tagIncest/TabooJane's Husband Cums Around

Jane's Husband Cums Around


This is a continuation of our car vacation through the mid west which included visits to my sister in law's.

After a couple of weeks on the road, vacationing Jan and I were on our way back to Texas and home.

Our first stop had been at Jan's sister, Jane, in Kansas. As previous readers learned, Jane although happily married, has yearned for a more active and spicy sex life. Earlier in Houston, I discovered Jane also had feelings for me. With Jan's acknowledgement, I introduced my very ordinary but very appealing sister in law to some different sex techniques to try on her husband. Al was a very conservative, straight laced but loving husband who seems to think sex is a marital duty you do once every two weeks in a missionary position!

At the beginning of this trip we stopped over to spend the night with them. Sure enough, Jane was still horny, so we rendezvoused in the back seat of her car. She was starved for some real sex. I totally enjoyed our brief interlude

Now, at the end of our trip, we were to spend another 24 hours with them. Jan was obviously concerned about her sister and afraid she may try something drastic (meaning with strangers). As husbands should do, I just listened. Then she ask for my advice.

"Well seems Al also needs a wake up call and I have a plan."

Jane greeted us with her usual enthusiasm which included a hot passionate, juicy, but brief kiss. Al's greeting consisted of a hug and peck on Jan's cheek.

"We are only a day or two from home and have had a great vacation but tonight would just like to relax with you guys and have a drink or two."

"I know. How about a good old fashion pajama party like those teen age days!"

"Sounds great. Lets do it."

After dinner Al wanted to show me his antique radio collection. Off by ourselves I took a chance.

"How you and Jane been doing? Aren't we lucky to be married to such foxy women. If Jane is half the wife and lover Jan is, you got a real winner."

Now to put things in perspective, Jan and I are in our mid 50's, Jane in her late 40's and Al is the baby, not quite 40! He is well-built, handsome, sandy haired and as far as I can tell, lived a very sheltered life before Jane.

"Yes, Jane and I are happy although I travel a lot and some times I get the feeling she is lonely and a little frustrated. I just can't give her as much time as she wants. She did come back from her visit with you in Texas very refreshed, and also when you were here a couple of weeks ago I could see the gleam in her eyes."

I pushed Al further. "Your wife is very attractive in fact I would call her down right appealing. She doesn't show it off but it's there. She sure can get to me and she must really turn you on. A little advice, you do need to pay a little more attention to her and loosen up..."

"Dennis, tell me the truth. Have you 'been' with my wife?"

Caught completely off guard and not knowing what to expect I figured honesty should be the best policy.

"Yes Al I have. Please don't take this the wrong way if you can. Jane was obviously lonely. It just happened. She loves you so much but is frustrated with your routine, disinterested approach to sex. She wants you and I was just a temporary fix"

You could hear a pin drop, then, "I knew something was different. Does Jan know about your infidelity?"

"Yes she does and she approves as she wants her sister happy and is hoping Jane learning a more aggressive approach will finally light your fire."

"I can't believe all this. My wife and my brother in law with my sister in law's blessing." He seemed really humiliated.

"Al, lets make the most of this. Would you be willing to talk about our relationships in a more open way? Why don't we all talk about it tonight. Maybe even more than talk."

"What do you mean, more than talk."

"Jan and I have really opened up our sex lives in the past few years and we are so much happier. Maybe we could show you some things- you know action speaks louder than words."

"Well I do love her and want to satisfy her..."

That evening I briefed Jan who seemed very excited. I do think not only for Jane but for her obvious interest in Al- young, built, virile and part of the family! Traveling, Jan's only sleep wear was a silky dark blue pajama set that to me was a real turn on, especially if she left her top partially unbutton. I had my shorty pajamas. Jan was really preparing herself -- bathing, and all the make up, lipstick and Taboo perfume. She was absolutely irresistible and I let her know it by fondling and sucking her full titties under her open pajama tops. She encouraged me with her hand behind my head. Quickly I was on my knees, pulled her bottoms down and dove into her very familiar but always inviting pussy. "Ok husband, enough. We have a big night coming. Lets not get carried away."

Downstairs Al was in his traditional pajamas sitting in their big easy chair with Jane in his lap in her thigh length flowered cotton gown.

Jane asked if wine would do as the drink of the evening- a definite departure from our teen age days...

As she left for the kitchen I offered to help. Now as she opened the wine, standing behind her, I lightly kissed her neck. Then my hands cupped her small breasts from behind as she leaned back against me. Her nipples were as hard as my cock. I deftly freed my penis lifted her gown and started crotch fucking her from behind.

"Dennis, stop, we'll be caught. Oh that feels so naughty but maybe later."

After an ample amount of wine we all loosened up- even Al. Our talk began to concentrate more and more on what makes us sexually happy and how important a good love life is to a marriage.

Jan and I were curled up together on the couch. I was nonchalantly feeling her breasts through that blue pajama top. Jane was getting no such reaction from Al despite the romantic setting including some Neil Diamond music in the background. Now my hand slid inside her pajamas tops and began kneading her very full tities. Still no reaction from Al. I could see Jane's frustration in her eyes and also a good a good peak at her blondish slit as she shifted positions and her nighty rode high.

Jan broke our embrace then walked over to Al and Jane. Leaning over her boobs now swung into full view as she took Al's hands in hers and pulled him up.

"Jan what are you doing," Al stammered, but also staring at Jan's beautiful orbs.

Jan hushed him with her finger to his lips then replaced the finger with her full warm lips.

'Relax Al. This is about sexual gratification. Let yourself go and you'll be surprised how things will turn around. Besides, Dennis has enjoyed his sister in law why can't I enjoy my brother in law!"

"I just don't think it's right but I guess with you, I should at least try."

With that his arms wrapped around my already turned on wife as he actually kissed her fully on the mouth! His sister in law was real hot too.

Jan turned and announced they needed some privacy. Before we knew it, the bedroom door closed behind them.

I looked at Jane. "If anyone can get his motor running it's Jan. Now about your motor..."

"Dennis, I am so horny again. See what a sex addict you've made out of me. I so love your cock and want to taste every inch and suck it again till you cum in my mouth. Oh it taste sooo yummy. I hope Al will go oral with me."

Jane was trembling in anticipation.

I stepped out of my shorty pajama bottoms exposing my semi rigid cock hanging in front of me. Jane then pushed me onto the couch and was suddenly between my legs. Holding my cock, she feasted on the entire length. Her tongue and mouth licking the pre cum covered sides and spongy bulb were as good as it gets. To soon I lost control. I began pumped uncontrollably. Gob after gob of my cum spurted into her warm, soft mouth.

Full of cum she managed to mumble, "Dennis, I can never get enough of you. You taste so good."

Pulling her up I gazed at her cum covered lips and chin. We kissed long and full. I agree, my cum was a real turn on.

Now we heard some muffled moans and cries from the bedroom. Giggling, we waited by the door, then knocked and hesitantly walked in.

Jan was naked on her back with her sopping pussy in full view. Al was on his back, cock deflated and had a look of disbelief but a big grin. I could now see another reason Jane wanted more sex from Al. Even flaccid, his cock was very large and I'm sure over 8 inches at full mast. She must have told Jan too.

"Looks like you guys hit it off pretty well," I snickered.

Now the four of us lounged in their king size bed for about 30 minutes.

"Hey, the night is young and we don't get together that much. How about Round 2."

"We poor guys are done in. I think you sisters need to seduce us!"

Al was now captivated by all this sexual activity. Both of us were on our backs, cocks in hand and looking hopefully at our wives.

Al being so much younger was already hard but Jan had to work on me a little. Soon the ladies were hovering over us, grabbing our cocks, guiding them to their well lubed slits, and settling down with a slushy noise of sex.

Soon they were humping in a deliberate manner, looking at each other, and giggling. I could feel the excitement building and knew things must change or it's all over to soon.

"Okay girls time to switch."

As they disengaged, their full swollen pussies popped loudly into view. Oh what a delicious site.

Now Jane was pumping hard on me and looking over, both Jan and Al were in another world as his huge cock pounded into her full pussy. Their movements became frenzied. Only moans and guttural sounds escaped their lips.

Then, "Yes, yes Al. Fuck me hard. Fill my cunt with your love seed again." With that Al thrust upward as wad after wad of his replenished cum filled my excited wife for the 2nd time.

Now it was our turn. As our mouth's mashed together and Jane's tits poked my chest, I felt my orgasm building. Then my smaller (old guy) load spurted into Jane's deep cunt.

We all collapsed, physically exhausted but not for long. "Here is another lesson, my student brother in law." With that, I changed positions and now was hovering over Jane in a 69 position. My mouth and tongue began to clean off Jane's well fucked pussy. Al was intently watching. With my soft cum covered penis dangling over her mouth, Jane gladly reciprocated. A double dessert with lots of cream.

Al could not believe his eyes. "Jane is that what you want me to do to you?"

"Oh honey, do I, and I want to consume your big delicious cock too."

"Al, there's nothing better than fucking your wife with you cock but believe me, a cream pie and blow job sure adds a lot."

The next morning I had to know.

"Dear wife, what happened behind that closed door? Lets here the details. I can't stand not knowing."

Jan smile. "I first pulled him to me and said how manly he was and how I wanted to FUCK him. After recovering from the F word he had this whimpish smile. I took his head in my hands and slowly kissed him, fully exploring his mouth. Now he began eagerly responding and the heat was on.

He first reached down and cupped my ass, pressing me close to his huge hardening cock. Now his hands found my titties. After massaging each I guided them to his mouth. Felt sooo good even his inexperienced biting of my nipples.

Al then tore his clothes off exposing his oh so big manhood. After guiding it between my legs, we did a very intimate sex dance, then I turned, bent over the bed, and wiggled my ass suggestively at him. 'Your choice,' I announced.

Al took me doggie style pumping with all his youthful exuberance. He totally filled me up as I urged him on. Soon it was more than he could take. As he grunted loudly, I too had a wonderful orgasm and screamed as he shot wad after wad of his cum into me.

Shortly after that you and Jane walked in and...."

"Jan. what will the next visit bring? They are both so appealing and apparently willing."

Maybe we could stay another night?

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