw the gooseflesh rise on the girl's arms and legs.

"Would you," Bret started to say and then stopped. He took a deep breath and opened his mouth again. "Would you like to watch us again?"

His cock jumped and then was fully hard as soon as he asked. Annie looked down at it and took in a sharp breath. She knew then that both of them wanted the girl to watch them. The thought of Irina seeing them at their most intimate made her nipples as hard as marbles.

Irina swallowed and bit her lip. Regardless of what she said next, everyone in the room knew at that moment that she wanted to watch them every bit as much as they wanted to be watched.

The girl's eyes were wide as saucers and she could not speak from nervousness, but she nodded and looked at the couple pleadingly.

Annie looked from Bret to Irina and then back to Bret. Bret turned to her and the two of them had an entire conversation without a word being spoken.

Almost in a dream, Annie reached for Bret's cock and wrapped her hand around the shaft. Irina sucked in a sharp breath and Bret turned toward her. He crooked his finger with a "come here" gesture and she slowly got to her feet and took a few tentative steps forward.

"First of all," he said, "if we're naked, then you're going to have to be naked too."

Annie gave Bret a look of surprise and then realized with shock that she wanted to see the young girl naked too. She then looked at Irina and nodded.

Irina stared at them with trepidation for a moment and then, almost mechanically, pulled her crop top over her head in one motion. She reached back and unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor beside her top.

Her tits were a small B-cup but her nipples were puffy and distended. Bret guessed they were over an inch long at the moment.

Irina then hooked her thumbs into her waistband and pushed her shorts and panties to the floor. When she straightened Bret looked at her little snatch hungrily. The blondish hair above it was sparse and her slit was small, just a tiny opening resting between the crux of her slender thighs. Her lips were swollen from excitement and her clitoris was standing at attention just waiting to be played with.

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