Jen & Me: Sis-In-Law Rewards

byTx Tall Tales©

"Nice," I said. "I can't even notice a scar."


Eyes closed, she had her hand on the back of my neck. I wondered if she could feel the fever in me - I felt like I was burning up.

I started kissing and licking her nipples, then the rest of her breast. I let my kisses wander over her belly and up to her neck, while I continued caressing her breasts. Eventually my kisses reached her lips. She responded hesitantly to my gentle kisses. I pulled back.

"Jenny, you hit the jackpot. With these, you're irresistible. They are perfect."

"Wow, I thought they felt good, but it's hard for me to know." She stood up.

"Jenny, can I see the rest? Take off those bottoms so I can see the whole picture. It's killing me." I hoped I didn't sound as desperate as I was feeling.

She laughed, and slipped off her bottoms. "Well?" She did another pirouette, finishing with her back to me peeking back over her shoulder.

"Irresistible," I asserted, my gaze locked on her tight little ass.

"Oh, sure. I notice you're resisting nicely." She taunted.

As she turned around, I was struck by a realization. She shaved her pussy. I had never seen a shaved one up close. It was too much; I reached forward and pulled her to me, turning her sideways. I kissed that sweet ass, before kissing the top of her pussy, and massaging her butt cheeks.

"Whoa, slow down cowboy. You haven't caught me yet." She laughed, good-naturedly.

I let go. "Sorry I got carried away, you just look so damn good."

She stood there; so close her aroma was maddening me. "No 'sorries', remember? Just friends. And I guess it's partially my fault for leading you on like that; no wonder you're worked up." She was pulling me to my feet. "Tell you what. In my bedroom; I'll cure your little problem. You can't have sex with me, but at least you won't leave with blue balls."

I followed that delicious rear-end back to her room. I figured a hand job from her was better than a self-inflicted one.

Jen's room was messy, clothes strewn all around. Her bed was a mattress on the floor, with the bottom sheet twisted and the mattress half exposed. She cleared a pile of dubious clothing off the bed with the expedient and well-practiced use of a foot, and pulled me down.

Once I hit the bed, she pushed me into a reclining position, and rubbed her hands over my upper body. "God, you feel nice." Then she took hold of my belt, and started to undo my pants. I was soon naked from the waist down, my only concession to modesty my open shirt.

She reached down and started stroking my cock. It was great. I was fondling her ass where I could reach it. Then she surprised me by bending over and kissing the head of my cock. "Mmmmm," she moaned as she took it in her mouth, and starting sucking me off. She turned, lifted a leg, and was soon straddling my head.

I couldn't believe this sweet young pussy was so close, so accessible, and so ready. I could see the moistness at the edge of her pink slit. No hair anywhere to distract or hide the incredibly sexy view. I waited in eager anticipation for the taste of her sweet honey-pot as she lowered her smooth pussy to my mouth. Tentatively, I reached out and let my tongue gently part her lips, eliciting an encouraging 'mmmm' around my cock. I moved the tip of my tongue up and down, penetrating a little further, and sampling her from clit to just below her tiny puckered butt-hole. Soon, I was more aggressive, really applying myself, matching her intensity as she worked on me. I held a cheek in each hand, as I licked and rubbed her clit and pussy, and she swallowed my cock like an old pro.

After a few minutes, she stopped. "Would you fuck my new tits?"

For an answer, I flipped her over on her back.

She lay back holding her new breasts apart; my hands were against the wall behind her head, as she squeezed her tits together around my cock. She was trying to press her nipples together against my hard-on. On each forward stroke, she would reach out with her tongue to lick what she could reach.

"You're a hot little bitch, aren't you?" I told her. "I'm gonna have to catch you on those bikes to see if you are as hot as I think you are."

"You can try," she laughed.

"And if I do...?" I insisted.

"Anything and everything, I'm yours for a day." She said between licks, awarding me with a very direct look, that promised wonders.

I mulled that over as I kept up the stroking. She would occasionally rub the precum leaking from my cock over her nipples.

"Oh, baby, I'm gonna come any second. God! You are so hot!" I was really pumping away.

"Good, try to hit my mouth." She held her mouth wide open, a smirk dancing across her face, her tongue teasingly darting around the perimeter of those full lips.

The wanton sluttiness was too much - I finally exploded and let loose a geyser. The first shot went all over her face reaching to her hairline. The next was mostly in her open mouth. Then, I had my dick in her mouth, and she sucked me off to finish.

Long after the last stream had escaped my cock, I was still stroking in and out of her mouth. I had briefly gone a little soft but the view combined with the sucking action brought me to full attention again. Seeing her beautiful young face impaled by my dick was a fantasy that had played its way through my head a number of times -- often when her sister was performing the action in question. The reality was so much better.

She looked into my eyes, sucking voraciously, lips tightly clamped to the wide shaft stretching her sweet lips. A puzzled look crossed her features. She removed her mouth slowly, with one last tongue lashing of the crest.

"What's the deal? Don't you get soft after coming like that?" she asked petulantly.

"Not always. Given hot enough circumstances, I can definitely double up." I grinned, "Believe me, this qualifies as hot enough circumstances."

"Cheryl never mentioned this."

"Cheryl doesn't necessarily know."

I held my cock back out to her lips softly stroking it, not wanting to lose my erection and an excuse to fuck her mouth. I was still straddling her chest, a little higher for better access to the desired opening.

Jenny thoughtfully leaned forward and engulfed my cock again. Once I was really hard, I climbed off, and lay back. She dutifully resumed her duties, now using one hand to stroke me as she sucked away. She had a far away look on her face, but even distracted, she performed a better than adequate blowjob.

Somewhere inside her head, two plus two equaled four, and she resumed her oral assault with a renewed vigor. She amazed me by arching her back, tilting her head, and with a slow steady thrust, pressing her nose into the hair above my cock. She paused there, seven full, thick inches crammed down her mouth and throat. Then she slowly backed off and proceeded to deep throat me. Each stroke starting with her tongue swirling around my angry red cockhead, and ending with her nose against my belly.

"Fuck, Jenny, what asshole ever let you get away? You are an incredible little cocksucker. Amazing!" I emphasized the last word with a firm stroke of my own, into her accommodating throat.

She must have felt my impending release. She picked up the pace, now bobbing up and down like a jackhammer. She was standing now; legs spread wide apart offering yet another engrossing view. She was bent over from the waist, gripping my hips; nails dug into the side of my ass, and forcefully fucking her face on my cock. It was too much.

"Fuck, Jen, fuck, I'm gonna fill your mouth. Suck me, yeah. Yeah, ooooohh fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" The last was an uncontrolled shout, as I grabbed her head and pulled her face all the way down my cock. I experienced a mind numbing release, buried in her throat.

She pulled off the full length, all but the head, and milked every drop out with her hand.

She was wearing a wicked smile. "Congratulations, you were my first."

"Impossible, no one can do that naturally; who are you kidding?"

Laughing, she jumped up, actually skipped to the closet, bent over, shook her ass saucily at me, and then tossed me an open gym bag.

A huge 9-inch rubber cock, along with an extensive collection of toys, some of which I didn't even recognize, were there, by way of explanation. While I was looking in the bag, the TV came on, showing a pretty blonde slowly pushing a large ball on a string into her pussy; she was saying something but there was no sound.

Wielding the remote, Jenny fast-forwarded the video. "Before I got my new tits, I spent many a night trying to improve the odds that any guy who was with me wouldn't ever want to leave."

"God, I've created a monster!" I howled, collapsing back on the bed.

Her evil laugh only served to start my cock twitching again.

"Oh no, you don't," she cried, noticing the start of my resurgence. "You just came here for a view. The rest was a thank you and an early birthday present. But, that's it! You know what you need to do if you want this." She stuck her ass in my face, fingering her own sopping pussy.

I stood, pulled her up and gave her a kiss. "Thank you very much, I had a delightful evening. I believe I have to go train now." I recovered my clothing and started to dress.

The evil girl parked her butt on the edge of the mattress, and gave me a show with a foot-long, double-headed, neon dildo as I finished dressing. Then escorted me to the door by my hard cock, and sent me on my way.

I think Cheryl was surprised (and delighted) to be the recipient of a protracted bout of amorous gymnastics that evening.

* * * *

My fortieth birthday finally arrived. I was at two hundred thirty pounds, and Cheryl was at one-fifty-five and had started walking five days a week, at the park after dropping our daughter off at Montessori school. In just over seven months, we had made great progress towards fitness and happiness. For my birthday, we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. She surprised me with some restraints, inviting me to tie her down and have my way with her. We had never even broached the subject before.

The restraints were exciting and fun. It was a complete package that included sheets, some Velcro restraint tie-downs you could position anywhere on the sheet, and of course, ankle and wrist cuffs.

We had a great evening of sex, some of the hottest since we'd been married. I would be less than truthful, however, if I denied occasionally thinking of her hot little sister when my cock was buried in her mouth or pussy. I wondered if she fantasized about anyone.

* * * *

I had a plan.

I had continued with my road biking, returning to old trails and familiarizing myself with them. I'd upgraded to a new Cannondale Multisport 800, and was amazed at how much easier the newer lightweight bikes, and advanced gears could make riding.

I'd taken Jen down to the store when I got mine, but she wanted a mountain bike. She settled for a Trek 8000, enamored by the fancy shocks in front, and the easier to access gearshift levers.

We had biked outdoors together a few times, but I had hidden from her the fact that I had put in probably more than a hundred hours on the roads. I decided to challenge her to a race. I had charged the bikes when we bought them, and she was to pay me back.

"Tell you what," I told her when she met me at the beginning of the W&OD trail, just outside of Vienna in Virginia, "let's make this a race."

"You know you don't stand a chance, loser," she teased me. In our last few outings, she had beaten me to the finish each time.

"Then you shouldn't be worried. If you win, the bike is yours, you don't have to pay me back, it's a gift."

"That's awfully generous. And what if you win?"

"Then I will have caught you. You know the penalty."

We hit the paved trail, on a stretch where there was a nine-mile run where we didn't have to cross any streets. It was ideal for racing.

"You know I'm going to catch you." I warned her.

"Right. Not in this lifetime." She retorted.

"First one to the Reston overpass?"


Jenny is a beautiful girl, and in great shape, but not always the sharpest tool in the shed. I had a huge advantage here, and was so smitten with her, I was going to take every chance I could to improve my odds. She didn't know the trail; there were twists and turns and some long hills. About twelve years back I had ridden this trail nearly every day for an entire summer. Recently, I had ridden the path, refreshing my memory during lunch and on weekends, at least twice a week. The nine miles took just about half an hour. I had practiced racing the path at lunch three times last week, unbeknownst to her.

If knowledge and familiarity alone weren't enough, my bike was much better under these circumstances than hers. Her mountain bike might be ok at starts and climbing the hills, but on long straight-aways and particularly on the long downhill segments, my gearing could be a huge factor.

Then there was the biggest, most telling advantage of all. These bikes had gears. The gym ones didn't. Where we had been biking, down by the river, Jenny never had to change gears. Her knowledge in this area was almost non-existent.

The race started out with a series of twists and turns through a park. She got a little ahead out of the blocks, and stretched her lead when I got caught behind a couple of joggers, who didn't understand that the shout of 'on your left' was an indicator to make some room on the trail. I caught her struggling up the first steep hill, getting the hang of the gears. We reached the peak almost together, and I was able to stretch out a lead on the downhill portion.

Jen was already breathing hard after the first hill, and I kept looking back to check her progress. Not smart for a race of any kind, but I may have been a little over-confident. She was pedaling hard as the trail straightened out, for a very long slight uphill run, ending in another steep hill and an overpass.

She made up most of the ground she'd lost on the straight portion, and was on my heels up the hill. I missed the gearing, and lost some momentum, and she shot past me up the incline, showing a much-improved grasp of the shifting. When I hit the top, she was a good twenty yards ahead of me.

Again, I shifted to my lowest gear, and was soon on her ass. I slipped in behind her, willing to slipstream a while, and let her burn up the energy cutting the wind for both of us.

The view from behind was delicious. She had on a sports bra, which exposed most of her back, and the sheen of sweat from the exertion glistened in the sun. Her ass looked scrumptious in her tight pink biking shorts. For almost two miles I enjoyed the view.

The last of the major hills were just ahead of us. There were two hills back to back, but there was a trick here. After the first hill, there was a pretty tight turn at the bottom. If you slowed down too much, you'd lose your momentum for the second hill. There was a section where the trail separated to go to a parking lot. If you took the parking lot portion you could maintain a lot more speed.

I pulled around Jen at the base of the hill and pushed real hard up the hill. She stayed glued to my side, refusing to give any ground, and the steepness of the hill gave her a slight advantage, carrying less weight and having the improved gear ratios. She edged me out to the top, and started down the hill. Again I pushed her, pedaling hard, not quite all out. She was turning the pedals faster to keep up, and breathing really hard now, but again staying a half-bike length ahead.

About twenty yards from the divide I dropped behind her again, and split off to the parking lot side of the trail, as she stayed on the main portion. The squeal of her brakes as she entered the tight part of the turn let me know I had this race won.

I hit the second hill with virtually all my speed intact and pedaled hard, not looking back. At the top I finally ventured a glance and saw I had gained a huge lead, over 20 yards.

From the top of the hill to the end was a little over a mile. I topped the hill, stood on the pedals, and dropped to my lowest gear. I pedaled all out for that last mile. My lungs were aching and legs were burning when I reached the start of the Reston overpass. Looking back, I found Jen only about 30 yards behind me. How she had managed to stay even that close, I have no idea.

I was sitting beside the trail, just regaining my breath, when she dropped beside me, chest heaving, legs shaking. I passed her a water bottle, full of Gatorade.

When she finally spoke a minute later, she was still very red in the face, a mixture of effort, anger and embarrassment.

"How'd you do that?" she demanded.

Yes, definitely anger.

"Jenny, you are a gym biker. I've been a road and trail biker most of my life. It's a different critter. We can work on it, teach you the gearing, the trail, and how to ride in the real world. Then we'll race again."

"NO," she snapped, "you won, fair and square. When will you have your prize?"

"How about this weekend? Cheryl is going to that baby shower in Pennsylvania. She'll be gone from Friday until Sunday morning. Grandma has the kid. How about Friday night until Saturday noon?"

"Well, I guess we can include an overnighter, but only if you bring the dinner."

* * * *

Enough reminiscing. I'm getting soaked in the rain, a bag with, among other things, two freshly steamed lobsters in my hand. I knock on her door, sporting a hard-on I expect I'll have most of this weekend.

"It's open."

I open the door, and she's standing there, wrapped in cellophane, with a big bow around her breasts.

"Come open your prize." She says.

I put down the food, and walk over to her. I give her a big kiss on the lips, then undo the bow. I pull at the cellophane and she starts spinning as I unroll her. At the end she's dizzy, and leans against me.

"You know, I'm glad you won," she whispers.

"I'm glad you're glad, and hope to make you gladder." I tell her.

I scoop her up and carry her to the bedroom. She's actually cleaned the place, and I lower her to the bed.

She watches me undress, leaning back, and talking dirty to me. She's rubbing her breasts. "So, Steve, are you gonna fuck me good? Are you going to make me beg for it? You want these breasts, they're yours, my mouth is yours, my pussy's yours, and I'm yours. You may never get me again, so make it good."

I am so hard I know I won't last long this first time. I kneel between her legs, and without another word, I'm sticking my cock in her wet pussy. I figure seven months of foreplay is more than enough. She's ready for me, clearly.

I lean over, kiss her mouth, and then start fucking her with long firm strokes. She is instantly moaning passionately. After a couple of minutes I pull out and roll over, my cock standing at the ready.

Taking the hint, she squats down, lowers her pussy onto my hard cock, and starts raising and lowering herself onto my prick. Ahhh, the advantages of getting fucked by a girl in shape. Her eyes are closed and she is lifting up about half way, then easing her self down onto me. I reach up and start playing with her breasts.

She drops to her knees, and leans forward. Her breasts are in front of my face and I alternate which I suck on as she rocks back and forth on me. She's talking again.

"You like those big boobs don't you. I can tell by how hard you are. Fuck! You feel good inside me. Don't come yet. Oh fuck, you feel good!"

"Don't worry if I come. I'll be doing that a lot for the next twenty-four hours. Just enjoy it; I know I will."

"Oh, I'm enjoying it; I am." She assures me.

She's impatient, and sitting up she spins around so she's facing my feet, and starts fucking herself on my cock again, harder now, slamming herself up and down. I grab each delicious cheek, and lift her on each up stroke, letting her lower herself back down. Her ass looks so good; I have to play with her little butt-hole.

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