tagNon-Erotic PoetryIt Would Be You

It Would Be You


If ever someone has loved me unconditionally,
And has guarded my heart so securely
It would be you.

The only man to ever kiss away my tears,
Who was always able to put aside my fears,
It would be you

If ever there was a man who had the intuition,
Even from far away, to sense all my emotions
It would be you.

If ever there was a man who accepted me for who I am,
And who stood by me, through the good times and the bad
It would be you.

If I was to ever take the risk to marry once more,
The one man I devotely adore,
It would be you.

My heart swells with love so true
That my heart and soul weeps just speaking your name,
If ever you no longer loved me, my soul woule never be the same.
Just know that if I would spend eternity with someone,
It would be you.

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