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Japanese Neighbor


I decided to pick up some extra cash during the summer after finishing my first year of college by doing yard work around the neighborhood. One day I stopped by a neighbors house to ask if they needed any work done. A petite Japanese woman answered the door and after negotiating a price, I agreed to cut her lawn every week. I went back on a Sunday afternoon and proceeded to mow her lawn. It was very hot and so I took my shirt off while I trimmed the yard. After I finished, I rang the bell to get paid. Eriko, the Japanese woman who it turned out lived there alone, saw how sweaty I was and invited me in for some lemonade.

We sat down at the kitchen table while sipping the cold drink. In the course of the conversation, she asked me how old I was. I told her I was 19. Then she asked me if I had a girlfriend. When I told her I didn't, she seemed surprised and said that since I was so good looking, she thought the girls would be chasing after me. I assured her that was not the case.

When I said that, she got up and walked over to me and bent over and started kissing me and said "How could they resist?"

She was wearing a robe and it gaped open when she bent over and I saw she wasn't wearing anything under it. I returned her kiss and boldly put my hand between her legs and discovered she was already so wet, it was running down her leg. She was panting so hard I thought she might pass out from hyperventilating.

I stood up and picked her up and asked her were the bedroom was but she was moaning and panting so hard she sounded like she had just run a marathon, so she just pointed. I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed and quickly got undressed and got on top of her. I did not have a lot of experience but when I started to put my cock in her I realized she was very small although fortunately she was very wet. I could only get about half way in before I pounded against her cervix. She had just one orgasm after another. At one point, I asked her how old she was and was surprised when she told me she was 38, the same age as my mother although she looked much younger.

She said "Does it turn you off to fuck someone your mothers age?"

I said, "On the contrary, it really turns me on."

Eriko said "It really gets me excited to be fucked by someone as good looking as you, who has a big cock and is young enough to be my son."

I started going over to her house almost every night and as I got to know her better I found that she like rough sex and she also had a rape fantasy. I got very bold with her and would just grab her and pick her up and carry her into the bedroom. It was easy to manhandle her since she was only 5' 1" and weighed about a hundred pounds. Sometimes she would act like she didn't want to have sex and would try to hold her legs together, but she wasn't strong enough and I would just pin her arms above her head with one hand and use my knee and other hand to force her legs apart. She would get so excited by this that I could see her pussy contracting and forcing her juices out as they ran down her ass and formed a big wet spot on the bed, even before I touched her. At one point, she told me I could do anything I wanted to her in bed. The best way to describe her in bed was submissive but far from passive. She also loved to suck cock. She told me I could cum in her mouth if I wanted to. Actually, I preferred to put my cock in her tight pussy, but she loved to suck my cock so much, I would literally have to pull her off it so I could fuck her.

Since she liked rough sex, she also liked to be punished. I would usually try to find some reason to punish her.

One time I said "If you had a son my age would you want to fuck him?"

She responded right away by saying "If he had muscles and a big cock like you, I couldn't resist fucking him."

I told her she was a bad girl for thinking like that and had to be punished. I turned her over my knee and paddled her little Japanese ass. She was so turned on by this, her pussy juice was running down my leg. I started calling her"Mommy" which turned her on even more.

She would tell me "You are such a bad boy for raping your Mommy like this."

Sometimes when I would carry her into the bedroom, she would say "Please don't rape me."

I told her "I can do what ever I want to you because you'r not strong enough to stop me."

She just loved to feel that she was helpless when I would roughly fuck her.

One night, since I knew it turned her on to be held down in bed, I brought some rope with me and when I got her in bed, I tied her arms and legs to the bedposts so that she was spread eagle and helpless. This obviously turned her on as she moaned and squirmed around. I had not eaten her before and I thought she would go wild if she couldn't move. I put my head between her legs and forced two fingers in her pussy and started licking her clitoris. I had never eaten pussy before and was surprised to find her juice tasted just as sweet as sugar. She made so much noise, I was afraid the neighbors would think she was being raped and call the police. Fortunately, this was southern California, and neighbors pretty much mind their own business.

Afterward, she said "I was never so excited in my life. I was afraid I might have a heart attack."

We continued our affair throughout the summer until I had to go away to college. She cried when I left and made me promise to keep in touch with emails, which I did. We really exchanged some hot emails which kept the relationship going. When spring break rolled around, I told her I would have a surprise for her next time I saw her. As soon as I got back, I went over to her house. She greeted me at the door wearing a sexy micro mini skirt outfit instead of her usual robe. Instead of picking her up and carrying her into the bedroom as I usually did, I led her over to the couch and sat down. I asked her if she had ever smoked grass, and she said she had not. I told her she was really in for a treat because that is what we are going to do. As I fired up a joint, and since she didn't smoke, I instructed her to take a puff and hold her breath as long as she could and exhale through her nose. After a couple of attempts, she got the hang of it. I told her that, to me, it was a real aphrodisiac, not that she needed it, but that it would increase all her sensations. When we finished the joint and were both high, I started kissing her and put my hand between her legs. Her panties were already soaking wet in anticipation of what was to come. I pulled them off and then picked her up by placing my finger in her pussy and other my arm around he waist. As I carried her into the bedroom, I could feel her pussy spasm on my finger as she moaned with an orgasm. She told me her orgasm was so much more intense after smoking the joint. The pot seemed to loosen her up a little and while I was fucking her she told me how I fulfilled most of her fantasies.

She said "All Japanese women have a fantasy of being fucked by a big muscular well built, well hung American man. My rape fantasy was fulfilled when you just pick me up and carry me to bed and force my legs apart and just roughly fuck me. The idea of having sex with someone young enough to be my son was another fantasy that was fulfilled."

I reminded her she said almost all of her fantasies were fulfilled. I asked her what other fantasies she had.

She replied that "The only other fantasy is to have a threesome."

My ears perked up at this and I said "You mean with another woman?"

She said "No, I don't like women, I mean with 2 men."

After I though about it for a minute, I told her that could be arranged. I was thinking about my best friend Mark, who was a good looking guy as well as a body builder like me, and would be finished with high school this summer. I had told Mark all about Eriko and I knew he would be eager to participate. I then described Mark to Eriko and told her I was sure he would want to join in. I could feel Eriko get even more wet as I described Mark to her and even without her saying, I was sure she would be an eager participant in the threesome this summer.

After I went back to school, we continued to exchange emails, and for Eriko the most common subject was the upcoming threesome. She said she would get soaking wet just writing me an email about the subject. I didn't go into details with her on purpose so I am sure she was really turned on with anticipation as to just what we would do to her next summer.

Finally, summer vacation rolled around and as soon as I got home I contacted Mark about the plan. To say he was enthusiastic was an understatement since I had already told him in detail about my adventures with Eriko. I explained that the game plan would be for us to go to Eriko's house and sit down with her between us and share a joint. I told him I wanted him to sit to her right because he was right handed and when he leaned toward her his hand would be free. I told him that when we finished the joint I wanted him to make a move on her and start kissing her and then to put his hand between her legs and start playing with her. I told him he should undress her and then carry her into the bedroom. I said that I was sure she would start sucking his cock, but if she didn't, to just push her head down and she would get the idea. Play with her pussy for a couple of minutes while she sucks you cock and the say loud enough to hear "You are a good little Japanese cocksucker". I told him not to worry that she would be offended because she likes to hear that. I told him after he says that, it will be my clue to come in.

Finally, the time rolled around and we went over to her house. She greeted us at the door looking very sexy wearing a miniskirt that showed off her slender legs.

Mark was obviously impressed as his jaw dropped open and he said "Jim told me you were good looking, but I had no idea you would look this sexy."

Eriko smiled and said "The feeling is mutual since Jims description of you did not do you justice."

We all sat down on the couch as I had planned and after some get acquainted small talk between Mark and Eriko, I fired up a joint and we proceeded to get high. When we finished it, according to plan, Mark moved right in and started kissing Eriko. She responded enthusiastically and to my surprise reached down and started playing with his cock right through his pants. She was never that bold with me so I realized how turned on she was with the anticipation of what was going to happen. Mark immediately put his hand between her legs and inside her panties and started playing with her. She started really moaning and thrashing around. Mark looked at me and I nodded for him to go ahead and undress her which he proceeded to do. In the meantime, I saw that Eriko already had opened Marks pants and pulled his cock out. I could see that her little fingers couldn't even go all the way around his cock. It was not very long but very thick and I thought that Eriko would really like that but I wondered if he would be able to get it in her. After getting her clothes off Mark picked her up like she was a little child and carried her into the bedroom. Eriko was so into Mark, she didn't even look at me.

I quickly got undressed and after a few minutes, I heard Mark say "You really are a good little Japanese cocksucker."

That was my cue to come in the bedroom. I acted upset and said "I didn't tell you that you could suck his cock!"

Eriko looked shocked and immediately stopped and tried to suck my cock. As I pushed her away, I winked at Mark to let him know this was part of the game. I told Eriko she was a bad girl and shouldn't be so quick to suck a strange cock. I told her she had to be punished and as I sat down on the edge of the bed, I roughly grabbed her and threw her across my knees.

She said "Please don't spank me, I'll be good, I promise."

I said "Bad mommies have to get punished." I proceeded to paddle her ass as she moaned and squirmed around.

I said to Mark, "Check her to see how she likes being punished."

Mark then forced two of his thick finders in her and as he slid them in and out of her he said "My god, she is so tight, I don't see how my cock could fit in."

When he said that, Eriko just exploded with a screaming thrashing orgasm. Her pussy contracted and forced a stream of juice out of her and down my leg. She then just collapsed across my legs. I wasn't sure if she passed out or not. After a few minutes she started to try to get up so I told Mark to lift her on top of him and see if he could get in her. Mark picked her up off my legs like a little doll and laid down on his back and put her on top of him. She was making some feeble attempts to get his cock in her without much success. Mark finally got impatient and just lifted he up and impaled her on his prick. She screamed when he did that and then started to shake and shudder which I knew from experience was another one of her mind blowing orgasms.

We continued to abuse her for a couple of hours and left her seemingly semi conscious on the bed. I covered her up before we left and wondered how she would feel the next day. I woke up around noon and looked out my window and saw that she had not gone to work as her car was still in the carport. I was a little worried that she might be upset and accuse us of raping her since I am sure some rapes have occurred that were more gentle than we were with Eriko. I got dressed and went over to her place. It took her a few minutes to answer the door and when she did, she really looked wasted.

I went in and talked with her and she said "My whole body was stiff and sore, but my pussy was so sore and swollen, I couldn't sit down and had to put an ice pack on it."

I asked her what she thought of Mike and she said "His cock is so thick I thought he was going to split me in half."

I asked her if the threesome was too much for her and that maybe she would not want to do that again. She said "Please Jim, I loved it. I just need a few days to recover and then I want you both to come over again."

I said with a grin "All right Eriko, but remember you asked for it and we'll be happy to give it to you."

We continued to "abuse" Eriko, that's the only word I can think of to describe it, for the rest of the summer. As I was getting ready to go back to college and Mark was getting ready start college, I got a surprise call from Eriko.

She seemed a little hesitant at first but then she said "I got a call from Mark and he said he would like to see me alone."

I was a little irritated at this since we had an agreement that he would only see her with me. She said he told her he felt inhibited with me there and couldn't really talk to her like he wanted to. I asked her if she wanted to see him alone and she hesitated a couple of seconds, which indicated she did, and then said that she wouldn't if it would upset me.

I asked her how he proposed they get together and she said "He told me to tell you that I wasn't feeling well so you would stay home."

I asked her what she told him and she said she put him off and told him she had a call on another line she had to take and that she would call him right back. I thought for a second and told her I really appreciated her loyalty to me and that the deal would be she could see him alone but I would arrive before him and hide in her closet which had louvered doors so I could see and hear everything. I could tell that this idea turned her on because she was somewhat of an exhibitionist and the idea of me secretly listening and watching her get laid turned her on. I also told her I wasn't going to stand in the closet all night and to make up some excuse to get rid of him after an hour or so. She called me back and told me what time he would be there so I arrived a half an hour early and waited for Mark to arrive.

As soon as I heard the doorbell, I went into her bedroom and sat down on a stool I had placed in her closet. I figured I may as well be comfortable while I watched the show. I heard them talking in the living room but couldn't make out any words and then I smelled the pot and realized the show would start soon. After about 10 minutes Mark came into the bedroom carrying Eriko like you would carry a bride across the threshold. She had her arms around his neck and was kissing him. They were both naked. Mark laid down on the bed with Eriko on top of him and she slid down to his cock and took it in both hands and opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate him. After a couple of minutes he pulled her off him and said her teeth were scraping him.

Eriko said she "I'm sorry but your so thick I can't get my mouth open wide enough."

Mark told her he would rather fuck her anyway and told her to get on top. He grabbed her by the hips and picked her up and just impaled her with his cock. Eriko let out a shriek and then went into spasms of a massive orgasm. Mark told her she came so fast that it was good she could have multiple orgasms.

Eriko said " This must be what it feels like to have a baby only instead of just coming out, it's going in and out. "It is such a tight fit, every stroke feels like I'm being turned inside out."

While Mark was just slowly sliding his cock in and out of her, they started talking. Mark asked rather jokingly, "Are all Japanese women as hot as you?"

Eriko laughed and said "No more so than all men are as thick as you, but if you went to Japan, you could have just about any woman you wanted."

Mark said "You really think so?"

Eriko said "I don't just think so, I know so. Just like Japanese women look exotic to American men, American men look just as exotic to Japanese women."

Eriko went on to say "Japanese men, in general, do not have big muscles and are not big elsewhere either. If you like older women, there are clubs in Japan where wealthy Japanese women go to get dates and have sex with foreign men. Wealthy Japanese women are very generous if you showed them a good time in bed. You could make a fortune over there."

Eriko then said "I know why women like younger men but I'm curious as to why you like older women."

At the time, I didn't know if she said this to entertain me or was really interested in his answer. In any event, this question seemed to trigger another orgasm in Eriko so Mark waited until she recovered before he answered. Mark said he would tell her as long as this was just between the two of them. I smiled as Eriko agreed to keep it to herself. Of course, what else could she do. It turned out to be a rather long story but exciting enough that Mark keep pumping his cock into Eriko and she had repeated orgasms. Marks story started when he started lifting weights at age 15. He began lifting at the health club and then got so into it, he got an elaborate set of weights to use at home. He lived in a big house as his father was a wealthy surgeon, so he had a workout room set up just for himself. It was nice because I would often go over to his place and work out with him. He said by the time he turned 18 which was just this year, he started to fill out and his mother started coming in to watch him work out. I had met his mother and knew her to be a little blonde fox. In any event, his mother like to wear little tennis outfits around the house. She said they were nice and cool to wear in the summer, but I thought she wore them to show off he legs and her cute little ass.

Mark continued fucking Eriko as he related his story. He said one day his mother, after watching him work out asked him if he thought he could pick her up. She only weighed about 115 pounds, so he said "Lets see." He said he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and started jogging around the house, bouncing her up and down on his shoulder. He said she was laughing and telling him to put her down. When he did, he said her face was flushed and she was breathing hard like she was really turned on. He said that became a regular routine when they were alone, which was most of the time, since his father was a busy surgeon. Mark said after a while, he started giving her a whack on the ass when she told him to put her down which would cause her to squeal and laugh even harder. He said he would tell her he would put her down whenever he felt like it. He said one time when he put her down, he asked her why she got so short of breath when he carried her around and she wouldn't look at him but just said it was from laughing so hard. He realized his mother never mentioned this activity to his father, so he decided to see how far he could go. The next time he picked her up, he carried her into his bedroom and threw her down on the bed and held her hands together over her head with his left hand and put his other hand between her legs. He said her tennis panties were just soaking wet. That's when he knew he could fuck his mother.

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