tagBDSMJoin the Party Ch. 02

Join the Party Ch. 02


With that soft voice echoing in her ear, Rachel knew that something awful was going to happen. Moreover, she knew that she deserved it-this was to be punishment. But she couldn't just let it happen, she had to fight. She began to struggle again, swinging her upper body in the hope of loosening the ropes binding her to the bed. The voice came again, and Rachel could hear a note of cruel amusement in it:

'That won't help; the boys have a lot of practice at this. I don't think they'll let you go too easily.'

To Rachel's horror, she felt the woman's hands slide down over her breasts. They were large for her petite frame, tipped with rosy-pink and exquisitely sensitive. In private, Rachel loved to slide her own hands over them, cupping their weight, pinching the tips delicately until they stood proud and pert. But this woman's touch wasn't gentle. She pinched viciously at the soft unprotected flesh of Rachel's breasts, tweaking her nipples cruelly, scratching and tugging them. Rachel, desperate to escape the claw-like grip of these fingers, held her body rigid, trying to push down into the bed, but to no avail.

She sobbed helplessly, her breath catching in her throat. Again and again, she felt the steel-like grip of her captor's fingers on her tender breasts, pinching and tormenting her. And then something happened: an ache started deep inside her, unravelling within her, coiling up from her pelvis. In horror, she knew that this was the beginnings of desire. She realised that the pain had become semi-pleasurable, that her abused breasts were aching, not only from pain, but also from the sensations triggered within them. 'This can't be happening to me' she repeated over and over to herself, denying the truth of her situation. She was being assaulted, and she was starting to want the assault. Then, suddenly, she felt other hands on her. These were at her thighs, pulling her legs apart further. The woman's hands slid down her stomach and her stiff fingers dipped in between the velvet fleshy lips.

'Fucking whore is wet!' the voice exclaimed.

The fingers probed deeper into her, first one, then another. She could feel the unseen hands spreading her thighs wider, and knew, shamefully, that they were watching her being violated. How many of them were there? She had heard no other voices, only deep breathing, and the occasional exclamation of pleasure.

Then the fingers stopped. With one last tug of her soft public hair, the woman's hands withdrew.

Rachel felt the bed dip, and sensed that someone had climbed into position between her legs.

'Hold her open,' a deep, male voice now, almost accentless. More hands at her thighs: that meant three of them at least, she thought wildly, and she felt his cock head against her. She tried to cry out, but the ballgag meant that she could only whimper in despair.

He surprised her by his gentleness, pushing his cock slowly inside her. She had thought that he would ravage her viciously, ram it into her and split her apart, but he slid in smoothly and steadily. He was inside her, filling her cunt. She began to think that she could survive this, but then she felt the bright pain of the lash. It arced across her breasts, leaving the undersides flaming and raw. With every thrust inside her, the lash came down again. Sometimes falling across her breasts, sometimes across her stomach, and once, agonisingly, directly onto her nipple, singing in pain. She was whipped a full dozen times before the thrusting stopped. Her tears flowed, her body burned with pain and humiliation. But she was still wet. In the midst of this, her body had betrayed her and she wondered if her tears were because of the emptiness inside her now that the cock had been withdrawn.

The woman's voice came again. 'I'm going to remove the gag,' she said. 'There's no point in screaming, no-one will hear you, and if I don't like what comes out of your mouth then I'll whip you again.' Rachel nodded: she was struggling for breath against the now damp cloth.

She felt hands go behind her head, entwining in her hair, pulling on the cloth. No sooner than it had been removed then a cock was shoved inside her mouth. She despaired; so this was why they had wanted her mouth free. She felt her lips spread widely as the bulbous cock head slid into her. It had a salty, stale, taste, and the strong smell of body odour hit her nostrils. She gagged: she wasn't used to this, and tried to move away. A stinging slap across her cheek put paid to that, and she felt his hands clasp around her head to force her mouth onto his cock. Her head was moved up and down about half his meaty shaft, and she could feel him fucking his cock into her, forcing it in deeper than she had ever permitted a man before. Thinking of the other boys she had known, their pleasure in her body, she again felt the curl of desire unwind. She knew that she had to perform well; she knew she was in danger and this was her only hope. If she could please them, please them all, no matter what they wanted to do to her, then maybe she would be safe.

Of her own volition, she began to suck him into her deeply. He felt her tongue moving on him, massaging his bulbous head and the thick shaft of his cock. He relaxed his hold on her, and they watched as she began to take him in earnest, low moans coming from her throat as she eagerly sucked him into her mouth.

'The bitch is getting into this,' another male voice commented, 'when's it my turn?' She shuddered at the thought of servicing them all, then realised it was perhaps a shudder of nervous anticipation, not fear.

Rachel felt the cock dig deeper into her throat, and swallowed to help it explore her velvet mouth. Her tongue darted along his shaft, from the base, all the way to his sensitive head, where it danced across the top before started its journey back to the bottom. She could feel the veins stand out proudly, running her lips down the sides of his thick shaft until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She felt his hands move to her head, one on each side, grabbing her hair and guiding her head up and down on his swollen member, her mouth working feverishly to bring him off. She couldn't move: he was kneeling across her chest, almost sitting on her face but she had the sudden irrational and inexplicable desire to play with his balls, to feel his scrotum and the weight of it. She could sense that he was about to come: his breathing changed and he tensed, releasing jets of warm liquid seed that spurted into her. He felt her throat contract again and again as she swallowed, taking his load.

'I want her cunt,' she heard a frantic voice exclaim, the same one who had been eager for his turn.

'Let me get the camera first,' the woman's voice came again, this time from a distance, as though she was at the far side of the room. Rachel, still short of breath from swallowing the load of come, lay there, wondering what was going to happen next. She felt hands at her ankles, freeing her, and then rough voices told her what to do:

'Spread your legs, cunt!! Push them apart, as far as they will go.'

She tried to comply, but her thighs were trembling after being tied in position for so long. She felt the hands on her again, each pulling a leg back until she was almost split in two. She knew then that this was being filmed or photographed. Her humiliation was going to be captured forever.

She felt a cock force it's way into her, then realised that it wasn't real, and that it was a vibrator. It was switched on at high speed, and she felt a clitoral stimulator brush over her tense clit. It was pushed deeper into her, the stimulator being rotated skilfully, getting her close to orgasm quickly. The sensations were building inside her, the warmth coming from her pelvis almost unbearable, She had never felt like this before, none of her boyfriends had ever given her this much pleasure or stimulation.

'Please...' she begged, 'please let me come.' She was so close to release, but the vibrator was immediately switched off and removed.

'Didn't I tell you what would happen if I don't like what came out of your mouth?' the woman's voice grated nastily.

Rachel gasped in shock: surely they wouldn't whip her again for that? She begged for forgiveness, her voice almost breaking in fear, and the woman relented. 'I'm going to ask you some questions' she decided, 'and you have to answer, otherwise I'll whip you.'

Rachel nodded, and she felt hands help her into a sitting position. She knew how this must look on film: she was bound and blindfolded, but the camera had caught her begging to be brought to orgasm. No one would believe that this had happened against her will.

'I want you to tell me about your sexual life, your fantasies,' she was asked, and Rachel began to sob as she was forced to expose all her intimate desires. Her humiliation grew more and more as she couldn't help but reveal how she desired to have sex in a public place and to be watched as she was fucked, how she lusted after some of her female friends, even how she occasionally fantasized about assuming a subservient role in sex. She was forced to tell, with all the embarrassing details, how she lost her virginity, her most outrageous sexual experiences, what she thought of her boyfriend's sexual performance.

'You are now our fuck-toy,' she heard eventually. The woman's voice had thickened with desire. 'You will do exactly what we want you to do, whenever we want you to do it.'

Rachel nodded, eager to agree to anything to help her escape from this nightmare.

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