tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 07

Jacey's Reluctant Awakening Ch. 07


(This is a series of stories about the sexual awaking of a girl through progressively more intense encounters with her sexuality, and the people around her that want to take advantage of her. Her awakening involves her gradual and reluctant capitulation to her strong sexual urges. The story will progress through encounters from innocent, straight, lesbian, reluctant, entrapped, dominance, etc. This story follows Jacey's powerful orgasm using an electronic toothbrush and being caught by her brother in the bathroom.)


Jacey had stayed in her room for a few hours in embarrassment and to get settled after the crazy weekend. She was really concerned that she had gone from a pure, innocent good-girl to a sex obsessed pervert in just 48 hours. What was wrong with her?

Her mom had called upstairs to her, but otherwise left her alone. She could hear her darn younger brother walking around upstairs and watching TV, but she didn't want to face him after him seeing her sprawled on the bathroom floor naked.

Scott watched TV and milled around his room wasting time. But he really wanted to talk to his step-sister for some reason. He mind kept returning to the vision of Jacey prone on the bathroom floor and the view of her pink pussy. He had never thought of Jacey as a sexual creature, really just a cute little good girl. He listened for her to come out of her room to run into her again.

Around 9:30 pm, Jacey figured everyone would be settling into their rooms and she could sneak down and get a snack and watch TV undisturbed. She put on her comfortable sleeping shorts, a tank top, and short socks. She noticed her pert breasts were accentuated by the tight tank top, so switched to a large t-shirt instead -- it was her brothers college t-shirt and couple of times too big.

Jacey quickly tiptoed downstairs. After grabbing a snack from the kitchen she settled onto the couch in the den to watch some TV by herself. Just a few minutes into flipping through the channels, her brother entered the den unexpectedly.

Scott had heard Jacey quietly bound down the stairs, and when she didn't return, figured she must be watching TV in her favorite room to spend quiet time. For hours he had been wondering about his sister's bathroom drama. She had looked exhausted, flushed, and flustered. Why? Then it dawned on him - could she have possibly been playing with herself? NO WAY. Not his big sister.

She never expressed any interest in boys or sex. But she sure looked hot on the floor earlier. Her body was so slender but strong - her arms, legs and shoulders were nearly "ripped" but still soft and slender, feminine. Her tits were small but perfect firm newbies with hard nipples. He stomach so flat and toned. And her trimmed little pussy was so pink. As Scott thought about it, her pussy did look particularly pink and flushed.

Now Scott plopped down on the other end of the couch from Jacey, "hey, what are you watching?"

"Nothing really, just trying to find something," she said as the TV paused to watch Big Brother.

Jacey avoided eye contact with Scott, and Scott tried to act like nothing had happened. But he kept catching his eyes wandering to peruse Jacey's body, trying to imagine her body naked again. And he occasionally tried to strike up casual conversation in the hopes he could turn it towards the bathroom incident earlier.

"So this was a big weekend. Dad and Mom made me work around the house all weekend, but I did get to go out to a party on Saturday night. Did you have fun at the cheerleader night Saturday?"

Jacey's mind felt a pang of embarrassment at the mention of the cheerleader sleepover. Her stomach tightened at the mere thought that someone might have told friends about it and her brother might somehow know. Her nervousness increased suddenly and she felt a little flush.

"Yeah, it was okay, kinda boring actually," Jacey wanted to avoid a discussion.

"I know you are lying sis," he said teasingly.

Jacey was stunned. Holy shit, did he know something? She simply turned and stared at her brother dumbfounded, a slight panic in her eyes.

"I mean come on Jacey, how could a bunch of hot cheerleaders not have fun together? Was there a pillow fight?" Scott tried to turn the conversation with sexual innuendo.

Jacey realized he didn't know something with relief. "No Scott, there wasn't a pillow fight," Jacey said firmly and turned back to the TV. But her mind raced at the memory of Jennifer holding her down and pulling on her nipples; and then how her pussy had responded to the girls rubbing her. She felt her nipple tighten a bit under the t-shirt fabric.

"So what made you so tired?" Scott pressed.

"Nothing Scott, I'm fine."

This was his opening, "You didn't look fine on the bathroom floor..." he let the words hang.

Jacey shot him a mad look at first, but when he didn't look away from her stare she quickly became insecure. "Leave me alone Scott, you shouldn't just barge into the bathroom," Jacey nearly whined.

Jacey wanted to turn the issue back on Scott, "I'm going to have to tell mom to fix the lock on that door. Should I tell her you barged in on me because you are a perv?"

"Me a perv? I'll tell mom what you were doing with my toothbrush," Scott retorted.

Jacey's pained look toward Scott gave it all away. She was paralyzed with humiliation that he knew what she had done.

Scott smiled at the fact she revealed the secret so easily and he had been right. "Jeez Jacey, I had no idea. That is gross. I've been brushing my teeth with that," he feigned disgust.

Jacey's mind scrambled for a response, "You have NOT been brushing your teeth with ANYTHING like that."

"How do you know? I'm telling mom I need a new toothbrush!" he pressed.

"Scott! It was only once today, and I threw away the brush end." Jacey had now blurted out confirmation of the secret.

Scott knew he had his sister in a perfect position. "I think Mom and Dad should at least know about it. That way they can speak to you about your weird habit." Scott acted like he was getting up to leave without Jacey getting a response to the conversation.

"Scott, Scott, don't be a jerk. It's not a habit. It was just one time thing. I'm sorry." Jacey started to plead.

Scott sat back down, "I'm not being a jerk. Really, Mom should know what you are doing. I have to tell them."

Jacey knew her brother was a rule follower, but this was ridiculous. Why did he HAVE to tell them. "Come on Scott, why would you tell them something like that?" Jacey asked as her voice squeaked.

Now it was Scott's turn to think of a good answer, "Well, because...because maybe you are hurting yourself and need some help. I know Mom and Dad will be pretty upset, but there really isn't anything you can say to stop me."

"That is ridiculous Scott! You are being a JERK. There has to be something I can say to change your mind. Be serious. What can I say? I'll never do it again, I swear." Jacey was getting desperate now.

Scott didn't know what to do now. He wanted to somehow turn this into a grand bargain to see Jacey naked again. To get Jacey to show him what she was doing. But how in the world could he say something like that to her -- he was chickening out. She sat there in silence staring at the TV.

Jacey felt like she had turned the conversation to her favor -- was he changing his mind? She turned and shifted on the couch nearer to him to get his attention. She was on her knees next to him. "What can I do to convince you?" she asked sincerely.

"I don't know," Scott stammered. "I want...I'd want..." he couldn't bring himself to say anything.

Jacey was a tad perplexed, "Want? What do you want? Do you want me to promise, swear? Do you want me to get you a new toothbrush?"

Scott turned to her, all his courage mustered, "I want to see you naked again."

Jacey couldn't believe her ears, she must have misheard him. Maybe her sexual mind was now playing tricks on her. She stared into his face for a clue she had misheard him. As she realized she hadn't, she leaned back instinctively away from him.

She nearly whispered, "What?" She retreated back on the couch.

Scott didn't know how to follow up. But the fact that she didn't scream was a good sign.

"Well, I don't know. I've never seen a girl so naked in person. I was thinking you could show me, and explain what you were doing. Then maybe I wouldn't have to tell Mom and Dad," he tried to explain.

"No way Scott, you are crazy. I'm not getting naked for you!" Jacey started to push back hard now at the idea.

Scott was embarrassed. "Fine then, I'll tell them what you have been doing." He rose quickly and left the room to head upstairs. Jacey sat there torn about what to do. Then she realized, she could not stand the embarrassment of this becoming a family issue, with her mom disappointed and her step-dad thinking she is a little slut.

Jacey jumped up and caught Scott by the arm as he was on the stairs. In a hushed voice, "Come on Scott, please, please don't do this," she begged.

"Well Jacey, I think I have to," he took the high road now and pulled to continue upstairs.

"Scott -- Jacey, are you still up," their mom called from the master bedroom.

"Yes Mom, I'm coming to see you, just a second," Scott yelled back.

"Okay, okay, let's talk," Jacey begged.

"No use," he pulled to go up.

"I'll do it," she hissed - almost not believing herself.

Scott turned and looked at her for a long moment, "now?" he said as more of a rhetorical question.

Jacey felt a pit in her stomach at the thought, and after a long pause, "Okay."

Now Scott turned the tables, and pulled her arm to go upstairs. Jacey nearly stumbled along behind him in reluctance. She couldn't believe this was happening.

"Mom, I'm going to be," he yelled.

"Okay, goodnight," they could hear her call back from behind the door.

Scott paused in the hallway, trying to decide where to go. He looked at Jacey's sorrowful face and decided the bathroom was appropriate as a return to the original scene. Her pulled her toward the bathroom, but she protested, knowing the bright light would be too much for her.

"Let's go into my room" she whispered and pulled him in that direction. He reluctantly conceded. He pulled the door behind them as Jacey turned to see the ominous gesture.

She stood there in front of her bed in shorts that were too big and a t-shirt that hid her small body. Her brother leaned back on the dresser looking at her nervously.

Finally Scott broke the silence, "Okay, go on, let's see you."

"Come on Scott, don't make me do this, this is lame," Jacey tried to change his mind.

Scott felt his resolve wane a bit, but then his eyes scanned Jacey's little body and settled on her pleading eyes. His cock pulsed at the situation and his lust stiffened his resolve. "I'm not kidding Jacey - I want to see you naked like in the bathroom. Go on."

Jacey just stood there, so Scott turned to the door to leave.

"Alright, alright," Jacey whispered. Her mind was spinning, but she tried to think this through. She was going to take off her t-shirt, but then realized it was big enough to almost cover her. So instead she pushed down her shorts and let them fall to the floor.

"Go on," Scott said more softly.

This was humiliating. But Jacey reached under the shirt hem and pushed down her panties and let them fall around her socked feet. Then she looked him in the eye, "Okay, here is me naked you perv," she said defiantly. And with all her courage, she pulled her big t-shirt up, covering her face, and showing him her body for about a second, then yanked the shirt back down.

Scott smirked, "No way, that doesn't count. I said like the bathroom." Emboldened, he stepped forward toward Jacey and as she backed away she ended up sitting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes glanced down away from his stare and for the first time caught sight of his downward pointing cock straining against his shorts. She stared a bit too long and Scott noticed.

"Yeah, I'm getting hard. Want to see mine?" Scott ventured.

"No!," Jacey said firmly.

"Okay, take the shirt off...come on, now," Scott said more firmly reaching forward to help her remove it.

Jacey pushed his hands away, "Fine." She pulled the shirt over her head slowly and immediately covered her small breasts with her arms.

"Come on, like the bathroom - lay back and put your arms down," he was more commanding now.

Despite her racing heart and trepidation, Jacey found herself complying and also becoming aroused at her vulnerability. She could feel a tingle start in her pussy and her nipples hardening. She laid back on the bed and slowly brought her arms down to her side, her legs hanging over the edge of the bed together.

Holy shit her little body was sexy - thin and toned in all the right places. There was a long silence as Scott stared down at her. His eyes moved slowly over her perfect small breasts and he took note of her erect nipples - he so badly wanted to touch them. His eyes trailed down her perfect stomach, admiring her thin waist. And then his eyes were there, at the V of her pelvis.

Jacey saw his stare and had the surprising urge to open her legs to show him her arousal. Her rational mind lept in resistance at the impulse and conversely squeezed her legs together.

Scott reached down to her knees and tried to guide them apart. Jacey clenched them together.

"Come on," Scott said softly, and like a magic work her resistance faded. She let him move her knees up and apart so that her feet came up onto the bed. Jacey turned her face away from the scene in embarrassment.

Scott was mesmerized by the first view he had ever had of a real pussy in person. He had groped naked pussy before in the dark, but never seen one naked and splayed out before him. He pressed her knees open, bringing his face closer to her privates. Ever so slowly her pussy opened to his gaze.

Jacey could feel a rush of arousal in her pussy combined with the crushing humiliation of being exposed like this to her step brother.

Scott's hands started to trail down her inner thighs toward her pussy and reflexively Jacey closed her legs and she let out a low moan of protest.

"Shhhh," Scott firmly pressed her legs back open. "You are so beautiful down here," he tried to reassure her.

But that just caused a flush of shame to cascade through her body, and for some reason a pulse of pleasure throbbed in her pussy as well.

Scott could see that she was very pink, and he wondered momentarily if that was her normal color or if it was her current situation. Or maybe she had hurt herself in the bathroom. His hands arrived at the height of her inner thighs and Jacey was not resisting. He pressed his hands into her and moved her skin around a bit to see her pussy move. And then he noticed it.

He could smell something - it was fresh and nice, but instinctually he knew it was lewd as well. He looked more closely and realized that her pinkness was glistening in the depths of her folds. Oh my god, Jacey was totally turned on by this.

And then without thought he did something he had only daydreamed about until this day - he leaned forward and put his mouth directly onto her pussy.

Jacey was shocked by the sudden and intimate contact with her pussy - she knew even without looking it was Scott's mouth. She immediately started to squirm to get away from his mouth.

Scott yanked on her thighs and pinned her hips still, "Shhhhh, calm down," he demanded.

"This wasn't the deal, stop it," Jacey pleaded half-heartedly.

"Okay, one more time. Just let me kiss you down there one more time and we'll stop," he told her, his eyes locked on her in sincerity.

Jacey didn't say a thing, but didn't resist either. Scott slowly lowered his mouth to her again, and in the only way he thought made sense, he placed a slow full mouth kiss on her upper pussy area and let his tongue start to explore her almost like a French kiss. Jacey laid there frozen. She wanted to say stop, but her body kept holding her back for just another second, it felt so good.

Jacey could feel the pleasure rushing through her pelvis like an unstoppable wave. Scott felt Jacey's body relax and relent, and he let his first time attempt at oral sex get more passionate. He pushed his tongue down into her void and hit upon a much stronger well of her taste. He felt her pussy contract at his exploration. Jacey's body arched in pleasure, but her hips stayed locked in place. He dragged his tongue upward through her lips and when he let it rasp through the top of her cleft Jacey's whole body tensed and she sucked in a sharp breath.

For a moment he wondered if he had hurt her somehow, and then realized her body was racked with pleasure. He let his eyes look up her body and gauge her reactions as his tongue explored her pussy. Her body squirmed slowly and arched, it tensed whenever he let his tongue focus on the top of her pussy cleft. he focused there and her breathing started to become rhythmic and labor, and then she suddenly relented.

Jacey was too embarrassed. Her conscience finally gained a hold and she pushed Scott's head away, "Please stop, it's too much. We can't do this," she rasped.

Scott pulled back and Jacey regained her composure propping up on her elbows. Scott stood before her lost. He knew they had to stop as well, but he was desperate for it not to. Jacey's eyes locked onto his shorts - his full cock looked pained to be so constrained. Their eyes locked.

"Your turn," Scott said, and pulled down his shorts to show Jacey his engorged cock. It bobbed in front of her. Jacey sat up silently to look at it. It was the first cock she had seen in its full glory. She was surprised it looked so large in proportion to what she expected.

"Touch it, feel how hard you made it," he said.

Without even thinking Jacey reached out to take hold of it. She hesitated at the last second, and then wrapped her hand around it. It was silky soft, but hard as a rock. And it was almost hot to the touch. Her one hand seemed to cover about half of its length.

Jacey was not fully engrossed in exploring this cock. She scooted to sit on the edge of the bed so it was right in front of her. She put both hands around it firmly as if to measure it and pull Scott closer to her. She then realized she didn't know quite what to do. Scott reached down and guided her hands to pump up and down the shaft. She did so slowly and firmly.

She was pumping he firmly now and looked up to see if it was right.

"Kiss it, like I did you," Scott asked, almost weakly.

Jacey whetted her lips and then leaned forward. She let her wet lips touch the tip of his lips and tasted a saltiness immediately. She withdrew and whetter her lips again. This time she let her mouth wrap around the head and her tongue circled it as her hands pumped.

Almost instantly Scott groaned and tensed, Jacey pulled back quickly thinking she had done something wrong looking up at him. His eyes were shut tightly; his face looked twisted in pain. Jacey froze her hands pushed down against the base of his cock. And then she felt it twitch powerfully - a second later she felt a wet splat on her bare chest. Shocked she locked down and watched as his cock pulsed out two more powerful pulses of what she realized must have been cum. She watched frozen as it landed on her thin chest and small boobs. Then she let go of him. A weak pulse occurred and landed on her leg.

Jacey wasn't sure what to think, was this gross? Was it amazing? Was it wrong? Was Scott okay?

Scott put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself, "Oh my god."

Jacey wanted to get up and wipe herself off. Scott pulled up his shorts and sat on the bed.

"We shouldn't have done that Scott," Jacey whispered, "You are my brother!"

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