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Jim's New Camera


My name is Sue, I have never written a story like this before but here goes. I recently bought a new digital camera for my husband Jim. He immediately began taking nature, family, etc. pictures but soon began concentrating on pictures of me. He spent about a week taking shots of me around the house, the yard and where ever we visited. It wasn't long before his interest shifted to a new direction he began taking more revealing pictures. It started with a surprise shot of me in the bath tub followed by one of me getting out of the shower. Before long Jim was getting me to pose for him, naked on the couch, our bed, even the kitchen. It seemed that the more pictures we took the more we would want to go a little further before long I was posing for him outdoors as well. This started in the back yard and soon spread to other areas as well.

One evening we went to the beach and Jim took a picture of me walking towards him, naked, with the sun setting behind me. When I saw the picture I couldn't believe how good it looked, with the silhouette you couldn't know for sure that I was naked but the setting sun highlighted every curve of my body. I became my favorite picture and found out later that Jim's buddy Carl agreed. I couldn't believe that my husband had shown a naked picture of me to his friend eventually he admitted that he had shown all of my pictures. I was furious at first but realized that the more I thought about it the hotter I got.

We live in a middle class neighborhood with a good sized back yard fenced in on three sides and a tall hedge on the other. At first I would walk around the yard dressed only in my string bikini which I purchased for a holiday that we took but was always afraid to wear it at home. Our yard was surrounded by two story houses and although the fence offered privacy anyone in a second floor window would have a clear view of my exhibit. The hedge separated our yard from Mr, & Mrs. Clark's yard they were an older couple in their late fifties. Mr. Clark had always been very pleasant but for some reason seemed to be spending a lot more time in his back yard recently. Although the hedges were quite tall they did offer many peep holes for a neighbor to view the activities in my yard.

My bikini didn't offer much protection but I soon realized that as small as it was it was still covering too much. The next day I went out topless walking around the yard and as I got comfortable with this I shed the bottoms as well flashing my nakedness around the yard and dying to touch my soaking wet pussy. The reclining chair was over near the hedge and I swayed my way over to it and laid down on my back with my knees slightly spread.

You know how you get the feeling that you are being watched? I scanned the nearby houses but couldn't see any one that is when I heard a slight rustling sound from the hedge. I couldn't see him at first but I knew that Mr. Clark was watching me. I was going to cover up but then though that if Jim can show me off why can't I? I just laid there for a few minutes then began gently rubbing my hands over my naked body. As my fingers moved over then into my cunt I heard a moan from the other side of the hedge then Mr. Clark moved into sight, he had his cock in his hand and was stroking it as he watched me satisfy myself. It wasn't long before his white cum spurt from his impressively large cock I swear I think I felt a few drops hit my side as he erupted into the hedge. He left without saying anything.

I also went inside soon afterwards. I sat quietly reflecting the events of the day and realized that I absolutely loved showing my naked body to other people, especially strangers. That evening I told Jim about my day time adventure, he was upset about me exposing myself to another man but fucked me like never before that night.

This was my first attempt your comments are welcome.

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by Anonymous

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by FLrider03/01/18

A fantasy

Great story, and wonderful beginning to exhibitionism. The series of events you laid out is a fantasy I truly wish my wife would follow.

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