tagBDSMIt Happened in Mexico Ch. 03

It Happened in Mexico Ch. 03


Angel watched the video of her husband in disbelief. Kelly had never shown any signs that he was gay before yet hear he was, begging to suck Joaquin's cock and to be fucked in the ass and looking like a sissy drag queen.

It hurt her when her husband said he didn't want her anymore and called her a whore. She felt disgusted at the sight of him being fucked, and then she heard him say, "More Please," and realized it was all faked. She was relived to realize that Kelly had gotten her signal. Still she decided to play along and pretended to be hurt.

Joaquin was doing all he could to destroy the love between them. He felt it was working and this gave him much pleasure. Little did he know that it was he who was being played and the love between Angel and Kelly was stronger than ever.

Joaquin decided to do a face to face and really rub their noses in it. He decided to throw a party for his friends and offer Angel and Kelly as the entertainment.

Kelly was dressed as a French Maid and Angel wore only a dog collar, garter-belt, stockings and high-heels. Kelly would greet each guest by curtsying and serve hors d'oeuvres.

Angel now realizing her husband's actions were just a pretense, had no problem playing along and joining the others as they made fun of him, prancing around like a sissy. She told her husband, "You are much better now as a little sissy bitch, you certainly aren't a real man!"

She on the other hand was also on display for the guest's amusement and had to offer herself to any man or woman who wished to publically abuse her.

The guests smacked her ass, pinched her nipples and stuck their fingers up her pussy and ass while calling her names like, slut, whore and bitch.

This hurt Kelly but he continued also to play along, biding his time and waiting for an opportunity for them to escape.

As the evening went on, everyone was getting drunker and more demanding.

At one point Joaquin stood up and announced, "What you see before you ladies and gentlemen is a shattered marriage. I have been able to bring out the faggot in him and whore in her. They no longer have any love for each other and only wish to please their master and their own twisted desires. Allow me to demonstrate."

With that he led Angel by her collar to the middle of the room and commanded her to get on her knees.

He then asked her, "Tell us Angel, would you like to take your husband and leave this place? All you have to do is say so and I will turn you both loose."

Angel knew it was a phony offer and continued to play along by saying, "Oh no master, I don't want my sissy faggot husband anymore, I just want to serve you anyway you wish!"

Her response was followed by laughter and cheers from the guests.

"And you, faggot," Joaquin continued, "don't you want to take your wife away from this awful place and return to your home and marriage?"

Kelly continued to play along, knowing the wrong answer could me their death. "Oh no master, I don't want that dirty whore anymore, I just want to suck and be fucked by your beautiful cock." Kelly replied, which drew more cheers and laughter from the guests.

"Very well," Joaquin replied, "let's have a little demonstration of your loyalty. Angel, go over to your husband, slap him and spit in his face, then smack his balls and tell him what you think of him."

Angel knew this would be harder to do. She loved her husband more than ever and to hurt, publically denounce and humiliate him would not be easy.

She walked up to him and tried to give him a secret wink and slapped and spit in his face. She then smacked him quite hard across his balls and said, "Fuck you faggot, you are nothing more than a cocksucking little bitch. You disgust me and I no longer have any respect for you!"

Everyone in the room laughed at the humiliated husband.

"Well, well, well," Joaquin said, "it seems you are no longer the love of her life, Kelly, how do you feel about that?"

Kelly continued to go along with the sham. "I don't care what that dirty whore says," giving Angel a quick wink. "All she's good for is fucking and sucking. Do with her as you please. Make her beg for more please!" Kelly answered re-enforcing their secret pact.

"Excellent," chided Joaquin, "ladies and gentlemen, you may enjoy my two slaves anyway you wish!"

The first thing that happened is two guys grabbed Angel and placed her on a hassock on her hands and knees. One guy shoved his cock in her ass while the second guy stuffed her mouth.

They continued fucking her from both ends while she loudly moaned and screamed. You could see the saliva dripping down on her tits from her mouth as they fucked her.

Joaquin then injected, "We call this, Mexican Handcuffs!" Everyone laughed at his remark, everyone except Kelly. He was too busy getting the same treatment from two gay men.

Kelly kept gagging on the huge cock ramming his throat. He kept trying to relax his throat but he could not. He was however, successfully relaxing his anus which made his anal assault more bearable.

Angel and Kelly were repeatedly abused over and over for the next several hours. Soon the quests were spent and passed out from the evening's festivities.

Joaquin was staggering around holding a bottle of Tequila in his hand mumbling, "I got you bitch, you're my slut now, my slut, my slut." He then passed out, falling face first on the couch.

Kelly and Angel, who were tied together on the floor, had been waiting for this chance and this was it. Kelly cut the rope with a broken wine glass and he and Angel, wrapped in ponchos, quietly snuck down the stairs and into the street.

It was in the wee hours of the morning and the town was sleeping. Kelly quickly led Angel to the place where he had buried the money. It was still there, wrapped in a plastic bag.

The half-naked couple wandered around until they reached a small hotel with a taxi cab parked in front. The driver was sleeping inside the cab. Kelly and Angel offered him $200 to drive them to the border. The cabbie quickly agreed and the three of them sped away from Rosarito.

They reached the U.S. Border in an hour. Kelly gave the driver, two of the $100 bills and he and Angel walked over to the Border Guard.

Kelly explained they were robbed but had ID and passports in his car parked on the U.S. side of the border. At first the guard was reluctant but finally agreed to escort them to the car to verify his statement.

After producing the necessary papers, the guard granted them entry to the U.S. and the exhausted couple changed into the extra clothes and drove to the nearest hotel and fell fast asleep.

They had once, years ago, talked about a scenario that if they ever got into a situation where their lives were in danger, to pretend to go along with it and do whatever they had to do, until they had a chance to get away. Resistance or defiance would only get them hurt or killed.

They never expect it to actually happen, but it did, and it worked.

Kelly's masculine appearance returned when his body hair grew back.

Angel's hair grew back to its natural color and her tattooed make-up faded to a normal appearance over time. She removed the piercing jewelry and covered her initialed, tattooed pubis with a beautiful rose tattoo.

Joaquin Rodriquez, who had promised the couple to a sex trade organization, was found dead, decapitated with his severed penis in his mouth a few days after the couples' escape, as a warning from the organization that had fronted him the money to perform the procedures on the couple, that they disapprove of punks that allow their property to get away.

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