tagIncest/TabooJenny Sits on Brother Ch. 02

Jenny Sits on Brother Ch. 02


Note: Thanks for the comments so far. Just remember I wrote this as a purely sex story. Wasn't really looking to write an epic. (sarcasm) Basically I am keeping the whole thing bare so your imaginations can fill in the blanks. When I read stories here I mostly skip the descriptions and background info's. So that is my excuse.

Remember these are two young adults who haven't had time for relationships and such, so they are both extremely horny individuals. So don't complain Jenny is too slutty or something, circumstances play a large part in a persons arousal. And she just happens to like this. :p


The next day I woke up earlier than usual. The cause was Jenny trying to get out of the sleeping bag without waking me.

My crusty briefs felt like a badge of shame. I had humped against my sister in a fit of lust. Sure she had seemed to like it, but then again who was I to know? The only sex experience I ever had was watching movies and reading stories. For all I knew she had been the very opposite of turned on.

Maybe she hated me? Maybe she didn't feel it was a big deal? I didn't know what to feel. One part of me hated myself, but the majority of me wanted more.

I waited till Jenny was straddling my chest before opening my eyes to see her panty clad pussy above me. She looked down at me and quickly looked away. The sight of her panties filled me with lust. I couldn't just ignore her pussy so close to my face. I needed everything about her.

She probably felt bad about last night, but I wasn't going to let her think like that for too long. Lust had taken me over again and I didn't care.

Now I had a taste of my sweet sisters charms, I wasn't going to let it stay at just that. I wanted it all.

I grabbed her knees and pulled her forward until she was above my face. I didn't make any more movements and just let her decide. I was already hard, I didn't know if chicks woke up horny, but I sure did.

"I can't hold this position jerk." She said it softly as she started to lower her tasty looking pussy covered only by the thin fabric of her panties. "Don't open your mouth freak."

She could have just moved forward a little more and she would have been out of the sleeping bag, but she didn't. She could have avoided this moment and I would have probably lost all nerve and never tried again. But she didn't.

I just waited until the golden moment came. Her softness landed on my face in slow motion. I could smell the slightly heady scent of her pussy and the stronger smell of her arse. She moved her legs around till she was comfortably on my face. My mind screamed at me to stop, but she wasn't trying to avoid this, so why should I?

I started by breathing deeply in and out with her pussy on my mouth. She seemed to like it, she was looking directly at me now with a flush in her cheeks.

I knew my sister had never had a boyfriend, just like I had never had a girlfriend. We always seemed too busy, both of us getting part time jobs after school to earn money. I always wanted for a girlfriend, but I knew I didn't have the time for one.

Not that I could have gotten one.

Jenny sat on my face, but didn't move. I slowly tilted my head up and down, keeping my mouth shut as I jutted my jaw up and out.

I was in heaven as she began to slowly move by herself. I could just see her face above her boobs jutting out. Jiggling ever so slightly from the movement.

I loved this position. Her clit moved from my nose down to the point of my jaw and up again. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, the smell was getting stronger. I was breathing in through my nose as her pussy rubbed over my face and out on her clit as it hit my nose, making her gasp a little.

I watched her face above her smooth flat belly and perfect breasts. While she was riding my face, getting faster and harder each moment. She looked over at mum and dad every so often to make sure they were still asleep.

I reached up and ran my hands along her belly and under her shirt. She didn't stop grinding on my face as I gripped her bare breasts and began squeezing them. I cupped them from below and tested their heft, lifting them up slightly and squeezing.

She looked down at me with a lust filled face as I rubbed and pinched her breasts while she smushed her pussy all over my lower face. All hesitation was gone.

I moved my right hand from her breasts and cupped her arse, she moaned softly as I pushed her harder onto my face.

I opened my mouth and her eyes widened as suddenly her wet pussy was being munched on through her panties. I could taste her sweet juices through the sodden material, my jaw and nose were covered in her juices.

I moved my hand on her arse inside her panties, her eyes widened, but once again she did nothing. She just kept on humping my face, now she was building up speed and force. She was starting to fuck my face.

Some one stirred in the next bed, I couldn't see who. I expected Jenny to quickly jump off. Instead she leaned forward and gripped the head of the bed and started hammering her pussy into my face. I was having trouble breathing, but I wasn't about to stop for the end of the world.

Thankfully the crappy beds were built into the wall and were slat beds, so their was no movement or noise from Jenny's fierce assault. The sleeping bag had long been pushed down out of the way.

My hand hadn't stopped moving in her panties, her wild movements made it hard to get a grip. But I had managed to stroke her rosebud a fair few times, every time I did she would make a soft groan. I shifted my fingers so they angled towards her pussy. Once again she felt me, but didn't make a move to stop me.

Just as my fingers touched her wet folds, she started coming on my face. Her teeth were clenched from not trying to moan, her muscles were tensed as she came hard on my face.

I felt her get wetter through her panties, I sucked on them to get the juices and she shuddered on my face.

After nearly a minute, she moved off my face and shuffled around. She smiled softly down at me, her face was beaded with sweat with some hair plastered to her forehead.

"Didn't you want some of this?"

She sat on my face, but this time it was her arse. I moaned into her delicious rear end, she giggled softly and pressed her arse down, softly bouncing it on my face. She let me live in paradise for a minute, I reached for her panties wanting direct contact and a mouthful of her arse.

She quickly jumped off the bed, grabbed a new pair of panties from her bag. Before she left for the bathroom, she threw me her soaking pair. I immediately draped them on my face and started to wank off as hard and fast as I could. She leaned closer.

"Don't mess up my sleeping bag."

I nodded and watched her skip from the room into the bathroom, her arse cheeks jiggling in time with her pert breasts. I came before she even closed the door.

I had come in my briefs again, they were feeling pretty uncomfortable, but I knew I would be using them again very soon. The sky through the windows was only just starting to lighten. Apart from my mum no one in my family was an early riser, but she wouldn't be getting up for a while.

I needed to hump my sister again.

She came out, her new panties a cute pink. Before she wriggled back into the sleeping bag she sat on my face for a minute. I massaged her boobs and she let me rub her pussy through her panties.

She slipped back in, I started humping against her straight away. She sighed like it was annoying and pretended to go to sleep.

But her arse was wanking me off again, I don't know how she did it, but her arse gripped and squeezed my cock. I whispered in her ear as I humped into her.

"I want to fuck all your holes, fill you up with my cum till it is dripping out. I want to make you cum so many times you can't stand up. Every moment I get I am going to lick, suck and fuck you, all day every day for the rest of time. You are going to use my face as your seat and cum until my face is drenched in your juices."

Jenny knocked my hand away from her panties and shoved her own inside and started rubbing furiously. I must have been doing something right.

I moaned into her ear as I came, once again coating my briefs with my own cum. My cock and balls were covered in crusty and fresh seed. Jenny kept rubbing herself as I came, she shuddered all over and sighed contentedly as her second orgasm washed over her a few moments later.

I hugged her close and closed my eyes. The sleeping bag hid just how closely we were together. I blew in Jenny's ear.

"Just you wait."

Third chapter not far off, enjoy. More explicit scenes coming.

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