tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessica’s Guinea Pig

Jessica’s Guinea Pig


"Volunteers needed for a scientific study. Easily earn $500. Must be a healthy, adult male," read the poster, stapled crudely to the bulletin board in the sub-basement of the biotechnology building. None of the number slips had been taken yet. Good news, I thought to myself. I tore off every slip, pocketed one of them, and threw out the rest. They'll have other chances.

Maybe I was stalling scientific progress, but as a broke grad student, I had no guilt about making money, nor shame about how I made it. I did studies, I volunteered to be an art model, I even had a small, steady stream of income from giving stressed out undergrad girls massages. But $500 was a nice haul, if it were legitimate. And the less competition I had, the better my chances. I looked around the deserted basement. Two vending machines haunted one wall, silently humming away, their banners advertising drinks and snacks that had stopped being produced when I was in diapers. About half the lights were broken, as were half the chairs. A few dusty tables were scattered about the floor, and down the hallways that radiated outwards from either side were the offices of the unluckiest TAs on campus, who tended to hold their office hours in cafes or at the library, anywhere besides here. I came for the privacy almost every day. I took the crumpled up slip out of my pocket and examined it while I packed my stuff up, ready to head home. Five hundred dollars, I said, grinning inwardly, here I come. It seemed almost too good to be true.

"Thank you so much for coming!" bubbled the lab assistant who greeted me at the door. "My name is Jessica, and you must be Matthew, right? You know," she mused with an adorable pout, showing off a small, silver lip ring, "no one else even applied! Anyways, are you ready for the experiment?" I nodded and she gestured towards a door in the lab. "Everything's set up right in there. Let's get started!" she said, rubbing her hands together in anticipatory glee. Bit of a strange girl, I thought to myself, but money's money. I wondered what I'd have to do as I followed her swaying behind through the door.

The room was brightly lit with white walls. It looked so sterile, almost like the rooms where they construct microchips. Only one wall wasn't white, but instead a mirror. Probably one-way glass, I reflected. Facing it was a large, comfortable black chair that had a metal box on the back. "Please, sit down," said Jessica. "I'll get you ready for the experiment." I obeyed and sat down in the chair. Jessica walked towards me and I let my eyes linger over her luscious body as she approached.

She was pleasantly zaftig, her curves filling out her clothes nicely. She was wearing a white lab coat that nearly reached the ground. It had a deep neckline, revealing nothing beneath I could see. I tried to stretch my neck a bit to stare down it, but I could only see a deep cleavage and the tops of her enormous, tanned breasts. They had to be at least DDs... As she bent down to fix some straps over my wrists, I was too entranced by her heaving chest just a few inches from my face to be worried about her actions. I was certain they would spill out into my waiting face if she had the slightest jostle. But all too soon, she stood back up, and I realized that my arms were restrained.

"What is this for?" I asked her.

She smiled. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy it. I just want to make sure you can't..." she paused, looking for the right word while I felt her eyes travel down from my face to the lap of my pants, already bulging from before, "I want to make sure you can't end the experiment too soon." She got down on her knees in front of me, giving me another eyeful of her delicious, massive chest and began to attach some monitors to my arms. She undid the buttons of my shirt and attached another one of my chest. Two more went onto my forehead, and another on the back of my neck.

Next her fingers danced down my stomach to the fly of my jeans and began to slowly unzip me. My eyes widened. "What sort of experiment is this?" I finally asked her.

She looked up at me with big, dark brown eyes, her fingers still deftly worked while she spoke. Her sleek, long, black hair flowed down her shoulders, and a stray bang covered her left eye. Her cheeks were full and a healthy pink. Her adorable lips framed a perfectly white smile. "I'm going to study your reaction to some videos," she explained as she reached into my boxers and pulled out my throbbing cock. I was speechless, but she just grinned and giggled at the sight of my hardness. "Oh my, you're easily excited, aren't you? Don't go off yet, big boy. You're just perfect, exactly what I need. Although...I can't start until you're soft." She absent-mindedly stroked my shaft up and down. "Do you think you can get it down on your own?" she asked.

I swallowed deeply. "No. I think I need some help," I pleaded, hoping I was right about where this was going.

"Well, if you insist," she breathed huskily. My hips bucked in anticipation slightly, my cock desperate for the friction of her hand against me. She reached into one of her labcoat pockets and removed a small tube. Lubrication? She squeezed some into her hand and wrapped it around my shaft.

Oh Jesus... "Don't worry, it's supposed to feel that cold," she methodically explained. "The temperature should induce some shrinkage, and once you're down to size, we can start the experiment." She smiled while she watched me squirm, my dick shriveling from the cold. She put a hand over her mouth and stifled her laughter. "Ohhh, it's so cute when it's that small!" I blushed and gritted my teeth, turned my head to avoid her eye contact. Oh you just wait, I fumed, as soon as I'm out of this chair, I'll show you how big it gets!

I looked down at my wilted penis while Jessica affixed some wired bands to it, smiling pleasantly. She stood up and checked the wires' connections to a small cabinet on the back of the chair.

"The computers will monitor you from the control room, Matthew," said Jessica, walking over to me and getting down to her knees. "Just relax," she cooed, taking my flaccid cock into her warm mouth. "I'll handle everything." She closed her lips and began to softly suckle my dick as I felt it begin to grow instantly inside her. Her eyes closed in delight and she moaned softly. I leaned back in my chair, savoring the sensations.

She brought her lips to the very tip of my cock and began to gently kiss the large, swollen head and the top of my shaft, while her hand was stroking my shaft. She caressed her blushing cheeks with my manhood, gasping in ecstasy. She cupped my balls in one hand, massaging them delicately, while she returned my shaft to her lips. Her tongue swirled around me, she bobbed her head up and down, she sucked and licked my long, thick cock.

Suddenly Jessica released me from her mouth and began slowly sliding her hand up and down the length of my shaft. "Sorry Matthew," she apologized, "but if you finish too soon. I won't get the data I need. Do you think you can last much longer?"

I shook my head back and forth. "God no," I confessed. I had been a few seconds away when she had cruelly stopped. I was worried I was going to burst in her hands onto her face while she spoke. I was so close I could feel it.

She tsked playfully. "What am I going to do with you?" she asked. She unbuttoned her labcoat and pushed it open. I had been right before: she was topless under it. Her enormous breasts brazenly jutted outward. She leaned forward, resting her massive chest on my lap, while she positioned by cock inside her cleavage. "Well, this ought to keep you hard without seeing you off," she thought aloud. God, what sort of tease was this girl? Such torture! Her breasts were so soft, so warm. I wanted to bury myself in her cleavage. Her cocoa brown nipples were pebble hard, and while she waited, she slowly swirled one finger around her nipples while she bit her lower lip, staring into my hungry eyes the entire time.

"You poor thing," she monologue. "You're really earning that money, aren't you? This must be such torture for you. I bet you're just begging to orgasm. I bet the thought of waiting even a minute longer is just unbearable..." She began to press her tits together, massaging my cock between them. "Oh! The look on your face...I almost set you off then, didn't I?" She giggled at my predicament. "Boys are just so cute. I love playing with a hard cock. The way it pulsates, mmmm... I could just sit here with your cock between my tits all day." She leaned her head down and lightly kissed the tip of my shaft; once, twice, covering it with loving affection.

"Well, that should be enough data. Are you ready to finish, Matthew?" she asked.

I weakly nodded. Oh god yes! Jessica got down onto her knees and looked deeply into my eyes before beginning anew. She impaled herself upon my painfully hard cock, fucking me with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. Her eyes never broke away from mine. Her loud slurps seemed to echo across the room. Her cheeks sunk in and filled out in succession as she sucked the shaft. I felt myself cross the point of no return and felt a combination of excitement, relief, embarrassment, and fear. I dug my fingernails into her shoulders. I cried out loudly, wordlessly, an animalistic utterance. Powerful waves of pleasure coursed through my whole body as I orgasmed, emptying myself into her. Her eyes widened in surprise as the first spurt of cum gushed into her mouth, but she simply flared her nostrils and began sucking down my semen. She mmmmed as my cock pulsated inside her. Seven, eight, nine loads of cum burst forcefully out of me before the pressure began to ease. My jaw was slack. I breathed in and out with staccato breaths.

Jessica smiled and wiped her mouth, a pearly white drop still visible in the corner of her mouth. "Wow," she gasped, silent for a moment after that. "I didn't think you'd have that much in you." She checked her watch. "I think we got enough data. But you just lost a lot of fluid..." She reached into a pocket and pulled out a small needle. "Here, I'll give you an injection. It should give you a bit of energy after all that. Is that alright?" she asked.

I was exhausted. I wasn't sure I could stand up, let alone walk. "Ya, sure, I'll take it," I responded. She took out an alcohol wipe and cleaned a patch of my arm before sticking me with the shot. "Ouch."

Jessica buttoned her labcoat back up and undid my leather straps. I stood up, and the last thing I heard as I fell down unconscious was another one of her bemused giggles.

I opened my eyes, feeling rejuvenated. "What happened?" I asked. My neck stung a bit. I must have fallen on it wrong.

"You fell," said Jessica, setting down a glass of orange juice in front of me. "You must have had some sort of reaction to the shot. Here, drink up. It'll help." She sat down with her own glass and joined me at the table.

I gulped down half the glass and checked my watch. It was almost 6pm! I had been out for four hours! I jerked up hurriedly. "I have to go," I explained. "I'm supposed to be an art model at 6:15 over at the art studio." I almost ran out the door before remembering my money. "About the mon-" I began, but Jessica simply pulled five $100 bills out of the depths of her cleavage and handed them over.

"Thank you for your help, Matthew. I just know it was a huge help to science," she said, licking her lips. "By the way, you might want to put your dick back in your pants before you leave."

I looked down and realized I was hanging out of my still unzipped fly. I blushed bright red and fumbled with it, trying to get it away as soon as I could. "Sorry!" I mumbled on my way out. After I left, Jessica pulled out a small remote from her coat and smiled mischievously.

I got to the art studio a few minutes late and apologized profusely to the teacher before going to the dressing room to strip. Heck, after the pay from that experiment. I didn't really need the $20 I'd get as a model, but whatever. Couldn't hurt. I folded my clothed and set them aside on a chair and walked out into the brightly lit drawing room. About a dozen young men and women sat at their desks, pencils and papers ready. I strolled over to the raised stage and struck my pose, reciting Latin verb forms in my head to keep me busy for the next hour.

The susurrus of drawing filled the air, and I began to relax, but I felt a strange tingling. Oh no... I glanced down and noticed my dick gently bobbing with every heartbeat. I hadn't gotten an erection before while modeling. I was worried what the teacher and the artists would think... Would they kick me out for being a pervert? And worst of all my neck was still killing me. I tried to refocus on my Latin; habeo habere habui habitus, patior patiri passus sum; but it did nothing. The tingling was only getting worse. My engorged cock was growing rigid and rising up, jutting skyward, throbbing with my pulse. I bit my lip as I noticed some of the artists beginning to notice: guys averting their eyes, girls blushing and focusing their attention. God, I had never had an erection like this out of nowhere. I had posed before nude. Why was I suddenly so aroused by it? It was almost impossible to keep my hands still at my sides. The urge to relieve this pressure was unbearable. It just kept growing and growing. In just a minute, I had gone from flaccid to ready-to-burst.

Worst of all, it was getting worse. All drawing had ceased. My cock was a deep red, swollen with blood. I could feel the heat radiating off it. The teacher finally came over to me, blushing, her eyes staring down at the ground behind her glasses. "Matthew," she whispered, "maybe you should go to the restroom and, well, handle things before coming back?"

That sounded perfect. I opened my mouth to speak when my knees went wobbly. My eyes shot open as that familiar feeling coursed through my body, a path of electricity blazing its way from my spine to my loins. A tsunami crashing as it reached the climax of its path. Thick ivory jets spurted out of my aching cock. One hit the teacher's face, covering her cheek and glasses, an errant drop landing on her ruby red lips. Another coated her chest, before slowly dripping down into her cleavage. Yet another got into her hair. Both our jaws dropped. Everything was silence, except for the gonging of my heartbeat. "I...I...I have to go!" I stammered before fleeing the scene as fast as I could.

I didn't stop to reflect until I had left the building. What had happened back there? Why had I gotten so aroused so quickly? I heard a rustling in the bushes. "Is someone there?" I asked.

A familiar looking latina in a labcoat stepped out of the bushes and gave me a strong hug, pressing her heavy breasts firmly against my own chest. "Thank you so much, Matthew!" she squealed. The test went great!"

"Well I'm glad things are going well for you," I said dejectedly. "I just came on the art teacher in public. Oh god, they're going to tell everyone...I'll be a pariah... How does something like that even happen?!"

Jessica looked at me with a puzzled expression on her face. "What do you mean? I just told you the test worked, didn't I?" She held her finger up to her chin and stared into space. "Unless...I never told you what the test was... Oh ya, I didn't tell you because you passed out and ran off. Wham, bam, thank you ma'm, not even a goodbye, and after I, after I lost my oral innocence!"

"You strapped me down and blew me. And no one innocent is that talented," I retorted.

"Oh fine," she relented. "Still, I didn't have time to tell you that my test was..." she paused for dramatic effect before pulling a remote from her jacket. "Ta-da! With this, I can control a given man's erotic and penile states. I can make him erect, I can make him aroused, and I can make him orgasm or ejaculate," she boasted proudly.

"Is that what happened?!" I grabbed her by her coat and shook her. "Why would you do that? Why would you...ughhh..." I stopped. Jessica had turned the remote on, and I fell onto my knees as a powerful orgasm sapped the strength from me. A sticky warmth was spreading in my boxers, clinging to my hot flesh, dripping down my leg. Wow... I had never cum in my pants before... I was turned-on, but I wasn't sure whether it was from me or the remote. I looked up at Jessica. "What's the point of this?"

"Well, a lot of engineering firms would pay good money to take away the monopoly on ED cures that pharmaceuticals has right now, what with Viagra and all, but me personally?" She smirked and slowly turned the dial, forcing my cock to begin to rise in my moist pants. "I really enjoy the power. I control your cock completely. I could make it so you'd be unable to orgasm for hours, for days, of intense arousal. I could make you last all night and all day. Or I could make you cum yourself in front of every cute girl you smile at."

Why had I signed up for this? I certainly regretted it now. Jessica leaned into my face and continued. "I still need some more data, though, before we're done. Don't worry, it shouldn't be more than, say, a year or two? I need to make sure all the kinks are worked out." She strode away confidently, and all I could do was watch.

The next few days were torturous. I never knew when or where she would turn on her remote and turn me on with it. While hugging a close friend, I came inside my pants, soaking the front of her skirt. She screamed and slapped me, and I was sure she would never talk to me again. What on earth could I say? No, it's OK I busted a nut on you, I was being controlled by a mad scientist, really. I had never been so humiliated. Well, before I met Jessica, I had never been so humiliated.

While showering at the gym after a workout, I had an uncontrollable erection in front of some of my classmates. They noticed immediately, and I spent the entire week being teased mercilessly by most of them. The last friend, a guy I had known for over ten years, asked me out on a date.

Sometimes I would be hard for hours, and no amount of masturbation could make me orgasm until Jessica turned a dial far away in her office, no doubt giggling all the while. It was so frustrating. Can you imagine having your orgasms exist only at the whim of someone else? Can you imagine being so totally in their power that they could stop you from even getting yourself off? There was no way I could live a year or two like this.

I decided to break into Jessica's office and try to recover the remote. Late one night, I dressed in dark greens and grays and brought a small penlight with me. One of the windows was unlocked, so I tried to crawl in through it. On my way in, though, the window slipped and came down on my neck. I stifled a groan, pushed it back up, and fell onto the floor in pain. I had no time to be hurt, though. I stood up and continued on my way to her office.

I used a credit card to get inside her door and scanned the room with my penlight. It looked empty. The table was covered in mechanical parts. Jackpot, I thought. I set the light down and rummaged through the parts, but there was no remote. I picked up a small, golden chip and read the tiny white lettering on the side of it. "LV-426 Arousal Control Chip." Was this what she had put in me? Maybe if I got it to someone else, they could figure out how to deactivate it. I decided to hold onto it.

Suddenly I heard footsteps. Was Jessica still here? I grabbed my light and hid in the corner. I saw Jessica come out, wearing an overlarge red shirt with a single breast pocket. Her little black triangle of pubic hair was visible beneath the edge of the shirt, and her hard nipples were poking through the thin fabric. The pocket bulged noticeably. Was it the remote? As I watched, she sat down at her computer and turned it on as she began to fiddle with the remote. I snuck up on her, hoping to snatch the remote from her before she could react.

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