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I didn't see the girl until I rounded the corner and bumped into her. Her things went flying and I instinctively grabbed her and kept her from falling. Her head came up, her eyes blazing with anger. "Why don't you..YOU? Oh! Mr. Murphy it's you."

"Yes, Jennella Barton! I am sorry, it was my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going. Here, let me help you gather up your things." I bent over and our heads bumped, hard. "Ow!

"Damn that hurts!" I led her to a nearby bench. "Set here I'll get your things."

I picked up everything and handed all of it to her. I sat beside her and she grinned at me. We smiled at each other.

She said, "When did you get back? You look wonderful."

"A couple of days ago, you look really wonderful. Wow! I almost didn't recognize you. You lost so much weight. I could never mistake your pretty face though."

"Why thank you. I weight half of what I did when you left. I feel much better."

"Please stand up and let me look at you. Wow! What a change, you are beautiful now."

"Thank you Mr. Murphy, you made my day, are you going to be teaching here again?"

"No, I don't think so. My dad wants me to work with him. He says he needs my help. How about you, what are you doing now?"

"Well I went on and finished the course and just got certified a month ago. I am a fully certified Paralegal now. I was over in the Library printing out my resume. I have to start job hunting."

"Hey girl, you were the best student I had in the five years I taught the course. You shouldn't have too much trouble."

"I don't think it will be easy. I know fifteen girls who are certified. Only two have found work. None of the black girls have been hired."

"Really, that's odd."

"Well like one girl told me, who wants to ask legal advice from a young black girl? Nobody! Would you?" Attorneys don't want us because they get a Legal Secretary they can train for a lot less money."

"Listen Jennella, I have to get going, it was nice running into you again. Here, wait one minute please. This is one of my new cards." I wrote my home number on it. "Please call me. Give me one of your resumes, is your number on it, good. I'll be in touch. Seriously, call me anytime; I want to hear from you. OK!" I walked of a ways then stopped. I turned and looked back. She was sitting watching me. I turned around and walked back. I got out my cell phone. I hit the number one speed dial. "How is it going Dad? Listen, I just met an old friend. Yes. I'll see you later."

I stopped in front of her. I held out my hand, "Would you have lunch with me?"

Her face lit up with a smile. "I would like that. The old College Deli?"

"Hey, girl, I eat there all the time. Let's do it, my treat."

We walked toward the Deli, a block or two away. I couldn't believe this was the same girl I had in one of my classes only eighteen months before. She stood out in any class. She had a quick mind and was a dream to teach. She had a very pretty face. She was about five feet five inches tall. She had weighed over three hundred pounds! Now she looked damned good in jeans a T-shirt and sneakers. She was older than the average student. As I recalled she had been a secretary and worked at that to pay her way through school.

We ordered and I paid and carried our tray to the booth. The Rubin sandwich was delicious. I smiled at her, "So tell me what is going on in your life now. I know lots of guys are swarming around you now. Are you married, have a boy friend, any kids. What?"

"Oh! Mr. Murphy, I want to know all about you."

"No! I asked first, and my name is Mike."

"Alright Mike, yes, no, no, and no."

I laughed, "Almost the same with me, no girl, no wife, no kids. No girls swarming around."

"Mike I have to admit, there have been a few guys hanging around. I always ask myself, where were they when I was fat?"

"They were stupid. I have been thinking. Do you have a nice business suit you can wear tomorrow?"

"No. Not really. I haven't bought a new wardrobe. I wanted to wait until my weight stabilized. Actually I can't afford one right now."

"You can't afford to not have one now. You just can't go job hunting in jeans. Not for the job you want. What are you doing this afternoon?"

"Nothing really."

"OK, come on, my car is over there in the faculty parking. I had her put her things in the back seat and I headed for the Mall." I led her right to the Victoria's Secret Catalog Store. She was surprised. She didn't know it was there. We found her a very nice black Pin Striped Suit with a pencil skirt. I made her put on some stiletto heels to try it on with. She was stunning and classy in the outfit. I picked out some underwear for her too. I told her she had to have stockings too. I got the same suit in Navy, only with pants. I got her several separates she could mix and match. She seemed to be stunned by what I was doing. She pulled me off to one side. "I don't have the money for all this. I can't afford it."

'Listen to me Miss Jennella, you were my best student and everybody knows it. How is it going to look if you can't get a job? I will be humiliated. Now, all your clothes, plus a couple of things I thought you needed, came to right at $500. You can pay me back someday. Look at it this way. I am saving my own reputation. I just worked for a year and a half in Iraq. I made that much in a day there, I worked 75 to 80 hour weeks. I soldiered during the day and did lawyer work at night. There was nothing to spend it on. Humor me, please." She looked in my eyes and she smiled. "I don't know how to thank you."

I pulled her over to the register and put it all on my good old debit card. We were both loaded down carrying every thing to my car. She smiled at me, "Mike, now please tell me why I had to get all these beautiful things. Where am I going tomorrow?"

"You will be going to the offices of Murphy and Murphy, Attorneys at Law to apply for a job as a Paralegal."

"Is that your father's Office?"

"His and mine. We are opening a new practice."

"And you need a Paralegal?"

"Hey! I wouldn't have been teaching that course all those years if I didn't believe in it, now would I?"

She smiled, "No, not you. I won't let you down."

"I know that. Wait! Do you have a brief case! You can't do legal shit without a nice case. I have an extra one. You can use that until you find one you like."

"Mike, how can I ever thank you?"

"Just show up tomorrow at 9 A M. We'll see what happens, OK?"

"I'll be there. Wish me luck."

I dropped her off at her car and went back to the office. Dad was still there. I walked in his office. There was a tall black guy, nicely dressed, very handsome. Dad introduced me and we shook hands. "Mike, this young man is Trevor Davis. I just hired him away from Macao, Bascom and Tripper. He will start in about a week." I reached out and shook his hand. He grinned, "You taught at the university didn't you."

"Yes, I taught several courses for several years at night. Probono. It kept me out of the bars."

"Hell, that's really great. I will do that some day, as soon as I get my student loans paid off. I need to pay my dues."

"Hey, that's fine, just pay the bills first."

"Hey, I know what you mean." Trevor walked out of the room.

I looked at my Dad, "Nice guy, is he any good?"

"He has rave reviews. We will have to see if he works out. I see that look in your eye, what have you done now?"

"Have you thought about hiring a Paralegal?

"No! But I guess you have. What do you have in mind?"

"Dad, this is the best one I ever taught. She worked as an intern for Jackson, Burns, and Bell. She pushed through over thirty uncontested divorces before they found out she wasn't an attorney. They all went through the system without an error. They wanted her but they hired three more Paralegals while she was finishing the course. When she was in my classes she batted 1000, never missed a question. Smart as a whip."

"Mike, she sounds good, I'll talk to her, OK?"

The next morning I sat in a chair behind the door in Dad's office. The door was open and Gail, the receptionist, buzzed Dad and said Ms. Jennella Barton was there to see Mr. Murphy," He said for her to send her in. I heard her heels clicking on the floor. She knocked on the door jam and Dad looked up and smiled. "Here, sit in this chair. Tell me about your self, why should I hire you?" She handed him a copy of her resume, gave him about five minutes to read it before she talked for about five minutes. I could see from the expression on his face he was sold. He stood up and shook her hand. He looked at me, "Mike you were right. She is very good. Find her an office, I would suggest the small one on the right as you come in the front door." I stood up and grinned at her. She was surprised to see me there and gave me a dazzling smile

"Come on, I'll show you your office. Then we need to get you hooked up with the Human Recorses Lady. She will find out what she need's to know from you. My office is right over there! When you are all checked in; come get me and we will do lunch. OK?" She grinned and nodded rapidly.

We had a nice lunch at a nearby Bar and Grill. She really looked fantastic in her new outfit. She looked like a sharp and intelligent professional woman, but above all she was beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Even when she was fat I had loved watching her face. Her skin was a light golden color that intrigued the hell out of me. Her hair was a medium brown with paler streaks in it, it was usually in a ponytail or up in a bun or braid. I had no idea of how long it was. That first day she had it pulled back in a severe bun, it made her appear very prim and proper.

When we got back to the office I asked her in my office. We left the door open and I explained what we envisioned her duties to be. The more I talked the broader her smile became. I told her that the going rates for Paralegals were, for a simple or uncontested divorce, $99; for an Adoption $249; for a simple bankruptcy, $185; Incorporation, $99; A change of Support or Custody, $99; Wills, deeds, and other things were priced according to how complicated they were. I asked if her computer was adequate and if she had had time to check out the programs already in it.

"It is perfect, those are the ones I am used to using. Is that a private line on my phone too?"

"Yes, you can set it so that after how ever many rings you like, it will go to your voice mail. You also have an extension off the main line. Don't give out your private number to your boy friends or it will be ringing all the time."

"If I do that it will never ring."

"Yes it will, I'll call you. Now, back to business. We are going to be running an add in the two papers starting next Monday. We already have enough clients for a good start. We are saving room for an advertisement for your services. Write up what you want to say and give it to Martha, my secretary, She has been with me off and on for about ten years, she will help you with anything. When your business warrants it you will get your own secretary. OK?"

She just grinned and nodded her head.

"Oh! I almost forgot, here is the briefcase I told you that you could borrow for a while. I forgot it has my initials on it, you are welcome to replace them with yours if you want."

She hugged it to her breast and tears ran from her eyes. "I love it just like it is. It is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for everything."

"Don't thank me, make us lots of money." She laughed and walked to her office. From my desk I could see her sitting at her desk. She was typing away at something. I had to shut the door to get any work done. I picked up the next case file off the pile in front of me. I put it aside and picked up another one. That went on a different pile. After I reached the bottom of the original pile I picked up my phone and pressed a button. She answered, "Murphy and Murphy, Attorneys at Law, Miss Jennella Barton speaking, how may I help you?"

"This is Mike Murphy, Miss Barton. When you have a minute please stop in my office."

About ten minutes later there was a knock on my door. It was Miss Barton.

"Miss Barton. Here are about eight case files. Please look them over and unless you find some that you have a question about; just call the clients and explain that you have been assigned their case and that you are faster and less expensive that I am. Any that agree to let you handle the case are yours. OK?"

She grinned at me and said, "Thank you Mr. Murphy." About four that afternoon I dialed her private line, She answered, "Jennela Barton."

I said, "Jen, this is Mike, can I buy you a drink after work, Dad and I usually stop for one at the place we had lunch."

"I would love that Mike."

"Great we'll meet you at your office at five. OK?"

"See you then."

We stopped by her office and she was ready. She looked very professional with her brief case. When we were seated she asked if I recalled the Patterson Case. I said I remembered it was an uncontested divorce, and what was the problem.

"Well, none really. I called the contact number they had listed and got the spouse. I told her who I was and she broke down and started crying. She said he was taking everything, which was true, I wondered about that when I read the division of assets. I explained that she had to agree to everything for the divorce to go through. She said she told him she wouldn't sign it. He said he would smash her face if she didn't. She said she didn't have any money for a lawyer. He is not giving her a cent now. He drops off food once a week. He drops off seven TV dinners, a loaf of bread, a quart of milk and some sandwich meat and a box of cereal. That is it. He sold her car, took both TVs and most of her clothes. I don't want to handle that one, OK?"

"No, call her back in the morning. Tell her we are going to refuse to represent him. Tell her that if she desires we will represent her. We will seek a minimum of an equal split of everything. He will have to pay our fee. If he has proof of adultery against her he may opt to go to court."

Jen said, "I like the way you guys work. I am so happy to be with your firm."

My dad reached over and held her hand, "Jen, we are glad you are with us, I like what you did just now. You brought this to our attention instead of just plowing ahead. We probably would never have known that poor girl is being abused. I have a friend with NOW, the National Organization of Women. I will give her a brief rundown on this. They always run with it right away. They will investigate the hell out of him. I will almost guarantee he will have some money in her hands by tomorrow evening. She may call you for additional information at the office."

I put my two cents worth in. "Jen do you have a car?"

"No, my girl friend picks me up and drops me off, or I sometimes borrow hers. I told her I would get a cab home to night."

"No Jen, I will take you home. OK?"

"Mike, you have done enough already."

"Horse hockey, you are one of us now, we take care of our guys. Right Dad?"

"That's right. I'm going to finish this drink and hurry home to my lovely wife. I don't want her suing me because she is a damned fine attorney too. She always whipped my ass every time I went against her in court. Had to marry her to win a round."

"You won one Dad?"

"OK, just don't tell your Momma I said I did. Good night Jen. See you tomorrow. You too, snake that bites the hand that feeds him." He walked off humming an Irish tune.

Jen leaned against my shoulder, "I love your Daddy. He is super nice."

"I kinda like him too. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

"I would love that. I really missed you while you were gone."

"Really, I confess that I thought of you a lot while I was gone."

"Me, a fat little nigger girl? I can't believe that."

"Young lady, if I hear you talk about yourself like that again I will feel obliged to wash your mouth out with soap. Got it?"

"Yes Sir, Mr. Murphy!"

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes, "I meant what I said. You are the smartest, most beautiful and caring person I have ever met in my life. No one runs you down to me, not even you."

I leaned towards her and softly pressed my lips to hers. Her eyes were very wide. She pulled back slightly. Her hand flew to her mouth. She whispered, "Oh! My God!"

I looked at her carefully. "Jennella, please forgive me I don't know what came over me. Please don't be frightened, I won't do it again."

"Mike, I don't want to hear that."

"I said I was sorry, I am."

"No, I don't want to hear that you won't kiss me again. I have wanted and dreamed of that since I first met you."

"What? You wanted me to kiss you?"

"Yes, please kiss me again."

I gently pressed my lips to her sweet mouth. I was surprised by the passion that I felt as she returned the kiss. Her lips parted and her tongue slipped into my mouth. Her tongue explored my mouth, it was everywhere. I heard someone giggling. I looked up it was our waitress. She grinned. I looked around everyone was looking at us and smiling.

I heard someone say, "Why don't you guys get a room somewhere?"

I got up and gave my hand to Jen. She was gigging too. I reached for my billfold. Nancy, the waitress said, "Don't worry about it Mr. Murphy, I'll put it on your tab. And don't pay any attention to all these clowns, they are just jealous. Me Too!"

I offered my arm to Jen, she smiled and held it tight as we walked out the door accompanied by clapping. We walked back to my car. I looked at her, "Your place or mine?"

He smile sent a tremor to my toes. "Your place."

She looked so damned happy I couldn't believe it. We went in my place and she just stood looking around. "This is nice Mike, I like it."

I picked up the phone and handed it to her. She raised her eyebrows. "Call whoever is expecting you. I will take you home in a while." She dialed a number, She laughed, "Tommy, please let me talk to your Mommy, OK. Tommy, get your Mommy now please and I promise to kiss you good night when I get there even if you are asleep, OK? That's a good boy. Hi! Babe, it's me. Listen I'll be home later. Yes. Yes. I don't know. Yes, I love you too. Nite! She looked at me, "I guess you hate having to wait for someone and not have them call if they are late."

"You are right, especially if it is someone I love." I laughed and asked, "What was the yes, yes, I don't know and yes all about?"

"She wanted to know if I was with you. If I was at your place. If I was going to sleep with you and if I would be home later."

I looked into those big brown eyes; "I warn you I am going to try to talk you into a yes for number three too."

"I would be very disappointed if you didn't." She put a hand on either side of my face and pulled me to her lips, "Mike, you just don't understand, I want you as bad as you want me, maybe even more. I have wanted and dreamed of this for years." I held her and kissed her. It felt so damned good. I pulled back and looked at her. "I am not hungry right now, are you?"

"Not really."

"Dear girl I want to have a long leisurely night loving you. I have a suggestion. Let me take you home, You can get your things to wear for tomorrow and tonight, your cosmetics and stuff for in the morning. We can come back here and you can help me throw together a meal. Then we can go to bed and make love all night long. I promise your boss won't yell at you if you are sleepy in the morning. OK?"

"Mike, that sounds absolutely divine. Lets go."

I drove her to her friend's house. She said, "I don't see their cars, let me see what is going on?" She came to the door and yelled to me, "They are gone, I'll get my stuff and be right back. She came out in a few minutes. She was now wearing jeans and a T-shirt. She had a shopping bag full of stuff; she put it in the back seat and ran to get another load. She tossed that in the back seat, "Let's go Sweetheart. I left a note but I have to call later." We headed home. She sat very close to me and I loved it. She looked at me as I drove, her hands held mine. She rubbed a hand along my leg. I felt I was a definite road hazard. I could think about nothing but her hands and her lips and where they were touching me. Damn she touched me everywhere. My cock was fully erect and leaking pre-cum.

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