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Jamie Westenhiser


Jamie Westenhiser was a little flustered backstage at Golden Nugget she had just won $5,000 in a silly event with the awkward name The "Casino" Bikini Bowling Babes Model Search. It was a fun four days and she was glad for the money and she was curious about to a chance to audition for a TV show. But right after the announcement of her winning the event she had been swept offstage by Danny and told to wait in a small green room off the stage. In the doorway she could see her agent talking excitedly to an elegantly dressed older gentleman. He kept glancing at her and although she was in a skimpy silver bikini she felt not only nude in his gaze but also sexually possessed.

To make matters worse there was another woman in the room with her and she felt even more undressed and more seduced by this buxom brunette. The strange woman kept grinning at her. She was dressed in a purple bikini with a sheer white skirt wrapped around her shapely hips. Her wavy brown hair shimmered over her shoulders. Her breasts, large and round, looked so creamy and soft. Jamie blushed as she imagines what it would be like to squeeze them. The other was looking at Jamie and she seemed to have the same thing in mind. She laughed as she saw Jamie's cheeks and chest redden in both embarrassment and excitement.

Finally, her agent was talking on his cell while watching Jamie, the other girl, and the strange man. He was quite agitated and kept nodding; when he eventually came over to Jamie he was sweating with excitement. The strange man followed and closed the door behind them.

"Listen Jamie," said the agent, "This is really important. You're going into the big time."

Jamie rolled her eyes, "Because of the 'Casino' Bikini Bowling Babes Model Search? Give me a break."

"No, no, forget about that. I'm going to leave you with Lindsey and Peter. They'll explain. I'll call you in the morning."

He turned and left. "Hey, what about the reporters out side?" Jamie called out but he was gone. The sexy woman and the elegant older gentleman moved in closer to her. The busy brunette stood in front of her and the man stood behind her. She felt trapped yet excited at the same time.

Jamie and Lindsey were exactly the same height, even in their high stiletto heeled shoes. They made a gorgeous set. Lindsey's brown hair was wavy while Jamie's hung straight down over her shoulders. Lindsey was curvy and soft and Jamie was firm and athletic. Lindsey's breasts were large and soft and creamy; Jamie's were the same size but firm and compact. Both had magnificent round asses; again, Jamie was firm and muscular and Lindsey was juicy and plump.

Lindsey actually licked her lips as her eyes took inventory of Jamie's sweet flesh. "Hi, Jamie, I'm Lindsey Vuolo and this is Peter. Congratulations on your win."

Peter, still behind her, rested his hands lightly on her shoulders. Even though he barely touched her Jamie felt as though he was taking her prisoner. An electric charge ran through her and she had a strange erotic flash, imagining his hands going over her whole body.

The young girl trembled, shocked by her own thoughts and stimulated by his touch. He leaned into her ear and whispered, "We've had our eye on you all week. We knew you were going to win. Now it's time for you to come with us."

Jamie heard herself sigh with pleasure, "What do you mean?"

Again he whispered softly, "Why not come upstairs to our room and we'll talk."

Jamie shuddered but heard herself whisper, "That would be really nice." Lindsey laughed and took her hand and they left the green room.

As soon as they entered the hall camera flashes went off and reporters started firing off questions. "Jamie, is it true that you just signed with Playboy?"

Jamie moved through the crowd almost in a trance. She heard the shouting but couldn't understand the question. Peter had one arm around her waist and the other around Lindsey's. The crowd parted as they went down the hall and into the hotel lobby.

The people in the lobby stared at the two shapely, bikini-clad beauties in the arms of the handsome older man. Nobody said a word as they went to elevators.

The elevator was one of those glass boxes that ran up the side of the wall. The lobby was large and packed with people. The sexy trio were alone in their car and it began to fly up.

Suddenly Lindsey pressed the stop button. Jamie could see through the glass that they were about 5 stories up. The glass elevators on either side flew by and Jamie saw the passengers in those cars stare at her. She sensed that the people below in the lobby were also staring.

Lindsey came close to her and put a warm hand on the young girl's flat belly. Jamie felt the hand glide up and the buxom beauty's fingers slipped under the edge of the silver bikini. Jamie quivered nervously and gripped the rail in the car. Her back was pressed against the glass.

The silver bikini was pushed up over her firm breasts and just as Lindsey pressed her hungry mouth on Jamie's erect nipple Peter moved in to give Jamie a deep kiss.

Jamie felt even more trapped as the two mouths covered her lips, neck, and chest with kisses. Jamie could feel their tongues everywhere. She moaned and shook but did not resist. She watched as the passengers in the other cars looked wide-eyed as they glided up and down beside the trio.

Peter had his hands under the elastic of her bikini bottom and he pushed it down as Lindsey pulled the top completely off. The glass of the elevator felt cool against Jamie's naked body. She glanced down and saw a crowd gathering below.

Lindsey lifted one of Jamie's legs to help her step out of the bikini bottom. Then she did the other leg, but once Jamie was completely nude, Lindsey rested one of the young victim's ankles on the handrail.

The people in the lobby had a good view of Jamie's round ass and smooth back pressed into the glass. Peter had her luscious breasts in his hands and her pussy was completely exposed to him. Jamie quaked like a fawn, one leg holding her up, the other stretched out along the rail. Lindsey was undoing Peter's pants with one hand as she began to slip the other hand into Jamie's mouth.

Jamie kept her fingers tight on the rail and she leaned back and groaned as she licked and slurped on Lindsey's fingers. She closed her eyes but she could sense Lindsey's other hands stroking Peter's shaft.

Lindsey took her soaking fingers from Jamie's mouth and Peter's tongue went in. Lindsey's hand drew a wet line down Jamie's long neck and past her heaving breasts and slipped into Jamie's already throbbing pussy. Two fingers spread her red pussy lips as her thumb began to tease her clit. Peter's thumbs were driving Jamie's nipples insane.

Jamie could feel her pussy flooding and her spine tingled with each touch of the duo's fingers. She had never felt an orgasm come on so quickly but sensual pleasure was causing her whole body to throb. She opened her eyes in shock as she felt Peter's shaft drive into her. As she twisted her head in response to the pain and ecstasy she could see that the elevators on either side were stopped next to them and they were packed with men watching the sex show. Somehow the dozens of eyes got her more excited. She shifted all her weight onto her arms and lifted her legs and wrapped them around Peter. The two of them pounded into each other in rhythm and Jamie's long hair whipped across his face as her head jerked up and down. "Yes, oh yes," she began to sing.

Jamie could feel Lindsey's thumb and finger wrapped around Peter's cock and squeezing as he hammered in and out of the tight soaking pussy. The cock felt hard and hot as it worked in and out like a piston; her orgasms were firing off inside her in rapid succession. She let out a wail as the first bolt of Peter's juices exploded inside her and at that exact moment Lindsey released the elevator and it shot up to the top floor of the hotel.

The velocity of the glass car shooting up seemed to match the velocity of Peter's hot sperm as it filled up the trembling Jamie. She groaned deeply as one final volley poured into her warming her inside from her toes to her ears. She sighed and her legs dropped just as the elevator door opened.

Peter and Lindsey turned as the doors split; standing in the hall waiting to go down were two old ladies on their way to the slot machines. Their jaws dropped as Jamie's nude body, still glowing with bliss was revealed to them. Peter quickly tucked in his cock and he and Lindsey guided their beautiful prize out of the car. Jamie was still tingling with the heat of Peter's juices inside her and the thrill of the sex show she just gave; she strutted down the hall buck naked and proud between her two new lovers.

When they entered Peter's suite Jamie let out a gasp and took a step back but Peter's firm hands guided her into the room. The room looked like a high tech movie set. In the middle was a large bed surrounded by lights and small digital cameras, but also a set of large flat screen TVs. But moving around the bed were two robot arms also with cameras. As the trio of lovers entered the room these two arms seemed to wake up and moved over to them. Jamie could see herself on the video screens as the lens studied her gorgeous body. Along one wall was a bank of computers with wires running to the cameras.

Jamie pressed against Lindsey's tasty body, "What is all this?" she gasped.

Lindsey chuckled and patted her hair. "Don't worry your pretty little head. The camera's are all programmed and they're actually making a video of whatever we do here, and the video is being broadcast to a mansion in LA. It' sort of your audition." Jamie looked at Peter with frightened eyes.

"Trust us sweetheart," he said as he took her hand, "we're going to have a lot of fun. But first we need to get you into the system." Lindsey sat at a computer while Peter led the naked Jamie to a panel near by. He leaned her against a blue screen and dozens of red lasers scanned over her trembling body.

Jamie could see Lindsey working with the information as it came up on her screen. "Lindsey is telling the computers about you and programming them to focus on you while we play. We want all your best features displayed." He looked her up and down. "And that's just about all of you."

Jamie blushed and covered her breasts with one hand and her closely shaved pussy with the other, but Peter gently moved her arms to her sides. "Don't be shy baby."

The lasers stopped and Lindsey hit a few more keys. She then came over to Jamie and grinned. "Ready to play?" Jamie blushed some more. She was unsure that she wanted to stay but when she looked into Peter's eyes she felt herself submitting to his power.

Peter put one hand on her back and swept her legs from under her. Cradled in his arms she was carried to the bed.

He lay her down gently and Jamie heard the soft rustle of the satin sheets, but also the whirring sound of the cameras as the all turned to her. One TV screen showed a close-up of her face and her eyes took in her own tender beauty. She could tell she was frightened but she felt her own sexual powers rising. Another screen showed a full view of the bed and Jamie's athletic body. The third screen was focused on Lindsey as she unhooked her bikini top and her juicy breasts came tumbling out. Jamie couldn't help licking her lips.

Peter leaned down and whispered, "Lindsey's going to play with you for awhile so I can get some other treats ready." He stepped away as Lindsey climbed onto the bed.

Jamie was on her back in the center of the bed and Lindsey stretched her own buxom body along side of her. The satin sheets whispered the promise of ecstasy to come as Lindsey's hot skin glided along the smooth fabric. Lindsey covered Jamie's mouth with hers and dug her tongue deep into her willing captive.

"I want you to watch yourself," she whispered and gently turned Jamie's head to the screens. One screen showed her face in tight close-up, another was focused on her succulent breasts, and the third revealed her trembling thighs. Jamie stiffened as she saw on the screen and felt the light touch of Lindsey's fingers drawing circles on her breasts. The fingers circled closer and closer to her erect nipples. Jamie watched her mouth form a little O and she felt her breath pass in excited bursts past her moist lips.

She watched as Lindsey's fingers closed in on the nipples, teasing and tickling all around them. Suddenly they took a firm hold and pinched them. Jamie winced in erotic pain as Lindsey pulled the nipples to her mouth and began to nibble and bite them.

As Lindsey's mouth enjoyed Jamie's fine rack, Jamie could see her hands appear on another screen. They slid between Jamie's shapely legs and scratched her inner thighs on their way to her pussy. The camera zoomed in for a close-up of her pussy lips as Lindsey's fingers rested just at the edge. The lips were parting and swelling and seemed to reach out for Lindsey's hand.

Lindsey looked at Jamie's face and watched as the young girl melted into bliss. "Do you like this?" Jamie nodded quietly. "Have you ever been fucked by a girl?" Jamie turned from the screen and looked startled. "No, watch yourself. Have you ever been fucked by a beautiful woman?" Jamie with hesitation shook her head slightly. She watched herself shaking and she shifted her body trying to impale herself on Lindsey's hand, but the buxom playmate teasingly kept her hand just out of reach.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Jamie nodded franticly; her breath was becoming shallow. She watched her mouth silently form the word "please."

"What do you want?" Lindsey teased. "Please!" Jamie gasped. "Please what?" "Please fuck me."

At that moment Lindsey plunged her fingers deep into Jamie. Jamie's head shot back and her body arched as her hips thrust forward to meet Lindsey's hand. She began to writhe and squirm impaled and completely enraptured by the fingers pushing and exploring every crevice of her sex. She threw her arms over her head and lifted her entire body into Lindsey's hungry hand. She watched her own eyes on the screen as they faded into a misty haze of bliss. She bucked against Lindsey in rhythm with the bolts of the orgasm consuming her.

"What do you want?" Lindsey whispered again.

"Fuck me, fuck me fuck me," Jamie screamed with each thrust. She let out a sharp howl as her spine went straight and she collapsed onto the bed in a final spasm of pleasure. She pulled Lindsey close to her and began to cover her body with frantic kisses. She squeezed Lindsey's huge breasts together and ran her tongue over the nipples. She started to lick Lindsey's belly and was working down to her thighs. "I want to eat you up," the dizzy girl moaned.

Lindsey giggled and wriggled away but Jamie climbed on top of her. Both girls were covered in a sheen of sex induced sweat and Jamie's skin stuck to Lindsey's as she crawled along . She finally got a solid grip on Lindsey's legs and holding tight she threw back her head and then took Lindsey's pussy with one eager gulp.

Lindsey laughed as Jamie's mouth sucked and slurped and her tongue darted in and then began to tickle her clit. Lindsey groaned and then began to enjoy the sweet taste of Jamie's juices mixed with what was left of Peter's seed.

The frantic pace of their eager mouths slowed as they rocked against one another and reveled in the slow pleasures growing in their mouths. They would have stayed like this for a long time but Jamie felt firm hands pulling her up.

Peter was naked now as he flipped the struggling Jamie onto her back. She was in such a state of arousal that all she wanted to do was get her tongue back into Lindsey.

But then her eyes met Peter's and she stopped. In his face she could read the promise of what was about to happen to her. She lifted her arms up invitingly and her thighs parted slowly, yielding up her treasures. She looked down and stared at his cock standing tall and fat and rock hard.

"Look at the screen," Peter whispered. Jamie could see the cockhead resting just at the edge of her pussy. At the same time Lindsey had positioned herself behind Peter in such away that she could take hold of Jamie's firm and round ass.

Jamie watched the screen with eyes wide with both anticipation and dread as she felt Lindsey's firm hands guide her onto Peter's massive shaft. As the cock entered Jamie let out a sharp breath and then began to growl in blissful agony as the shaft split her apart.

Lindsey was slow and deliberate as she fed Jamie's pussy with Peter's cock. When the shaft was all the way in Lindsey was holding Jamie's rear about six inches in the air. The young girl was alarmed by a buzzing noise and yelled as she felt a vibrator being pushed into her ass.

Peter and Lindsey were shifting and probing as they worked to get the cock and vibrator aligned. Jamie was pleading, "Please no, don't, oh god, stop, no, don't stop, oh, oh." She was sobbing and crying as she felt an orgasm grip her skull even before Peter started drilling.

Slow and excruciating motions in and out drove Jamie wild; as Lindsey pushed in, Peter pulled out. When Peter pressed down, the vibrator glided almost out. Jamie kept thrusting up and down trying to capture the maximum force of both impalements. Lindsey was cooing, "Oh you make me come. I love this ass. That's good take it all. I want you to come. You look so good."

Jamie was looking back and forth and moaning, "Come in me. Go in deep. I want to feel you two touching."

Peter tenderly turned her head to the screen and she saw the two shafts pumping in and out of her. This set off another moan and she began to loose control and thrash wildly between her two lovers.

Peter began to shoot into her and she felt the heat spreading inside, "Oh, that's good. Come on, more, you can give me more!" she screamed as she squeezed tightly with her thighs. After he was drained she was still pushing into him. He pushed down and Lindsey let go of the vibrator and as her rear hit the bed the vibrator was pushed in; it felt like a knife was cutting her but Peter and Lindsey held her down as she shook and quivered into another erotic spasm.

It took a long time for her to stop shaking and even when she did she was still in haze of sensual wooziness. She was breathing rapidly as Lindsey and Peter turned her over onto her belly. Lindsey sat on the floor and held Jamie's arms. Peter slowly removed the vibrator as Jamie groaned. But after it was out Peter kept the cheeks of her ass spread apart.

Lindsey stroked the young captive's face. "You've been so good, baby. We're almost done. Do you know what's next?" Jamie shook her head quietly; she squirmed under the pressure of Peter's fingers kneading her ass. Lindsey's firm grip on her arms was frightening her a little and she felt more trapped than ever. She looked at Lindsey with pleading eyes.

"You've been a good girl Jamie, so good. We've got to have all of you. I love kissing you. Let me kiss you." Their lips met and Lindsey's tongue darted in and out of Jamie. The captive responded by gliding her tongue into Lindsey and tasting every corner of her mouth and digging down to tickle the back of her throat.

Jamie's brown eyes were misty with tears as Lindsey continued to stroke her. "You taste good sweetie; when Peter's done I'm going to eat you alive. I'm going to drink up all your warm honey. Will you eat me too?" Jamie nodded quietly. Lindsey's words were soft and inviting but her grip was like steel. Jamie could feel Peter shifting his body as he straddled her thighs. He never let go of his firm grip on her rear; his thumbs poking into her asshole and even as he forced her ass apart she was contracting her muscles against him. She had a firm hard bottom with a lot of muscle but also a smooth round shape. She began to squirm more and struggle against her captors.

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