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Jackson Hole


The wind whipped around me as I rode my buckskin stallion, Rookie, over the hills of my land. We were riding towards the border of my family's ranch and that of our neighbor's. Jackson, the owner of our neighboring ranch, the Double J, had called my cell phone ten minutes ago telling me that the fence was down between our properties. He and his hands were working to keep our cattle separated since neither ranch branded its stock. I had immediately saddled up Rookie, and, along with my own ranch hands, we had headed out.

We rode over the top of the hill and I could finally see the scene below. Cattle were scrambling around, bawling, as the cowboys worked to keep them apart. I could also see two men working, trying to fix the downed fence.

I urged Rookie on faster, shouting out to my men, asking them to help separate the cattle. I headed towards who I could now see was Jackson and his foreman, Kyle, working on the fence. I slowed Rookie down as I approached the men and hopped agilely down off of his back to the ground.

"What a way to start the morning, huh guys?" I asked as I knelt down beside Jackson.

"Yeah, you gotta love it," Jackson said through gritted teeth as he stretched barbed wire out between two posts.

"Nothing like dealing with horny cattle and barbed wire this early in the morning," he muttered, shooting a smile up at me that had my heart flipping in my chest.

Jackson was every woman's typical cowboy fantasy. Tall, lean and corded with muscle, he had that casual grace that came with growing up on a horse's back and the strength to wrestle steers to the ground without breaking a sweat. His dark hair was cropped short under his black hat, and his green eyes were enough to pierce right through a woman's soul if she stared into them for too long. Jackson was also older than me, he was thirty compared to my twenty. In reality he was actually closer to my dad's age than my own. My dad was 36; I was born when he was only 16. Jackson had been ten years old at that time.

I looked up to see my ranch hands, as well as Jackson's, driving the last of our cattle apart and onto their respective sides. The cowboys herded the cattle farther from the fence and deeper onto our ranch lands. I offered to help with stringing the fence but Jackson automatically told me that they were almost done. After that, Jackson and Kyle set the last piece of wire in place and pulled it tight, stapling it in. It rankled a little, the fact that they wouldn't let me help. I wasn't sure if it was because I was a girl or only twenty years old, but either way, I was perfectly capable of stringing fence. I pushed aside my annoyed thoughts as Jackson stood up and began to talk.

We sat there chatting idly for a few minutes. I then turned to get ready and mount up again on Rookie's back as Jackson did the same on his young stallion, Granger. As Jackson reached for Granger's saddle a sudden rattling sound pierced the air. Jackson's horse shrieked loudly and spun towards his ranch, kicking up dust as he ran. Jackson jumped back several feet, pulling out his gun as he did. My heart was in my throat as I searched the ground for the snake. Jackson must have seen it before I did because suddenly a gunshot ripped through the air, causing Rookie to shy away and prance nervously.

I held on throughout Rookie's dance moves and then looked back to Jackson.

"Sorry hun," he muttered.

He reached out with the toe of his boot and nudged the bloody and lifeless rattler. I grimaced. That was the only part of this area that I hated - the snakes! Rookie was still restless beneath me and I leaned up to pat his neck and murmur softly to him, calming him.

"I can't believe you all worked that close to that son of a gun without him rattling sooner," I told Jackson.

The snake was only four feet from where the downed wire had been. Jackson nodded in agreement to my statement.

"I guess that worthless horse hightailed it back to the barn," Jackson muttered, looking around for Granger, and I laughed.

I knew Jackson didn't think Granger was worthless, the horse was just young and still got spooked sometimes. I scooted up in my saddle some.

"Hop on, I'll give you a ride back," I told Jackson and he nodded, thanking me.

I slipped my foot out of the stirrup, giving him access to it and he swung himself gracefully up into the saddle behind me. I suppressed a gasp as his hard body came down behind me. I could feel every muscle as it touched me; his hard thighs, his abs, his pecs, his hard arms as they circled around me to take over the reins - of course he wouldn't let ME have control of my own horse when he was on it. I rolled my eyes, but smiled none-the-less.

We started back towards Jackson's ranch; it was a good fifteen minute ride from where we were. After about five minutes I felt another muscle pressing against my back that had not been there before. I was surprised at this. Jackson had never shown interest in me as anything other than his neighbor, the rancher's daughter.

I, of course, had ALWAYS had a huge crush on Jackson that I had never outgrown, but he had never treated me as anything else other than the pesky little sister that I am sure I seemed to be at the time. But this was way different. There was no mistaking what was pressing against my back; I knew it wasn't the gun he had shot the snake with!

I couldn't resist shifting in the saddle a bit, my ass grinding against his groin as we rode, and I swore I heard a small inhalation from behind me as I did. I glanced down and saw that Jackson's hand was white knuckled in the grip he had on the reins. Rookie has the smoothest gait I had ever experienced so I knew THAT wasn't the reason for his death grip.

I smiled to myself, pleased that I could elicit this kind of reaction from Jackson. I shifted again and this time I was the one who gasped as Jackson's free hand came up to grip my waist.

"Erin," he said, his mouth close to my ear. "Ya think you could kinda hold still for a little while?" he asked.

I noticed that his voice was a little rougher than usual; a little huskier. I turned to stare at Jackson in feigned innocence.

"Why, what's wrong?" I asked.

Jackson's face was firm in his resolve not to show any feeling or emotion. His eyebrows were drawn down in concentration.

"Look, I know you feel what you are doing to me right now. And it's not right Erin. You're Frank's daughter! I can't have this kind of reaction to you. You, you're just a kid..." Jackson said in a rush of words.

That got under my skin a little bit. It seemed that everyone around here only thought of me as "Frank's daughter", and to be honest I was kind of growing tired of it. Everyone around our ranch treated me as if I was still the five year old kid who always got in the way.

"Jackson," I said, looking into his eyes. "I know you are closer to my dad's age than you are to mine, but you aren't THAT much older than me. What's so wrong with how you're... how WE'RE feeling? I mean for chrissake you are only 30 years old, not some ancient old fucker who is preying on unsuspecting ten year olds!"

Once I started talking, I couldn't seem to control it anymore. The annoyance of being treated like a kid had finally grown too big for me to contain anymore. I swung my leg over Rookie's back and slid from underneath of Jackson's reining arm all while Rookie was still in motion. I landed gracefully on my feet beside the horse and turned towards my own ranch; I would walk back.

"Erin! What the hell? Where are you goin' girl?" I heard Jackson shout but I ignored him.

I began to walk through the tall grass, cussing under my breath. I could hear Rookie's steps coming up behind me and knew Jackson had turned around. I ignored him and continued to walk through the soft grass.

"Erin, c'mon. Talk to me. Please, kid?" Jackson pleaded with me from behind.

Little did he know that him calling me kid fueled my frustration to the boiling point. I spun around to face him. He was about ten feet back from me, standing on the ground, with Rookie's reins held loosely in his hands. His face looked utterly confused.

I couldn't seem to help myself. I ripped the thin, cotton t-shirt I was wearing up over my head and threw it on the ground. I then unclasped my black silk bra and slid it off of my shoulders, freeing my 36c tits to Jackson's eyes.

"Does THIS look like the body of a KID?" I shouted, cupping my firm breasts in my hands.

"I'm TIRED of being treated like a kid. I'm not that same five year old who used to dog yer heels every day asking you stupid questions, Jackson!" I said, a little quieter this time.

I felt tears prick behind my eyes and my face flamed red. Damn it. Why did I ALWAYS have to cry when I was mad? It didn't exactly help me to prove my point of being grown up. Jackson was staring at me, his jaw actually hanging open a bit. It began to sink in what I had just done. I felt my cheeks grow even hotter. I stooped down and picked up my clothes, shoving the bra in the back pocket of my jeans and holding the shirt up to my chest. I could feel the tears threatening to spill over.

"Nevermind, Jackson. Look, it doesn't matter. Don't worry about it," I mumbled as I pulled the shirt over my head again and began walking towards my home.

"Take Rookie back to your ranch," I said over my shoulder without facing him. "I'll send one of the hands over later to get him".

I felt a hand touch my shoulder then. I dashed the few tears I hadn't been able to hold in away. I noticed then that my hands were actually trembling from my anger, embarrassment and shame.

"Erin," Jackson said softly, and I turned to face him.

His face looked almost tortured when I looked at it. He reached up and wiped another tear off of my cheek with his thumb. The rough scrape of his callused hand on my face sent chills down my body.

"Its not that I don't think you are grown up. I know you are, and that's my problem," Jackson said quietly. "I'm just having a hard time keeping it in my head that Frank is your dad. I can't imagine him being happy with my lusting over his daughter".

He gave me a charming crooked grin and my heart stuttered a bit. I could see indecision in his face. I could see lust in his eyes but I could also see wariness. I knew if I was ever going to have a chance with Jackson, this would be it. I placed my hand softly on his hard chest.

"Jackson, I don't know for sure but if I were to guess, I would think Daddy would be HAPPY if I was with you. Who else could he trust more with my safety and well-being than you? You would never let anyone or anything hurt me, and Daddy knows that. Hell you won't even let me string a damn fence," I said pointing back towards his ranch.

Jackson actually smiled at this. His hand brushed up along my neck again and he cupped my face. My nipples hardened beneath the thin t-shirt and I knew he could see them. I took a step closer.

"Take a chance with me, Jackson. Daddy might act mad, but deep down I know he will approve," I said in a voice so quiet it was nearly inaudible.

I looked up into his green eyes and I could see the lust burning bright. With a ragged sigh Jackson reached for my waist and dragged me to him. His mouth crushed against mine with an intensity I had never felt before. The kiss was gentle, however, as if even in this he was trying to protect me. One hand on my waist, he ran his other hand gently through my hair, making me sigh in pleasure. Jackson broke away from the kiss, me moaning in protest, but he just smiled at me.

Slowly, Jackson's fingers worked at the buttons of his chambray shirt until he pulled it off his back and placed it on the ground beneath us. My eyes were caught up in every ripple of muscle on his body. I had seen him shirtless before but this was different. His body was so sensual in the graceful way that it moved. He reached for my hand and I took it willingly.

Slowly Jackson sat down on the shirt, pulling me on top of him. He lay back and stared up at me, with a contemplative look on his face. He gave me a smile before placing his hands at the hem of my shirt and lifting it off of my body again. His green eyes raked over my body from my neck, down to my shoulders, further down where it lingered on my breasts and nipples. He reached up and plucked at each nipple, causing me to gasp in pleasure.

His gaze continued down my body to my tight stomach and lean hips. He caressed my body with his eyes, following that caress with his hands, running them lightly over my abdomen and to the waistband of my Levi's. I leaned forward and kissed him softly, running my tongue along his lips. His own tongue came out and tangled with mine. My hands were on his chest and I ran my fingers lightly over the contours of muscles there, over his flat nipples which pebbled beneath my touch and lower to his well defined abs.

I could feel his erection pressing against my groin through both layers of our layers of denim.

"Too many clothes," I murmured against his mouth and he chuckled softly.

I gasped as I was flipped to my back and Jackson was above me. He leaned down and kissed my nipples, running his tongue along the peaks making me shudder. Slowly his tongue traced a trail lower, over my stomach and to the waistband of my jeans. He deftly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down over my hips and legs. I kicked my boots and socks off and he slid my jeans the rest of the way off, leaving me in a skimpy pair of underwear.

"God, you're gorgeous," Jackson muttered as his eyes raked over my entire body.

I felt his gaze like a touch; everywhere it landed on me goosebumps rose along my skin. Jackson leaned down and kissed me again, his hand traveling lower and cupping my sex within his palm. I gasped into his mouth and my hips bucked up to meet his touch. He chuckled softly. Slowly he slid his hand into my underwear and I felt his fingers tracing my slit. I couldn't contain the whimper that left my mouth. His fingers met the wetness of my pussy and it was his turn to groan. I was soaked.

He pulled his hand back out then and sat up. He reached down and undid his own jeans, shucking them, his boxer briefs and his boots all in one motion. I couldn't take my gaze away from his bobbing cock. It was gorgeous, long, hard, and looked to be made of velvet. I reached my hand up and grasped him. Velvet covered steel was the impression I got. I began to stroke him slowly and his eyes fluttered closed before he opened them and looked down into my eyes.

"I can't wait much longer, baby" he muttered and I smiled up at him.

My legs seemed to fall apart on their own and Jackson moved to straddle me. I watched as he positioned his cock at my entrance and pushed in slightly. My eyes closed as he pressed into my canal; it was so tight, yet so good. After one, long, fluid thrust he had filled me completely.

"Open your eyes, darling," he murmured in my ear as he leaned down. "I wanna see you looking at me the whole time. I want you to know who is here with you today".

That did it, I was lost. My eyes were glued to his face, his body as he began to move in and out of me. His muscles flexed with every movement. His face was a mask of control as he moved within me. I moaned softly as he picked up the pace. Reaching up, I ran my hand along his face and he turned his mouth to kiss my palm softly. His one hand was palming my breast and then moving down to play lightly with my clit, causing me to whimper.

My head was thrown back in pleasure and his mouth latched onto my throat, nipping softly. This was enough to push me right to the edge. I shouted out my pleasure as I felt me pussy began to contract around him.

"Jackson, please, please, harder" I murmured, my head thrashing from side to side.

This seemed to snap Jackson's control and he began to pound into me. His body slapped against my own with every thrust. My pussy was spasming around his hard cock as I felt myself go completely over the edge.

"OH YES" I screamed out, my fingers clutching at his shoulders since I was sure I would fly away if I let go.

I could feel Jackson's restraint falter and then he was pouring his load into me. His fierce growl as he came caused aftershocks of the orgasm within my own body. I moaned as I tried to bring myself back down to Earth. Jackson had collapsed on top of me, his arms bracing him from crushing me. His breath was coming in pants as he rolled to the side, pulling me with him.

My own breath was ragged with release as I bent towards him and kissed him long and hard on the mouth. His hands pulled me close and he held me tight. He broke the kiss gently, still gasping for breath.

"Jesus..." he murmured and I laughed softly.

After catching our breath for a few minutes Jackson stood and helped me up. We both pulled on our discarded clothes quietly. I wasn't sure what was gonna come next and my nerves shot up.

Jackson whistled to Rookie who was munching on grass quietly and the stallion trotted over to us. I pulled on my last boot and walked over to them. Jackson mounted up first and then held out a hand, helping me up in front of him. He turned Rookie towards my own ranch.

"What about getting you home?" I asked softly, the nerves making my voice break, to my embarrassment.

Jackson chuckled softly.

"We'll get to that- after we go and have a chat with your father, because if we don't he might wonder why I am not letting his daughter out of my sight from now on," he said leaning forward and kissing the back of my neck.

I giggled softly at the touch; my mood had shot up sky high. I couldn't believe it... I had reined in the cowboy!

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