tagInterracial LoveJefferson Jackson's White Valentine

Jefferson Jackson's White Valentine


This is a Valentine's Day contest story. Please vote.


A black man falls for a white woman and reveals himself on Valentine's Day.

Jefferson Jackson had always hated his name. It was bad enough being named after one, white, dead, American president, but to be named after two, white, dead, American presidents, was too much for him to bear, especially when he was younger. When the neighborhood kids weren't calling him Mr. President, they were calling him a black slave. Before bullying laws, a rite of passage for us all, he was mercilessly teased by his friends. Nonetheless, he grew to be proud of his name, especially after his father named his ancestors and showed him his family heritage.

His family tree claimed both President's Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as his ancestors, ergo the reason why his parents named him Jefferson, in honor of that claim. At least he didn't have to share his name with a celebrity, such as Michael, Randy, and Jesse. Most people didn't know his first name was Jefferson. Since he went by Jeff, they figured his name was Jeffrey. Too many white people didn't like a pretentious black man claiming two American presidents in their ancestral history.

Yet, none of that mattered when Jeff fell in love with Christine. Love, as well as it should be is blind, when it comes to race, religion, and color. Unfortunately, he knew that getting past the race issue would take a bit of romancing. To complicate things, at the time of this one-sided budding romance, Jefferson and Christine worked for the same employer and in the same office. Because of all the newly emerging sexual harassment laws, at the time, office romances were prohibited. What people did outside of work was their business, so long as it wasn't public knowledge, gossiped about in the office, and something that interfered with their daily job performances.

As black as she was white, accustomed to being invisible or abundantly obvious because of his skin color, realistic in his view of himself in a white world, he knew this was a romance that would never blossom. Just once, he wished Caucasian people would see him as just a man and not as a black man. Always wanting to approach her, but afraid she may reject him and then report him to management, which would cost him his job, he loved her from afar.

After working with her for a few years, he had met her ex-husband and heard about several of her the men she had dated, all of them were white. Happy that he was born a black man, the only time he wished he was white was so that he could to be with her. By her obvious preference for Caucasian men, with his chances not looking good, he didn't think he'd could win her heart. Yet, he wouldn't want her, if he thought she was prejudiced. What may work for an overnight fling, would never work long-term and he didn't want her just for a night. He wanted her forever.

He needed a plan. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, the season of love and romance, shaking his fist at fate and hoping to control his own damn destiny, he gave love a chance with a bit of creativity. Who knows, he'd never know if there was a spark there, unless he lit the match and stoked the fire?

Tired of waiting in the background for the right moment that may never come, with so many white men hanging around her and vying for her attention, he feared losing her to someone else. Now that she was divorced and dating, he needed to make his move. No longer able to hide his feelings for her and not wanting to have an unrequited love affair, cautiously, with sexual harassment laws in mind, he decided to slowly make his feelings known to her.

As much as he tried, unable to shake Christine from his mind, even after dating several black women, one day, Jeff came into the office before anyone else. That Monday morning, a week before Valentine's Day, he put a single red rose in a vase on Christine's desk and, so as not to be suspected, he left to return later with all the other employees coming into work.

"Oh," said Sheila, the woman who sat in the cubicle in front of Christine. "Who gave you the rose?"

"I don't know," said Christine with a blush, while picking up the rose to smell. "It was here, along with the vase, when I came into work."

"Well, don't let the boss see it. You know how he feels about office romances," she Sheila with a jealous look.

"There's no romance here, Sheila, just a rose. For all that I know, with all the cubicles looking alike, it may have been left on the wrong desk. Maybe the office cleaner found it and left it behind. Besides, unless you say something, for all the boss knows, I may have put the rose there myself, which is what I'd say if asked."

The next day, Tuesday, even though Valentine's Day was still several days off, there was a card left on her desk that was addressed to her with just her first name, Christine. It was a funny card, a card that a school child would give another. The card made her laugh more than anything else. Of course, with the prohibitive policy of office romances strictly enforced, the card was unsigned. Nonetheless between the single rose and the Valentine's card, Jefferson had accomplished what he needed to do. He had inserted himself, a mystery man, in her mind.

Wednesday, a dozen long stemmed, red roses were delivered to her in the office. There was no card attached. Thursday, a red satin heart filled with chocolates made its way to her desk from another courier, still with no card. Jefferson could see her from his office and watching her reaction was worth the trouble and expense he had gone through to pique her interest, before winning her heart. He had tossed out his line and was reeling her in, he hoped.

That Friday a CD was on her desk, along with a ticket to the symphony. When she opened the CD it was filled with romantic songs from the best singers the world has ever known, Steve Perry, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Bing Crosby, Paul McCartney, Sam Cooke, Elton John, Billy Joel, Jim Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones, Luther Vandross, Andrea Bocelli, and Barry White. Taking a lesson from the movie, Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, inside the CD was a note.

'Tell your boss you won't be in on Valentine's Day. Be ready at 11am. A limousine will pick you up at your house and take you to a spa for a massage, before having your hair, nails, and makeup done. Then, the limousine will return at 3pm to take you to a dress shop to have you outfitted with a dress, a purse, and shoes, before taking you to dinner. Finally, the driver will drive you to the concert.'

Even though the flowers and candy were delivered to her at work, there was still no breach of harassment policy. Flowers were routinely delivered to women for birthdays and anniversaries. No one but her and a few of her closest co-workers knew about the CD and the ticket to the symphony. No one knew that a mystery man even existed. They, no doubt, all figured the flowers, card, and candy was from someone she was dating. Nonetheless, the flowers created quite a stir with most of the women in the office and even some of the men. It gave people something to talk about, just as it gave Christine something to wonder about. She had a secret admirer and he was, no doubt, on her mind 24/7.

Right on time, the limo pulled up in front of her house and she was there to meet it. All the windows were tinted black and she couldn't see who was inside but whoever was there could surely see her. Only, when the driver opened the door for her, there was no one there, just a single red rose and a gift certificate to the spa.

Once securely inside the limo, she buzzed the driver.

"Yes, ma'am," he said in a deep voice.

"Do you know who hired you?"

"No ma'am. I'm just the driver."

"This is just so romantic," she said half talking to herself.


"Sorry, I'm just rambling to myself."

In just a few minutes, they pulled up to the spa and the driver held the door open for her, as she alighted. Four hours later, after being relaxingly massaged, with her hair, makeup, and nails done, he returned to take her to the dress shop. Again, there was another single red rose, along with a gift card to the dress shop. Once she picked up and dressed into her outfit, she returned to the limo, where there was another red rose and another gift certificate, this time, for the restaurant.

"Did you see who left the rose?"

"No ma'am. It must have been when I went in Starbucks to get a cup of coffee."

In just a few minutes, they pulled up to the restaurant.

"I'll be out front to drive you to the concert hall," said the driver.

She gave her name to the maitre' d.

"I think I'm here to meet something," she said with a look of anticipation.

"I have you down for a table for one, Madam," he said escorting her to her table, where a waiter, another black man took her order.

After a 3-course meal with wine, she returned to the limo. In just a few minutes, they pulled up to the concert hall.

"I'll be out front to drive you home," said the driver.

She didn't pay much attention to the driver. He was just a black man in a chauffeur's uniform. He pulled up to the theatre and he stopped the car, got out, and opened the door for her. When she found her seat, there was another red rose on her chair with a note.


Finally, after the concert, with the limo waiting out front for her, the driver opened the door and Jefferson was already seated in the back seat.

"I wondered," she said. "I never expected it would be you. With all the roses and gift cards magically appearing, I was half expecting the limo driver to be my mystery man," she said with a laugh. "After I told a few people that I had a secret admirer, you had everyone in the office talking about my mystery man and all the time you were there watching the show," she said looking at him looking at her. Only, she was looking differently at him than she had in the past.

"I had to get your attention," he said.

"You sure did," she said. "You're such a romantic man and this was the most romantic Valentine's Day of my life. I didn't have a chance to thank you. Thank you for the flowers, the Valentine's Day card, the flowers, the candy, the CD, the outfit, and the dinner and symphony."

Hoping he had leveled the playing field by having her see him as a man and not as a black man, it was now or never to make his move.

"Happy Valentine's Day Christine. I've been in love with you for three long years."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Jeffrey."

"It's Jefferson. My real name is Jefferson and not Jeffrey."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Jefferson."

Having worked with her for years and overhearing her talk to some of the women in the office, Jefferson knew that Christine's favorite movie was Dressed to Kill. He also knew that her favorite and most erotic scene in the movie was the one where a mystery man pulls down her panties in the backseat of a cab and eats her. He hoped, along with that being her favorite movie and favorite scene, that was her sexual fantasy, too.

Seated in the backseat of the limo with her, as if sitting in the back of the taxi cab and playing out the scene of Brian De Palma's movie, Dressed to Kill, with Angie Dickerson, when Jeff leaned in to kiss her, she welcomed him with opened arms. With the limousine taking the long way home, before parking in a secluded lot and the driver leaving for a cup of coffee to give Jefferson the privacy that he needed and required to romance Christine. They made out like horny teenagers.

Just as in the movie, where Angie Dickerson's mystery man goes down on her, Jefferson hiked up Christine's short dress and removed her panty, before falling between her legs to eat her pussy. He took her by surprise. At first, trying to hold down her dress and keeping her knees closed to deny him access, she resisted him lifting her skirt, but he was a man not taking no for an answer. No doubt, she thought he was going to touch her beneath her dress and through her panty. The shocked look on her face, when he reached all the way under her dress and removed her panty, no doubt, surprised her, as much as when he fell between her legs and started licking her, while fingering her.

Touching her where no other man, other than her ex-husband had touched her before, she no longer resisted Jefferson's lustful desire. Quickly caught up in the erotic moment, slouching down in the seat and throwing her legs over his shoulders, she pulled his head forward and buried his face in her wet pussy. A generous lover, he was as excited as she was hot and, between his fingers, mouth, and tongue, it didn't take her long to have an orgasm.

Returning the favor, she was all over his big, black cock. Feeling him through his pants, while kissing him, she unzipped him and removed him from his pants. She looked at him, as if she had never seen a black cock before and, no doubt, there was good reason for that. She had never seen a black cock before. She stroked him, while still kissing him and while he still continued to finger fucked her pussy and teased her clit.

Then, she leaned down and took him in her mouth. Finally, his dream for so very long, Christine was sucking his cock. When she really started going at him, licking him and sucking him, while stroking him, he knew he'd be ready to cum soon.

"Wait," he said stopping her, when he so much rather fuck her mouth. "I have a condom.

She took it from his fingertips, opened it, and rolled it down the length of his erect prick. Ready for love, Christine was just as eager as Jefferson was aroused and they made love in the backseat of the limo, as if it was their prom night. He fucked her and she fucked him. Then, he made love to her, while she made love to him.

That was ten years ago and Jefferson and Christine are still together. He doesn't allow a single Valentine's Day to go by without making sure that she knows how much he loves her. Yet, this year, their tenth anniversary is special. With her working at a new job, he repeated the process on their special day of the single rose, the box of candy, the CD, the limo, the spa treatment, the outfit, the dinner, and the concert but, this time, they did the spa treatments, the outfits, the dinner, and the concert together.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Christine."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Jefferson."


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