We first met James a few weeks ago when we were having trouble with our air conditioning. I had called a local company and they sent him out to fix it for us. Bill, my husband, was in his study when James rang the bell. I answered it and was surprised to see such a young man at the door. He couldn't have been more than 25.

"I'm here about your air," he said. "I'm James from Central Cooling."

"Yes, of course. Please come in. As you can see it is plenty warm in here." I was dressed in shorts and a skimpy halter-top in an attempt to stay cool. I could feel his eyes roaming over me as I showed him to the unit. At 43 I still have a nice body. I work out to keep myself in shape. Bill says my legs are my best feature and with these shorts, James was getting an eyeful of them.

"It IS very warm in here," James commented as he set to work on the air.

"Can I get you something to drink while you work?" I asked being hospitable.

"Some lemonade would be great ma'am," he answered with charming southern manors. "Thank you."

I went to the kitchen to get his drink, passing the study on my way. "Bill, the man is here for the air conditioning. He seems a little young," I explained as I went by.

Once I had the lemonade fixed, I went back to the utility room where James was working and saw Bill looking over his shoulder. James was explaining that the wiring seemed to be in order and the problem must be in the unit itself. They wandered out back to look it over as I went back to the kitchen to begin cooking dinner.

I could see them from the kitchen window and couldn't help noticing that they kept looking in my direction. I couldn't hear what was being said but after awhile I heard the air start to hum and Bill came in the house.

"Hun, James is going to stay for dinner, if that is ok with you."

"Sure, I don't mind. Maybe he would like to take a shower so he can wash off the day's work before we eat. I'm sure I can find something for him to wear."

"Good idea," Bill replied. "I'll get him something. You just finish up dinner." Bill kissed my cheek and showed James to the shower.

I heard the shower start to run and Bill came back in the kitchen. "What do you think of James?" he asked.

"What do you mean? He seems like a nice young man."

"Do you find him attractive?"

"I suppose I do. What are you up to, Bill?"

"He thought you were a knock out and wants to get to know you better."

"Is that what you two were up to out back?" I scolded him.

"We were talking about you, yes. I saw him looking at you and I mentioned it. He apologized and I told him there was no need. I know what a knock out my wife is and that's when I asked him to stay for dinner. What do you think?"

"Bill, I do love you. We'll see how dinner goes."

Dinner was filled with basic small talk. James was charming and well educated. He kept watching me as the evening went on. I know I was flushed from all the attention. After dinner we retired to the living room for drinks. Bill went off to pour us each a glass of wine as James and I settled on the sofa.

"You are a wonderful cook Mrs. Brown," James complemented.

"Oh, please. Call me LuAnne," I blushed as my hand went to the back of my neck. I had been having some trouble with a stiff neck all day. I guess I just slept on it wrong.

"I have been told I have magical fingers. I could try them on your neck and maybe help you out, if you would like" James offered when he saw my plight.

"That would be very nice of you," I tried to sound nonchalant as I turned my back to him. His fingers found the soreness almost immediately and I was moaning as Bill walked into the room. He set the glasses quietly on the coffee table and took a seat in a chair across the room.

James was right about having magical fingers. He eased the stiffness from my neck in no time. I could feel his breath on my neck as he massaged. I had chills going all down my spine as his fingers continued to work. Once my neck was relaxed he moved lower, bringing himself closer to me. I felt his fingers slide down to my lower back as I felt his lips on my neck.

"Why don't you take off your top and lay down for me. I'll show you what I can really do. I'm sure your husband won't mind." I looked to Bill and he just nodded. I pulled my blouse off and undid my bra, letting them fall to the floor. James slid out of the way as I lay on my stomach on the sofa. As soon as I was situated, I felt his fingers running down my back again. This time his lips were following his fingers. Every time he touched me, I moaned. I could feel the moisture building between my legs.

Once James had made sure every inch of my back had his attention, he started down my leg. He kneaded the flesh of my thigh, working out any knots on his way down. All the way across my calves, ankles and feet until all the tension was worked out my toes. He did the same with the other leg, massaging and kissing his way down and sucking my toes when he reached the end.

"Turn over and let me massage your front," he breathed seductively when he had finished both legs. I looked over to Bill. We had never done anything like this before and as much as I wanted to continue, I had to be sure it was ok with Bill. The look on Bill's face was pure lust. I could see his cock straining against the confines of his pants. I took that as his approval of what we were doing and turned over.

My nipples were hard as nails and pointed straight to the ceiling as I turned over, exposing myself to this young man. Both he and Bill let out an audible moan of appreciation. I was incredibly relaxed from the massage and let myself be admired. James took a breast in each hand and massaged the flesh before taking the nipples to his mouth. I sighed as he took first one then the other into his mouth and suckled them.

I looked towards my husband as James moved his fingers down my sides and towards the waistband of my shorts. Bill had his hand in his crotch and was rubbing his erect member through the material. I felt the button and then the zipper of my jeans being undone. I looked down to see James lower his head to kiss just below my navel. With a sudden intake of breath, my hips rose off the couch. James took advantage of this opportunity to pull my shorts and panties down to my knees. When my hips sank back to the couch he raised my legs and took my clothes the rest of the way off and left them by my blouse on the floor. I was now naked for this strange young man my husband had invited to dinner. He had full view of my smooth shaved privates.

James paused for a moment, just looking over what I had to offer him. I could hear Bill from his vantage point. His breathing was hard and I knew from the noise that he had taken his cock out and was actively stroking it. Starting at my feet, James kissed his way closer and closer to my womanhood. I was quivering in anticipation with each touch of his lips. He would kiss one calf, then the other, gently opening my legs as he made his way. To accommodate him I let one leg lay over the back of the couch. Bill's chair was at my feet so I knew he could see how wet I was.

When James had reached the Vee between my legs he gently opened my lips and sought out my clit. I screamed in pleasure as he sucked my swollen jewel into his mouth and let his fingers slide down my slit. As wet as I was, his fingers slid inside easily. I reached for the back of his head and held him in place as I thrust against his face. I opened my eyes to see Bill stroking his raging hard on as he watched this repairman give me such pleasure.

From deep in the pit of my stomach I felt my climax rising. I threw my head back against the couch and clamped my legs around James' head. I flooded his face with my juice and he lapped up every drop.

When I came back down to earth and released his head, James stood and started to remove his clothes. He pulled Bill's shirt off over his head and let it drop to the floor. He had a muscular chest with hardly any hair. He pulled off the pants we had given him to show me his hard, young cock. It stood tall and proud against his lean stomach. He knelt next to me on the couch stroking his raging hard on slowly. I looked up at him then past him to where Bill sat, watching.

Bill had slowed his stroking and was squeezing the tip of his swollen cock. The head was purple and enraged. The look in his eyes told me he needed release soon. I sat up on the couch, pulling James close to me for a passionate kiss. When I broke the kiss, I stood and walked over to Bill. I kissed him deeply before dropping to my knees between his legs. I took his cock from his grip and started to stroke it. I let my fingers roam the entire length before bringing it to my lips. I heard James moving behind me and knew what he intended but my attention was focused on Bill's erect shaft. I opened my mouth and let Bill guide his cock into my eager mouth. I felt James' hand on the check of my ass as Bill's cock reached the back of my throat. I moaned around the obstruction as James slowly led his cock into my pussy.

I was elated at being filled with cock at both ends. James started a long, slow rhythm as my head began to bob up and down on Bill's. As James picked up the pace, so did I. Bill reached down to hold my head as I massaged his cock with my tongue. James reached beneath me to tweak my nipples as his young rod slid in and out of my well-lubed pussy. I heard Bill's breathing and knew he was getting close. I could feel my own climax building once again. I could only hope that James was following suit. I didn't have long to wait for my answer.

I felt James tense behind me. His balls slapping against my clit were driving me closer and closer. Just as I reached the peak, Bill pushed down on my head and began to empty his balls into my throat. I swallowed every drop as I felt James explode, emptying his cum deep in my pussy. I milked them both for every drop before we all fell exhausted in a heap.

James stops over for dinner at least once a week now. It seems our air conditioner is in need of constant repair.

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