tagRomanceJack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 07

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 07


A few weeks after my conversation with Sheila, I discovered a hotel near Chester that held residential weekend ballroom classes. Some times they were even hosted by a couple of the professionals on 'Strictly come Dancing'. I mentioned this to Ally, wondering if she would like to go.

"With you?" I nodded.

"Yes, with me."

"Separate rooms?"

"Yes. In keeping with our agreement, separate rooms." Ally was thinking about that.

"You're right, it has to be separate rooms, although I would wish otherwise. I made the rules so I have to keep to them. I would love to go, Jack."

"Then we shall go. I will make a booking."

The first weekend I could get a booking was three weeks away, and although the classes were being held by another professional couple, who did not appear in 'Strictly' it was no matter. We drove up on the Friday evening and checked in, arranging to meet for Dinner at eight o' clock. Even as we sat down to our meal, the orchestra was playing in the ballroom, and Ally was impatient to get to the dance. That evening there was no tuition, so we were able to dance and enjoy ourselves. We changed partners for a couple of dances, with another couple, Matthew and Lizzie. Ally was concerned at first and I explained that changing partners from time to time was important for developing our skills.

Saturday was all about tuition, with the professional dancers there from midday. They would demonstrate steps, and then allow the pupils to practice, incorporating the new steps in their routine. The professional dancers would wander around watching critically, and stepping in to demonstrate, also splitting a couple up and dancing with them separately for a few minutes. That was a hard afternoon from midday until five o' clock, the only respite was tea at three-thirty. In the evening it was a grand Ball, Dinner jackets for the gentlemen and ball gowns for the ladies. Ally didn't wear her gold ball gown from before, and had opted for another in a very pale green, It covered her more completely, but the bodice was so tight it only served to accentuate her allure. I had to ask myself again, why was I resisting her? Our dancing had affected us both as much as the first time we really danced together. There is something about the constant body contact and two bodies moving in unison that stirs the libido. We were on a large floor and the other dancers were just as proficient as us, therefore we could expand the envelope a little and dance the more complicated steps. Twice the flor was cleared for the professionals to dance a showdance. They were superb, but it was not the dance that ordinary couples would ever attempt. Towards the end of the evening, we were dancing a very slow fox trot, ignoring the steps but basically hugging in time with the music.

"Jack. Could we suspend the agreement, just for tonight?" She raised her eyes to mine. "We don't have to make love, just sleep together. I want to go to sleep in the arms of the man I love, and wake up in the morning next to him. Please, Jack." Ally was trying to square the circle. I could not immediately give her an answer. We made our way back to the table and I was still in conflict. My deepest desire was to say yes, take this lovely woman back to her room and make love to her. That was my loins speaking, yet at the same time my logic was telling me that would be wrong. But it couldn't tell me how to explain that to Ally without making her feel rejected. I just opened my mouth and my heart, and hoped she would understand.

"Ally, if you could see inside my heart, you would know how much I am tempted. How much I want you. I am not being cold and heartless when I say that we cannot suspend our agreement. If we do it makes a nonsense of all that has happened over the last six months, why did we punish ourselves, and believe you me it was painful, except to find out if we could commit permanently to each other in time. Denying ourselves was part of the agreement, you said it, that you would go to your chaste bed, and I would go home to my cold bed. If we now say that for one night it suits us to ignore that, then the agreement is a mockery." She looked miserable hearing my words. "My sweet, Ally. You must have realised how my feelings have changed over the months. I know that not being able to see you often will leave a great aching chasm in my life. I enjoy your company more than ever, and my feelings towards you are growing warmer every day. Let's keep travelling this road, please?" The look of misery was replaced with one of hope.

"OK, Jack. I suppose you are right." We were walking towards the lift when she said. "I'm glad it has been painful for you." She grinned at me. "It means I am getting to you, Jack." Was I right? I think so, much as I was coming to the conclusion that Ally would be steadfast, there was still that little Gremlin that reminded me that I could still be deserted some time in the future.

We were travelling back the next day. Ally had been very thoughtful for most of the morning. I did wonder what that was about. She cleared the air when she turned in her seat.

"Thank you, Jack." I may have looked surprised, wondering why she was thanking me. "You were right last night, our agreement has to be seen through to the end, whatever that may be. I was wrong, but you couldn't know, my Darling, how I wanted you. I was lying, when I said I wanted to go to sleep in your arms. I did but I wouldn't have let you sleep until you had made love to me." I was smiling then.

"Ally. There would have been no doubt about that." She had a laugh in her voice.

"Well all you had to do was say yes." There was a moment of silence. "I called you darling, you didn't react to that." I shrugged my shoulders as well as you can when driving.

"I called you my sweet Ally, last night."

"I know. A girl remembers things like that and it thrilled me. Is it alright if I call you darling?"

"No problem."

"Good. I have wanted to call you that for a long time, you don't know how often it almost slipped out."

"Well it bloody well almost slipped in last night. More than once I almost got up and came to your room."

"No, no, Jack. Remember the agreement and my terms." I could hear in her voice the teasing tone. Then it changed. "If you had my Darling you would have discovered me doing something that may have got you really hot. My fingers were very busy." This conversation was getting too much for me.

"Let's talk about the weather. It can be very uncomfortable, driving with an erection." Ally giggled, happily.

"Well you may have to wipe this seat after I get out."

"Oh look!" I said. "The Sun's starting to shine."

Looking back on that weekend it proved that Ally and I were becoming more comfortable with each other, and with our sexual desire for each other. It was also becoming apparent that Ally was determined to stay the course. For me in particular I realised that I eagerly anticipated her joining me for workout's. It wasn't that I saw her in very skimpy clothing, although that was delightful, but our habit of sitting down afterwards and having breakfast. Ally knew her way around my kitchen well, and we worked as a team, our individual activity slotting seamlessly to produce the drink and food. Conversation was always bright, cheerful and interesting. She would tell me of her work; without mentioning clients names of course; and I would discuss the plot lines I was developing in my latest story, and listen carefully to her observations. Some of my stories had been published on the internet on free sites, and Ally brought up the topic of my being paid.

"I don't write to be paid. I enjoy the writing and the reward I get is the pleasure I can hopefully give to other's by reading them."

"But what about your novel?" I had mentioned that to Ally some time ago, and she had read quite a lot of it. "You haven't done anything with that for some time."

"I'll get back to that soon, I promise. I know how the ending will be, it's just how to get there which is a problem at the moment."

"Will you put that on the internet?"

"No, Ally. If I think it good enough, I will find a Literary Agent to see if it can be published properly."

"See that you do. It's good, and I want to find out how it ends. And I will look after the contract for you."

"Solicitors are expensive aren't they."

"I will do it at a special rate for you."

"And what sort of rate will that be? Forty quid an hour rather than sixty?"

"Oh no. It will be free. Well almost free." She giggled mischievously. "Payment in kind." I knew what she meant.

"Can I ask a question?"

"Yes." I wondered where she was going now. There was a moment as she gathered her thoughts.

"Your stories are all romances, with a bit of sex thrown in. I like the sex bits." She grinned inviting me to comment. "Are you writing from experience by any chance? You have main characters doing some quite inventive stuff. If you are, I have interesting and exciting times to look forward to." Ally's eyes sparkled. "But why romances?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl again. They live happily ever after. It's the oldest plot in literature. You can add making love, tears, joy, anger and all sorts of emotions. There's all sorts of situations you can weave into that basic. Why do I write them? It makes me feel good, by writing them and hopefully others by reading them. I suppose I am a romantic at heart." Ally was in complete agreement.

"I know you are, Jack." Then the twinkle came to her eyes.

"Well, I like your descriptions of making love, and you can write about us when we have made love." Then thinking about that. "But I don't think I want that being published."

It was getting close to Christmas, three months until our agreement was fulfilled. Ally had little choice but to go to her parents for Christmas, but she was adamant that it would only be for the day. Boxing Day she would be with me. For some years now the festival had not meant that much to me, so I had no problem being alone on Christmas Day, it was a day much like any other. Because Ally would be here on Boxing Day I had gone to some trouble, putting up an artificial tree with fibre-optic lights, and some multi-coloured flashing lights around the window. On the day I was settling down to watch the DVD of 'Dances with Wolves', a classic movie from my point of view, when the phone rang. I was very surprised when I recognised Richard Ewing's voice.

"Mr. Hunter, I am told that you have been seeing a lot of my daughter."

"That's correct, Mr. Ewing."

"I was once of the opinion that you were seeing her to interfere in my life. A sort of revenge for my interfering in yours." I said nothing as any confirmation may lead to the revelation of Sheila's involvement. My silence he could take as confirmation or not, but it did compel him to go on.

"It would appear that Alicia has formed a strong regard for you. It would also appear that you have not taken advantage of that. I am grateful. But could I ask you what are your intentions towards my dau...." He stopped speaking suddenly. I heard Ally's voice in the background.

"Who are you talking to, Daddy? Is it Jack? It is, isn't it? How dare you. It is nothing to do with you." I heard the phone rattle as if she was trying to wrestle the phone from Ewing, then after some muffled conversation she spoke to me.

"Jack! Is that you?"

"Happy Christmas, Ally."

"And Happy Christmas to you my Darling. What has my father been saying?"

"Not much, really. He is aware that we have been seeing each other, and he seems to be pleased that I haven't taken advantage of you. That hasn't happened without lots of cold showers I have to say. Oh and he wants to know my intentions, but I think you heard that bit."

"Yes I did. We...ll if that's all then he hasn't upset me. Has he upset you, though."

"No. But I do understand now when you mentioned about his being over-protective, I mean you are over the age of consent aren't you. But father's always have a care for their little girls, so don't blame him for that."

"Well if you say he didn't upset you, I will let him off. What are you doing today?"

"I was just sitting down to watch 'Dances with Wolves'"

"I have heard that's very good."

"It is. Tell you what, I will leave it now, and we can watch it tomorrow if you like."

"I like! Can we snuggle on the couch?"


"Well don't take a cold shower tomorrow." She giggled.

"I hope your father can't hear you."

"Oh yes. He's still in the room."

"Ally! You can be a bitch at times can't you?" She laughed.

"Yes, Darling I can. See you tomorrow at workout time."

"OK my Love, see you then."

Ally came in at her usual seven-thirty and found me on the treadmill, I was a little late. She waited until I had warmed-down and stopped then grabbed me and kissed like it was the last kiss she would ever give. I was breathless already, and after that kiss I needed another, the kiss of life! She had the biggest smile on her face.

"Phew! I am not complaining, but what was that about?"

"You called me, my Love yesterday."

"Did I? I must have forgotten."

"Oh no you haven't. I know you now, Jack Hunter, and you don't say things like that unless you mean them, nor forget either." I smiled.

"Perhaps it just slipped out."

"Oh no. Any way you prefer slipping in." There was a smile of invitation on her lips. I kissed her and pointed to the Rowing machine.

"Workout! And get rid of your excess energy. Today is a day of relaxing, doing nothing. We'll eat, drink, and then play couch potatoes in front of the telly. Suit you?"

"As long as your arms are round me, definitely."

Our breakfast went as usual. I had hardly noticed over these months that our closeness and comfort being with each other had increased exponentially. With simple tasks like preparing food, eating together, then washing up the dishes we had developed an easy division of labour that required no thought. Our bodies touched as a matter of course doing these jobs and we had long got out of the need for an apology, indeed the touches were a source of pleasure in the intimacy. Together we prepared a light salad lunch keeping it in the fridge so that it could be served whenever we were ready to eat. I had jug of soup, ready to heat in the micro wave.

Ally had printed off one of my stories, one in which an older man and a younger woman find love together. It was one of a number she could have picked, so I suspected an ulterior motive in her choosing this one. We read it together and she would ask me about the motivation behind various episodes. When their first sex scene came up, she read it aloud, but with a blush on her face that had me chuckling inwardly. Having finished the scene she looked at me shyly.

"Is that how it will be for us?"

"Is that how you want it to be?" Funnily we neither questioned that we would make love together, it had gone from 'if' to 'when'. She nodded.

"Yes. I want it to be as gentle, as loving and caring as that."

"Do you think it could any other way than that?" Ally shook her head.

"Not with you, my Darling."

She read on, then got her Solicitor's hat on.

"You rationalise the age difference here quite well, in fact from her point of view the relationship can work well. So why did you make such a point about the difference in our ages?" I had thought this would come up when Ally picked this story out.

"If you read it properly, not just picking out the facts that aid your argument, you will see that James is challenging Elaine to think clearly about the consequences. I was attempting to make you think through that problem as well. In fact this whole twelve month thing should be making you concentrate on that. It should have given you an insight into Spring and Autumn relationships, and whether you will want a man closer to your own age." I paused and another fact came to me. "However close the relationship is, there is an imbalance, and eventually that imbalance will show up."

"You really don't get it, do you? Jack. Your writing suggests you understand women, but you don't. A woman doesn't make a logical and considered choice about who she falls in love with, she just falls in love. And nothing can change that. He may be unsuitable, it doesn't matter she's in love with him. He may be a brute, it doesn't matter she's in love with him. He may be ugly, it doesn't matter she's in love with him. And he may be older by twenty years, it doesn't matter she's in love with him." Ally's emotion had her breathing hard and fast. "I am in love with you, Jack. Perhaps it was infatuation when we started this, but over these months I have fallen, fallen so deeply in love with you. I want to be with you always, I want to sleep next to you every night, I want to be your wife and give you a child. That's how it is when a woman's in love. The obstacles mean nothing, all that matters is her emotions." There were tears in her eyes as she made her impassioned declaration. I couldn't sit there and not react. Men did perhaps get too logical, making factual decisions in spite of their gut feelings. I got up and fetched a tissue. After she had dried her eyes I held her close.

"Ally, my dear, adorable, sweet Ally. Every time I put obstacles in the way, I was tearing myself apart inside. When I left your flat after the Ball, I don't quite know how I managed to get home. I couldn't see clearly because I was crying. I had just told a most beautiful woman that I wouldn't have a relationship with her. That was self-inflicted pain. Thank you for not giving up on me. I don't deserve you, but I am not about to let you go, nor put obstacles in the way any more. I love you Ally." I felt her quiver.

"You do?"

"Yes. I love you."

"What about the twelve months?"

"In three weeks it will be twelve months since we met, will that do?" She gave that thought.

"Bugger twelve months!"

"That's what I think too. Bugger twelve months." She raised her head to look at me, the tears were back in her eyes. I kissed them away.

"Am I staying tonight?"


"Will you say it again, please, Jack." I knew what she meant.

"My beautiful, adorable, Ally. I love you." Her smile put the Christmas lights to shame.

With so much emotion between us, it seemed sensible to just relax together and enjoy 'Dances with Wolves'. We cuddled on the couch. Ally snuggling under the arm I had put around her shoulders, her legs across my lap. From time to time she would raise her lips to mine, and our tongues would gently caress together. I could now allow myself a little exploration, and my hand cupped her breast over her sweat top, A little later, Ally took my hand and moved it under the sweater and slid it toward her breasts. She moved slightly giving me access. I already knew she wasn't wearing a bra, yet it was still a surprise when my fingers found, touched and captured her nipple. A sharp intake of breath told me that the sensation was just as exhilarating for her as for me. My heart was beating quickly as I held this wonderful warm, round globe of femininity in my palm.

"I have lain awake at nights, wondering how your hand on my breasts would feel. I never thought it would be this good though." She murmured. "Don't forget I have two." We slouched as before watching the film, my fingers almost absent-mindedly playing over her nipples alternately. Engrossed in the film, time slipped away unnoticed, the last scene and after word, describing how the culture of the Plains Indians was destroyed brought to us a sense of poignancy. It upset Ally and she held me tight, lifting her lips searching for mine to join her in a kiss.

The light was fading fast, and I drew the curtains and considered switching on an additional table lamp before deciding that the lights from the Christmas tree and the one table lamp was sufficient, the illumination in the room was soft and gentle. It was warm, private and ours for as long as we wished. Taking my place on the couch, Ally immediately came into my arms again demanding a kiss. I slipped her sweater up, exposing her breasts and lowered my head to take one nipple after the other into my mouth, sucking, tonguing, and biting them gently. Ally's moans and sharp intake of breath told me that she was enjoying my ministration.

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