tagIncest/TabooJoe's Niece Ch. 04

Joe's Niece Ch. 04


Monday, Patty's school year started and I hoped we would slowly settle down to a more normal lifestyle. As I lay tanning by the pool after lunch, Lin approached with a phone in hand, "Your sister's on the phone Master."

"Annie darling, how's my favorite sister. I've been thinking about you an awful lot the last two days."

"Was that before or after you deflowered my poor, once virgin daughter, dear brother," she demanded, however in a voice that was more amused than angry.

"I can't imagine how you ever kept that girl a virgin, Annie. She's the hottest little minx to hit south Florida in ten years. She claims you insisted she save herself for her uncle. Did you talk to her today, was she okay with everything?"

"She sang your praise's, Joey, to both her sister and I half the night. According to her you are almost God like, your kindness unmatched, your sexual organ indefatigable as it plunges deep into her essence. Poor Gail, she was ready to jump on a plane in a mad rush to sample the pleasures your body could bring. I had to tie her to a chair to prevent her leaving."

"And you? You weren't tempted yourself? Wouldn't you like to have been riding me too?"

"Oh Joey, you know how I feel. I dream of your penis in me every night. Oh, by the way, what did you tell Patty about us, she was asking all sorts of very pointed questions on the phone? She also has Gail grilling me; they're convinced we were lovers when we were young."

"We were!" I then explained how Patty had come upon me when I was fondling my cock while I yelled her Mom's name as I slept.

"You've got your little slut Lin and my beautiful naked daughter around you and you're dreaming of me?"

"You always were and you always will be number one Annie. Why don't you and Gail get on a plane and come for a visit?"

"Gail just started high school this week and really wants to make sure she gets a good scholarship for next year. She's already started work on her University applications. UCLA, Duke and Harvard are at the top of her wish list."

"What about Miami? We've got a great medical school down here. Tell Gail to consider us. Oh, here's your little daughter Patty now. How was your first day at school sweetie? I've got your Mom on the line, say hello to her."

"Hi Uncle Joe, hi Mom," the little nymph trilled, as she walked naked towards me and lowered her butt onto my stomach. "Mom, Uncle Joe is lying naked by the pool and I just lowered my little tush over his sleeping penis. Oops, I think I feel a bit of life down there unc, yes, there definitely is something stirring. Yes Mom, he's now standing almost straight up, just rubbing gently against my belly."

"Patty, leave your poor Uncle alone. How was your first day anyway, honey?"

"Ma, I'm going to have to put you on the speaker phone now, I'm going to need both my hands for a while," Patty continued, giggling happily.

"Patty, Joe, are you there?" Annie demanded after thirty seconds of silence.

"Sorry Sis, your poorly brought up daughter was trying to swallow my tongue," I gasped.

"Mom, I've got your brothers fat cock in my left hand, his smooth balls in my right. I shaved him last night, you know. Uncle Joe is now completely hairless down there. Ooooh God, yes unc, yes keep doing that, please. Oh Mom, my nipples are so sensitive when Joe rolls them around in his mouth. Aaaahhhhh, yes, yes. Talk to Mom, Uncle Joe, my mouths going to be filled soon," she moaned as she slowly lowered her lips over my straining organ.

"Oh Patty, gently sweetie, gently," I groaned as she took me deep with one hungry swallow. "Annie, your lovely daughter certainly inherited some skills from her mother, she's the best little cocksucker this side of Tacoma. She takes me down just like her Mom used to."

"I heard that," Patty mumbled, as she spat me out to talk. "You two did fuck when you were kids; Mom I'm going to get all the details the next time I see you."

"You two are terrible," Annie complained. "I'm going to hang up on you; I don't want to hear any more."

"Oooh yes, more; Joe just put it in me Mom; it's so big, so fat, so long, oh, I love the feel of it. Do you remember what it feels like Mom when Unc drives deeply into, oooooohhhh, you? When he slowly pulls it out before he rams it, oooohhhh fuck unc, back in again even deeper? My cunts soaking Mom, so, so wet. Are you hot Mom, are you getting wet? Do you remember Unc biting your nipple and fondling your burning clit as he continued stroking? Ah shit, fuck me, please, oh yes, uuuuuuuhh, uuuuuhhh, uuuuuuuuhh. Oh ma, I love cock, Christ you never told me how good it feels, how it drives you fucking crazy as it moves inside you. Yessssss Uncle, fuck me, oh please fuck your little niece hard, harder. Aaaaahhh yes, fill me with your hot seed, I love the feel of your pulsing cream in my pussy. Let me clean him, unc, let me swallow every last drop, God it tastes so good. Mom, are you still there?"

"Yesssss, I am," Annie answered panting, clearly short of breath.

"You weren't touching yourself, were you Mom?"

"Shut up, my darling daughter."

"We've got to go now Mom. Something has just came up again," Patty said giggling, "I think next time I'm going to set up a video cam so you and Gail can watch live, I think you'll like it. Bye for now," she finished, and hung up the phone as we heard her mother's plaintive cry of 'Patttty'.

It was strange for me having a woman living with me full time; over the last ten years I had slept with hundreds of females and had loved the constant change, never attracted to the idea of settling down with one woman. And yet, as the weeks passed, I found myself making love only to Patty and Lin, my desire for others almost zero. It was exhilarating to be in love again!

At school, Patty had told her new friends and classmates that she was living with a second cousin of her mothers who had offered her free rent. She had made me out to be harmless enough, an 'old guy who's rich and chases young girls'. She brought a couple of her new girlfriends over to the house one Sunday night for dinner and my new, near monogamy was shattered when I met Bev. Just a little larger than Lin, (about 5'1" tall, 105 pounds), this little sweetie had frizzy, blond hair (cut short, almost punk), a tight little ass and perfect cone like breasts, and she presented this delightful body proudly, dressed in tight shorts and tank top.

She knew immediately that I liked her, wanted her, and we all had a fun dinner together. It was enjoyable to again hear the conversation and excitement of students around the dinner table. Living single you sometimes forget the liveliness and interest of the young, their passion for life. Bev was a sculptor/modeler, 21, and in her third year at the Art Institute, and suggested as she left that she'd like to have me model for her sometime. Later as I lay in bed with Patty, my shaft rhythmically moving deep in her pussy, she asked if I'd like to fuck her little friend.

"Patty sweetie, I've got all I want or need in my bed right now."

"She's bisexual Unc, but I think she liked you. I'm going to bring her over for a swim later in the week."

"She's bisexual? Does she want you Patty? Do you want her?"

"Oh yeah, Uncle, she definitely wants me. I think she also liked little Lin, they're both about the same size. I may sleep with her, but its cock I like Uncle, big, fat cock just like the one you've got in me right now," she finished, laughing dirtily.

Wednesday afternoon, as I lay tanning naked by the pool, a cooling drink in my hand, Patty and Bev arrived, chatting happily together. Finally noticing me, Patty said, "Oh hi Uncle Joe, Bev and I just came over for a swim, it's just sooo hot out. I hope we're not disturbing you. Don't worry, I told Bev that you're a bit of a nudist, she's cool with it, she goes to the nude beach herself all the time. I'm surprised you never met her there."

"Hello sir," Bev called, as the two coeds quickly stripped, pranced by me, and jumped into the cool water. Bev naked was even more enticing than I had remembered, her shaven mount drawing my eyes as she had ran past. She had one of those pussies that seemed to explode outwards, her hooded clit obvious, and her fat nether lips distended and flowering thickly, her inner pinkness already exposed to any viewer. As the girls frolicked in the shallow end, I moved and sat on the edge at the other end of the pool, my legs dangling in the refreshing water, my semi erect penis dangling down, just inches from the surface, jostled every once in a while by the waves the girls were making with their play.

Swimming over, Bev moved between my outstretched legs and placing her arms on my thighs to support herself, her mouth and eyes tantalizingly close to my now eager penis, she said, looking directly at my cock, "Now that's something I'd like to reproduce in art class. I'm definitely going to need you to sit for me Sir. I'll bet he has a lot of stories he could tell," she finished, giggling.

"Oh he's getting fairly old now Bev, I think he's almost ready to retire," I said laughing, my now full, pulsing erection belying my words, then added, "And what does a sweet little art student like these days?"

"Would you really like to know?" she asked mischievously, "I don't want to shock one of the older generation." Seeing my smile she continued, even as she steadied herself in the water by grabbing my prick firmly, "Well, I like fucking girls and I like having older men spank and fuck me. In fact sir, I'd like to make a copy of this beautiful penis and fuck Patty with it while you rammed yours into me. Would you like that sir?" she asked while lowering her lips over its purple head.

"You know Bev, I just might. In fact, if you keep sucking like that I might just reward you with a hard spanking and maybe even a good fucking."

As her body bobbed up and down in the water, she watched me, staring directly into my eyes as her little mouth somehow managed to swallow my long pole time and again. Patty swan over and joined us, caressing Bev's tits as the little girl gulped me down. As I exploded my seed into her I could see that Patty had a finger in Bev's cunt, a finger which soon produced loud gasps from the young girl. Standing, I lifted Bev easily from the water and carried her to the beach chair, where I sat her on my lap, over my still erect manhood.

"Spank me sir, please spank me," she pled, turning over on my lap and presenting her firm buttocks to me. As I tentatively swatted her she protested, "Hard sir, harder, make my bottom red." As she talked she ground herself against my hardness, my excitement clear evidence of how erotic I found her demands. Within minutes I had her groaning, each blow of my hand bringing a yelp from her now tight lips. Finally as she looked almost ready to protest my beating, I lifted her and dropped her onto my shaft, her dripping pussy welcoming me entirely. After a few hard, deep thrusts, I turned her again, putting her on all fours and then commenced properly fucking her, each piston like movement followed by a sharp slap to one of her now crimson cheeks.

As we both came in unison, our deep grunts echoing across the bay, Patty finally said, "You two are fucking wild. Jesus, I can't believe you guys. Uncle, you are definitely dangerous."

"C'mere Patty, come and clean off your Uncle," I panted, offering up my still dripping prick. "I think Bev might like you to lick her off too, my sweet niece," I added, and watched as Patty's tongue flicked from my prick to Bev's sodden, distended pussy. Later, as the three of us lay together on the lounger I asked Bev about her desire to be spanked.

"My daddy spanked me," she started shyly; "He used to spank me when I was a senior in high school. About once a week he'd spank me, he'd always find some excuse to take me over his knee. My Mom was dead by then and it was just the two of us living together."

"Did he abuse you sexually?" Patty asked nervously.

"No, he never did that. But I knew it excited him. I could feel his hardness as he spanked me and I always got excited when he had me naked over his lap. I loved the feel of him on my skin, his hands so close to my pussy. He must have known I got excited but he never took it any further. He just wasn't ready to have sex with his daughter. I often went to my room and masturbated until I came. I think he did the same. I've was tempted to fuck him when I went home from school the last couple of times but I didn't have the guts. He still spanks me though," she finished, smiling.

"But you're 21! Why put up with it?" Patty protested.

"I like it," the youngster admitted readily, "Sex and a spanking are wired into me now. I loved it when your Uncle hit me. And God, when he fucked me, my ass still throbbing, oh Christ, it was fucking heaven. I know I'm going to fuck Daddy the next time I'm home. He's going to have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I guarantee you."

A couple of days later Bev returned with various art equipment and molds, and proceeded to get a couple of good impressions of my erect prick. She left happily, her bum scarlet, and her sexual itch entirely satisfied. I loved the little one but knew we were both using each other for our various needs. It was obvious that Bev would have to figure out just where her Dad was going to fit in her sexual future. I knew that the two of them would probably end up together, her desire for him was apparent to all. I looked forward to the tale she'd have to tell after returning from her Thanksgiving trip home.

Twenty days later Patty and Bev arrived home carrying a couple of large bags. As they rushed upstairs to Patty's room, they called to me that they'd have a surprise for me at dinner time. When the two little sluts came to the dinner table, where I was already seated, they were naked, and each had a large realistic looking penis poking out from their groins. Laughing and giggling, they pranced around the table, shaking their artificial pricks at me as they went. Lin, when she came in carrying the meal, was astounded at the sight, but soon recovered and joined the girls in their erotic dance. "You girls have pricks like the Master's," she exclaimed. "Do you want to fuck little Lin?" she enquired coyly.

Finally the two stopped their dance, and approached me, one standing on each side of me, their penises quivering in the air. "I got to admit Bev, they are very lifelike. You may have a future in dildo manufacturing if your art work doesn't pay. Are they really exact copies of mine?" I inquired as I touched Patty's to try and figure what material it was made of. The plastic/rubber compound was perfectly flesh colored, with the engorged tip a darker red and large blue veins running up the shaft. Lowering my pants and pulling out my penis, I compared the fake with the original and was astounded at the match.

"Exactly the same Sir. Do you like them? It took a lot of work to find the perfect material, something hard and smooth, yet just the right amount of give in it so that as you run your hand over it, it almost feels as if there's a layer of skin on him. I had to fuck your niece 10 or 15 times with different models until we found the perfect one. It's also got a little pussy tickler on the back to give the wearer some fun," she finished smiling broadly. As she proceeded to pull it down and off, I could see that the 'little tickler' was really a fat, six inch, ribbed cock, a cock that certainly would deliver some satisfaction as the wearer pumped away.

"Do I get a percentage of the sales?" I joked, "I don't want every girl in Ft. Lauderdale getting off on me for free."

"There's only a limited supply Sir, all under Patty's and my control, and for your information your official measurements are as follows: Length – 8.38"; Circumference – 5.4" (measured in middle of shaft); Diameter – 1.64"; and Volume – 17.6 cubic inches." Patty and Bev then dumped the contents of the two bags they had been carrying onto the dinner table, fifteen or so copies of my cock, in different colors, configurations and materials.

"Jesus H Christ", I muttered, stunned by the sight before me.

Handing me a solid brass copy, engraved with my name, Patty told me it was for me and that I could mount it on my desk or use it as a paperweight. Picking up two others, flesh colored, she told me she was fed-exing them that night to her Mom and sister. "Gails got to have a little practice before she gets here for Thanksgiving and I know Mom will love hers," she laughed. "These are yours Lin," she said, offering the young slave a strap-on and a stand alone model. "You can sleep with your Master even when he's not there."

"Oh, thank you Mistress Patty, Mistress Beverly. You two girls are so smart and so kind to your little slave. I want you both to fuck me with your nice cocks," she said as she approached the two girls and gave each a deep kiss. "What's that one Mistress," she squealed, pointing to a weird looking transparent item.

"Lie on the table Lin and I'll show you," gushed Bev, clearly eager to take the Asian beauty. It was a tripled-headed clear plastic monster, each head a perfect clone of my big prick. As Bev pulled the strap-on slowly up her legs, I watched open mouthed, amazed as she pushed one of the heads deep into her wet center. As she stood, already impaled, she approached Lin, whose rear end rested on the edge of the table, and slowly positioned the two cleverly placed heads at Lin's two portals. Grabbing Lin by the rear cheeks, she pulled her relentlessly towards her, the two fat shafts quickly disappearing into Lin. One final hard thrust buried the penises as Lin shrieked in both pain and pleasure.

"Yes Mistress, oh yesss, oh God, yes," she screamed, as Bev smashed time and again into the now eager Lin. Watching and suddenly bone hard, I pulled Patty's lips to my shaft and moved my pulsing cock between her lips, pumping in time with Bev's thrusts. Bev, Lin and I all came at the same time, our sexual juices flowing out copiously, mine swallowed hungerly by Patty. As Lin and Bev lay exhausted in each others arms on the floor, the three shafts still embedded in them, I stood and lifted my dear niece, carrying her excitedly to my bed.

"Its time I took your lovely ass," I told her. "How would you like to feel your favorite Uncle's big cock up your tight rear end, honey?"

"I've been waiting for you Unc. I wondered why you didn't bum fuck me before. I thought maybe you didn't like it but when I asked Lin she told me you'd fill me sooner than later. I've been practicing with one of the clones," she added, smiling shyly.

"Did you like it when it was in your ass?"

"It hurt a bit. I couldn't get it all in. But I liked it too. I'm afraid Uncle Joey, but I want you to do it. Please."

"Maybe you should try it with a man with a smaller prick," I suggested, knowing full well I was going to have her virgin ass before the night was out.

"Do me Uncle. Do me now! Fuck little Patty's tight ass," she taunted nervously, knowing full well the pain she would soon feel.

Quickly lubricating both my prick and her asshole, I moved over her as she crouched on hands and knees in front of me. As soon as my cockhead moved the first inch into her I knew that even with her practice, I was going to hurt her, that the pain would far outweigh the pleasure this first time. The load moan that escaped her lips as I made a tentative thrust three or so inches deep was followed by groans and finally screams as I continued deeper and deeper. Her wailing cries brought both Bev and Lin running to the bedside, but they quickly realized that poor Patty would have to suffer this one alone.

"Noooooo, please Uncle Joe, stop! Stop, you're hurting me, I love you, don't hurt me, please," she wailed as I pounded. I loved my beautiful niece, and would always protect her from others, but my lust was unstoppable as I reamed her virgin ass. Insensitive to her cries of despair, I rutted deep in her like a wild animal, only slowly becoming conscious of her hurt as my seed flooded her insides. As she lay softly crying on the bed, the three of us tried to comfort her, slowly bringing her back from the pain and despair she had felt. I proceeded to fuck her hot pussy, slowly and deeply, trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. But even as her cries of delight filled the room I could still see the hurt at the back of her eyes.

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