tagGroup SexJohn Does Three with Lee

John Does Three with Lee


Regular readers will know I like to make the most of opportunities for extra-curricular sexual activity. I like to try someone new from time-to-time. About six months ago while on the web I met Lee from a city down south. She was eager to dump her live-in boyfriend and didn't want to wait to negotiate the bust-up before she got into the swing of having sex with new men. It seemed a perfect set-up for me. And at the time I was travelling fairly regularly to her city for work.

Lee is in her early 30s, a nice shapely size with some meat on her. She has B-cup tits with large nipples. Her cunt is big and fleshy and she keeps it waxed and smooth. Best of all she is as horny as hell and incredibly sexy, being eager to try all kinds of sex acts and many of them she wants repeatedly.

In fact, before we first met I learned she had been thinking about trying BDSM – she wanted to be tied up and she wanted to be spanked.

That first night together in my hotel room we quickly discovered how much she loves to be punished when it is delivered along with some sucking and fucking. In fact, 20 minutes after she came in the door Lee was on her knees in front of me, naked and playing with her cunt while I had hold of a big lump of her hair and was jamming my cock into her hungry mouth. All the while I was beating on her back and her arse with a heavy flogger. And she sure did cum!!!

Later in the night she was on all fours with me using a leather paddle on her arse and a vibrator in her back door.

But after a couple of visits Lee confessed the other thing she wanted to experience.

She'd met Rod, a guy more local to her. He's married but that apparently didn't stop them meeting up after work or on weekend afternoons for quick 'suck and fuck' sessions. Lee wanted a threesome with her two new lovers! She was hoping to use my hotel room the next time I was I town. She said that Rod had a very large cock and she wanted to take us both at once.

Lee is a wildcat in bed and I wanted to see her in action, with two men to take her on. I knew she would be more than equal to the challenge. So on my next overnight stay I her city I organised a single bedroom apartment for myself and we made some plans.

I knew Lee wanted another spanking as well – she wouldn't want to let a night with me go past without being 'punished', even a little. Rod was not really into that kind of stuff so Lee was hoping I'd still want to beat her arse if he was watching. I was more than willing. I was going to make sure that Rod and I gave her everything she wanted that night!

I'd gotten out of my day's meeting early so I'd freshened up and was sitting watching TV wearing only my pants when there was a knock at the door. Lee was there, nervous but extremely horny. I shook hands with Rod for the first time. He'd done a threesome before so he was pretty relaxed. He's about the same age as me and I quickly saw he was OK and not feeling like he had to prove anything to me. So all was set for a great night.

Lee went for a quick shower and Rod and I made some ground rules. I was happy to make some concessions to him – after all, he was more or less Lee's regular. I just wanted the night to go smoothly. Lee had a deep, hidden and growing desire to be taken and used by a group of men - turned into a sex object. Our role was to make it happen. The main point of agreement was that his would be the only cock in her arsehole that night.

Soon Lee was back and I decided to get things moving. I crossed the room and instructed her to drop the towel she'd wrapped around herself. She looked straight at Rod and then obeyed. It was the sexiest thing I'd seen in a long time. She was telling him that this night she would be under our control and at our mercy – confirming that she was ready and wanting to be taken and used.

By now I could see that Lee was in exactly the same state as the first time we'd met. Nervous and yet so very turned on at the same time. The merest touch on her skin made her jump and gasp. It looked like she didn't know whether to run or to jump right in. But I had my plan ready.

'Are you going to be our slut?'

A mumble in reply – yes!

'Are you ready to be punished for being a slut?'

A nod of her head and another mumble.

'I know you want to be a slut. You know you have to be treated like a slut.'

'Hmmmmm....' And then with a whisper, 'Please. I need it. I need you to be harsh with me.'

So I took Lee's hand and led her back across the room to the lounge chair. Rod was watching intently from a chair in the corner.

I sat in the middle and pulled Lee down after me so she was lying across my lap. She knew what to do and quickly got into position. She was ready to be spanked – a nice hard over-the-knees job. From where he sat Rod could see Lee's arse. But I wanted him to see everything so I pushed her legs wide apart.

I began to rub Lee's arse cheeks and she was almost whimpering.

'Are you going to behave for Rod?'

'Yes' came the muffled reply.

'And for me?'


'Well I have to make sure. I have to spank you first to make sure you will behave. Then Rod and I will know that you'll be good for us and do everything we want.'

'Oh god...please. Please.'

Lee was already desperate to do whatever we asked. But I was enjoying the lead up – the talking made her wait just a little longer.

I slipped one finger into her cunt. Naturally she was soaking wet.

'You little slut. Now I definitely have to spank you.' And with that I began to pound her arse.

I took my time, but there was no warm-up. The first blow was hard and they soon got even more forceful. I wanted to make sure she was marked. She wanted to show Rod how much she could take.

And Lee remembered all I'd taught her in our previous sessions. Each blow on her arse was counted out loud even while her face was buried in a cushion. I stole a glance at Rod. I could see that this wasn't his thing at all. But it was my thing – and Lee's thing. So I continued.

There was time, though, after the first half dozen to inspect Lee's cunt. Wet and hot – naturally. I took care to gently draw my moistened finger across her butt hole and she responded with a deep shiver.

The beating continued. I made her arse red as her cunt juices began to stream from her. All the time I kept talking to her – slut, dirty bitch. After twenty I took another handful of hair and yanked her head back.

'Are you sure you're ready to behave now?'

'Yes...oh yes, please.'

'You're going to behave for us? Do anything we ask?'

'Oh god!'

'Well I have to make sure. And when I am done beating your arse you'd better go over there and show Rod so he can believe you as well.'


Again my finger slid into her tunnel. I was enjoying this part of the night. She was at my mercy, already performing and accepting everything was wanted to do to her. My cock was rock hard. If Rod's wasn't then Lee would quickly take care of that.

The spanking went past thirty. Her cheeks were glowing hot. I pulled them apart to allow Rod a full view.

'Like that? Not bad, hey?'

'Oh yes. She has nice big holes that I love to put my cock into.'

And then I spoke again to Lee. 'So then you had better be ready little bitch.' And I resumed the spanking, this time striking hard enough to leave bruises. I knew Lee would only be getting more and more excited from being treated like this.

Thirty seven...thirty eight...thirty nine...forty!

At last I was ready to release her and let the proper fun begin. I pushed Lee off me and onto her feet.

'Now go over to Rod and show him how obedient you will be. Go and show him your arse so he can see you're ready to be a proper little slut tonight.'

Lee climbed off and headed straight over to Rod. Again she knew what to do. She turned facing away from him and spread her legs. Then she bent over. I knew he wasn't that interested in the state of her arse cheeks. But Lee was thrilled to be made to display herself. Without waiting for instruction she reached back and pulled her arse cheeks wide. Proudly Lee showed both the results of her beating and the aroused state of her cunt. She knew Rod would be staring straight at her, easily aroused by the show she was putting on.

Rod didn't need anything more. He quickly shoved a finger straight into her open, oozing hole. Lee moaned loudly and I could see her eyes rolling back. Luckily, one hand grabbed the coffee table in front to steady herself before she fell to the floor.

While Rod took his turn playing with Lee I stripped off my pants and I was ready for action. He took his lead from me and gently suggested to Lee that it was time we moved to the bedroom.

Along the way we both stole long, deep kisses from Lee. She responded hungrily. In fact she was so far gone by now that I'd suggest she was actually drooling over us.

I'd brought some rope and as Rod undressed I tied Lee on the bed. I had ordered her to bring a large vibrator with her that evening and now I fetched it from her bag.

What I also needed to do was set up the camera Rod had brought. They'd agreed to make a little video momento of the big night. I figured Rod didn't need to record my cock in action so getting the camera ready was my job.

Before I could return Rod had taken up position between her spread legs and was attacking her cunt with his mouth. Rod seemed as hungry as she did. I thought he was going to shove his whole head in there. Lee was making some very satisfying sounds. Obviously he'd learnt her little secrets and in less than a minute had her cumming hard and loud all over his face. It was the first time she'd ever cum with an audience and I'm sure that helped to make it even more intense.

Rod looked rather pleased with himself so I decided to keep him in the action. 'She might need a cock in her mouth,' I suggested. He moved like lightning up the bed and took position next to her, taking Lee's head in both hands to hold her in the right position. I got a good look at his cock – it looked over eight inches but maybe not much thicker than mine.

Lee could see it too and her eyes lit up. She was into her groove, her little headspace that she gets into when the sex action is really making her frenzied. And right at that moment what Lee wanted was man meat. She opened wide and Rod quickly thrust himself into her. Lee barely had time to adjust before he started began pumping in and out. He soon went deeper and the gurgling sounds Lee started making had nothing to do with discomfort.

Lee was totally into the action by now and I knew she would let us do whatever we wanted with her. She had confided in me with her fantasy of being a total fuck toy, of being out of control and taken and used. The next phase of my plan was all about making her wish come true.

While Rod made the most of Lee's talented mouth I grabbed the vibrator. It was a large one – Lee had chosen well. It would stretch her more than even Rod's cock. I turned it onto a low setting and took up position at her fuck hole.

With her legs tied wide apart I could easily take my own turn on her cunt. Rod had shoved his tongue in deep. I preferred to flick across the clit. Lee bucked her hips up at me. But I only wanted to tease her. I knew she was giving herself up totally to we two males. The next part would be a special treat for her and for me.

I watched Rod plunging his length in and out of Lee's face and I wanted to double the action. The toy cock was placed against her opening. With one slow shove I forced the vibe past her cunt lips, through her hole and into her tunnel. I heard the sounds of her surprise and delight as the thick object was driven into her. I saw her back arch to ease the way for the intruder. But Lee's lips never stopped working on Rod's cock as his balls swung near her chin.

I quickly set the camera operating, bringing it in for a nice tight shot of Lee's lovely splayed cunt jammed full of plastic cock. She'd wanted to be a slut and a toy, I wanted to record all the best bits. Lee was willingly being debased debased but the entire episode would not be caped off until she had a chance to watch herself in action later on.

With the camera set it was time to fuck Lee with the vibrator. Lee's cunt was so wet there was no problem. I nearly bottomed out with that first thrust. She liked it rough I already knew, so I went right ahead and rammed it into her. I gave her the full length like I would with my own cock. Every now and again I twisted it around to give her a new sensation.

And it was quite a sight too! Lee was showing no signs of discomfort – quite the opposite. Her cunt lips spread easily for the monster. I'd already seen the way her cunt expands when she is really turned on. Shoving that thing in and out and watching her cunt stretch around its size was amazing.

I wasn't really surprised at how wild Le was getting. She was loving the chance to live out her once secret desires.

So I kept the toy working in her tunnel while Rod ploughed her face. Rod's a kind of 'meat and potatoes' guy when it comes to sex. He certainly knew how to keep Lee occupied – and satisfied. My role that night was to supply the extra kink factor that would excite and push Lee. But after a time I grew tired of just jamming her cunt with a rubber shaft. I wanted my turn in her mouth. I could have used her cunt, of course. But something told me it wasn't time just yet to abandon the vibe. Plus, I sensed that Lee could go lower yet into being a slutty whore.

I moved up the bed and untied Lee's wrists so I could have easier access to her. Rod knew what I wanted and he released her head at last. But Lee didn't wait for me or my cock. Instead, hungry for more action in her cunt Lee immediately moved one free hand between her legs and took a firm hold of the vibe. She was desperate for more!

As I turned her head towards me and positioned my cock against her lips I watched Lee take up with the vibrator, thrusting it hard into her hole. The camera was catching every bit of this action and Lee made quite a sight as she began to ream herself. She was more vigorous than I had dared. The only thing on her mind was her need for a good, hard fucking.

The sounds of her desperate desire to cum all over that toy were easily captured by the camera. She kept right on panting and moaning while Rod and I took turns with her mouth. Soon she'd taken a new hold on the vibe. I couldn't decide if it was a show for our benefit or her own needs that she was trying to satisfy. I just watched in awe as she began to ram the toy into her hole even faster.

She came once...then twice – loudly as always! She held her mouth open for us. I had no doubt the twin cock action in her mouth gave an extra edge to her two beautiful orgasms. Meanwhile her drool ran down over her face and dripped from our rock hard cocks.

Finally I looked at Rod and could see he was ready for a spell just like me. We both wanted to hold off cumming till later in the night. And we wanted to make sure Lee's cunt would still be ready for us. So carefully we slowed her hand and retrieved the vibe from her steaming hole.

While I disposed of the toy and shifted the camera, Lee and Rod took up a little cuddling. She was still panting from her exertions. That and the fact Rod had started pulling on her nipples.

I took the opportunity to inspect her arse cheeks. They were still red and raw. She was going to have a few marks the next day. Lee would be rather pleased with that, especially since this time she had no need to hide them from her now very 'ex' boyfriend.

It didn't last long though. Lee wanted more. She started to beg.

'Please. Someone fuck me. Please fuck my cunt.'

Again I was happy to let Rod take the lead here. I knew I was getting my fun anyway.

'Yes, yes,' she hissed as Rod climbed between her legs. I don't think it mattered which cock she got at that stage. But I had other things to attend to.

Rod took only one thrust to bury himself to the hilt. Lee gasped at the renewed invasion but it was definitely a noise of pleasure. 'Oh...oh...' was the only other sound to come out of her as Rod took to shoving his considerable length in and out of Lee's sloppy hole.

I took a turn helping myself to torturing her nipples. The cock in her cunt meant the pain was sure to thrill her. So I gave her some extra punishment as I pulled and then bit her long, pink nipples.

But after a few minutes of listening to Rod work her cunt I knew I wanted some of that action too. I took up position next to him and Rod again took my cue. As quick as we could we swapped our cocks in Lee's hole. I slipped my hands under her arse cheeks to improve the angle and Lee responded with a deep groan.

Back and forth we went, changing cocks, changing speed, rolling Lee onto her side and still pulling at her tits. She came once for each of us – a very satisfying result for Lee and for us.

So it was time to change the action and to give Lee's cunt a spell. We wanted to fill the video with as much action as we could. Lee had two cocks to serve and I was going to make sure she got every chance to do it right!

I looked over at Rod, still in her cunt. 'Lets feed her our cocks again,' I suggested. 'The camera's all set for her to put on a show.'

He pulled out of Lee and together we took hold of her arms. She was actually whimpering slightly at the sudden emptiness in her cunt. But when she heard my instructions she eagerly moved to obey.

'Get on the floor my little slut,' I instructed her. We dragged her to the middle of the room in front of the camera. 'On your knees. You're going to be a proper little cock slut now,' I said.

'Oh...oh my god,' she whispered with a tremble. 'Oh fuck'.

I made sure Lee was facing the camera. Rod knew where he needed to stand. This was going to be a scene from our own private porn movie. Lee was ready – thrilled and eager to be our little star. The two cocks bobbed in front of her face. But she waited patiently, obediently.

With the video camera operating I decided this time I would go first. I took a handful of her hair and pulled Lee straight onto my cock. She tried to gasp her surprise but quickly was forced to adjust as I used her mouth to cover my length.

I was rough. I knew she would respond well. With a firm grip on her hair I was able to yank her back and forth along my cock. It wasn't a face fuck – more like I was masturbating but with her mouth instead of my hand. Lee was more than equal to the challenge, displaying some of her best cocksucking skills as she moaned and drooled around my shaft. My pulling on her hair made her head jerk and her body sway. And that, in turn, made her tits bounce in front of the camera. The sight made my cock get even harder.

And this was a threeway effort. So after a couple of minutes I yanked her head right back off my cock. In a single move I turned Lee and shoved her face down over Rod's pole. Lee went right along with me. The gorgeous slut gladly devoured the twin serving of cock meat presented to her.

Rod took her head in his hands, adjusting the angle and enjoying her take him inch after inch. I knew he'd already have used her mouth that day, on the way to the hotel. So for now he was happy to take his time, savouring Lee's mouth. She was savouring it all herself, her eyes wide open as she looked up at Rod. She kept eye contact with him the whole time. Lee wanted him to know how excited she was to be used like this and shared with another man.

While Rod worked on Lee I took her left hand and pulled it up to my balls. She didn't find the co-ordination easy – not surprisingly. But I wanted as much action as possible and I wanted her to have the experience of being forced to serve us in every way. I knew that later when Lee watched the tape she'd be proud to see exactly how much she'd given to us.

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