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Jack Did Jill


Jack and Jill went up the hill.. like they had done every damn day for ten years. You see, Jack's family lived next door to Jill's family and they always got stuck having to go up the hill to the well at the top, and get water for whatever reason it was needed. When this first started, they were both just eight years old, now they were both eighteen and hated the chore. The hill was quite steep and it sucked carrying the pail of water down it. Going up was the easy part.

To fetch a pail of water. Whoever had decided to call it 'fetching' should have been forced to go themselves! Jill got into a number of heated arguments with her folks about that. She told them she wasn't a dog fetching a stick. They just laughed at her and told her to get going and shut up already! That always made Jill stomp out of the house where she would, of course, find Jack stomping out of his house as pissed off as she was. The would climb the hill, bitching and moaning the whole way.

Jack fell down, yes, it was Jack that claimed "The sun was in my eyes and I tripped over a rock!" when he landed at the bottom of the hill all bruised up one day. Funny thing about it was.. Jill came tumbling after! She had been holding onto one side of the pail, or so she said, and when Jack went rolling, so did she. Or maybe 'that's their story and their sticking to it.'

And broke his crown? C'mon now. Jack wasn't royalty. He didn't wear a crown. He might have bumped his head during the fall and I suppose you could say he 'broke his crown' but that doesn't make much sense now, does it? Certainly not.

Jill came tumbling after...as I have already mentioned. She looked quite a mess too, when she reached to bottom right behind Jack. Both of them had torn their clothes to almost shreds and were almost naked besides being dirty and bruised from the fall.

Now... I've heard tell that the story didn't happen exactly as it's been told over the years. There was a bit more to the tale and what caused the two to 'fall' down the hill that day. I think it's time for the story to be re-told and in the way it was told to me by a certain old hag that happened to be sunning herself at the top of the hill that afternoon... unseen by the young man and woman with the pail.

Jack had gone to get Jill to fetch the daily pail of water from the well up on the hill behind their house. He was surprised when Jill came out to meet him. She looked very different then she usually did in both dress as well as physical appearance. They had both just turned eighteen a few weeks earlier. Jill was trying to look more appealing in a womanly way and by the look on Jack's face, she had succeeded in her attempt.

Jill's unruly, long blonde locks had been twisted into a long braid that fell to her waist. She had used red berries to stain her lips and cheeks, giving her face a glow that bewitched Jack. She had also used a small piece of coal to darken her lashes and the pheasant blouse she always wore was pulled down, leaving her shoulders bare and showed some major cleavage. She looked beautiful and more like a woman then a girl. It was the first time Jack had ever thought of her as female. He felt his cock twitch in his trousers when she smiled at him and lowered her eyes for a moment. The climb up the hill was going to be much more interesting then it had ever been in the past.

Jill's heart was racing, she could tell that Jack liked the way she looked. She had been trying to get his attention for a long time, without any success. Jack always treated her like a sister or one of his pals. But now she had his complete attention and loved it! Jill loved Jack and wanted him to be her man, she thought maybe things would be different after today. She had a plan to snare him and the first step seemed to be working just right. She had managed to get him to look at her differently, to notice she was a girl.

Jack insisted on carrying the pail himself for the first time. He kept stealing glances at Jill, hardly able to believe it was her walking beside him. He had never noticed she had breasts before! In fact he couldn't believe he hadn't noticed her curves before. She had, from what he could tell, large, beautiful tits hidden under the loose blouse she wore. With her hair pulled back, he saw she had a lovely throat also, and he felt the urge to kiss it passionately.

Jill was feeling slightly nervous, due to the way Jack kept looking at her and the way his eyes lingered on her breasts. But nervous in a good way. She felt a hot blush creep over her body and a tingling in her crotch but wasn't really sure why she felt so funny. She felt a desire to have Jack touch her in places that weren't proper! But all she could do was smile as he chattered and nod her head in response during the walk up the long, rocky hill.

Jack was in terrible pain by the time they finally reached the top of the hill. He had a throbbing hardon, which made it almost impossible to walk. He was thinking he should go into the bushes and jack-off so he would be able to make the trip back down. Jack noticed Jill's eyes on his crotch and blushed when she lifted them again to meet his gaze.

"Jack?..." Jill said softly, a question in her voice. Before he could speak, Jill dropped to her knees in front of him and yanked his pants down to his knees. Out jumped his cock, now fully erect and pointing skyward. Without a word, she took him in her hand and started stroking his manhood, then lowered her mouth over the tip of his erection and sucked hard. Jack dropped the pail, grabbed Jill by the back of her head and moaned loudly as she bobbed up and down on his dick.

Jill licked the length of Jack's cock, then sucked his balls while her small hand jerked him off. Her mouth felt so hot and wet, Jack could hardly keep from blowing his hot cum down her willing throat. His hips jerked, as he started to face fuck Jill. She took all of him inside her throat and let him fuck her mouth as he wanted. She only gagged a little.

Jack regained some of his senses and reached down to pull Jill's tits out of her blouse. He was overjoyed by the size and beauty of them! He couldn't figure out why he'd never noticed them before. He grabbed one tit in each hand and pulled on her nipples as she continued sucking his cock. Damn.. he was in heaven!

Jack couldn't take much more of her sucking, he wanted to penetrate his cock into her pussy, or ass and it had to be soon, he wouldn't be able to hold off much longer! He pulled away from Jill's face and lifted her up on the edge of the well, pulling her skirt up as he did.

He buried his face between her tits while his fingers explored the places hidden between her legs. Jacks fingers felt the soft hair of her pussy as they parted the lips and probed just inside. He heard Jill gasp when his finger slipped inside of her already wet snatch. Jack's mouth sought a nipple then without thinking his teeth tore her blouse open. Jill was beyond caring about her clothing, she just wanted Jack to fuck her, and to fuck her hard.

Jack's mouth moved down Jill's body until he had reached her pussy. Nuzzling his face between her legs to lick and suck her beautiful opening. Her words were like music to his ears as his tongue found delight in her juices. "Oh yesssss Jack, that feels so good. Give it to me, I want more. Put your tongue in my pussy, yessssssss Jack, that's so gooooood.!" His hands moved under her skirt to hold her ass tightly to his face. Jack lapped up the juices that ran from Jill's lovely little, tight hole.

Jill held onto Jack's head and started grinding her pussy into his face. She made a keening sound of pleasure as she started cumming on his tongue. Jack's face was soon covered with Jill's sweet juices.

Jack stood and lifted Jill from the edge of the well and sat her on a patch of green grass nearby. Her skirt had caught on a rock and ripped on one side. Neither noticed the tear, nor would they have cared at that point in time. Jack flipped Jill onto her stomach and pushed her skirt up around her waist, her bare ass in the air. He was on his knees behind her, with his cock pressed against her pussy lips. His cock penetrated between her lips and entered the slick tightness beyond. He groaned when he broke through her virgin pussy and she cried out for a moment in pain that turned quickly to pleasure.

Jack rocked back and forth until he was balls deep inside of Jill's lovely pussy. She was thrashing beneath him and saying, "Oh yessssss...that's it Jack. Fuck me good! Let me have it all.. fuck my wet hole!" He bent forward and grabbed her tits which were hanging below her. He was twisting her nipples as he hammered his cock into her tight pussy. He felt her clench her pussy even tighter as she started to orgasm. That triggered his own orgasm and his hot cum started shooting deep inside Jill's cunt. He held her hips tightly as he felt his balls empty his seed, then collapsed onto Jill's back before rolling over onto his own back next to her. It took several minutes for them to get their breathing under control.

Jill reached over and fondly took Jack's limp cock in her hand. She felt it twitch and sat up so she could lean over him. Strands of her hair had come loose from the braid and hung down, tickling Jack's stomach as she lowered her mouth on his waiting cock. She licked the head, the moved down to his balls. Up and down she went, soon his prick was standing tall again, their cum cleaned off of it. Jill was turning out to be quite a good cocksucker much to Jack's delight!

Jill bobbed up and down on Jack's cock until he could stand no more. Pulling the lovely lass away, he positioned himself behind her once more. This time, her asshole was his mark and he pushed his cock into it slowly, not wanting to hurt her. He was shocked when she pushed herself back and impaled herself on his hard member. Her ass was so tight...it felt awesome as he moved in and out of her in quick, smooth strokes. Jill was loving it too.. "Yes Jack! Fuck my ass...fuck it hard! Ooooooooooh yes..feels so good!" she whimpered and cooed as his cock slammed into her rear entrance.

Jill's fingers went to her dripping snatch and started fingering her clit. She felt an orgasm building and knew it wouldn't be long now.. "I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming!" she cried out just as Jack started to cum too. Jack's head was tilted back as his hips thrust his cock deep inside of Jill's ass and hot cum filled it. He groaned his pleasure while Jill screamed hers.

Finally spent, they lay on the grass, catching their breath again. "Oh my!" Jill said, "Just look at us! How will we explain our appearance when we go back down the hill?" Jack sat up and looked at her then at himself. He scratched his head as he thought about it. "I know," he finally said, "we'll trip and fall down the hill! That way our clothes will get ruined and that will explain everything!" he finished. Jill thought about this and decided Jack was so clever! She kissed him hard on the mouth and they both stood up.

"Well, here goes!" Jack said with one last glance at Jill. He gave her a kiss just before he threw himself down the steep hill they had earlier climbed. Jill watch as he bumped and bounced, hitting rocks on the way down. She didn't really like to hurt herself, but what else could be done to explain her appearance! With that thought in mind, she followed Jack. And that is how the two 'fell' down the hill while fetching a pail of water. And as far as I know, no one was the wiser until now.

Isn't it great to learn the reality of things?

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